Monday, October 31, 2005

Odds and Ends

...I keep forgetting to mention in the other posts.

Start the novel tomorrow for already have my first chapter written in my head...we'll see if it transfers to paper as well as it sounds in my noggin.

The Nov issue of the ezine is lagging. Can't get motivated. Maybe I'll post a short issue.

I had a crazy dream last night. I was in York, SC...where Al lived during the last 2 yrs of our relationship. It's where "The Patriot" starring Mel Gibson was filmed. Anyway, there were a lot of my friends from L'ton there and some of my friends from Greenville...all mixing together at a party at a really seedy motel. My Lumberton friends had on vampire costumes. The G'ville crowd had on ECU football uniforms. All the motel room doors were open except one... people kept talking to me and all I wanted to do was sleep. I kept going into rooms to look for a place to lay down for a nap. Out of one room came Jeff, wearing only a towel--it was loose. He grabbed my arm and said, "You didn't go to the ECU game. I called your brother. He said you were" He opened the only closed door of the motel rooms and pushed me into a room that had recliners in beds and all the chairs had naked guys with beer guts, zapping a big TV. They were so fat, you couldn't see their peckers. I was locked in and then I woke up....

Didn't get to see what they were watching.

Last day of October

Wow, time is flying. I say that often, don't I?

Tonight's Trick-or-Treating. I've got candy to give out and will probably go with the nephews (both are dressing as the Red Power Ranger) to a few of my neighbors' houses and do the t-or-t deal there. I usually dress-up but don't plan on it this year. I'll go as Aunt Sherrie, who's a Mistress of Disguises.

Today has been one of those days at work, where you feel as if you are walking in place all day. I've gotten some work done, but the phone's been ringing often and people visiting. I don't mind visits but what kills me is when they ask, "Are you busy?" and I say, "Yes I"m covered in work." And they sit down to stay awhile!!! Some are friends I can rudely dismiss but some are old customers who drop by when they're downtown and expect a prolonged visit. When Dad's here its no problem. He loves to entertain. But today I've mostly been alone, so I'm having to deal with them.

At the Halloween party...I forgot to mention...there were a few of the old Pecker's crowd from the Allen-era of my life. I hadn't seen a few of them in almost 5 years or more. It was nice seeing them. At first they didn't recognize me. Zombie Hooker image didn't rest well with them...they remember me as the smiling kind lady who drove them home when they were to drunk to drive. And too.. I've toned up...that makes a difference in an image.

I think I pissed off a customer that came to visit. He's for this Park referrendum... it will cost millions of dollars to build. Plus the people in charge have secured for them a $700 a month gas allowance!! It's like the local officials can't keep their fingers out of the pot. We don't manage the parks we have. This year property tax has gone up 60% in some cases. This happened a few years ago and the local newspaper got behind it, wrote a lot of bad articles and the taxes didn't increase as much as they planned. But this time, the county has gotten wiser. Instead of raising everyone's propery taxes at 60% or more, they increased a selected few's taxes at 27% .... people like the newspaper editor who would vocally protest via the newspaper. What a rip-off most politics are! So I'm voting Tues the 8th...and it won't be a big YES like the signs in a lot of people's yards insist I do.

My Uncle Bill came home from the hospital yesterday. He's doing pretty good. I stopped by when I got home yesterday. I suspect Granny will arrive tomorrow to check on him. My dear friend Steve, who's a folk singer in Florida...lost his father last night. Was really old and sickly. Born in 1913. Steve had been caring for him so he wouldn't be in a nursing home. His health rapidly declined from a fever and he died last night. So sad to see the elderly that you love drift away. Life is void without them around. I know I still miss my granddads and my other granny who have died.

What a melancholoy post! Sorry about that!

Happy Halloweenie

Yes, I'm corny... candy corn today. It is Halloween.

Had a fun-filled action packed weekend.

My zombie hooker outfit was a success at the Friday night party. I went around saying "Head for the Dead?" Got a lot of laughs and no one took me up on it.

One guy said, "No, you look hungry and not in a good way."

A girl dressed like a nurse, kept taking my pulse and declaring, "Yes, she's dead...a dead zombie girl. We need to bury her." I have a million other antidotes but I'll spare you. Though this one's worth telling: One of my guy pals went as Donald Trump. He had a wig like Trump's and xeroxed money sticking out of his pockets. He gave me a handful and told me to give it to a gay guy who was dressed as a pimp..and to say to him "Hey Pimp Daddy, here's my earnings". So I did...only to find out the guy wasn't a pimp..he was supposed to be Johnny Depp's version of "Willie Wonka." The gay guy is also 'pussy-phobic'... you would think I was giving him a STD or something..but it was funny...watching him sputter out.."I..I.. I'm not a PIMP...I..I..I'm Willie ...Willie Wonka!!!!!"

