Thursday, June 30, 2005


...finally... posted the whole Irish Pirate novel.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

So Blue

You wanted a kiss.
You said that it would make your world
a hue of warm rose with a touch of lime.
I stood on tiptoes and gave you a lingering touch
lips on lips...
But I see that you are still blue,
still trying to hold on to old memories...
kisses don't erase etchings of the heart,
Little blue face.


Posted the identity of the killer in my Irish Pirate novel....

Hope to wrap up the story tonight...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

In Shere's Mental Attic

and a box of discarded valentines
a seamtress dummy with a victorian dress on it--corset exposed

a raggedy Anne doll in a tattered apron, still sporting her goofy smile
some old sketches of horses and sunsets

a diary with dandelion blossoms crushed inside the pages
so that they tear when you try to turn them
but it's okay...the words don't matter...they didn't then and they don't know

I slipped in here to write about the cobwebs in my mind, but they slip away
fragile and easily broken... the thoughts of a dreamer always are I think...

It's been a day of rain and grayness,
a day where a smile or two has shown light, briefly brightening the grayness.

Never managed to write what was on my mind today.
They're just words and nothing more...
I realize all I'll ever write here in this blog will be random rose madder ramblings,
the occasional carnal thought and a splash silly milly laughter...

Some of us aren't destined to be of greatness... we'll be recognized as what we seem to be rather than who we really are...

In this attic, I see pieces of myself. Cobwebs aren't so bad fact they resemble graying lace... I love lace, don't you?

One more...

The pictures on the left were stuck to a regular piece of paper...I restored them and created a collage of photos on one photograph...

Sample of what I do

The top photo is the before shot...I fixed it as you can see...

On My Tombstone

I wrote my friend Jeff, the oldies DJ about one of my Greenville friends... Joyce and her hubbie ...they went to an Indians baseball game a few weeks ago...she wrote me about it and said "the old rafters dj was the announcer....he did great...I had fun...they lost but it was still fun."

He replied with "should have that on my tombstone...'the rafters dj'"

Jeff's gone on to do some great things, since the Rafters days. He's practically a celebrity. I'm sure that he'll be remembered for more than being 'the Rafters DJ.' But even if he isn't, I think it's still an honor to known for that. Those old Rafter days were some of the best that I've ever had...Joyce would agree with me. Hell, she met her husband there. They've been happily married for a long time.

There were other DJ's at Rafters and there were DJ's at the other clubs we hung out in...but we all remember Jeff. We can't remember the Elbo Room DJ or the Tequlia Bar DJ... but we all remember the Rafters DJ.

Naturally, I thought of how I would be remembered. In high school, I was the 'smart girl.' During the Greenville days I was "P.H." Since I came back to Lumberton, I've been addressed as"Allen's Lady" and "The TLC Girl." Of the two, I'll take the "TLC Girl." I pride myself in my work.

I may never be known as a published poet or a Goddess and that's ok. "TLC"...tender loving care pretty much nails who I am.

What's in a Name?

I have on a black t-shirt and jeans today because I've been in and out of the paint room, hand-tinting black and whites... the tee has NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month 03) and a customer asked "hey tlc girl, is that your name?"
The rare moment is not the moment when there is something worth looking at, but the moment when we are capable of seeing. - Joseph Wood Krutch

Monday, June 27, 2005

Men and their Black Books

Some men have a black book with all the numbers of women that they've gone out with over the years...when they break-up with someone, they call the old numbers until they find am old flame who's available and interested. They date them until they feel strong enough to ask someone else to get involved with and promptly dump the old flame....I'm not saying all men are like this... but there are enough who are...

I managed to wiggle out of my date on Saturday night... spent it doing this and polishing my toe nails, taking a bubble bath and even had time to call a sex-line (women talk for free) and having a few orgasms...I'll save those details for another post. I was a very naughty girl!!!!

At around 10:30, the phone rang. I assumed it was one of my girlfriends. It wasn't. It was Michael G. I haven't talked to him in a year. He's around 46 now. A G-man (aka works for the FBI as an instructor)... he was once married to a good friend and they divorced along the time Allen and I broke up. Michael and I comforted each other... we grew really close and I thought that maybe he and I would end up together.

It's strange how some male friends are...they're friendly when they're single but if they're dating someone, they act as if being too friendly will give them a social disease...

At least that's how Michael is...

During the time we were getting close in 2000, he met another female while on a business trip and had a choice: good ole Sherrie or an Exotic hottie. Guess who won ....

The funny part was that I didn't know I lost!!! He suddenly wasn't around much and didn't call as often. When he did he had excuses for being absent and quiet... to be honest I didn't worry about it. He tends to be the center of his universe. About six months passed ...he called one morning, bawling like a baby...she had dumped him.... no excuse given. Changed her numbers and told him she was moving....

I felt sorry for him... his rebound love broke his heart. At least I did until he said, "I should have chosen you."

It's hard for me to be rude and uncaring to people I care about. So I spent several months consoling him, being his ear, giving him encouragement and wondering if he and I were going to get intimate...

we never did....

and thus began a cycle... me helping him get over his heartache and then left alone when he finds someone else.

Last year in the Spring, he called. Wanted to come visit because he was moving to Los Angles. I shocked him. Every time he's ever called I've always been available. But this time I wasn't. I told him I was in a relationship. He didn't know what to say. Except "I knew I should have chosen you."

He asked me to call him but I didn't. He moved to L.A. I sent email here and there and he never answered. In fact I deleted his email address from my address book.

But he called Sat night. Said he had been in an auto accident. Someone hit him as he was crossing the street. He broke a leg and hurt his back. His last LA girlfriend had just dumped him. Now he wishes he had never left the East Coast.

And that he had chosen me years ago.

He'll be in Charlotte July 9 and 10. He wants me to drive over, have about old times. He hasn't seen me in years. I emailed a very current photo of myself and all he could say was "WOWZERS."

There's a big part of me that wants to go and show him what he's missing...and there's a part of me that wants to say...Fuck you and your ego...and your inability to see a good thing.

I really don't know what I'll do. He's calling tomorrow night. Today I've had 3 emails and no, I haven't replied to them... but I'll probably email him tonight with a sexy photo... oh yea..I know how to apply torture.

I have a mind to trick him into letting me tie him up and spanking his ass. He needs it.


Testing the new picture feature ...this is a watercolor I did on a postcard.

Three Things

Found this at Sandra's blog
and decided to play too.. :)

Three screen names I've had:
1. Fairy_0f_Fyre
2. Carnal_Syn
3. SherrieFairy

Three things I like about myself:
1. My sense of humor
2. My eyes
3. My sexual appetite

Three things I don't like about myself:
1. My tendency to put trust in the wrong people
2. My toes
3. My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Three parts of my heritage:
1. Irish
2. Irish
3. French (that part gets me in trouble oh la la)

Three things that scare me:
1. Deep Water
2. Heights
3. Tom Cruise

Three of my everyday essentials:
1. Coffee
2. Writing
3. A hot Shower

Three things I am wearing right now:
1. Petal pink lipstick
2. A Pink V-neck top
3. My toe rings

Three of my favorite songs:
1. Drops of Jupiter (Train)
2. Insensitive (Jann Arden)
3. Little Red Corvette (Prince)

Things I want in a relationship:
1. Open Communication
2. Trust
3. Desire

Two truths and a lie:
1. I'm right handed
2. I love graffiti on train cars
3. I hate oral sex.

