Friday, April 29, 2005

Happy Birthday To JS

(A day early)

John's Smile

Some days seems to go on forever,
plowing rows of dillweed and sage;
the bitter dregs of tea tossed aside.

I stopped admiring the scenery
long ago,wind against my back.
Just a ride, another bland day...

Until June bugs arrived in style .
Haiku and smiles became the day,
as his laughter and wit charmed me.

Ups and downs are the path that
defines a friendship versed in poems;
The brilliance of sunlight and smiles.

Some legacies are hard to spot,
even with writings on the wall
carved by vines and ivy.

But his is written across green,
inside a pewter cloud's lining but
mainly inside hearts-friend to friend.

I never wonder about the future,
try not to harp on the past...
instead I live in the now and

mostly because John smiles.

Lyrics by me

Bandit's Bane

I watch you from afar.
Your eyes are green
And resemble stars
The brightest I have seen.

The sky cloaks you in night.
Your skin’s moon pale.
A hue of mock white.
Your fragrance I inhale.

Time is a bandit’s bane,
Wringing in bitter pain
Tears lost within summer rain,
Love promises made in vain.

Once we made sweet music
Dancing in tune
Twirling candlestick
Glistening drops of June

May became December
As we parted ways.
How I remember
Our last soul-wrenching days.

Time is a bandit’s bane,
Wringing in bitter pain
Tears lost within summer rain,
Love promises made in vain.

I watch you from afar
Yearning to touch
Your unyielding star.
I still love you so much.

Time is unrelenting
Knows no mercy
Egos lamenting
Yet refuse clemency

Time is a bandit’s bane,
Wringing in bitter pain
Tears lost within summer rain,
Love promises made in vain.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Cool Links

Here's some I found

1) sdrawkcab etirw

2) What animal/insect are you?

I'm a BumbleBee:
You are a Bumble Bee! A beautiful insect that is good at working with teams and produces something many want: honey! A bumble bee commands great respect, and will respond to a bad situation with a quick sting! Bumble bees are serious and very wise. (Hear that! I'm the Queen Bee, btw)

3) Free Solo Guitar Downloads for finger pickers

4) Free "America Supports You" dogtag... I got this one last week. Support our Troops Please.






ya know... it really does feel good to make the E noise... Stephen King is on to something..

I blog there fore I am

Dad's departed to F-ville for something. He'll be gone about 2 hours. I'm finished with my cerebral stuff. Now I"m printing order forms, gift certificates, etc. While I'm doing that I thought I would pound on the keyboard until something blog-worthy came out.

I think I'll start accessing my potential dates on that note... Give each one a once over and ask him "Are you blog worthy?"

If he doesn't know what a blog is...then he's ...those that know may stage the date so that they'll get a guest star appearance here.

If you think about it...if you make an appearance here, then you're worthy in my opinion. After all this is the tramping ground of my inner thoughts, my musings and my rambles. If you've pierced my inner sanctum, then you're definately worthy of key strokes.

Let's see what's on my mind...hmmmm.. ummmm.. ermmmm... (thinking sounds)...oh...yea...

The Incredibles! Really cute movie. On the lines of Shrek but not as punny. I love the how even though they're a super hero family that they still act like a normal family with the way the husband and wife banter, the kids fight and how when faced with adversary they stick together. I love it. And will probably add it to my DVD collection.

Speaking of collection....I got some new nail polish for the summer. Pale pink. Pink is in this year. I now own 3 new pink summer tops and a pair of satin like ballet shoes (pink) with ribbon ankle ties. They'll go great with summer skirts and sundresses. Light and airy.

Tomorrow is the start of the Downtown "Lunchtime on the Plaza." Music and burgers. The DARE band (Police) will perform. I'll try to take some photos. They're pretty good. We'll have a different band every Friday starting tomorrow and going to the Weekend before Memorial Day.

All this week, I've been listening to audio books at night. Blood and Smoke read by Stephen King is really spooky. The first story is called Lunch at the Gotham Cafe. EEEE.....EEEEEE.....EEEEEEEEE.... if you've read the story, you know what I'm talking about. The second story is called 1408. About a room that is haunted or rather has something frightening living in it. The # of the room =13. I"m at the part where the author(he's doing a series on haunted hotels) is at the door of the room. I'm too afraid to listen at night. I haven't gotten to the last story yet--In the Deathroom but I did read the story once. If you've read Everything's Eventual --one of King's short story collections, then you've read these stories. Stephen King lends a spookiness to the reading.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Eaters of The World ...Dine

My brother John and I went out for Mexican food when I got off yesterday. San Jose… not the town but the restaurant. It has two locations in our sunny little town. We had a cheery little conversation on the drive there.

“Are we going to the old one? I don’t like the new one. It tastes different.” John said.

“Tastes different? I don’t think they do. But yes, we’re going to the original one. It’s closest.” I replied with a slight frown.

“The new one isn’t as good as the old one. I can tell a difference, even if you can’t, Shere Bear.”

“Well, I usually order the same thing at both and if there is a difference, I should be able to tell.”

“It’s like pork chops. I think the ones with bones tastes better than those center cuts. Mom says there isn’t a difference but there is. Ricky doesn’t think so but his dad agrees.” (Ricky is John’s best-friend).

“I can’t tell a difference. Pork chops are pork chops.” I shrugged.

He looked at me. We were at a traffic light, waiting for green. “That’s because you’re just an Eater. I’m a Connoisseur of Food. Eaters don’t understand what I’m talking about. But people like Ricky’s Dad does. He’s a Connoisseur, too.”

“Eater???? I’m just an Eater? Oh brother!” I started laughing. He joined in with me. It was priceless. You had to be there I guess.

“You know Shere Bear. We’re pretty quick-witted, aren’t we? I’m glad that came to me while talking to you. It would have been sad if it were wasted on a boring person.”

I had to agree.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Planting Flowers and Seeds

Yesterday my sister was still feeling the effects of her accident. She dropped by the studio for a moment. I took one look at her face--it was white--and I knew she was feeling terrible. Ben was with Mom, shopping and William was at my house with John, my brother. I told her I would keep the boys for the evening, so she could rest. I thought she was going to cry from relief. Yes, I had a headache but I knew she felt worse.