I think what kills me about Halloween parties is how so many people show up in mundane regular boring outfits. Devils, witches, vampires... sure they're part of Halloween but do it with a twist of lime if nothing else.

Greenville...arrived at noon, which gave us plenty of time to grab a bite to eat before the game. There was a crowd going, Joyce & Ron, her bro and his Candian Wife, me and 2 other couples I didn't know. I was the spare tire. But will confess I didn't mind. I think Joyce couldn't find an unattached guy to go with us. I was totally relieved there was No uncomfortable situation to sit through.

The ECU game ...we lost. Boo Hoo... the Pirates totally blew it. I was pissed. On top of it all, I sat between Miss "What Just Happened?" and Mr. "Let Me Explain it," which was sort of distracting. I couldn't change seats with anyone because the seats around us were all taken. The girl was with a guy who ignored her, and the guy was with his wife, who sat beside Joyce talking through the game. There I was...a divider of sorts, watching the game, cheering my Pirates and checking out the hot Frat guys sitting down a few rows and to my left. One of the questions that Miss "What Happened?" asked was 'Hmmm, soooo.... the first football guy to fall down gets first down?"

The party at Joyce's was usual she had procured me a man whom I didn't like. There was a discussion on a few foreign films I've seen that few of my friends have: "The Motorcycle Diaries, The Sea Inside and Maria Full of Grace." I was happy to finally talk to the two people in the whole state of NC, who have seen them. I have to say overall a very low-key evening.. I crashed early..exhausted from lack of sleep and all the driving I/we did. The hissy cat didn't bother me. I think it was hiding and afraid to come out. There was a very loud guy who spoke with an atomic boom. The whole house shook...all 2 stories.

I woke up early and found Joyce in the kitchen, making coffee. She made sure my mug wasn't larger than Alpha Male Ron's, who calls me the Coffee Czar. We talked for a while and I realized I wanted so much to be home. So I said my goodbyes and drove back to L'ton at full speed. I should have visited a few people but I wasn't in the mood-felt drained. Got in by 1 and made spaghetti for lunch. Then I crashed on the couch and watched movies, dozing in betwixt the boring parts.

Friday, October 28, 2005


Weeks are flying away! Soon it will be another year.

I'm looking forward to the party tonight. Settled on the Zombie Hooker idea...
Stopped by the 'dollar' store yesterday and got a pair of cheap fishnet stockings to punch holes in them for that tattered look. Have an old velvet jacket I never wear. Got a can of spray-on spiderwebs and gave it a good coating...along with an old black skirt.

I'm very excited. Better be a blast or someone's head will roll and it won't be mine!

Decided to hit G-ville this weekend. It's homecoming at ECU. ..and Joyce is having a party afterwards. I'll leave fairly early Sunday.

Granny's gone back home for a few days. Her brother, my Great-Uncle Bill is in the vetern's hospital for a while. He's got a severe infection from some sores on his arm that he kept hidden from everyone, thinking he could heal them himself. He had surgery on them--that's how bad the infection he'll be there until next week. She'll be back once he gets home.

I better get to work... got lots to do before 5:30.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

4 x 3

A customer brought in a copy order last Friday. She wanted a photo of dearly departed mom sized down to fit some pewter frame Christmas ornaments. She forgot the size. I told her to call it in later. She did... mind you the photo was a wallet size 2 &hal by 3 & half or so. She said the frames were 4 x 3 inches. I didn't question it. Many people say things in the wrong order... I assumed she meant sized up.

She didn't.

She brought the frame today when she came to pick up the order. I opened the box and saw a small round frame with a ribbon for hanging. Immediately, I knew the size I had was too large and also knew I had written down exactly what she said. According to her, she went by "what the book said."

She left the frame with me so I could get the exact measurements. As I worked on her order, I saw kept looking at the box that the little ornament was in.... it was the exact size as the prints I made the first time. I believe she measured the box instead of the inside of the frame.

Nipply Today

Talk about being nipply... man, it's very chilly in here today. Not cold enough to turn on the heat. I probably should have worn a thicker top and a winter bra--one with a little more lace on it instead of this satiny thin thing....

my breasts are on alert...meaning I'

Not a bad thing in the right circumstance but at work... it can be a distraction... ask the mailman who thought he was putting our mail on the desk and missed it by 5 inches.

Aerial Shot of Hurricane Wilma

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Today is...