Three things I can't do without:
1. Spirituality
2. My family
3. Coffee

Three places I want to go on vacation:
1. Hawaii
2. The Florida Keys
3. Stephen King's Maine

Three things I just can't do:
1. Crochet
2. Sleep without first climaxing
3. Give up on a person

Three kids names:
1. William
2. Ben
3. Emily

Things I want to do before I die:
1. Watch my Nephews grow up
2. Publish 3 novels
3. Find my true soul mate

Three celeb crushes:
1. Julian McMahon
2. Jeff Probst
3. Spongebob Squarepants

Another Monday Going Down

Well, looks like we'll know in a few days if Toby will live or become someone's dinner.

Had a pleasantly quiet weekend. Worked on the next magazine issue some. Did a few sketches for a story I'm writing. Baked some brownies Sunday and watered my plants and flowers. The watermelon plants are growing. I saw some flowers, so I guess I'll have a few watermelons if no one steals them.

Took a break from the novel. I figured a few days away would give me fresh eyes when I go back to it this week. I don't want a bad ending. I want my readers to miss the characters when they finish the book.

Maybe it's the weather but I'm a tad down today. Sometimes I expect people to treat me like I treat them. Guess I shouldn't expect everyone to be as considerate as I am. Too me friendship is important, treating people with kindess and consideration for feelings is important...sadly I set my expectation low, so that if I'm let down it won't be such a shock. But I'm finding even that doesn't help any.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day... and I've got that.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Penis Names

Reading John's last blog post about The Free Katie Thongs and my resulting comment made me think of Penis names.

Dena's husband calls his "Pee-tong" (according to her).
Al called his "Pedro".
Charles called his "Mr.Dick."

Personally it's hard to be intimate with a guy who holds out his pecker and says, "Give Pedro a kiss." First time Al said that to me, I knew I couldn't have a plain ole vagina. So I said, "Only if Lucy gets kissed first."

Lucy...well, it was the first name that sprung off my lips.

Personally I prefer if you tell me to suck your cock...and I tell you to lick my cunt. Now that's more like down and dirty intimacy.


Can't believe it's arrived. Seems like a long week that flew by fast.

I've written blog posts in my mind as I worked yesterday. Sadly they didn't post themselves. I had a lot of work waiting on me. I've spent all of yesterday and most of this morning doing it and now I find I'm at a place where I can sit back and check out my favorite stuff online while I print orders.

William did great Wednesday while he was with me at work but...he got restless that last hour. I knew we got to work to early. I think if we hadn't of came in at 10, he would have been ok. We left at 1:30 and went to the daycare to get Ben. He was napping. Lisa got him up and brought him into the hallway. He reached for me. I held him while William went to 'potty.' Always an adventure when William potties. He thinks he must strip naked below the waste. I took Ben to the bathroom too. He went in while William was redressing.

William said, "Hey Ben."
Ben said, "Hey Willm." Then gave each other five and then hugged. Made me smile.

We proceeded to McDonald's. They got chicken nuggets. I got a fish sandwich. Wasn't too bad. Ate outside by the playground. A nice breeze blew. The playground equipment is a maze of tunnels and slided made for kids. NOT adults. I got stuck in a lower portion of it. Ben needed help and I got him undone. (Never could figure out what I was undoing. All I know is he kept yelling' Help me.). As I was trying to crawl out, my t-shirt got caught. I wore an older T that day because I knew we would get dirty at the park. I made the mistake of saying I was stuck. William who was at the top of the tunnel yelled, "I'll knock you out, Aunt Sherrie." I scrambled. At the top, the tunnels turned into a slide and I was at the mouth of it. Tore the sleeve of my shirt, and managed only by a hair to escape William's plunge at top speed down the tunnel slide. He landed on my feet.

When we left McD's, the boys were arguing and not listening to me. One of the 'empty' threats I give is "If you boys don't listen to Aunt Sherrie, I'm going to take you to K-mart and trade you in for a new bicycle."

Guess what...a K-mart is close to the McD's and we had to drive by it. I turned into the parking lot, parked, got out of the car and was undoing the seatbelts to their car seats... it worked..they straightened up and were agreeable the rest of the day.

We went to the park and I even swang a bit. I got dizzy and William laughed at me. They ran around until their faces were really red and sweaty. We got ice cream and then we went home.

It was a very nice day.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Take a Nephew to Work with You Day

oh man... and how!

With John off to Georgia this week, we're having a problem with what to do with William. John ususally keeps him during the day. Lisa took Mon-Tues off. Mom is taking tomorrow off. So that left two and Friday. I was going to take the whole day off but Dad has too go to out of town for a few hours--no way around it. So Will and I are here. He's done good but is getting antsy...its hard to be still for long.

Granny showed up last night. Surprised me. I think she and Jewel had a fight and she decided to blow the town and come see me. Wasn't a big deal but...was looking for a quiet night. She was here this morning with William and I. He got here around 7ish and was playing on the computer while I got stuff together to leave. I heard Granny telling him to get off the computer and help me. Now...come on...a 6 yr old boy isn't any help. Naturally he thought we were leaving that second...and wouldn't quieten down until we left, which made me irritated with Granny. We got here at 10. So stuff that he did at 10 could have been done during the 11 oclock hour and we wouldn't be bored now with another hour to go.

As soon as Dad gets back, we're outta here. Going to get Ben and we're going to the McDonald's, then the park and then get ice cream. When Friday rolls around, I plan to leave work at 2 and spend the afternoon with the boys again.

Needless to say, ole Shere ain't got nuttin done today.

But that's ok.. William's told I'm cool about 10 times... I can deal with that. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The sky at Sunset... Pink is the new white I've heard...guess the sky has too.

Seashells, Salt and You

Summer arrives on the tips of waves.
Salt on my lips moves me to tears,
The harsh winds of summer expose all;
good along with the bad.
The memories of summer past are raw.
The salt air burns me. I remember
watching you write my name in the sand,
daring the surf to erase it.
We made a circle of seashells,
to dance within under a pale moon's glow.
I in sheer chiffon, you in crisp cotton;
we let the night take us
to places lovers know...
secret hollows of the soul.
Exposure to the sea can be deadly.
The salt air bites the skin.
Seashells cut our feet...
and you became my lost merman.
I weep an ocean, as I remember.

Happy First Day of Summer

Can I officially wear halter tops now?

Monday, June 20, 2005

There's Mom and another plant project...

An action shot of William playing football.

Someone gave me that old bike for the boys to practice on... William found in and talked Ben into pushing hima round the yard.

The Nephews and Temptation... aka a sprinkler! Posted by Hello

Irish Pirate

I've spent some time this past week, posting chapters. As I read them, I think..."Wow...I wrote that????"

The novel was first written in Nov of 2003 for the national novel writing month org project. Nov is National Novel Writing Month and the idea is to write a 50, 000 word novel during this time. Didn't manage to do it this past year ...mainly because after writing the Pirate so fast and having to invest so much time in's taken a lot of extra work I think. The story I had begun in Nov 2004 is a good one and an involving one with more characters than I have in the Pirate. So for the story's sake I stopped.

Back to the Pirate...I had the story in my head long before I started writing it. As I wrote it, I could see the characters in living color. With each word, I lived the story. Someone told me it read like a Lifetime Network Movie of the Week. At first, I wasn't sure that was good or bad...then I decided it was good...because if it reads like a movie in that person's head...then I caught the imagery and actions of my characters, so that they seem life-like.