I called the house to tell John that if Mom arrived to leave Ben there, because both boys were staying the night. Got the answering machine instead. I left a message. When I got home, Ben and Mom were outside. William was indoors with John. I went in and put my stuff up. John was on the computer and when I called couldn't reach the phone in time.
He said, "William answered you when you left that message. When you said, 'Is anyone home?' He said, 'We're here.' Then when you said, 'Has everyone ran away to the circus?' William said, Ben did.'" lol..that kid.

He came outside with me though. Mom left and I decided to put the boys to work and do some yard jobs, like planting seeds and moving some plants around. When I would dig a hole, Ben would fill it back up. I finally had to think of another job for him to do or I would never get those plants in the ground. When we planted the seeds, William said they were going to be big trees tomorrow.

We had pancakes and applesauce for supper and watched Jimmy Neutron. I love that show. After we ate, William had some homework and once it was done, I put the boys in the bath. I think half the yard was in there with them. I told them that I didn't recognize them after they were clean. Neither got the joke. lol...

When they went to bed, we said our prayers and they both gave me kisses and told me they loved me. I think that's when my headache finally went away.

April Showers

It's misty today--very gray. Not too cool but not warm either. Lukewarm?
My head isn't as achy as it was yesterday. Though for a few mins on and off today,
it's been almost achy. (Thanks Dad). He tends to make work harder than it should be.
I am always amazed at how quickly I can take a gentle touch and soothe any chaos
that Dad tends to create.

My old surgeon, Dr. Ward came in today to leave a restoration order. I had 3 surgeries on my left arm from 1971 to 74. (He did two of them.) Hermatomas...they were a cluster of bloodvessels forming a tumor on the back of my upper arm, right above the elbow. Dr. Ward took some muscle out, along with the tumor and they never came back.

I remember the first was during the second grade...the boys would chase us girls during recess and grab our arms, swing us around so we fell on the ground. Keith Britt a blonde-blue-eyed cutie grabbed my left arm and I cried. It hurt so badly. The teacher came over and she examined my arm and noted the swelling. I was sent home with a note. Mom made the appointment...and that summer I had surgery.

Followed by two more. I don't remember the first surgeon Dr. Baker that well. He was old and I think on the verge of retiring. His old medical building is now an apartment complex. All I remember is that I was afraid. And an older girl named Kathy was in the same room with me. She had some sort of bladder problems. When I cried for mom, she would read to me.

I have no problems with the arm today, other than phantom pain on odd days. Dad took Dr. Ward's order and I heard him say, "I've heard a lot about you. Thankfully I've never had to use you, but some of my friends have." I thought...'your daughter has!'

I don't think Dad even realized I had surgeries done. He wasn't around much during my youth. I waited to after Dr. Ward left to tell Dad he was my old doctor. Dad looked surprised. April showers can rain down surprises, can't they Father?

Monday, April 25, 2005

The weekend

Other than the accident, I had a great weekend. KC rocked. I shook my booty until it fell off. Guess I'll have to order a replacement from Fredricks of Hollywood--one of those underwear with the fake butts. Danced and danced. I went with 3 girls I know and 1 guy and none of them got up and danced. I actually went to a different area so I could dance. Our seats were in prime spots but hey, you can't just sit there and listen to Boogie music. So I had a few Killian's Red beers. I cracked up my friends because I had to order something that started with a K in honor of KC.

The next morning, Mom was at my house with the nephews. This was after Lisa's accident. She came over with them, so Lisa and Randy her hubbie, could get the stuff straightened out about the accident. While she was here she said she was going to mow my yard. I don't mind. lol... anyway, William saw my hair ....I hadn't been up more than 10 mins. He said, "WOW, AUNT SHERRIE....what happened to your hair? Let me fix it. Sit down." I sat on the couch. He climbed up beside me and started to blow my hair in place or rather tried too--it was pretty much a bird's nest. When it didn't work, he got his small basketball and stuffed it under his left arm. "Aunt Sherrie, let me try again. The ball will help me do it right. " lol... that kid!

Worked hard Sat. Was alone all day and had lots of kids in getting their prom orders placed. After I closed shop I went shopping and then D and I went to the Dogwood festival. Edwin McCain was great. Much better than the first time I heard him. His music has matured and there was a rather calming effect to his music. Such a big difference between KC's jammin' sound and his rather home-boy soft rock sound.

Sunday I kept the boys and we watched the Incredibles and Shrek. They love Shrek. All in all...a good weekend.

Jehovah Witnesses before Coffee???OH NO

Jehovah Witnesses caught me off guard this morning. Two nicely dressed elderly ladies. I thought they were lost, so I answered the door!!! They began their 'witnessing' and I told them I was one already it was so easy to denounce my Baptist roots it's downright scary. lol
I called my great-uncle and told him they were heading his way and not to answer the door. He's an old air force guy--but has the vocubulary of a sailor if you get what I mean. lol

I'm off to work. Had a great time at the KC concert and also at the Dogwood Festival. Will write about it later. ...time to cross the river and then the railroad tracks...
My sister and the nephews had an auto accident this weekend. A hit and run accident. The guy actually drove off! Didn't stop to see if they were okay--Lisa said they stared at each other for a moment and she sat in disbelief as he drove off so fast that he left tire tread marks. Ben didn't stop playing his nintendo gameboy during the accident. William was upset and kept asking Lisa "Why did you do that?" She called Mom who came and got the boys. As they were driving away he asked "Will the police come and get Mommy?" Poor guy... anyway no one was hurt seriously. Lisa bumped her head on the rear-view mirror and is stiff from bracing for the collision. The guy tried to come over into her lane. I kept the boys yesterday, so she could soak in a tub and rest. Ben kept saying "Mommy's car is broke." In case your wondering... my brother-in-law taped the bumper up so.  Posted by Hello

Friday, April 22, 2005

while away the hours with a flower...conversing with the rain... da dum da da dee

...if I only had a brain.

I dreamt about the scarecrow on Wizard of Oz... Does this mean he's my dream man?