.........................murphy's law day!!! That's the kind of luck I'm having today. Where's that rabbit's foot? Let me rub it three times.

Was upstairs when a customer called. I forgot my cordless phone, so I rushed down the stairs and missed the last ring by 2 steps. But it rang again immediately. The man--a preacher who just had photos taken--asked "Is anyone there today?"

"Hummmmm... yes sir." I said.

He asked, "How long are you there til?" I said, "7 pm."

He asked, "Is someone there now?"

Did he think he was talking to a robot?

I've got b-dance tonite ...never do well when i have a bad day...

Been invited to a Halloween Party on Friday night. I am toying with the idea of being a Zombie Hooker. My catch line could be "I'll give you Head til you're Dead."

But it just occurred to me... I could go the party as a Genie in a beer Bottle since I'll probably have one in my hand since I'm not driving.

A cool pay-per-view: zombie hooker vs genie in a beer bottle ....who will win the title? .

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Windy and Cooler

a lot cooler.

Granny came in yesterday afternoon. She almost had me convinced this morning that I needed to wear a heavy sweater and my winter coat. Luckily, I drank some coffee and the fog of the morning cleared. I'm comfortable in a long sleeve blouse and jeans. My jeans jacket is hanging on the coat rack. Just encase it's cooler when I leave.

No word from Seth. It's been a week since he left. Big sigh. Here I go again... waiting patiently. Anyone who's been involved with a Military man can relate to what I'm saying.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Yesterday and Today

My yesterday was really nice. Lisa, Ben and William took me out for lunch. We hit Ruby Tuesday. The boys did great. Afterwards, we went to a ‘Dollar” store. They had silly Halloween masks there. William insisted that I try them on. We goofed off until 4 pm. Then they dropped me off at home.

I chilled on the couch, got some calls from friends, etc. The hens called to discuss the evening.

I watched a really good movie. “Wilde” It’s about Oscar Wilde. If you aren’t homophobic, I recommend it. Awesome portrayals. Jude Law is in it. But be warned. There are sex scenes between guys.

Today’s been a good day. Gotten a lot done, even if it’s rainy. Granny’s down. I’ll have to hear what the doctor told her. She called a few mins ago and sounds better than she did last week.
Halloween is almost here. Trick or Treat?

Male Strippers Served Hot

For my night out, I decided to wear a pair of semi-sheer black pants, a v-neck tank and a sheer top over it. The tank resembled a corset with underwiring at the bust. Needless to say, I had cleavage up to my neck almost. I topped off the outfit with a pair of sensible heels. The kind a tipsy woman can walk in at the end of the night. The girls arrived just as I was putting the finishing touches on my makeup. I hadn’t seen a couple of them in a few months and they were surprised at how long my hair had grown—the short summer doo is over. Dena commented that I looked like a mourner, dressed in black. Hey, I made sure to break it up a bit with a nice deep rose shade of lipstick.

When I got in the car, I saw a small cooler in the back seat. Cricket, Dena’s main partner-in-crime handed me a Zima. She said, “I heard you loved them.” I did…in the 90’s. I opened one and said, “Bring on the baby oil and tenderloins (what I call younger men), the Birthday Girl is ready.”

On the way, I suggested we do the Fayetteville ghost walk instead. The way they looked at me was priceless. The silence was so thick you could hear what they were thinking. Luckily, they called my bluff and let the thongs win. We ended up at C’s just as they were opening the doors. I was shocked to see that we were the first to arrive. I didn’t want the table that was right at the end of the catwalk, where the strippers usually ended their dance. That meant, each one would come over to us first for tipping. I preferred a side table, where we could still see the show, but not be in the line of fire. I made the girls vow not to tell them it was my birthday.

I decided to stick with Zima and requested a twist of lime, each time I ordered one. Since I was reliving the old Zima drinking days, Insisted the hens call me Zherrie. Before the show started, Dena pointed out that there were a lot of empty seats. Oh no, a small audience. Oh those poor stripper guys….they were in for a night.

I’m a big people watcher person. I take notice of many details that many fail to notice. Dena loves to hear my observations. She saw me glancing around and said, “Talk to me.” So I began my assessment of the audience, waiting for dancing thongs to appear. We were at the table at the end of the catwalk. On the right of us was a table of black ladies who were doing some serious talking on their cell phones. One had a stack of dollars on the table. She kept rubbing her hands together. I guessed that the other women didn’t really want to be there. On the left of us was a table of bouncy college-aged girls. No money on the table. They were downing in $2 Strawberry daiquiri specials. They were there to get drunk and pick up guys after the show. In fact, there were a lot more women at the bar and on the upper deck than there were at the tables around the stage. My guess was that it would be a poor night for the strippers unless the show was electrifying.