It is a huge task to write a novel... and remain true to your characters, even the not so nice ones. Jo left offlines about the Pirate today. She's enjoying the story and I confess her encouragement gives me fuel to finish editing the story and to continue with my next one. Thank you, Jo. :)

Tired Sherrie

When people ask how I'm doing today? I say, "Tired." My ususal response is "So far so good."

I worked my ass off Sat night and Sunday morning getting all the food read. I made my special chicken salad, baked chicken, rice cooked in chicken broth, steamed squash and chives, red potatoes, rhutabaga, homemade biscuits (albeit lumpy ones), a chocolate cake and a small cinnamon roll. Also made some Raspberry tea. They ate it all. No one but me drank the tea. I'm slowly realizing my family is a ' diet soda pop' world.

E arrived an hour ahead of time. It gave us time to talk. I had some family photos for her. I knew once everyone arrived, I would be busy and it would be hard to talk privately.

Dad was shocked that E was there. She sort of hid in the dining area. He stood in the doorway talking to me and Lisa. I moved back into the kitchen and Lisa followed me. So did Dad, telling me about the Wedding he photographed on Sat. He noticed Elizabeth. And nodded to her. Kept talking. I think it took a second to realize who it was. He stopped mid-sentence and hugged her.

After they stopped hugging, he looked at me. I said, "See, I can keep secrets, too." He didn't say anything. I think he knew that I was referring to the 30 yr secret he kept: Elizabeth. But then again he might not have realized my true meaning.

I saw tears in his eyes. Left the room to wipe mine. The reunion was emotional.

I spent most of the day, making sure that everyone had what they needed. The boys think when they are at my house that I'm the only one who can help them do whatever. Everyone had a great time. I was so exhausted. In fact I still am. There was so much to clean and put away.

It was a nice day. I'm glad she came.

Elizabeth and Dad

My Dad had a happy Father's Day. Elizabeth did drive in and I captured the golden moment of when Dad realized she was here. It was a teary moment. And I'm glad she made it. We had a great time. She and Ben played with a beach ball. I told her she had a new friend for life.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

ben bug

I've noticed a big difference with the nephews. William, though austic... isn't afraid to try things, except food. He thinks he can do anything and he'll try to do it..if he falters or can't he doesn't let it stop him from trying. For example, on the computer William will explore a game. He'll click to see where it goes. If he can't do that part, he'll leave it and go to another part...or he'll keep trying until he figures it out.

With Ben, he doesn't try at all... he's say "I can't. Help me." And if he's actually done the task many times, he still looks to one of us as if waiting for us to say... "that's right." He doesn't venture and explore like William, even in playing. I fear that he feels he's in William's shadow. I told Mom today that we need to coach Ben, to give him special attention with his studies (like learning his numbers, abc's, etc). His birthday is Sept. That means he'll be starting school as a young 5 yr old. And that can be a disadvantage when you have children who are more mature and who are more developed. I've a feeling studies will be hard for Ben. He doesn't catch on as fast as William.

I'll do my best to work with Ben Bug. I think my working with William is part of why he has grown so far beyond the autism classification that was placed on him.

I wrote a poem for Ben.

Little Ben Bug

Little Ben Bug
I see the hesitation in your eyes,
the questioning of your skills,
as you stand on the edge
of new experiences.
Fears of the unknown
seem to shadow your focus.
Do not be afraid, little one.
The world is not so large,
if you believe you are larger.
Your path is before you,
green with wonderful discoveries waiting.
Spread your wings.
You can fly
and soar so high that even heaven looks small.
If you falter, I'm here to catch you.
The world is yours to conquer.
Don't be afraid to try, to fly...
Little Ben Bug

Whiling away the Hours

Stuck here at work. It's a mild day--temps in the 80's and I want to go to the beach. But...Dad's off photographing a wedding and I'm here until 4 pm.

My half-sister Elizabeth is allegedly driving down tomorrow to spend Father's Day with us. She's canceled several trips at the last minute and I'll not hold my breath that she'll be here tomorrow. We've rearrange our schedule just for her and I'll be pissed if she doesn't show. Dad has no idea and doesn't know about her other canceled trips. I figured it was best not to mention them, because he would feel that she's playing some sort of game.

I'm sure it's hard for her to visit. He left her when she was small too and they never bonded. I think the only reason we knew Dad somewhat while growing up was because his family (mom, sister, aunts/uncles, etc) lived here. When he left Elizabeth's mom, he left Elizabeth. She never knew Grandma or any of the family growing up. She doesn't really know Dad and has these illusions about him. She thinks the reason he's not happy (Dad's NOT a happy person to begin with--some people are like that though) is because she and her kids aren't a part of his life. That she'll somehow make him complete. What can I say? Nothing... she'll find out how he really is if she gets to know him...and if she doesn't...well, she'll have her illusions to comfort her.

He's almost 64 and she's just now trying to spend time with him. Kinda hard to make up for lost years I think...anyway enough of that...

Had an idea for a story... about dragonflies. I think I'll write it up before I head out today. Still have to get a gift certificate at a men's clothing store for Dad. He's impossible to please, so I figured I would get him one and he could go get what he wants. Cooking lunch tomorrow. I think I'll bake some chicken breasts and have some vegetables and potatoes to go with them. Maybe bake a pie. The house is already clean (thanks Mom).

Told Dad I was cooking for tomorrow and he let a sigh of relief. I laughed because Lisa's been doing the cooking and sad to say, she's not a natural chef. I learned how to cook starting at the age of 10. Plus I enjoy it. I think that's her problem...she hates the kitchen.

Was going to drive to Myrtle Beach tonight but can't find a partner-in-crime, so I think I'll stay in and goof off at home. My brother left yesterday for Georgia. He'll be gone until next Sunday. It will seem strange not having him around. I hope I'll be able to sleep at night when I'm by myself. This morning I kept the nephews and Ben kept going to John's room saying "Jah gone."

Friday, June 17, 2005

One-Hour Service

The local population thinks I run a one-hour photo service. I've had 3 calls thinking if they bring in a restoration order, it will be done in an hour. Because they do desperately need it for Father's Day. Every gift giving holiday I go through this! It's Frustrating!

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Drove my brother John to work this morning. It's a good 15 min drive and we always have some sort of topic to go over, unless he's mad at me for something silly like...not cooking supper the night before.

But today wasn't like that. One topic lead to another and we settled on talking about the old times at Peckers back in 95-97 or so, mainly wondering where some of the old crowd was now.

There was one guy whose nickname was Teaser. He was a very good friend of my brother's...a young guy--short with black hair, brown eyes and kind of had a dorky personality. I didn't think of him as a teaser. He was more of a Weaser to me. So I called him Weaser. He worked at the Campbell Soup plant in one of the local towns. I knew others who worked there and they all said they would never buy or eat a can of the soup.

One night at Peckers, Teaser was sitting with John and I, making small talk when I thought about the Campbell Soup plant. I decided to ask him about eating the soup.

"So Weaser, I hear you work at the Campbell Soup plant. Do you ever eat the soup?"

He looked around before answering, then in a whisper he said, "Yes, but I have to be fast so my supervisor doesn't see me."

I paused before replying. Because he was extremely serious and I found that so damn funny. The images he put in my head... oh what fun.

"Hmm, Weaser, I meant do you buy it and eat it...not at the plant while you're making it."