Have a little time to write and then its back to work. Much to do this weekend. See KC & The Sunshine Band at the House of Blues tonight. Tomorrow I work, so I may visit my blog with a review. Then tomorrow night, its the Dogwood Festival in F-ville. Edward McCain is playing. Saw him in Charlotte at the Rocktober Fest in '96. He was great. I hope he's even better this time.

And Sunday will be Sherday. Relax and watch some on my upcoming magazine too. Once I get the pages linked together and all the tees crossed and the eyes dotted, I'll put the link here for a preview. Have to make sure I don't cross the eyes and dot the tees. haha... what a bad joke.

Watched Survivor last night...this season has rocked. I was about to toss it into the "Jumped The Shark" venue but there have been some wild twists and turns this time. I'm going with Stephanie. I hope she kicks some male ass. If the other girls are smart, they'll not listen to her though but I hope they do. She's been as strong as the guys....and with all the obstacles she's been through I think she has the spirit to win.

Poor Jeff Probst... I no longer want to live in one of his dimples and vacation in the other. will he go on????? Maybe there's a "Dumped By Sherrie" support group out there. lol

I'm full of it today.....

My Horror-scope for today

Scorpio's Daily flirt (by
You're already the Sherlock Holmes of the zodiac,
but today, you're even more of a super sleuth.
Listen to your superb instincts and dead-on intuitions.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I have a friend who nicknamed me "Sherrielock Holmes."
Yea... I'm a sleuth...not much gets by me...which is one of the reasons, Charles could never hide his drugs or his affairs. There's always a just have to know where to look.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Gasoline and M & M's

I stopped at a Ma and Pop Store close to my house for gas this morning. Usually the gas is more there, but lately it really doesn't matter where you go--its all expensive. Most of the stores now require that you prepay before pumping. So I did. I made small talk with the daytime lady who works there. She always asks where Ben is. He usually runs over to the store with me when we run out of stuff while he's at my house.

While she gave me my change, a skinny young white guy stood beside me humming under his breath. He called the lady 'Baby' (she's over 50) and told her he needed gas too and cigarettes. He followed me out of the store. We were on opposite sides of the same pump. His old school camaro was hopping to some rap music. As the gas pumped, he nodded at me and said, "Hey Shurty, you dig M & M?"

Since I am wearing low-rise jeans, a t-shirt that says "All-Star Mermaids" and a pair of platform type loafers, I figured I could go along with his 'rap star' image and 'live the dream too.' In my best bitchin' voice I said, "Yo, Dawg I do." I'm thinking plain. Penutty is ok but I've always been a plain Jane.

He said, "Got dat right. I love dis song. He puts the pimp in pimpin'."

It occurred to me that he meant Eminem, the white rappin' guy. The 8-Mile movie guy. I continued pumping. Hey, let him assume I knew what he meant from the start.

He continued the conversation. "Gas is too damn high. Between it and cigarettes, I can't afford to live. If I lived closer to town I would get a moped."

"Mopeds burn gas too. Bikes are more energy efficient. But with the way drivers are today, there's no common courtesy left. Bikes and mopeds don't stand a chance."

He agreed. "Auto drivers are rude to other auto drivers. We don't stand a chance, do we Shurty?"

He had a point. As I put the cap back on my tank I said, "Yep, mopeds burn gas faster--their tanks are smaller than cars. You would be at the station every day almost. Bikes... they're the way to go." (I decided not to go into my goat and cart idea as the wave of the future.)

He disagreed. "Naw. Bikes are too much work. I would have to quit smoking."

As I unlocked my door, I said "But think of the bucks you would save. I'm audi. Keep it real, dawg."

And I drove off into the misty blue.

It occurred to me later how, we want things to be fast, easy and cheap. But if we can't have all three, a lot of us sacrifice the cheap part just so life is easy.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Boss and Bad Photography

On Yahoo's front page is a small photo of Bruce Springsteen with the caption underneath that states 'The Boss is Back.' His new CD is due out April 26. Yahoo is promoting his latest music video.

When I saw the photo I thought it was Bob Dylan! Whoever took that photo should be shot and Yahoo should be shot for posting it. There's a hot spot on his hair (a white glare) that tells me whoever took the photo had too much lighting on him. Every line on his face is exposed, making him look haggard. His photo on yahoo's launch site is so much better... anyway, seeing the photo made me comment to my pal JS in an IM... as follows:

Sherrie : bruce springsteen looks almost like a bad clone of bob dylan. He's not aging that well

j s: it's that california livin', but you're right, I saw him a little over a year ago. First concert I went ot in ages and it made me feel old

Sherrie : his pic is on yahoo's front page ..he's got a new cd comin' out april 26

j s: me and Mr. Sprinsteen started parting ways after Born to Run...Darkness on the Edge of Town was OK, and Born in the USA was pretty good, but just about everything else I listened to/bought I ended up disappointed in

j s: I still think his best work was on his first 3 ... personal opinion...Rosalita is the best thing Bruce ever did

Sherrie : I like "I'm on fire"

j s: most of the Born to Run album, Spirits in the Night, Growin' Up and Blinded by the Light from the first album...are right behind
j s: hard to beat Crazy Janey and her mission man, out in the alley tradin hands
j s: but most of the later stuff, I can take or leave

Sherrie : I had some of his albums..can't remember which now.. isn't that terrible? I can't remember most of my album collection
Sherrie : I do know I went thru a KC stage (going to see him Fri btw) and a Bruce Springfield stage... oh and a Bay City Rollers stage (don't tell anyone)
Sherrie : Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith and... Kiss pulled me out of the teeny bop sinkhole
j s: S A TUR DAY night
Sherrie : I only wanna be with you
Sherrie : I still know their names.. les, woody, eric, derek, and alan... now that's scary
j s: yes, shere, it is!
j s: that's bad scary

~ ~ ~ ~
After our conversation I started thinking about how when you're young music seems to speak to you more so than when you're older. At least in my case it did. When I think of songs that fit my life today, I go back to the era in my life where music was my soul and I chose songs from then.