The first guy out on stage looked very young. I was afraid we would get arrested for looking, much less sticking a buck down his thong. He seemed unsure of himself, probably one of his first dances in front of an audience. He spent too much time dancing with most of his clothes on. He was still trying to get a leg out of his pants (guess he hadn’t heard about those rip-away pants), when his song was over. He came directly to our table. I tipped him a dollar out of pity.

The second guy was better, though very GQ, but not exactly my taste. I like the bald tattooed guys with pecks and sweat. This guy stripped more quickly…right down to a red thong . I’ll say this…if I can find out which one of the hens ratted me out to the strippers; I'll get my revenge in a slow methodically cold way. The second guy said, 'I hear there's a birthday babe out there. Hmmm….mm..mmm… c'mere 'Zherrie'... I’ve got a present for you.' The hens went wild. He had me sit in a chair and gave me a lap dance... I wanted to tell him that a stuffed thong is hard to squash between my cleavage. The audience was going wild and I was trying not to laugh. Every time he came around to our table after his dance, I would have him bend over to expose his ass and give him a sweet love tap, before sliding a tip down his thong. (I wanted to tell him to take out some of the tissue paper he had stuffed in there.) After the tipping, he would kiss my cheek and say “thank you, Madame.” Oh boy…the things I could have done to him. But I was good…even if my thoughts were decadent. He really needed punishment for stuffing his thong. Bad ..bad…Boy.

The night proceeded to get wilder after that. The last 3 dancers were more professional and athletic. We had a grand ole time. I would say more but… the vow of silence cautions me. I was actually the tame girl of the evening. The other girls acted like they hadn’t seen any nearly naked guys in weeks. Hmmm, maybe they haven’t.

On the drive back, they kept talking about what they were going to do to their men when they got home. Personally, I was ready to sleep. Male strip shows are fun during the heat of the moment, but when your mind is on someone else…it’s hard to take the male exotic dancer fantasy home with you.

B-day Dinner & a Hooker Tangent

It is chilly and rainy today. I was sort of shocked to see the rain beating on a bucket I have outside the carport. Totally threw off my morning. Then on the way to work, I saw a rare sight... as I was heading towards town (at about ¼ mile from the city limits), a gray car heading away from town. Right before it met me, it pulled off the road and a blonde got out and slammed the door hard as she could. The car sped off... she had on a neon pink tube top and low rise jeans...long wavy blonde hair. She was totally pissed. She flipped him off with both hands and started towards town. I’ m guessing a hooker—mainly from her attire and from the way the guy sped away. As I passed her I thought of picking her up because it was drizzling rain but I didn't. Fear of getting car jacked or robbed or killed kept me from it... but as I glanced in my rearview mirror at her, I noticed that her boobs were huge. Sooooo I figured they would get to town 20 minutes before she did and could call a cab to pick her up.

Before I dive into the weekend news, I want to thank Sarah hb and Sandra for their birthday wishes and also those of you who emailed me or left offlines or sent egreeting cards. Thanks so much for remembering me.

When I got home Saturday, I was stunned to see that Mom had the food prepared! She grilled two chickens, cooked rice with chicken broth, corn-on-the-cob, biscuits and some green beans. The table was set. My presents were lined up on the desk. Lisa had put balloons up and Ben took my hand to lead me to each one, telling me their names. (I was tickled to see that I’m rubbing off on him). I noticed something else. He’s started calling me “Aunt Sherrie” instead of “Sher-dee.” His speech is improving.

The people attending were Mom, her John, my brother John, Lisa, the boys, my cousin Alan from Florida and me. The men were engrossed in talking about Politics and then sports. I was relieved, because my cousin likes to tease me. Mainly because I always have a come-back. Things went well until the birthday cake cutting.

The b-day cake was chocolate. I asked for a homemade chocolate cake last year and got one of those bakery made ones. This year I asked for a bakery cake and got a chocolate one. Yea…sometimes reverse psychology does work. William helped Mom put the chocolate icing on it. He told her to put sprinkles on the ‘Family’ side but not to put any on ‘His’ side. I noticed his side was larger.

Lisa was trying to decide how many candles to put on the cake. Cousin Alan said “29, because that’s the age women stop at.” I said to ask Ben. He’s been assigning us ages for the last two years. Usually we’re all his age or a few fingers from one hand. So I asked, “How old am I, Ben?” He thought long and hard, then said, “16.” Which made everyone laugh. I said, “Come here, sweetie. Give me a hug. Aunt Sherrie loves you. You’re her favorite boy.” To remind me of my age, Alan said “Put 4 candles on the cake. One for every decade.”