"OOOhhhh... no. I don't buy it."

My brother interjected, "Sherrie, his name isn't's Tweezer."

Weaser-Tweezer said, "Teaser."

John crossed his arms like he does when someone gets the best of him, glares at me and says, "Sherrie! You called him Weaser so much that now I'm confused."

Well, that was almost 10 yrs ago and as we arrived at his work, I said "Wonder what happened to Weaser? Bet he's still eating soup on the job."

"Sherrie, it's Tweezer." Long pause and then, "Dammit, Sherrie... you've made me forget his name!"

"Teaser. At least to you he was Teaser. Now he'll forever be Tweezer."

New Blog for My Silly side

As if I don't have enough to do... started a new blog today to post my favorite jokes, links and photos in. I'm lucky to have a sense of humor. Many don't and its time they found one, even if it's mine.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Today so far

I passed Wes from next door as I crossed the street to work this morning.

I said, "Hey dawgie dawg!"

He said, "s'up Shawty."

I said, "Same day, same shit but different outfit."

It's been day 2 on the digital battle scene with Dad, who cracked me up by calling himself a "War Lord of Photography." He's gone to F-ville to get something or another. I'm working away at Father's Day stuff. Took in 3 commissioned oils. All 11 x 14's of a lady, her husband and their child. Head shots. Which will be fun to do, because they are all photogenic....

Don't have much to say other than...


A dot dot dot girl

Between chatting with Jo and emailing with DJ JD, I've become a ... girl.


dot dot dot

I space sentence fragments with "..."
I end sentences with "..."

Jo says she's a dot dot dot girl. I know DJ JD's a dot dot dot guy.

... it just occurred to me....we're the dot dot dot club.


Chinese and the shit they make for us

The Onion has an interesting and humorous article about the opinions of a Chinese guy who makes plastic gadgets for Americans.

I find that in a way he's right about some things... read on ( I boldfaced the quotes I found ironic or funny):

Chen Hsien, an employee of Fenghua Ningbo Plastic Works Ltd., a plastics factory that manufactures lightweight household items for Western markets, expressed his disbelief Monday over the "sheer amount of shit Americans will buy."

"Often, when we're assigned a new order for, say, 'salad shooters,' I will say to myself, 'There's no way that anyone will ever buy these,'" Chen said during his lunch break in an open-air courtyard. "One month later, we will receive an order for the same product, but three times the quantity. How can anyone have a need for such useless shit?"

Chen, 23, who has worked as an injection-mold operator at the factory since it opened in 1996, said he frequently asks himself these questions during his workweek, which exceeds 60 hours and earns him the equivalent of $21.

"I hear that Americans can buy anything they want, and I believe it, judging from the things I've made for them," Chen said. "And I also hear that, when they no longer want an item, they simply throw it away. So wasteful and contemptible."

Among the items that Chen has helped create are plastic-bag dispensers, microwave omelet cookers, glow-in-the-dark page magnifiers, Christmas-themed file baskets, animal-shaped contact-lens cases, and adhesive-backed wall hooks.

"Sometimes, an item the factory produces resembles nothing I've ever seen," Chen said. "One time, we made something that looked like a ladle, but it had holes in its cup and a handle that bent down 90 degrees. The foreman told us that it was a soda-can holder for an automobile. If you are lucky enough to own a car, sit back and enjoy the journey. Save the soda beverage for later."

Chen added: "A cup holder is not a necessary thing to own."

Chen expressed similar confusion over the tens of thousands of pineapple corers, plastic eyeshades, toothpick dispensers, and dog pull-toys that he has helped manufacture.

"Why the demand for so many kitchen gadgets?" Chen said. "I can understand having a good wok, a rice cooker, a tea kettle, a hot plate, some utensils, good china, a teapot with a strainer, and maybe a thermos. But all these extra things—where do the Americans put them? How many times will you use a taco-shell holder? 'Oh, I really need this silverware-drawer sorter or I will have fits.' Shut up, stupid American."

Chen added that many of the items break after only a few uses.

None are built to last very long," Chen said. "That is probably so the Americans can return to buy more. Not even the badly translated assembly instructions deter them. If I bought a kitchen item that came with such poor Mandarin instructions, I would return the item immediately."

May Gao of the Hong Kong-based labor-advocacy group China Labour Bulletin said complaints like Chen's are common among workers in China's bustling industrial cities.

"Last week, I took testimony from several young female workers from Shenzhen who said they were locked in a work room for 18 straight hours making inflatable Frisbees," Gao said. "Finally, the girls joined hands on the factory floor and began to chant, 'No more insane flying toys for Western pigs!' They quickly lost their jobs and were ostracized by their families, but the incident was a testament to China's growing disillusionment with producing needless crap for fat-ass foreigners."

Continued Gao: "As Chinese manufacturing and foreign investment continue to grow, and more silly novelty products are invented, we can expect to see more of these protests."

In the meantime, Chen continues to stew in bitterness. Though he dislikes his work, competition for manufacturing jobs in Fenghua is stiff and he must support his wife, mother, and 2-year-old son.

"My cousin Yuen is self-employed," Chen said. "He disassembles old computers that are acquired from overseas and extracts the traces of valuable gold and silver from the circuit boards. He asked me to join him. The work is very toxic, but at least I would not be looking at suction-cup razor holders and jumbo-dice keychains all day."

Chen added: "For now, I must refuse the job. Somehow, the only thing more depressing than making plastic shit for Americans is destroying the plastic shit they send back."

A restoration I did by digital imaging. I think it dates back to 92. The customer wanted clouds added to the sky.

A brushed oil I did in 94. One of my's hanging at the studio. Isn't his face so sweet?

A painting I did in 94. Guess what it is? I was a much better artist before Carpal Tunnel Syndrome stole my hand. Posted by Hello

The infamous nephews on my computer at home one Sat morning in April. Ben's the little one...William's the tall one. Ben's cowlick is funny....oh and...Above William's head is a drawing that Ben did and we stuck it to my bedroom door. It's a tree with blue apples, a horse, a cat and a circle that he said was a puppy. Here's a secret for you, I hate the lamp. Mom found it in a closet and thought it made a great computer accessory. Since she took my other one to her fiance's house, I'm stuck with it until she finds another one. You may wonder why I put up with her projects...well, they keep her from trying to do a make-over on me!!! Posted by Hello

A portion of my fig tree. It's as tall as the house and full of figs. Can we say fig preserves this fall? This tree is from a sapling I took from my paternal grandmother's house after she died in 95. I believed she blessed it because I always have several crops of figs each summer/fall.

Daylilies. Mine... I dug them up from a ditch bank close to the river a few years ago. They were growing wild in multitudes. I had to have one. Kept waiting for a sheriff deputy to drive by. But one never body cavity searches.

When I got home today, this little lizard was on one of my flower stands by the back door. Was I suppose to kiss him? Don't you kiss lizards to get kings? I'm too old for a prince.

One of my Mom's flower projects. I asked her where the dining room table was! I suspect she'll move to couches next...yes..its in the front yard and...there's one in the back. I'll give her is an unique idea.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Odds and Ins

Well, I bet from now on Jacko will be careful about sleeping with a bed load of kids. I can't help but think...where there's smoke there's fire. He was found innocent and so I'll give him the benefit of doubt. He's in for a long road of mending his career and reputation. My only hope is that he get professional help for his own sake. I think the man needs it.

