Friday, May 27, 2005


I don't know why I wrote TGIF... I have to work tomorrow. So it's not really the end of my work week.

The Alive after 5 had a great turnout yesterday. There were some NASCAR cars ...can't remember who... and a Dale Earnhart Jr lookalike who had a bunch of people fooled. I heard some girls squeal "It's Little's Little E." I walked through the crowd before going home. Didn't take any photos because I forgot to put in fresh batteries.

My brother and I had a nice dinner at the San Jose restaurant. Got our favorite waiter. Didn't see the cute young one who always makes an effort to flirt with me...not until we were out the door. I stood waiting for my brother who was telling me something. With my peripheal vision, I could see a pale yellow shirt pressed against the window by the door. So I turned to look to see what was going on and it was the cutie pie.... waving at me with a big grin on his face. I looked at my brother and said something out of character to him...

"I could have some of that if I wanted it."

He was so shocked that I thought he was going to fall off his crutches. " I don't want to hear that. I don't need to hear that. I can't believe you said that. I'm calling Grandmother when we get home. She's not too old to spank you."

"Yea... and he's old enough to spank me." I mummered and he didn't hear that part. I took pity on him and changed the subject.


Have a date tonight...dinner and that's it. No dessert. Tomorrow I work til 4...and after that it's Male Stripper Night. I'm going with Dena and some of her friends. One of them just got a divorce. She wants to celebrate. I guess oily nearly naked guys tapping your forehead with tissue-stuffed thongs is a groovy way to do that. One of the girls hasn't ever been to a show. They are always fun to go with--the virgins. But the best women to go to these shows with are the married ones. They really let loose and enjoy the guys. I'm sure I'll have a fun story or two to write about later. Keep singing "it's raining men." Trying to get in the as if naked guys dancing on my lap won't do


So far today isn't so bad. (Knocking on wood)...Jo said my yesterday went so badly because my Tuesday was so happy. She's got a point. I guess my Libra side had to find its balance again. Too bad it stirred up my Scorpio side.

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