Random Thoughts by Sherrie

~* If you're a you have to bay like a goat? (Do goats bay? or is it baah?) Do you have to eat garbage and climb on things?

~*My breasts feel like aliens today. Like they aren't mine at all. Can body parts be possessed?

~*I'm losing my marbles. Be careful and don't step on them.

~*Been busy with some hard work this week. Several orders I'm working on are missing eyes and ears. If I get them corrected, I'm having a parade in my honor... I can see it now... Me walking down the street with balloons and other parade paraphernalia like one of those silly birthday party horns, blowing cars behind me blow their horns... and cops arrive to clear me off the street.

~*There's been a cavalcade of younger men interested in me lately. I'm thinkin' it's due to my breasts...or with May on its way, maybe they're in the mood for May-December affairs.

online store at Cafe Press

I uploaded a few pieces of art to put on tees, bags, mousepads, mugs, etc.

And I feel guilty because the base price is already high and with my 15% increase I feel its too expensive. Which goes to show I need a manager. lol... someone who is greedy enough to make money for me.

I paid for an upgraded shop-- less that $5 a month--see I'm already in the whole..lmao... The free shops allow only one of each product. For example, I could have only 1 mug listed...not a mug of each design. Just 1 mug. Same with the bags, etc.

For those of you who like to window shop... check it out.

my shop

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

hey.. It's Tuezdaze

I've been a busy worker bee these last two days.
Between restorations, I've been working on an online store at Cafe Press. Uploading images of my tamer art for coffee mugs, journals, t-shirts, etc. Once I get it up to date, I'll link it here.

Yesterday I had a laugh... well, it was a delayed laugh. I made a small error at around noon. Wrote down a deposit on the wrong order form--a small mistake since Dad's desk is always tornado struck. I'm amazed I could find anything. He saw it right away and...sat on it for 5 hours. He waited until a customer came in to see me and while she was there, pointed out my error. Can we say "POWER PLAY." He used to do it all the time when I was more involved in the day-to-day running of the studio. I didn't laugh. The customer said, "Mr. John, no one's perfect. You should be glad that Miss Sherrie doesn't do that as often as my secretary does." I laughed later. Because his attempt at tossing dirt on me fell short.

It's sad... I really detest my father. I love him...but...don't like him. It took me years to get over feeling guilty for my true feelings.

Let's see what else is going on... Kept the nephews last night. William didn't want to get a bath. His excuse was "I'm not big enough to take a bath. I'm a little boy." I'm writing all his excuses down so that when he's older I can pull out the little book and say... "hmmm you used that one when you were 6. Pick another one."

I'm behind in my email. I owe some of you letters. You know who you are...and I'm sorry I haven't written. Maybe tonight after "Closer" (I rented it), I'll be able to slip online and catch up.

Paper Dancers

This is a Terza Rima Sonnet. This form of poem has an eleven syllable count in each line and a rhyming scheme of aba, bcb, cdc, ded, ee.

Paper Dancers

Heaven with its miracles could not deny
there was so much promise within that first glance.
Ribbons of starlight curled across the night sky.

Moonlight was their witness as they formed their stance.
A guitar strummed a chord, as fingertips met;
a perfect night for blissful union in dance.

In their veins music raged, roaring like a jet.
The earth titled as they twirled, magnets of lust.
There was only the moment, no time to fret.

Newly in love, their dance was spun with gold dust.
Would their steps falter, if they knew lust fades fast?
Upon a thin dime they danced, building up fake trust.

Now with fading starlight, lipstick kisses cast
long shadows on the paper dancers, at last.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Ah...Monday... the sweet taste of Fresh Donuts

I had a donut today...sue me.

Nice weather... warm with a pleasant breeze. Flowers in full bloom, the first blush of spring... and I saw my first hot studmuffin in a tank top today. It was all I could do to keep from ripping the tank off with my teeth. But I somehow kept in control. In fact, I'll have to start spiking my morning coffee with WillPower so I won't be tempted to mount the half-dressed boy toys walking around.

I survived Prom night. Got home after 9:30. Long day-night. We photographed a lot and I was surprised to see that 99% of the kids were well-mannered. We usually get 25% that are hard to get along with. It was the parents and family who came along with one girl that caused all the noise. I had to go into the camera room and remind them that I had customers waiting for their session and to stop harassing my photographer. Chastising parents instead of that's a fine role-reversal.

The girls were pretty in their gowns--red, pink and powder blue were the colors this year. A lot of the guys had on matching vests and ties instead of bowties. I had to pin on at least 10 boutineers. It was fun to see the outfits, the acrylic nails and the heels that half of the girls couldn't walk in.

My way worked like a charm. LeDena and I had them in and out quickly. Stress free until Dad showed up the last hour of shooting. He drove like the devil from High Point, afraid I had things in a mess. He was surprised to see how in order I had the shoot. Then he insisted on taking the rest of the photos and behold.... we became congested. He took too long on each setting and the kids had to wait over 25 mins --LeD and I had them out in 10 tops. Sadly, Dad won't admit my way is better.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Questionairre from Sarah's Blog

Found at Sarah's Blog (I edited it to fit me though..:) )