We did and Ben helped blow them out. I racked up on gifts this year. Last year was a $$$ money and card year. I got a new CD/radio/cassette player. This one plays CD R/RW, too. Got a new handbag, earrings, and poetry books...just to name a few.

It was so much fun that everyone was lingering and I had to get ready to go out. Finally everyone was gone by 6:30, which left me with less than an hour to get ready for “Hen’s Night Out.”

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Last Day of 42

Slow day at work. I'm restoring a photo that's turning red, which sucks. It's probably 30 yrs old. Taken at a department store. One of those cheap deals where cheap processing was done. Now the customer's paying the price.

When I scan reddish photos, the whole image turns a magenta and it's hard to get rid of it. Takes forever to finish the work.

William told me this morning that he's baking me a birthday cake with chocolate icing and sprinkles. A little while later, he asked where I kept the plastic toy food.

Mom's at my house, gearing up for the cook-out. It's a warm day. Just hope the stormy weather that's being predicted holds off.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Frantic Friday

Not quite. Just can't think of a title.

Working on a mundane photo. Little tiny spots are on it. I'm having to zap them off. Figured I needed a break.

For some reason, I got a little depressed yesterday. Wrote my dear friend Jo about it. When I got home, it still lingered. The depression...getting older and my Granny's failing health... realizing how fast life is and how age can suddenly creep up on a person. Went to bed and listened to the BackStreet Boys for a while... lol..they make me feel young.

This morning I had a lovely email from Jo, pointing out another aspect...that Seth left when things were beginning to be fun added a slight dark cloud to things as well. Reading it, I realized she knew me so well and I knew that she was right about how I enjoy life to the fullest no matter what I do. A burden lifted and I felt light-hearted again. It's good to have friends like Jo who care.

Hadn't been at work long when Wes from next-door called. "I've got a present for you. A lady left it with me, because you were closed."

I mused, "Wonder who left it? Wonder what it could be?"

He replied, "I'm not looking. It could be someone's pinky. With you, there's no telling!"

I laughed, "You make it sound like I'm the L'ton Maffia."

But it wasn't. It was a lapel pen --a heart with the USA Flag on it. One of my customers who's adopted me left it. She remembers me every year.

Then later at around 1, Mary (my best real-life friend) and I did a book exchange on the street. I had a book she hadn't read and she had a few to return. She called that she was on her way and I met her on the street. She paused her vehicle long enough for us to switch. I stepped back on the curve, waving goodbye as she shouted, "I love your hair!!!!" Stepped right into a policeman--a rookie from the looks of things. He gave me a strange look and eyed the books, making me feel like I really was in the Maffia. I held them out and said, "Um... they're just books."

Since then I've been working and stuff. Have a busy weekend planned. Work tomorrow...then grilling Chicken with the family. My cuz from Florida is visiting. Should be fun. He's prone to teasing and making jokes. Then afterwards, it's Stripper Night with the Hens. I'm not driving, so I'm sure there will be more Scary Sherrie stories added to the pile. On Sunday, Lisa and the nephews are taking me to lunch. After that I plan to wrap myself up in black and mourn the passing of another birthday... lol

Thursday, October 20, 2005

In the Mood for Love...

..Simply because your naked ...funny but when you're naked... I'm in the Nude for love!

My friend Jeff is painting some rooms in his town house and I've been viewing paint swatches online, giving my opinions. Now I've been bitten by the re-paint my world bug. I'm in the paint. My bedroom has wallpaper..tiny flowers. It's cute, but I wouldn't mind changing the whole look. Only problem is the carpet is a pinky mauve...remember in the country colors of the 80's.... Mauve ...Williamsburg blue, Seafoam green, etc. I'll wait though... think on it first.

In the meantime I can polish my nails.

Don't have much to say. Got the cable straightened out. Work's going smoothly. Printer's acting civil. And it's felt like Thursday all day.

I'm pretty much A-OK.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mental Drain

Finally... the Cult of Wayne guy left.

He's a good salesman. Bonded with Dad. Went along with his conspiracy theories, etc. He had the deal in his palm until he called his supervisor to seal it. Who promptly clashed with Dad. (the guy was here trying to get us to switch companies --dealing with the credit/debit card machines).

So off went the Cult of Wayne guy... minus a new member.

You know..if I weren't afraid of the kool-aide/poison cocktail, I might have followed him.

