Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tides of Change

Along my shoreline, the tides of time rush towards me.
I cannot breathe in salt air that directs my soul to sing
a song of hope, a song of love...a cry of sorrow.
There is a heart somewhere, in the flight of pelicans,
drifting over the foamy caps of waves; the whisper of hope.
I lift a conch shell to my hear, praying that my muse will
sing to me the sky electric in hues of pink, blue and sonnets.
There is no sound but the white noise of lost words.
Within the waters of my veins, the salt and blood of me,
are wisps of phrases caught in the nets of yesterday.
To free them, I shall climb on the rocks of today,
letting my hair become a mass of seaweed and foam.
The songs of sirens will awaken the muse that longs to sing
within crashing waves the promise of tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Current mood: crazy

Last night I was writing in my black notebook. It's one of those composition type school books...but on the cover it says "I'm my evil twin." Suits me I think...anyway...

I was writing down ideas for a brochure I'm designing.... suddenly the first lines of a poem appeared:

"Along my shoreline, I see the tide of change rushing to me."

So I flipped over to a blank page to write it down...and on the way, I found a scribbled note in William's rough handwriting:

"Sherrie is a loser."

I laughed... lately when I make him "furious", he's taken to leaving notes that say "You are a loser." He did it the other week.

We were playing some game of his. He won the first time and shouted, 'you lost...loser Sherrie.".. I let it ride. Then I won the next game and jumped up shouting "William is a loser. I'm a winner. L..l...loser." I made a letter L with my hand/fingers and put it on his forehead... still started a 'loser' war.

He some paper and wrote "You are a loser." Told me to read it. I said, "You are a loser."

"No.. You're a loser," said William.

"That's what I said," I replied.

"I mean you are a loser," said William, getting confused.

"But that's what you wrote. That's what I said."

He scribbles a few words under the "You are a loser" line. "Read this."

I pretended I couldn't read the line. "I can't read it. What does it say?"

"I am a loser," read William.

"I know you are," said I.

"GGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR, stop tricking me," cried William.

Yes I won that battle...and finding the 'Sherrie is a loser" note made me realize...the war's far from over.

Monday, June 19, 2006

June 19

Another month is almost over and... I can't believe I haven't finished the magazine issue... guess it will be a June/July issue instead of just a June.

Had a great weekend. Dad enjoyed Sunday--we grilled steaks at my house. He and Ben had a Light Sabre fight. Was very funny to watch. I took a photo and will have to post it once I get some fresh batteries for the camera.

Al and I goofed off last night...watched "Signs" on cable. I find it funny how I have to explain things to most men I date when we're watching a movie. Did it with Charles...did it with loser Doug and do it now with Al...if I haven't it before hand, Al still asks questions. I think I'll start making up answers like I do when the boys ask me silly questions.

Had a girls' ...I mean Hens' night out this weekend...and you'll just have to guess at what we did because I can't break the code of silence or I'll be a dead chick.
But I will say this.. "no animals, children or male strippers were harmed."

Friday, June 16, 2006

Here I am...

free at blog.

It's been a busy month and there's still several weeks left. I really thought I would slow down with my work enough to have moments during the day to blog but that thought's been proven wrong.

There's a lot going on at work. A lot of things at home and especially with Al. Even if I'm so busy I have to stop once in a while and smile because I'm happy.

Is it possible to be so happy? Is it possible to stay this way?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I got married this weekend...


just kidding!

Al's cousing Dennis married his long-time love, Christine at one of the VFW's outside of F-ville this Sat.

Was a nice wedding...very small--and the funny thing about it was that the preacher was an hour late....while we waited, the DJ played 'cheatin' country songs.. I lost it a few times.

And Al... He's such a clown. Told the Bride's mom that he paid $100 for me for the evening. Then once took a sip of my soda and pretended to choke on it, saying "I thought you said you quit drinking." Everyone looked at me and my face went bright red. Luckily everyone knew him well enough to laugh.

Luck was on my side...Didn't catch the bouquet. ..I strategically placed myself behind a buxom woman... and never saw the bouquet coming , which was smart...she would have crushed me, I think.

When the garter belt was tossed, Al pushed a guy in front of him, so he wouldn't catch it.... but that didn't stop a few people from asking "So when are you two going to tie the knot?" Funny how people think if you date more than 3 months, you should rush into marriage. Al and I...we're content for go as we are going.

I wore a short strapless dress that had sequins and beads on the bust and around the hem... the DJ (a huge bald guy) played Tom Jones "She's a Lady" and decided the song to "The sparkle lady."

But yes...I survived another wedding.

Family Feud Laugh

Family Feud host Richard Karn: Name something you wouldn't want the police to find in the trunk of your car.

Contestant: Pickles

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


First thing Dad said to me today was "Today is 666." It's not. And so doesn't mean anything. At least not to me.

Things have been busy as usual. School ends June 9 but I'll still be a little busy until after Father's day. Hopefully I'll manage to stay ahead of work and have time to blog and email like I used too.

Funny how easy it is to get out of a habit. I don't think about blogging until I'm getting ready for bed and I think :"Oh Gee, I forgot to blog today."

Maybe June will be a new day in least for me.