My answers
1.What Time is it now? 1:30 ish pm
2.How old are you? age is a number
3.Single or taken? Single and lovin' it.
4.What does your name mean? Beloved
5.Who picked out your name? My Dad
6.What's your nickname? Sher Bear
7. odd socks or matching? Hmm, always matching in home sometimes odd.
8.What color are your eyes? Blue but they do look green when I wear brown or greens.
9.Do you have an innie or an outie? Navel is an innie--nipples are outties.
10.What size are your shoes? Depends on what type--summer shoes are 8's...winter ones are 8.5 for sock allowance.
11. lefty or righty? Righty
12.How tall (or short) are you? 5'4"
13.Honestly what do you like about yourself? My ability to smile when I don't feel like it and also my sense of loyalty and duty.
14.What do you always get complimented on? My humor, my eyes and my smile
15.worst quality? I'm a pushover--let people take advantage of me
16.What are the last four digits of your phone number? hmmm which one?
17.Do you think you're cute? Oh my...if someone says I'm cute I get insulted. Women over 30 don't want to be cute, they want to be desirable. I like to think I am ;)
18.Hair color? Chestnut Brown
19.Do you wear contacts? Did until I'm a cool chick with cool glasses.
20.Living Arrangements? A brick home with my handicpped brother.
21.Favorite drink? Coffee, baby
22.Favorite alcoholic drink? Royal Chambord (raspberry liquour
23.Favorite Month? October..I'm a Ghoul Girl
24.Favorite Food? Salmon and other tastee seafood cooked to perfection
25.Favorite Board Game? Used to love Mystery Date..telling my age now.
26.Web Site? Literotica
27.Favorite Clothing Brand? None, I go by styles, not brands. But I do like Vicky's Secret undies
28.Favorite day of the Year? The Ides of March. I have a cool doomsday voice.
29.Favorite colour? Blue but Purple or Pink come close.
30.Favorite Animal?Horses
31.Do you have more boy or girl friends? A good blend of both.
32.Who's your best friends? Real life--Mary...Online JS and Jo!
33.Are your parents together? Not since 1968
34.How often do you get together with the family?TOO often
35.Do you tell your parents or your friends more? I
36.Anything special about your parents? Yes, their ability to drive me nuts.
37.Siblings and their ages? I'm the oldest. One sister, Lisa and one John...oh and a half-sister, Elizabeth
38.You're a flirt?'s my middle name
39.You're slutty? Yes in the right situations ;)
40.Are you mean? No, but when pushed I do have a Scorpio sting
41.You like someone? I like many people...but if you mean attracted to someone... well, darlin' that's my secret
42.You can keep secrets? Yes....see the previous ?
43.You dance in front of the mirror? I lip sync
44.You sing in the shower? Does an orgasm count?
45. You've been in the opposites bathroom? Yep, when a girl's gotta go--she's gotta go
46. Ever hurt anyone? Regretably, I've broken a few hearts
47.You've been hurt seriously? No. Been lucky.
48.You swear? An occasional expletive!
49.You get your way? Not as often as I like
50.You're willing to try new things? I'm prone to advenutre
51.You've cheated on a test? I'm cheating on this one
52.What are you wearing? Jeans, a black top, black 2-inch loafers and a smile
53.What colour are your undies? red boyshorts
54.What are you listening to? The phone ringing
55.How are you feeling? Better than I did yesterday
56.What are you doing now? Procrastinating while I do this quiz.
57.Whats on your mousepad? It's plain gray.
58.What books are you reading? Cabinet of Strange Curiosities by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, also a book called Mythology and You.
59.What perfume/cologne do you use? I have two favorites--Opium and Rare Pearls
60 Piercings?Ears... Put I want to have a guy with a pierced tongue go down on me...damn, let out a secret
61.What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Eyes and if they're wearing a wedding
62. The last movie you saw? Ring 2at the theatre, at home I saw Sideways
63. What did you have for dinner? Pizza at Ci Ci's
64.Tell us about those scars? I have an upside down cross on my left arm from 3 surgeries to remove hemotomas when I was a child. They've faded alot.
65.Where is your favorite place to travel? Outer Banks NC and Wilmington NC
66.What did you last dream about? Shopping for something and I had on yellow. Probably shopping for a different color outfit--I hate yellow.
67.What was the last thing you ate? an apple
68.If you were a crayon what color would you be? Cornflower Blue.
69Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? A Client
70.Do you like the person that sent this to you? I copied it off Sarah's blog and yea..I think she's a cool faery ;)
71.Ever had a crush on a teacher?No but I did have one on my Eye doctor when I was 15
72.Are you too shy to ask someone out? In a way...that's why I drop hints.
73.Scary moviesor happy ending? Scare me baby...but don't insult my intelligence with thin endings
74.Summer or winter? Winter
75.Relationships or one night stands? This era... I prefer friendships with fringe benefits
76.Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate but I do like Vanilla ice cream.
77.What did you do last night? Watched CSI.
78. Who would win in a thumb wrestling contest: Batman or The Joker? The Jocker until BatGirl shows up
79. Favorite music? Old School Rock and...I'm a closet disco gal.
80: Name a dance style that defines you : First thing in the morning--the hokey pokey, at work--the Hustle and in private intimate settings--Belly dance ;)
81.Anything else you want to add? Yes... I modified the questions some and added a few of my own. I don't usually do thise things, but today seemed like a good day to do one.
82.Time finishing? 2:48 pm

Full of Wind

Today is windy. Tie a string to me or I'll fly away, like a maverick kite.
Remember Charlie Brown and his poor attempts at kite flying... those mean ole trees eating his kite every time. And how about his attempt at kicking the football...that mean ole Lucy pulling it away and the poor ole round-headed kid falling flat on his back... You gotta admire him for being tenacious.

Someone should write the Tao of Charlie Brown.

But I dooooo feel better today. It's sunny and though windy, still a brighter day than the grayness of yesterday.

Am I a bad person for thinking that people are on a plateau above animals? I have a few friends who are obsessive animal-lovers and yesterday I got in a debate with one of them about how some states are hunting feral cats... I am for it. There I said was one of the topics I wanted to go off on yesterday. Until you've had feral cats (I'm not taking about one or two cute kittens living in the bushes. I'm talking over 50 wild dirty and diseased cats), you don't understand where those that suggest taking them off the protected animal list are coming from... I think one of the alternative suggestions given is trapping the cats and neutering dollars at work, my friend. Personally, I think in another 10 years we'll have to worry about coyotes instead--they'll soon be over-populating all the states and once that happens, most of the feral cats will be gone...yummy tasty dinner for coyotes. (I wonder if PETA peeps will come picket my house now)

Since I'm at it, I'll say this too...I'm for the Death Penalty, except I think the punishment should be fitting for the crime. There was an article about how Lethal Injection might not be painless. It's like this...if the courts can allow a disabled woman to be starved to death, then a painful death for criminals like Scott Peterson should be allowed too.