Been printing like usual. And emailing my friend Jeff, my opinions on paint swatches. He's going to do some changes at home. In between those emails, I've been emailing the big pecker guy from yesterday. He is an airbrush artist working at the State fair this week. Found my profile on yahoo and emailed me. Bored, he has sent a gazillion emails asking to chat. I said he's been trying to play 20 questions.

I'll have to save them for my 'dating' blog. Once he's done asking, which might be soon. I'm refusing to anwswer intimate sexual questions. He has to impress me first...and that ..well he's not doing a great job of it.

Let's see... nothing scheduled for tonight. Haven't heard from Seth. I sort of miss him.

I'm Sneezy

aahh... ahhhhhhh... ah ah chooooooo

Woe there.... my allergies are acting up. So if you see a nose fly by..if it's cute and pert, then it's mine...throw it back... my glasses won't stay up.

My dad's talking to a salesman with the charisma of a cult leader... I excused myself from the conversation... was fighting the urge to ask him for some grape kool-aide... figured I had better save myself before I become a concubine in the Cult of Wayne.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Dick of A Day

and then some. Those of you who read my painterlady on dating blog know what I'm talking 'bout.

Have to watch the nephews for a few hours tonight while Lisa gets recertified in CPR. It's Nip/Tuck night. Christian is accused of being the Carver. Can't miss that episode.

Off to fight with my printer.. it's being a dick.


All-Merciful Sherrie

I completely adore Freudian Slips.... I personally wear them well.

I helped *JD (initials used to protect the [not-so]innocent), a friend of mine find a photo of Curley--from the Stooges. He plans to glue it to a pumpkin for Halloween. I did a few things to it, like make it a head only photo and turned it into black&white, etc... emailed it to him.

He wrote back: "i was kind of big..may be i can make it smaller to fit"

Oh my... Oh my my my... oh boy... I sat staring at the email, wondering if he knew he made a mistake and wrote "i" instead of "it." Course that wasn't my first thought... my first thought was "Honey, I could make it fit."

You know...what sweet jumps I could have with that slip! Oh the things I could say:

1) "Just cut out the head. It will fit then."

2) "If it's hard to fit, I'll lend a hand."

3) "Give me a few minutes, I'll shrink it for you."

4) "Sorry about the size I sent... I get confused with what's really 8 inches."

But... instead I said "you know... i could have some sweet fun with what you wrote...but i'll show mercy today."

I am all-merciful. Maybe I should email that if he can't get it down to the size he needs, to call me. (lmao)


Yummy cup of joe going on! S

My morning schedule is off this week. As I walked to the bakery for my coffee, I tried to figure out what day it was. For some reason, Thursday was on my mind. I kept thinking..but what happened to Tues and Wed. I spent a few minutes talking to Miss Gail, trying to sort things out. She gave me a strange look, as if I was nuts. But I've sorted through it.

It's Tuesday..all day.

So I didn't lose any days. Really I don't know why I couldn't remember... maybe because Seth is gone. He called last night and we talked an hour. He didn't want to hang up. I felt at a loss. Because I didn't know what to say to him and I felt he wanted some sort of verbal emotional committment. I had none to offer... it was be wrong to lie to him. But I did tell him I was very fond of him and would miss him dearly. Which is total... like you know..totally true.

Tuesday has the makings of a loooooooong week.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Let's's Monday?

Been up since 6:30 am.. not my usual time to rise. Didn't sleep all that great. Woke up at 3 am, freezing and couldn't get warm. Had 2 blankets on the bed. So I didn't get back to sleep...dozed fitfully.

The cable guy came over at 9 am to install digital cable. Can't get HBO without it. Only probably..he brought one box only. I guess the lady didn't understand that I wanted two. So, I had him to place it on the downstairs TV. My brother went boinkers. Got all huffy about it. He can be such a baby sometimes. No I take that back...he can be a pain in the ass. I've got to drop by the cablevision office and get another one. I guess I can install it. I did watch the guy install the one downstairs. That is when I wasn't eyeing his ass...

I'm becoming a dirty old woman.

Today I've been working on tedious stuff. Trying to figure out how to sleep with my eyes open and get work done at the same time. I suggest everyone be nice to me on the off-chance I actually do figure it out.

I watched Amytiville Horror last night--the remake. Man it sucked. Talk about taking liberties with a story. They made the youngest victim of the murdered family into Jody...the pig ghost in the first movie. Plus they had the dog murdered and the family escaping in a speedboat. Jeez..what's up with Hollywood? The special featurettes were cool though...made up for a lot.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ghosts, Horses and Romance

Didn't see any ghosts but I did hear some great ghost stories and saw some incredible sites of old NC history.

