Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Mr. T

Time to come out of the T closet...

I have a fascination for him! It started with the Rocky Movie. Then the DC Cab movie...then the A-team. I loved the A-team. Watching it now ...seems so hokey but, Mr. T...well like I said, he fascinates me.

Then he was doing some commericals for television a year or few ago. I loved watching them.

Why does he fascinate me? I think its the fact his neck can hold 100 pounds of gold chains without getting a curve in it. And all his other jewelry... earrings, knuckle rings, etc...all look so cool on him...Or it could be the 'I pity the po' fool..." line that I stole for a while.

I once dated a guy for 3 months because he could do a wicked Mr. T impression. There wasn't any other aspect about him that I found appealing.

Jeri my ex-roommate after college, moved to Des Moines in the early 90's. She's now a nursing administrator for one of the hospitals there. But in the 90's, she was an pediatric ICU nurse. Mr. T surprised the children's ward one day with a visit. Jeri got me an autographed photo. She told him that she knew a little girl who was a little mentally off but the little girl 'Sherrie' loved Mr. T. You know, when she told me this...I was so excited that I didn't get offended about the "mentally off comment."

...Mr. T.... autographed a photo to ME...

Oh but the thrill was short-lived.... Jeri forgot it and left it in a drawer at the nurses' station. When she went in the next day it was gone.

I'm like...why even TELL me. If I were a hoo doo--voo doo type of woman, I would have put a hex on whoever took it.

So of my secrets is out. I adore Mr. T.

Here's a fun site that shows his playful side. You need speakers to hear it. And give it a moment or 2 to download...its worth the visit.

Mr T Takes A Drive

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