Ten years ago today, my paternal Grandmother died. I was the one who basically took care of her---such as making sure she had food stocked, that her bills got paid on time, took her to doctor appointments, etc. She was walking down the interstate and a car hit her at 55 MPH. She lasted a few days but eventually died from trauma to her organs. I miss her every day. Maybe when I can find the words, I'll write about her one day soon.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

insanity? a good reason to rant?

Today hasn't been a good day. There are a multitude of reasons for it...from my dad to the weather. Many items in between. It's moods like this one...the one I'm sporting today that keep me from spilling on these pages.

A dark mood...with dark thoughts.

What is it about dark moods that make us write or say things we normally wouldn't say out loud to an indiscrimating audience?

I think its the go to hell attitude I get when I'm in this mood.

I've come here many times today to write. And each time, something stops me. A higher power? Naw... my ISP lol...

My patience is thin today. More with issues than with people... PETA and their opinion that fish are smarter and sensitive than humans give them credit... ah... now COME ON! There are a few other issues that have pipped me but I won't indulge the urge to rant over them...

But I sit here...looking at the gray post box, pounding out my bold opinions...only to erase them and exit the window. What's keeping me from publishing? I think the fact that even though I am in a bad mood, I still have a sunny disposition underneath it all. And lets be honest, who the fuck really wants to hear it? Who gives a shit if I am about to implode today? That I feel as if I'm in hell, living the same minute over and over today? That everyone, mainly my family wants more from me than I'm able to give? And I feel as if I'm drowning in the grayness of this long rainy cold day?

Maybe its the hope that tomorrow will somehow be a brighter one and I'll feel sane come a new day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


venetian blinds

sideways glance
firm yet shy

against the wall, posing
bare assets revealed

~ ~ ~ ~

hint of pink
hidden in chiffon

a nipple
makes a point

cool night air raises goosebumps
hot breath removes chill

~ ~ ~ ~

wailing girl
wild child with no shame

blonde hair swings
long legs dance

she has no inhibitions
admitting no fault

~ ~ ~

smoky air
miller lites chilling

chalked pool cue
foozeball fights

rock and roll on turn table
mony mony plays

~ ~ ~ ~

late at night
in a dreamlike state

huge doe eyes

stare out from a memory
are my secrets safe?

What the shorts are about:
I. A nice ass.
II. A nipple
III. About a wild girl I knew in college
IV. The best bar of the 80's
V. This one's about the boyfriend of the wild girl. He would sit and listen to our girl talk without making a sound. I still wonder if he told our secrets.

I'm Nuts today

And not the good kind.

My dad is driving me crazy today at the studio.

The PC was covered in spyware and hijackers, when I logged on today, because he decided to browse the internet last night without pulling up the browser guard or the popup window zapper.
It's taken half the day to get the system stable so it doesn't crash and I lose my work.

He's on the couch, sitting there obsessing over a map that charts out the way to High Point NC.
Asking every person who walks in the door "What's the best route to High Point?"

When no one's here, he won't answer the stupid phone, so I have to stop working and answer it.

The calls are for him.

I say "Dad, telephone."

He says, "For me? The call's for me? They want to talk to me? Did they ask for me?"

I punctuate each word: "Pick ...up ...the"

What gets my goat is that it doesn't matter who the person asks for...if I say get the phone, get it. How hard is that?

My job is very tedious but it demands my attention, especially when the photo is severely damaged on the flesh. Today hasn't been a good day for concentration. System freezes and I lose my work...there is no auto recovery in my digital imaging program... so that means I have to start over.

So between the PC freezing, popup windows popping, the phone ringing, dad asking me over and over which route he should take --doesn't matter if I give the same answer--my day has been the day to hell. Yes I'm headed there right now.

If you're on your way there and standing on the road, as I drive by...stick your thumb out. I pickup hitchhikers.

April 13 th

It seems like Friday the 13th .....
I keep having mishaps...I see an acroustic post forming...

My longevity test result is 95. Not surprising since many of the women in my family live to be well over 90. I had a great-great aunt who died at 105 in 99. My hope is that my mind be alert and I'll be able to pen haiku but most importantly pinched cute guys' butts until my final breath.

In spite of getting up early, I managed to get to work five minutes late...because I knocked my expensive foundation (makeup) off the vanity while putting on my daytime face. Pissed me off because its almost $13 a bottle and it shattered on the tile in the bathroom. I had to get on hands and knees with q-tips and get all the makeup out of the tiny cracks. But one good thing came out of it...the bathroom floor's complexion is flawless.

Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed is the current favorite movie at my house. The nephews and I dig Scoob's far out jiving footwork and groovin' afro. We dance along with him. As usual, William and I play our 'who will beat who in a race or fight'...I asked him who would win in a catfight --Velma or Daphne... his answer... Mrs. Norris (The cat in Harry Potter books.)..hey who can argue with that?

Had some nasty storms last night. Was on the PC at 11 and a thunderstorm came up with sharp lightning. Logged off and went to bed. Had the "Mist" by Stephen King on Audio CD. Its in 3-D Radio Theatre. Here I the dark listening and its storming outside and storming in the book. I need to thank the Higher Being for the added special affects, because the lightning flashing in my window added a second 'chill' factor to the CD. I give it 2 thumbs up. I burned a copy for future storms.

Autism...William is 3 on a scale of 10. Its Autism Awareness Month. We work with him, so he can learn to live and cope in the outside world. If he's still on the Autism scale in the 8th grade, he won't get a diploma when he graduates and my little man is too smart not to have the opportunity for college.

Please place pepperoni pizzas perpendicularly, pending penile penalties. (doesn't make sense because its a tongue twister I just made up)...Can you say it 3 times real fast?

So....if suddenly our culture had to start over like in ancient times...what would you contribute to society? Would you be a peddler? a Farmer? A craftsman? ....Me? I would be a Belly Dancing poet, entertaining villages and charming men out of their 'wares.' it could happen!.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

a Shadorma Poem

Shadorma poetry is of Spanish origin--from the 14/15th century, created by court poets.
6 lines in syllablic form as follows 3/5/3/3/7/5.

