Saturday, July 22, 2006

Things I've seen this summer

Allen goofing off on the Cherry Grove Pier at North Myrtle Beach

Ben picking our first cucumber of the summer

William peeping out through a tunnel slide at the park by Al's.

Caribbean Blue

I stand alone on alabaster sand,
the wind tossing my hair with rough hands.
The sea is a mirror of today,
a calming lullaby of night--twinkling like stars.

The sea and its winds haunt me,
a complexity of calmness and torment,
one that is a carbon copy of love;
the torture of eyes stripping away my reserve.

I try to hide my deepest longings,
the ones for you, man of sand and foam.
You are violent wind and soothing sea,
a stew of confliction that I consume with appetite.

Along the horizon of Caribbean blue,
I surrender to your stormy touch,
a siren with no voice for song
drowning within the shipwreck that some call love.