Left work at 3:30 and rushed home to freshen up. Seth was early but I was ready so we left. Got to Wilmington at around 5:30. I know he thought I was a nut...on the way there, I kept pointing out Turkey Vultures that were riding wind currents. We had to drive through swamp and forest areas and they were abundant.

We checked in the hotel and grabbed some dinner before the ghost walk. It was a perfect October night--cool but not freezing and the other ghost walkers were comfortable to be around. There was an African-American couple who were a little older than us and they were really funny. Kenneth, the husband was a goof and Louise, his wife kept trying to call him down. Once Seth said, "OMG, what's that?" while pointing at a dark shadow at one of the stops on the ghost walk. I swear Kenneth ran so fast, he could have won a race.

Seth wanted to take a horse-drawn carriage ride around downtown Wilmington. While we stood debating about it, one of the carriages arrived with passengers. Seth went over to the driver to inquire about the route he takes and for how long. I stood beside the horse, wanting to pet it but wasn't sure if it were allowed. Suddenly, I caught wind of a horrible odor... gas... the horse was letting out farts left and right. I moved away. Before Seth could give his report, I told him about the gas attack and that sealed our decision--No carriage ride.

We went back to the hotel and... well, that part's private.

I'll say this... he is King of Romance. His tenderness catches me off-guard often. We slept on and off during the night... when we finally fell into an exhausted sleep at 5 am, I don't know if I dreamt or not. But when I woke up, I felt refreshed. Seth pointed our how well we sleep together and I don't mean in the coitius sense, I'm talking actually sleep. He's right. I don't ususally sleep well entwined with another person, but with Seth... well, it's like home....

and that worries me a bit. Course I didn't tell him that.

We had breakfast at a Ma and Pa place I know that has the best omelettes. Then we drove back with me pointing out Turkey Vultures along the way.

Seth leaves at 6 am Tuesday. He said he would call tonight and tomorrow night. Before he left today, he gave me a 'Just Encase List' of phone numbers-- his roommates cell phones, his parents' number, etc. He said that if a long time goes by and I don't hear from him, that I can call those numbers--someone should know something. He said he told his parents and his roommates that if I call, to inform me of whatever news they have. I was blown away by this. During the time Robert and I were together and he went off on his special forces missions, he never did this. I spent most of our time together wondering if he were alive. And here is Seth...the epitome of thoughtfulness. I was too wordless to reply. But I'll say this here... that list means more to me than all the romance of the night.

That's about it for now... off to do something constructive on the Nov issue fo the mag.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Saturday at work

We had a homecoming parade downtown yesterday--for the high school in town and since I had to go watch, I didn't get a chance to finish some stuff.

Seth will be at the house by 4:30 and my overnight bag's backed. So I'm set to go.

Actually have gotten a lot done today...

The parade was sort of funny... you could tell the homecoming contestents riding in the convertibles were uncomfortable. They barely tossed out a Barbie wave... watching them gave me an idea for an article for the Nov issue.

A cute little girl in the crowd kept asking when Santa was going to ride by. He never did. Didn't hear what her mother told her. I would have made up something fun, something to spur her imagination.

One of the civic clubs had a really cool float.. guess the Red Cross sponsored it. A few of the kids were on cots pretending to give blood and a really huge girl in a nurse's uniform yelled at us.."Give Blood." She scared me and the cute little girl. I was ready to run to the Red Cross center right then... but I rarely am able to give blood... always anemic.

Speaking of blood...I'm thirsty... guess I'll get some Black Cherry Flavored water and finish my stuff for today.

Have a great weekend...

Friday, October 14, 2005

Weekend Plans

I tried to post some blogthings results but the links kept I apologize to those who saw the messy results before I could delete them.

Seth called with a change of plans...we're going to Wilmington instead. It's an hour and 15 min drive. We're staying along the Cape Fear river in the historic downtown area. We're doing the Haunted Walk. I'm excited. Always wanted to go.

Since I've got a load of work to do, I might not be back to post. So have a great weekend.

I know I will. :)


Don't know why I'm grumpy today. Could be due to sleeping Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sang out last night. My whole right arm would fall 'asleep' and the pins and needles sensation would wake me. Even with my wrist brace on!

Everything went well this morning. Until I got to work. A man followed me into the studio. I hate when customers do that. I usually lock the door until I get the alarm turned off and the cash box out of the secret safe, etc. But he was adamant about coming in. I recognized him as one of Dad's customers. SO I let him in with strict instructions to stay put until I was back at the front of the studio.

