Tuesday, May 24, 2005

SO far SO Good...

...today is!

But it's not over.

Couldn't sleep last night. I think it was because I had tea after 7. I usually drink water with a twist of lime, but last night I wanted something with more substance...a shot of Jack Daniels was out. The nephews were with me.

I got them to bed and couldn't sleep. Got up...blogged a bit. Went back to bed. Couldn't sleep. Wrote some poetry (left the paper home..shame on me). Couldn't sleep. Listen to The Merrick Audio book by Anne Rice. Got pissed because on two really important parts the stupid thing stuck...Grr grrrr grrrrr attttttteeeee ateeeee ee eee eeeeeeeee. That's how it sounded. I waded through it and realized I would have to buy the book afterall because I missed a scene that explained part of the ending. Hmmmm I could go the book store and read it there.

Finally I fell asleep after 4. But what sleep I got was restful. The nephews woke me up at 7 and I hurried them home. Came back and took an hour nap. Got to work early to see if Dad had mounted and sprayed a portrait for me... he hadn't so I had to do it. Smell like photo laquer now. The odor is strong and I hope it doesn't make me sick. But I had to have the photo ready by noon. In fact, the lady picked it up a while ago and loved it.

I was sitting at the desk at 10:45, when in walked a skinny little elderly black man with the kindest face. His name is Mr. Blackmon and he had an old photo of himself--he was a handsome young man in his youth. Had a Gangsta look that none of the Gangsta rappers of today can ever achieve. We began to talk and he mentioned the area I grew up in....and guess what? He knew my maternal Great-grandfather and his brothers... Willie Wilcox, my Great-Granddad was a 'rounder,' he loved the ladies and moonshine. In fact, Mr. Blackmon also knew my paternal Great-Granddad too, "Pappa Johnson." I was so amazed. Mr. Blackmon ran a still back in those days--supplying many people with corn whiskey, including the sheriff of the time. I was so intrigued to hear about the old homestead and how my ancestors ruled the area with a kind hand, even if most of them loved their women and their moonshine. I was very sad to see Mr. Blackmon go. I wanted to hear more about my Great-Granddad Willie and his adventures, but duty called. I plan to make sure that my calendar is clear when Mr. Blackmon comes to pick up his restoration order. I hunger for more of my history.

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