The nephews and I watched thunder storms yesterday afternoon and saw a rainbow at the end of them. William wanted to go across the street to Mr. Rudy's and see if the pot of gold was in his yard.

For all my ranting about dad and how he's driving me the moment I don't envy him and sort of feel sorry for him. There's a girl taking sexy photos for her boyfriend who's in Iraq and she's 25 lbs overweight which isn't the issue...the issue is her wearing thongs and nipple pasties and asking dad if her belly rolls are showing????? He's taking a Nitro tablets now!!!

Reno 911 starts its 3rd season tonight. It's a comedy takeoff on a"Cops" type show set in Reno, Nevada. The Sheriff's dept. have a camera crew following them around while they do crazy cop stuff, like chase down a naked drunk guy, or arrest some crazy local who somehow steals their cruiser or helicoptor or night stick. The character dialogue is improvised by the actors.

The officers are all quirky. Here's some quotes from the past 2 seasons.

I think I've developed a minor resistence to Hair Spray poisoning. Bless me.


Since my Printer is a Bitch today...

....I'll take the time to rant a while. Ranting really isn't the proper word...unloading. Yea, I'll unload.

The studio is being forced into a digital photography world. I knew it would happen eventually. Film labs are becoming digital labs. We can still shot with film, if we can get it developed. And if we do have negatives, the digital labs can scan the negatives but the cost will be doubled. Not good.

The computer I work on is very old...we got it in 98 but at the time it was one of the most expensive and fastest of its kind. I think that's why it's lasted so long, plus I baby it. Won't let dad put too many sports games on it. Do maintenance weekly, etc. We've needed a new system for the past couple of years but dad won't hear of it.

Now that he needs a digital camera, he wants a new computer system. Finding one is up to me. He doesn't know anyting about them...or about digital cameras. He went out a few weeks ago and got a book--one of those "Everything you need to know about digital photography" ones. I tried to tell him that the best way to learn about them is to get an inexpensive one and practice using it, while we work on finding the right digital system for us. I firmly believe too much 'generic' information can hurt you in the long run.

No one listens to Turtlette! When I try to talk to him about digital photography, he acts likeI don't know what I'm talking about. When he is misunderstanding something he's read, and I try to correct him, he says I don't know what I'm talking about. Then he calls other photographers and they say exactly what I say and still...I don't know what I'm talking about.

My father is a master at manipulation. Over the last 5 years, he's said I'll run the studio one day. That it will be mine and we need to cultivate it to suit my skills. But he only says these things when he needs me to do something important for him or for the studio. Like a fool, I feel some need to please him. I know it stems from abandonment issues that even though I say are resolved, most likely aren't. So I do what needs to be done and he drops the 'the studio will be yours' act, until he needs to use it again.

My father will be 64 in August. He's wants to invest in a $12,000 digital camera. I would say yes, if it worked with the light system and his filters and lens, because it would cost that much or more to replace it all...but this camera doesn't. Right now, we're at a truce, while I investigate the other costs that will go along with the camera.

It's not escaped my attention that Dad also keeps saying stuff like "You can print the sports packages once I get the digital camera. You can print the prom packages once I get a digital can..."

Of course when I point out that our printer can't handle that kind of printing, he gives me a look that says you're raining on my parade. I'm trying to be practical. Someone has too.

He has yet to get the fact that since I'll be dealing with the computer and the downloading of images from the camera, etc that we should get a system I can work or at least figure out how to straighten out once he screws it up. That he should consider my opinions and not listen to every Tom Dick and Harry who knows a crumb load of info on digital photography.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Crazy Dreams

I've been covered with crazy dreams for the last 3 nights.

Friday I dreamt about visiting ECU and staying in the dorm with a bunch of girls I didn't know. When I woke up the next morning, it was beside a bald guy, but my clothes were on. I'm assuming I didn't have sex with him. Lorraine was there, trying to get me to take ten Advil tablets. She said that they would help my hangover, but I didn't have a hangover. I took them from her and pretended to chew them up. When she turned her back to me, I stuffed them in the pillowcase. Around that time I noticed that a guy I knew in school, David B was staring at me. Except he didn't look like David, he looked like Zorro aka Antonio Banderas. We began to kiss and he said he couldn't make love to me in front of all the people in the room, so we zipped away on a horse to a castle. This part's very fuzzy... I think we made love but he kept his mask on...and during the sex, he kept tossing crumbs to mice that were sitting on the headboard.

Sat night I dreamt about an old coffee house that used to be on the grounds of my house in the 1900. It was called "Ye old Bantham Coffee House." The whole neighbor hood wanted me to reopen the coffee house, because out of 578 residents there were 381 poets. But I said no, because some girl asked me to watch her baby and then she disappeared. I went into the house, crying because I didn't have baby stuff. my bed was Julian McMahon--the guy who plays Christian Troy on Nip Tuck. He told me not to worry that he would buy everything I needed if I gave him blowjobs every morning. Hell, I'm all for that. So I gave him a blowjob. But I made him put on a grape flavored condom.

Last night I dreamt again...this time the guy from the Alexander the Great show was in my dreams. We were having sex at a beach house and an old lover stood at the window asking questions or making comments, "Didn't I do that move better?" "My dickhead's bigger." "Why didn't you move your ass like that when we f*cked?" Alexander told me to ignore him. So I did and managed to have a few orgasms. Woke up to damp thighs.

I think the message is clear.... I need a good f*cking.

Monday Meanderings

Feel as if I've wasted most of the day. Had to drive the bro to the eye doc. Sat in the waiting room for an hour and a half with a bunch of blue-haired ladies who discussed their corns and other feet ailment. I have no corns so I couldn't join in. Wouldn't have been so bad if their magazine selection was up to standards. I believe that they had a huge meeting over this and said, "Ok...why are our magazines disappearing? This has got to stop." And someone said, "We should subscribe to magazines that are boring. No one wants to steal boring magaiznes." So, the office subscibed to a tennis magazine, a farming mazagine and some antique and collectables name just a few. I read the farming one. Flipped through the tennis one...but couldn't get the antique magazine away from one lady who used it to fan herself.

When the receptionist saw me sitting in the lobby, I heard her tell the other staff that I was out there. For about 30 mins, they paraded into the lobby one by one to talk about my book and to asked if they could buy one. Never once crossed my mind to bring some along. They were proud of me. Even Doctor M came out to hug me and tell me that she was so proud of me. SO I guess this wasn't such a waste of time.

Friday night I went to dinner with Doug and his 4 yr-old daughter, Emily. We went to a pizza palor that has video games and things for kids to climb on. She and I had a great time. He looked bored. I believed he turned down a poker game because he had promised her that he would take her to see "Miss Sherrie." When she went off to play, we sat in silence. It's amazing how much we don't have in common. He finally began a conversation about TV shows, mainly reality ones. I was glad when Emily came over and insisted that I go with her to the ladies room.

What always cracks me up is the waitresses.... when I go out to dinner with them, which is very rare, there is always a waitress who tries to tell me how much Emily favors me.... She's a blonde and the spitting image of her father... At first I would say, "Oh I'm not her mother." Which made the waitresses uncomfortable. Now I say "Thank you."

So that was my Friday night...Sat I worked and then baseballed. Sunday was Lazy Sherrie day. Watched a show about Alexander the Great. It was really awesome. A very indept show and I've always been fascinated by him.

Today, I'm printing orders and catching up on online stuff...

like the headlines...

