Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where did October get too?

Ya know...I think about writing but it doesn't get past the thought very often of late. I sneak in and read blogs when I can, which isn't very often of late.

So much seems to have happened since last fall that has changed me so much in many least with my online life. I spend more time with friends and family. When I do log on it's usually Facebook that I hit, hiding out doing the games and reading walls.

My words feel as if they aren't mine when I try to write, except the Children's Novel I'm doing for But that's "Child Play."

My second Mother, Mary died on my birthday (Oct. 23). She had a heart attack. She went fast and with no pain. I feel as if another piece of me is gone. I could tell her anything and she would give me advise without preaching, treating me as an equal. On more than one occasion, she told me that I was the daughter she never had. Last night I had a dream that she called me. We spent a few minutes talking about some books I lent her (which are still at her house), and then I remembered she was dead. I said, "Mary, I was told that you died." She said, "Who told you that load of Shit?" I said, "Your son and his wife." Silence answered and I kept saying into the silence,"Mary are you there?" Then I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. It seemed so real.

A few weeks ago my Great Uncle Buddy died from old age. He spent the last few weeks of his life in a nursing home and was the happiest we've seen him in years. I miss his gruffness. And still look over at his house from my backyard, thinking he's there.

In October, we almost lost the business due to banking mistakes Dad made. But we managed to pull out of the crisis. I am not sure if I'll be here in March. I know I've said it before but Dad refuses to turn things over to me and I am tired of drifting along with him, stifled by the shell I've outgrown.

Sam's health is not good. He has kidney disease due to his diabetes and was doing home dialysis until he had a heart attack last week. It's pretty bad but I keep praying that he'll get thru this. I'm afraid for him, especially after knowing what Thomas went thru.

Sorry...didn't mean to make this post so melancholoy. Things aren't as bad as they could be.

On to brighter things... I'm selling Avon part-time. My Grandmother Leggett would be proud. She sold it for over 26 years. So far I am doing okay with it. I don't plan on making a career out of it, and the discounts I get make the perks worth it.

Al and I are doing fantastic. He's not Thomas. And I know that he will never be like Thomas, but he's doing better and making an effort to be loving and less demanding on my time. He's supportive and talks strongly of a future together. Yes, he drives me nuts but he's my Al and I love in because of the nuts.

The nephews are great. William is adjusting to private school. He's taller than I am. I'll have to remember to upload the Halloween pictues. Ben is struggling with 3rd grade. I really believe he would profit if he were held back a year. He's so immature for his age and is too bright a child to have poor grades.

I spoke with my friend Keith--the one who has Lou Gerigh's disease yesterday. He never complains and is always so uplifting. I shouldn't be sad about the things I can't change and embrace what I do have. Love, Health and the ability to do anything I want.