Outer Banks NC

wild pony
walking in the surf
spot of white
on the sand
his pure blood ancient and free
I long to follow


Tuesday...a Misty Day

Sometimes it amazes me how sunny and bright one day can be and the next--dark and gray.
That's today! Gray Tuesday.

Weekend was fun. Not too busy but busy enough to feel as if I had a weekend.
The highlight was Sat night. I had to work late Saturday and decided to stay in
since I had the house to myself. My brother spent the weekend at our cousin Lee's.
To make a boring story short, after dark I dressed in full belly dance attire and
danced for several hours to a dance mix party on the radio. Yea I paid for it Sunday.

Had dinner with Doug Friday (was supposed to go out with my gal-friends but two of them had to cancel) and during it, I kept disagreeing with him about him saying Hugh Grant was the equivalent of Cary Grant!! And how the Eddie and The Cruisers movie was about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys! I can't see the resemblance, but then I'm not a Beach Boy Crazed Fan.

I think what capped the evening was when he told me that sometimes my intelligence was a bit frightening and he felt castrated--I think he was referring to a pizza buffet idea he had that I squashed immediately.

We went to a Barnes and Noble bookstore and I immediately walked over to the New Age section. There was a girl there, trying to sort the Tarot cards--so I gave her some advice. Doug disappeared for a while and when he came back I was in conversation with an Army guy about early Christianity and how Saul plundered the pagan religions for recruits. Doug's look of dismay abruptly ended my discussion. As we left, he said "You frighten me sometimes. Are you a pagan?"

Oh man... I lost it... Started laughing...all I could say was "NO."

It occured to me later that as long as I communicate in the language of the cotton candy world he lives in that he feels safe. But let me bring up something that can be theory only and he wants to hide behind his Beach Boys CDs. How can a person grow if they don't stretch their minds? Just because I discuss something that seems 'pagan' or 'frightening' doesn't mean I agree with it. It means I am open to exploration...and maybe some cool discoveries.

From A Distance

I see you standing outside my inner circle,
Watching as I burn sage and whisper my mantra.
Fires leap tall under a cobalt sky and
Within the smoke, you marvel at my illusions.

Do not worry—they are mine
And will not taint you.

I see you; yet make no effort to draw you in.
Curiosity can be mistaken for attraction.
I refuse to give satisfaction,
Because the mystery of myself is mine.

You can stand on the outer limits forever wondering,
But I have to warn you…
My flame is brighter than your spark of interest
And ever from a safe distance,

I can burn you.

Paper Doll

You say my strength frightens you, Candy Man,
Fearing what you cannot understand in your snow globe world.
Would you be happier if I were a paper doll?
The press out kind that’s in perfect form?
No scissors would be needed to travel my lines;
How easy it would be to clothe me in the fashion of yourself,
My face always holding a perfect smile with cheeks a pale pink;
A sleek shining surface that reflects you back at yourself;
No opinions, comments or ideas to torture you,
To make you feel less than a man—ego intact.
I wonder Candy Man, if you realize that when you miss me
And begin to cry that your tears will damage your paper doll.

~ ~ ~
I was told over the weekend that my intelligence is sometimes equivalent to castration.

Monday, April 11, 2005

The New Royal Couple

All I got to ponder about is....

What's up with those twig hats????
Looks like a failed attempt at bird nesting!

::On knees with fingers locked looking up and praying::

"Please Lord, don't let that fashion trend catch on in the States."

Friday, April 08, 2005


Hectic around here so I'll drop in a few sniplets (acrostic style) of this and that:

Springs here and so is naughty pollen--so far I'm not in an allergy related tizzy with coughing and sneezing. Thank you Rain.

Nephew William and I had a debate over who would win in a race...Harry Potter or the Cat in the Hat. I said "Harry." He said "the Cat." I said "But HP's got a wand and a Firebolt." He said "The Cat's got its Hat." I let him win that debate.

It's the Invasion of the Sumo Bees. (Carpenter Bees). A zillion of them buzz me each time I go to the barn behind my house. I've taken to wacking them with a plastic baseball bat...smack...and they're out of the ball park. Home run to the barn.

Photography is good...mainly wedding sessions. Dad's standing joke is that if the groom doesn't show up he's got to marry the bride.

Looks like yahoo can't leave nothing alone. I'm ok with the new group format except for two things--that freaking huge ad in the middle of each post and the way the real name shows up first instead of the profile name on the side of the list of posts. I see the first name and go..."Huh?" I took mine off my profile... most people know me as Fairy. I think half of the people who use yahoo groups are already confused enough.

Everytime I see a Burger King ad I want to run away. That Plastic Face King guy is spooky. If I opened a window and saw him there I would dial 911, screaming bloody murder. But no... the person always seems not to be surprised, takes whatever food that's offered to them and even let the dog lick the King's face.

The nephews are excited that spring is here. We've been playing baseball outside and I'm beginning to be a top-notched pitcher. I'm thinking that after this season, I'll sign up with the Cubs and see if I can help break the Gypsy Curse... but hell, now that I think about it... if I'm that good the Yankees will want me... after all they buy only the best.

So...that's about all for now. And I promise to try and get some more Irish Pirate chapters posted this weekend.

From one of my Blog Readers

He's on a trip to China and can't read my blogs.... here's the email I got today.

Guess what the government of China does not like blogger and you are blocked. How cool is that are a subversive element. No wonder you don't have large Chineses readership.

Explains why none of my words of wisdom have made it inside of fortune cookies.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

About last night...


Great food
Some laughs
Lots of gaps

excitable boys should learn to masturbate before dates
that way... they won't cum in their pants during the goodnight kiss

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Petals on the Air

My dogwood blooms, petals on the air,
Like snow they fall upon my hair.
Bright sunlight filters through its branches.
Spring is here and my heart dances—
No more tears of winter despair.

Nature awakens, so beware
Of falling into a web’s snare.
Yellow butterflies take chances…
Petals on the air.

I offer a small springtime prayer
In hopes that my nose will prepare
For pollen’s wicked advances
And the fragrance it enhances…
Still spring gives me a sense of flair--
Petals on the air.

Tuesday is Today!

April 5...