What's up with Mike Tyson? He quit during his boxing match Saturday night!!!!!!

And Madonna.... didn't know that women could study the Kabbalah????



I saw the F'ville Swamp Dogs play Saturday night. They won 1-0. No, I'm not taking credit.They played a great game. I was impressed.

There's a 'Beer Garden' where you can sit and drink beer while the game's going on. I didn't go up to it, but the lady I went with did and often...I was driving so she had no worries.

The crowd was a mixture of families and GIs. At first I was uncomfortable sitting by myself in the stands, but the 3 GIs who sat beside me were very friendly and treated me like a sister. Maybe because I was at least 15 yrs older. Didn't take me long to get into the game. I soon found myself shouting out insults at the other team when they were up to bat... like "You need a batter not a broken ladder." The GIs laughed at me, "You tell 'em, girl."

And I endeared an 8-yr-old boy to me when I shouted at the other team's second baseman when he missed a ball..."You missed it, you missed it you got to kiss it." The kid thought I was as great as sliced bread. We spent much of the game thinking up insults and cheers. We even had the GIs joining in.

Yea, taunting the other team is always fun, even if you don't understand the game. But luckily I do. Allen was a big baseball fan and we went to a bunch of the Charlotte Knights games. After a while it rubs off on you. The father of my new 8-yr-old buddy gave me some info on the league, which helped me to feel more at home.

After the game was over and all the high-fiving was done, I realized I was now an official Swamp Dawgette. I ventured up to the beer garden to get my drunk friend and we headed home. Too bad she was too busy getting drunk and not watching the we couldn't talk about the game on the way home. So instead we talked about the players and how fine their asses looked in the uniforms....

see can be fun for all ages and sexes!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Please Mr. Postman

Since the early 90's, I've had a postal clerk who didn't like me. He is in the 1 % of the population of Lumberton of people who don't like the Sher-anator. At first I thought it was because all government officials are supposed to be nasty to the public.

But no... this wasn't the case. Back in 91, an amateur photographer opened a studio around the corner from us. He worked with the Walmart part-time and won a photo contest. Because so many told him that he was quite good with a 35 mm camera, he decided to go professional. We didn't consider him a threat. In fact, we ended up making money off his mistakes. It's like cutting your hair--if you make a mistake, you run to the beauty shop to get it fixed.

One day I was in the post office, the clerk I mentioned earlier asked me if our business was hurting due to the new photography studio. At first I was baffled. Then he said the name of it and I laughed....out loud and loudly. I think my retort was "The 35 mm kingdom? Now come on..."

After that, when the guy had to wait on me, he was rude as hell. Going out of his way to try and humiliate me in front of people.. "The outgoing zip code is wrong. You must want the package to get lost"...or..."You need to use better quality tape. This will unstick in the heat." Oh there were more...and finally I had enough and called the Post Master. I informed him that the US postal service wasn't the only service to deliver items to customers. If his postal clerk couldn't supply me with a book of stamps worth of politefullness, then I would use another sevice. At the time, we were shipping out work to a lab in Tnn and one in Charlotte thrice a week.

Naturally the next time the clerk saw me, he was so polite I could have written a book about it for Emily Post. It wasn't until a year later that I found out he was a 35 mm amateur too and he used the amateur studio too. No wonder he got pissed and hated my guts. I bashed him indirectly in front of his co-workers.

But time and tea always soothes waters. He tends to run hot and cold now. Some days he's friendly as can the time I opened a card from my old friend Dan while waiting in line to get stamps. I stood laughing at the card and the postal guy kept saying "next, next...NEXT" until he got my attention. Since I was the only person in line, the other clerks stood smiling at me. The postal guy said, "Now we've got to see that card, if it's that funny." Then there days, he acts like he doesn't want to touch my package or money.

I saw him the day after the article came out about my book. He said, "Poet and She knows it!"

I smiled and said, "You read the article."

He said, "Yes and I ordered a book."

Today I had to stop in and get some stamps. He said,"I got your book last week. Read part of it but got distracted. I'll finish it later and let you know what I think. So far it's" ...a long pause, as I stood with a fixed smile on my lips.."interesting."

How do you reply to a comment like that??? I found myself saying "thanks" in a small voice. Is this some test? Will his opinion make or break our truce? What if he says, "you really suck and I'm getting a petition started to stop you from writing another word"...

Ok.. I've spent an hour and a half worrying over this...time to move on...right?... after all there is online postal service available.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Thank You John

For showing me how to add links to my sidebar.
I owe you one....
(I bet I just left myself wide open with that comment)

But seriously...thank you. :)

The Brawny Guy Commericial

There I was last night, watching Spike TV... CSI reruns. On pops an ad for brawny paper towels. The guy's a hunk. I'm talking drop-to-my-knees-and-say-please hunk! I've never seen many men who turn me on in such a way that I wouldn't mind if I spent a month on my knees in front of them. This guy is one...or was one....

There I was, drooling on the couch, thinking how I could squirt whipped cream all over myself and instead of him cleaning it up with a paper towel like he was on the commercial, he could use his tongue....

Then, he blows it at the end.... with a decorated iced birthday cake and a puppy! What's up with that... hell, he should have popped out of the cake and said, "oh Sherrie...dear me... I'm out of brawny paper towels and would you look at this mess? How will we ever clean me up!"

Now that's a Brawny Man ad!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Thirstday and thoughts on thirst

I'm very thirsty today! For knowledge? Naaaaaw... for some Minute Maid Strawberry Passion! It's yummy.

It's been an okay day. My mind's been wandering a lot as I work... so here goes.

~ ~ ~
A lemon donut and strawberry passion juice do NOT mix. Please, don't try this at home.

~ ~ ~
Why isn't Abe Lincoln on US money of higher value? He did so much for the nation, freeing the slaves and all...yet he's on a Fiver.

~ ~ ~
If a movie was made about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, I've been told that Hugh Grant should play him. It really doesn't matter to me... I wouldn't watch it unless, there was frontal nudity and a body double for Hugh Grant.

~ ~ ~
I have a lot to say on Tom Cruise's crackhead behavior... but most of the ranting would be about his Scientology vomit. Word of advice Tommy Boy: "Promote your bloody movies. Not your religious garbage."

~ ~ ~
My personal CD player is starting to drag the CD's. Bruce Springsteen was singing away when suddenly he began to stall: "Da..da..da..ance..ance..c..c..c.kink...danc...cinkkkk ...inkkk...ggggg.... in" Guess it's time to get another one. I tried other CD's and the same result occurred. I wonder... rappers scratch Records... do they scratch CD's too?

~ ~ ~
My mom won't let the nephews watch pro basketball. She says the players are gangsters.

~ ~ ~

Free Katie

"Join the movement to liberate Katie, a young, gifted, actress held captive by forces we may never understand. Even one summer of captivity is too long for one so bright!"

That's what the website is asking! Personally I think Hollywood needs kooky people!

Took one for The Team

I took one for the team yesterday. After b-dance class, I met Dena at a new ladies clothing shop. It has alot of retro type clothes, mainly casual stuff. I ended up with an apple green tie-dye shirt, a pair of white capris pants, a pink peasant type blouse with little white flowers embroidered on it and a really cool pink scarf to wear as a belt. She found a pink t-shirt that had "Fetish" on it written in rhinestones.

She said, "Sher, this is so you!"

I said, "Not at all. I'm discreet. That shirt isn't."

