Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My Guest Book

I have a guest book on my website. Before I renovated it, I had a section on Tarot. I guess when you do a Tarot search, it still pops up. I haven't deleted the pages. But they aren't linked to the main page anymore. Anyway, someone signed my guest book this week and asked a very interesting question. I'll post it and my answer.

I have a question if you dont mind answering... For the Yes/No questions and using the Major Arcana Cards..what would picking the Death card mean? Please email me at my email address above and let me know. Thanks, Kathy

My answer

If I pulled the Death card for a Y/N question, I would think twice about doing whatever the question asked... Death means sudden change. It's change of a large scale. Life changing change. If you act, what changes will insure and are they worth it? And if you don't act, what changes will occur that will be damaging to not changing? I know... it sounds redundant but the Yes/No question is always hard to do with one card.

Have you ever used this spread before? a 5 Arcana card reading... mix them up so some of the cards are reversed. Cut them and then pull 5 cards. 3 uprights mean Yes.. 3 reversals mean No.

~ ~ ~ ~

I haven't read my cards since the reading I did for dear sweet Sarah Hb. But immediately I knew what to tell this lady.

When I first started reading the cards, I sought answers to questions in my heart with one card Yes/No readings. I so wanted answers that were direct and precise, especially in my favor. But that's not how life works--not when it comes to matters of the heart. And too if the cards answered every question, I knew I would be dependent on them for every move.

So I stopped doing them. Mainly because there is no one answer to any situation. Usually there are multi choices with their own consequences. I don't read my cards like I once did. I sought solice in them and was rewarded with peace most of the time. We make our own choices. We direct our own fate with the choices we make. If it's a bad choice, there's a lesson to be learned that we need to learn, even if during the lesson we don't understand why... we go through it for a purpose.

Good choices, bad choices.... they are choices. What if we didn't have that option?


John said...

what if you pull a joker, followed by another joker?

Painter Lady said...

If I pull Jokers... then I've got the wrong deck and someone's trying to play poker with my Tarot cards...