Spring is really here... my dogwood is in full bloom. The fig tree is getting its coat of leaves. No more naked limbs--how shocking. Mother Nature awakening...quite lovely to view.

Today I don't feel like myself.
I'm smiling and being very helpful and friendly to customers.
It stems from getting bad news about a dear friend,
who has cancer and isn't given much time.
For years, she's fought and struggled with it
most of the time winning the battle...
but it looks like this time war will be lost.
I won't know until I see her tomorrow,
until then I am trying to keep my sorrow in check.
There are miracles out there.. I believe in them....
but I also believe that there is a time for well as for life.

So today I'm working on mindless jobs--the kind I can put myself on autopilot.
And I'm working on a poem that requires rhyming and form...
something I can control...because I know if I think too much
that I won't be able to control me....
and if I'm not in control, how can I be a comforting presence...
a pillar of strength....

Monday, April 04, 2005

Burn Me, Baby, Burn Me

Matt, my young guy called this morning to make an appointment for one of his buddies to get a passport photo this afternoon. He mentioned dinner...I said, "when"...he said "tomorrow night at 7?" and I said "ok."

You would think he had won the lottery... he yelled "Woooo Hoooo..YESSSSSSSS baby!"

lol... couldn't help but laugh at him.

A friend of mine asked me recently if I had any “new adventures” to share. I knew that by ‘adventures’ the person meant sexual exploits, and my answer was no, not since January.

The reply: “Oh… how sad.”

Sad? I think not.

For the last few years, I’ve been selective in my dalliances. In fact, last year there were only two men…one doesn’t really count because the one time we got together lasted all of 10 minutes and it was totally one-sided (there are times when being an Oral Goddess can be my bane…and thank the Orgasmic Goddess that I brought a vibrator) and the other lasted from Sept until this Jan.

The second dalliance was kind of a surprise. An old college friend mentioned him to me in passing and from the brief mention I found out where he worked and looked him up online—found his email address on his work site and emailed him. To my surprise, he replied and I really didn’t expect anything from it. I assumed he was married with 10 kids. The point of my email was to say hi and see if he was as successful as I imagined he would be one day…oh so long ago. And he is. I wasn't surprised, I always believed he would go far and I still believe he'll go even farther...that his career path holds many riches.

We exchanged some delicious email and a month or so later some delicious fucking.
One of those types of dalliances where you don’t worry about tomorrow, just enjoy the moment. That’s what I did and I like to think he did. A time I'll always treasure.

Maybe I'm at the point where I get bored with plain old carnal sins...There has to be more than sex—there has to be some sort of mental exchange, something that adds flesh to the sexual part, gives it body so to speak. After all you can only fuck for so long…you have find filler conversation for the in between times.

I can kid myself all I want, but the truth of the matter is that I am so damn picky in my old age. I don’t want to just fuck, I want a soul touch. I want to feel orgasmic physically and spiritually. Is that too much to ask for? I really don’t think so. Nor do I mind waiting for it to happen again. To me the pleasure makes the months without another person’s touch worth it.

Now it’s been since early winter…since I’ve enjoyed anything other than my own fingers or toys. For a moment, I thought maybe the editor might provide some sport, but with his mind still on his marital woes, I know that’s not possible.

Instead I find that I am very attractive to a man much younger than I am…who not only makes me laugh but burns me with a glance. And I’m not a fool…because only a fool would let this chance pass…and that I’m not. I don’t know what will happen after this date. I do know this…I’ll take the chance to see if he can burn me with his kiss.

Mundane..I mean Monday

The time change has me screwed up. When I went to bed last night, I couldn't go to sleep. Then this morning I didn't want to get up. Now my truck's clock is an hour behind..and will stay that way until Oct. I can't figure out how to set it.

Springs in full bloom here in NC. (Aka Pollen) truck is now a faint yellow. In a few more days, I'll be able to disguise it as a field of buttercups.

Since April is Poetry Month, I've been posting poetry forms in my poetry group on yahoo. Today I posted about Acrostic Poetry and gave my own example:

Acrostic Poetry is where the first letter of each line spells a word, usually using the same words as in the title.



Remember last May's
Opal sky and the way
Silver clouds seemed to
Erase winter's frost
Silently from the roses?

Not the best acrostic but hey, I wrote it... that should gander me some poetry points with the Poetry Goddess.

Audio Book update

I sound like a

I've decided to cancel the audio book rental club thing. My free trial ends next Monday. Why? Because I went through 3 of 4 disks of a Stephen King novel I haven't read and the 4th disk was so damaged I couldn't follow it.

"bbbbbbba....bbbaaaaaabrrrrrrrrooooooooonnnn eeeeeeyes..." Get the picture. Which sucks.. I was drawn into the story by the voice.

Friday, April 01, 2005

First Audio Book Delivered

Got my first audio book delivered yesterday. I thought I would try one of the erotica books when I retired to bed. Turned out the lights, pulled out my new silver bullet and put it on low...

The book was trash! Poorly written, poorly plotted...and though the lady reading it had a sexy voice..still didn't make up for the poor substance. The idea was pretty good and there was a twist, but the writer kept giving blatant hints, so there was no surprise when it happened.

The author described the heroine as being from Iowa but was 'no corn-fed blonde.'
She described someones 'tits' as "melon-sized cream puffs."

I was happy when it ended. So I could pull out something from my own fantasy stock and get off!

April is National Poetry Month

So spill a haiku
or drop an ode
maybe even drill a sonnet
and if you can't do that
at least read a poem by one of the Great poets of the universe...

yea... me!


I'm a poet Goddess, don't forget!
(looking around to make sure a lightning bolt isn't lurking overhead)

Ok...I'm convinced

Since I need a spring time diversion, I'm going to accept the dinner date with Matt.
I'll have the tenderloin and pretend to think about dessert.... and end up ordering some decadence. lol

Looking over my Tarot reading...maybe the Lovers card is referring to this!!!

Local Radio Prank

One of the local stations got a fax from the phone company, stating that they needed to clear the phone lines. Would everyone please wrap their phones in a towel or put them in a plastic bag. At noon, the phone company was going to send out puffs of air down the phone lines to clear out the dust.