"So you aren't getting it?"

"No way, doll."

"Then I will." She added it to her pile of stuff. Not a moment later, a relative of hers came in. I think a high-righteous type of churchy holy roller. Anyway, she is the type of person who has to look at all the stuff in your cart or on your arms so she can find it and price it, to gossip about later. When Dena saw her, she pushed the "Fetish" shirt in my hand. Fervently she said, "Hold this."

The relative made polite conversation for a while and then had to look at our stuff. When she saw the 'Fetish' shirt, she gasped. "You're buying that?"

I said, "Yes I am. I love pink. Can't you tell?" (I was wearing a pink top and my toenails were polished pink).

"But, think of what it says?" The relative said.

I looked at the shirt. Dena was silently praying, "Don't tell her I'm buying it. Don't tell her I'm buying it."

I said, "Yes, it's a steal. Plus it's just a word." I pronounced it as "Feet-ish." Smiled at her and said, "It means ticklish feet."

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

New Chapters added

finally added more chapters of the novel...

June Issue

June issue of my magazine is available...

check it out.. sarah hb's poems are in it!

june issue

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Shining

Love the version with good ole scary Jack Nickolson?

You'll like this one then.... 30 sec movie


Sprinklers, Boys, Watermelons and Make-Believe

Got home and the nephews were there with Mom.

They were playing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. William had his cloak on and was pretending to fight the basilisk. Ben was Ron, so he was sitting out the scene. They made me be Tom Riddle and stabbed a "See Dick and Jane Run" book. I pretended to explode. We had to do the scene 5 times. Took all my effort to gather up my scattered pieces afterwards.

Mom has designed this elaborate sprinkler system. I can't work it. There are a ton of knobs and twists. She says its so I won't have to spend hours watering the flower beds. The flower beds are her idea, so I let her do the watering.

After a quick supper, I went out to plant my watermelon plants. There were six that actually grew to a good size in the little flower pot I seeded them in. Time to plant them in the ground. Mom got a bright idea.... let the boys run through the sprinkler system in their t-shirts and underwear. It was funny, watching them enjoy the water. A few neighbors came outside to see what all the laughter was about.

I planted my watermelons and had just finished watering them, when I noticed that Mom was planting tomato plants. "Hey, where are the boys?" I asked, realizng there was no laughter coming from the front of the house. Before she answered I ran around the house and saw Ben on the front porch. "Where's William?" Ben pointed to the faucet behind the azalea bushes. William was trying to turn it off.

He had suceeded in demolishing mom's sprinkler system. Something she was afraid I would do. I didn't dare turn a knob or touch it. I shouted for her and when she came over and saw her masterpiece now a leaky mess, she had a lot to say to William. He ran inside the house in wet clothes, saying "It was an accident. My hands did it."

It was funny. Though I did a great job of hiding my humor. I got the boys in the bathtub while Mom worked on her sprinklers. We always make up stories.

I said, "What should our story be about tonight?"

William raised his hand, "ME."

I said, "Ok...there was a boy named William who had fuzzy wuzzy hair, a long floppy nose, brown eyes and duck feet. His little brother Ben had spiky hair, winged elbows and flippers on his neck."

William interrupted, "They played outside in the waterfall."

I added, "Because they were duck boys. Quack Quack."

William said, "And William made a Great Mistake."

I laughed, "He tried to turn off the sprinkles and got in trouble."

Mom had entered the house and heard our story. She came to the door of the bathroom and said, "And William learned his lesson and won't touch the sprinklers again."

She walked out before William said in sotto voce with a flash of devil in his eyes, "Maybe tomorrow."

Monday, June 06, 2005

Oh Yea

almost forgot...

got the first proofs back on my second book, Saturn and Satin.
Only had 3 mistakes... I corrected them this morning and sent the corrections to PA.
I suspect I'll have to peruse the final copy in a month or so and then it's off to the art department. Maybe ...just maybe by Oct, I'll have a copy of it in my hands.

From Memory's Embroidered Stars

feather light
this salty night
a touch of lime
reassuring time
and you ask
about love's task
the clueless heart
that won't depart
from memory's
embroidered stars

I can't lie
kisses may die
over time and space
black rotting lace
ut if you aske me
it's sympathy and tea
the dregs tell tales
of tear trails
from memory's
embroidered stars

Painted Glass

I do not want painted glass
that colors my world
with promises imagined.

Give me the blues of your eyes
to look within on skyless days
that steal my soul.

I offer you sage and wisdom,
the price of a ticket to me.
But there are no guarantees.

Love is a potion mixed lightly,
so the scent is airy and subtle,
like my touch of morning shadows.

Give me no painted glass, love.
It cannot separate souls
that touch like dew on clover.


Along the golden horizon
phantom clouds
skirt the waves,
as the ocean rolls
towards me.

I spy a touch
of heaven,
forgotten long ago.


once foreboding
now a splash of lemon
on a summer morning,
profoundly proud
as only an ageless entity
can be.

I once sought
sanctuary within
its hallow halls;
seeking the part of me
I hide from myself.

But all I
discovered was
silence echoing silence.

Waves wave
to the horizon
I sail on...

no sound found
no sound sought.

With finality, I
I am...silence.

Ah...the sweet taste of Monday

Another week begins.

The weekend flew by with lots of activities. I'm surprised I'm not dragging today. Didn't get alot of sleep and I danced on a wooden plank deck Saturday night in barefeet. My calves are sore and I'm amazed my feet survived intact.

Friday night was quiet due to raining on and off. My friends had a few new faces added to the usual group. I was introduced to a cute conceited surfer type guy who is a camera man for one of the local tv stations...the fact that I don't remember which one tells me that he really made a bad impression. I think because his job is labeled 'creative' that our hosts thought we would blend together. Wrong!

The guy I was attracted to is a soldier from Fort Bragg who works with Will on base. He is cute and funny but... always a but... just recently separated from his wife. Every other sentence began with " my wife ...or me and the wife" ... it was obvious that he was still emotionally attached to her. Maybe that's why he attracted me... the "emotionally unavailable magnet."

Saturday was cloudy but I still went out to the ocean and sat under a large umbrella with my binoculars, searching the water for signs of sea life. Lathered to the nines in sunscreen that I borrowed from another girl with an Irish complexion, I enjoyed the quiet of the day. A lot of people were out, playing volley ball and other games. I spent the time in thought.

Was suppose to drive up to New Bern for a wedding but like a chicken with my head cut off, I forgot to take the directions and contact numbers. Left the papers on the table with my camera. So I didn't go. Which turned out to be ok.

The GI and I drove to the Aquarium at Fort Fisher in the afternoon. I hadn't been since 94. They've added a lot of new exhibits. We spent 3 hours there. My favorite display is still the seahorses. I love them.

That night we grilled New York Strip steaks and King Mackeral steaks. It was all so good. We talked about going to a club but in the end, we put on some music and danced on the deck under starlight. It was a clear night and so very warm. I had fun. Tried not to be too bold with belly dance moves. Didn't want to cause any unwanted attention from guys who were attached. So I spent more time on spins and turns than I did undulations and shimmies. Which ironically caught one guy's attention. I didn't really notice him much until after a particular long song, I scooted into the kitchen to get a drink of ice water. He said to those in hearing range, "Hey, have you been watching this lady dance? She dances as if she's spun from starlight."

Talk about a moral booster. Strangly I was very shy after he said that. Made me aware that he was watching me. And he was with a girl so I tried not to let him notice I noticed his attention.

Got up before daybreak Sunday morning and watched the sun rise. Lovely vision. Wrote a poem about it and I'll post it later. Left before everyone got up. I caught Dawn, the hostess in the kitchen and told her I had a blast. She made me promise to call her this week and also promise I would come along on the next trip which is on Oak Island. I told her I would. Hell, why not.

Did something good on Sunday. Drove to Holden Beach to my Granny's church and surprised her. First sermon I've listened too in years. Guess what I did? I dozed off. Granny had to introduce me to everyone. She would say, "This is my oldest Grandchild, Sherrie. I love all my grandchildren but she's the first born and special." We had lunch at a restaurant and I got home late afternoon.

Ended up taking in a movie with Doug. We saw "Longest Yard." Not a bad remake. I give it a B+.

So what am I doing today...printing pictures and also working on my next magazine issue. Since I wasn't around this weekend and last week was so darn busy, I'm behind on it. Good thing I don't have a publisher's deadline.

And too... I'm trying to take John's advice and wipe some dogshit off my shoes. Funny how you can fool yourself for only so long before you have to face feelings. Good thing I'm a great actress.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Another Adventure

Well, not as exciting as the Male Strip show but still an adventure. An old friend, Dawn asks me every summer if I will come spend a weekend at the beach with her and her boyfriend, Will. Every month they rent a cottage at one of the NC beaches. They can afford it. She is an accountant for one of the chicken processing plants and he's a civilian employed by Fort Bragg. This time I said yes. That I would go.

They are very low key. She's one of the few people who has listened to me regarding my views on 'setting someone up with another person.' I always say not to tell the two prospective persons that you have invited 'the (insert appropriate adjective) (insert the appropriate sex) and I just know you'll hit it off.'

Most of the sparks. It's better to invite each without letting on that there's a motive. That way if there might be sparks...they'll happen without a big nudge. If there aren't, there's no awkwardness.

I'm kind of interested in what type of people will be there. These two tend to try out all sorts of activities that never last for long. One spring it was Tennis. One winter skiing. Last summer it was motorcycling. Their friends reflect their activities. Hope I fit in. Maybe it will be Beatnik poets. I can deal with that. I'm pretty good at bullshit.

Going down tonight. Tomorrow afternoon I'm supposed to drive up to New Bern to a wedding. It's not a bad drive from W-Beach will consume time and I'm not in the mood to waste time this weekend. But I'll take my dress along and if the beach gang is dull and boring, maybe I'll venture up to New Bern for the wedding. Need to practice ducking out when they call for the single women to catch the bouquet. I usually hide in the restroom.

I'm returning Sunday and my plan is to finish the webpage designs for my magazine and have it ready to view on Mon or Tues.

Anyway, I'm off to finish my work. May everyone who reads here be safe and sound over the weekend.

Lots of love,

Thursday, June 02, 2005

No Porn in the Car, Please

Virginia banned pornographic videos in vehicles if they can be seen by people outside the auto.

....hmmmm what about people inside the auto. I've never been one to look at porn for leisure purposes. The plots usually leave a lot to be desired. That's why they're a flesh feast. Who says "Ok honey, let's watch Debbie Does Dallas. It's a timeless story and we have such a long drive."

Next year they'll make a new law:

Virginia banned pornographic videos in vehicles if they cause erections that interfere with the driving of the person operating the auto.

Rain Rain on My Head


I don't mind the rain, if it would only rain in areas where needed--like my flower garden and not the grassless areas of my yard so my shoes won't get muddy. And it would be nice if the rain parted for you when you had to walk in it, especially the sideways rain. God should have consulted me before designing rainfall.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I haven't heard John Mayer on the radio in a while... guess he's over being infatuated with me. I used to hear him 2 times a day! Good thing he's moved on.... it would never have worked.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Speaking of the radio...on the way to work this morning the DJ on one of the rock stations was talking about public displays of affection...mainly public marriage proposals. He reads women's magazines and then polls the audience on what they think of the articles. Today's poll asked if public marriage proposals were proper. He recorded the calls and played them back. I noticed most of the yes answers were from ladies under 35. The older crowd said no.

I am with the older crowd. If a love proposed to me at a ball game or at a night club or anywhere that has a large screen or a microphone, I would run away. You can't do that. What if the engagement was broken later on... think of how that would look. "Oh there's no wedding? Ahhhh...too bad...didn't he propose to you at the Cubs game on live TV?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I'm in a good mood again today. No outbursts of song! Trying to keep balanced and not be overly joyous and smiley. Don't want the Weekday God to rain down on me with a day like last Thursday. So I'm taking moments to complain about something.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
NC Minor League Baseball..I just realized that it's all around me. And I've never known it. Wilson, New Bern, Fayetteville, Kinston, Myrtle Beach, Gastonia.... and the list goes on! There are more minor league teams than Major league--which is zero for NC....I guess it just shows if you build it ...they will come.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I have a theory I hope to investigate soon... that pale shades of lipstick don't leave an obvious trail and will come handy in times where discretion is needed.

~ ~ ~ ~
I must not be a true poet/writer/artist. I don't care when Walt Whitman was born or when he died. I don't know Stephen King's middle name nor Whistler's mother's eye color or if Van Gough liked salmon. I write. I paint. And I don't think I need to know personal histories of the Famous to do each.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Here's some Sherrie trivia. When I was a little girl , I thought humming birds were fairies and praying mantis were Satan.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


With all these revelations going... like Deep Throat and the PETA spy...I'm thinking maybe I should reveal my true identity.

After all, the saying around here is that things come in 3's

Wet Wednesday Part 1

But not in the fun kinda way.

It's raining... very steadily. Sideways rain. The type that has a wind behind it, which pushes against your umbrella and it's all you can do to hang on and not do a Mary Poppins.

Today has been a productive work day. Finished zapping those dots and worked of a 5 picture collage. Both are ready for the printer.

I used to do almost all the jobs at the studio, except the actual photography part. One of the jobs was ordering stuff like albums, frames, delivery bags, lacquer sprays and other photographic needs. It took a few years to wean myself away from many of those duties. But I did it. Now the world loads even between me and Dad. I work so much better not having the extra pressure there.

Dad had to run do an errand he should have done yesterday. As he was leaving he asked me to place an order to a supply company in Atlanta. I used to call them weekly. Knew their number by heart and 90% of the salespeople. All very nice. But today, I sat at the desk and stared at the phone, trying to remember the number. I got the catalogue out and it was on the cover. Looked at the list taped to the phone and saw Dad had written descriptions instead of order numbers. That's my dad!

I looked up the numbers and then called the company. The saleslady was one I remembered from before. She asked for the zip code, then the company name and then for my name. I said, "It's Sherrie."

She said, "Oh my God... we miss you. We ask the man who calls now if you're still there and he says that you're playing on the computer."

Oh I laughed. I'm playing some but also getting more work done that most of you think.

I told her it was nice to talk to her again and that I was busy with photographic restorations and let the 'man' handle phoning in orders. Then I gave her the list of things I needed. She was quiet for a moment and then said.

"The man...John... never gives us the item number. He gives us a description and we have to pull up past orders to see what he's talking about. All of us have told him to write them down for future references."

Oh I laughed again. That's so Dad. He never makes anything easy on himself or anyone he deals with. I told her I would make a list of item numbers for him to go by but I couldn't guarantee he would use them.