He came for a photo dad copied on film. It was too large for me to scan. Course Dad told him it would be ready Friday. He didn't specifiy a time. The man assumed he meant first thing Friday, but normally the lab doesn't deliver until late afternoon. I tried to explain this.. and he kept interrupting with 'the man told me Friday and it's Friday.'

Normally, I handle things better but today I'm not up to par. So I said, "Sir it's Friday all day. And the day's not over."

He went on about living out of town (he lives in 20 miles from L'ton), about the cost of gas and how unpleasant this 'adventure' was turning. NO matter what I said, what I suggested or anything, all he could do was try to take the opposite road and argue. I finally threw my hands up in the air and said, "Sir, I don't know of anything I can do to make you happy at this moment. All I can tell you is that 'the man' will be in by noon and I'll tell him you came by. He'll contact you when your order arrives."

He huffed out and I am irritated... but..feeling better now that I purged. Course I'll give Dad a little mini lecture about being more specific about delivery times, etc. It's amazing how differently he and I handle our customers. Mine always know that I'll call them when the orders ready. Drives me nuts!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thursday--The 13th

Gosh.. just think... 10 days and I'll be a lovely 43... such an odd that will be hard to remember. I couldn't remember my 41 year.. kept saying either 40 or skipping ahead to 42..

but I don't mind forgetting it...

I'm accepting presents from Oct 22-24... 10 am -4 pm.. if those times and dates aren't good let me know.. lol.. if you don't know what to get me, stop by the men store next to the studio, ask for Wes... there's a tuxedo I like but only if it comes with the guy who models it in the catalog..

Last night our instructor at b-dance brought her snake and half the class ran was sort of funny.. I stayed... away from the snake..

The Sun is back. Mostly sunny with a few peek-a-boo clouds. Cool.. almost cool enough for long sleeves. I wore my black "joe cool" t-shirt and jeans today. Hair is straight with a Mary Tyler Moore Flip at the end. Got my black clogs on and am styling in comfort.

Nothing set for tonight. Watch Survivor and CSI. Continue working on my character profiles and setting designs.

Seth called last night. He's excited about the weekend. Keeps asking if I'll be available when he gets back. What to day to that? I don't know. I waited for Robert and it got me hurt in the end. Have to keep reminding myself that they're two different people. But you know me, I told him I would do my best to be available. Guess I'll give him an email address, so he can keep in touch if he's got internet access where he's headed. That should reassure him a little. I haven't told him about my blog or website or any other online info. Feel the need to stay unknown, so that I don't have to watch what I write about and censor myself.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I heard the news today..

Oh boy..

Sometimes I think I'm misreading the headlines:

like today's UNICEP Bombs the Smurfs...

Jeez.. I know they're dumb and blue but they don't deserve termination... why not bomb the Teletubbies!

And the woman in Arkansas who gave birth to her 16th child... Warning to all women who can get pregnant: DON'T DRINK THE WATER!!!

Oh By Gosh, By Golly

I've got a novel idea.

Came to me last night, as I was letting my mind clear itself before sleep.
Do you do that? Let your mind wonder at will, over various thoughts, conversations and actions that happened that day, so that you can close your eyes and get a good night's sleep?

Well, I do!

I thought about the friend I had coffee with yesterday...and our conversation, which naturally turned to men. She said, "I hate being in love with a man who's not good for me. But how do you stop loving someone?"

I didn't answer her, because I could relate and knew it wouldn't do any good. I thought of a movie Jo mentioned in an email, "The League of Extraordinary Men." ... I thought of what makes a league... an alliance... which can be between two people... this lead me to think of the alliances of Survivor and how most of them shift. But what if two like souls, though the people who own them are complete opposites made an alliance. Two women who love men who are wrong for them... I envisioned a first meeting of the women... then fell asleep, before I could jot them down.

This morning, I couldn't get up at first. The sky is gray and the sun has abandoned us. But my novel idea hasn't. I thought of names for the two women, and gave them certain looks and life styles. Then thought of the men they loved... and assigned them personalities-- I dove into my own past experiences and came up with two guys I'll model parts of them after. So I got up, made coffee and while it perked, I took a shower.

In the shower, I thought of the women...and a twist appeared... and an ending. I had the beginning and the endin gof the novel. Something I rarely do.. I usually know the start and let the story take place. This time...I realized the story knows it's start and finish... I'll have to supply how to get there.

I am very excited. I can't start writing yet. Not until Nov 1, but I'm allowed plot outlines, character outlines, etc. SO I'm off to secretly think of names, character profile and other plotty stuff.

For info

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Who Shot the Sun out?

Haven't seen it in a while. Would be ok if we were getting rain... but we aren't at least not when I look outside. The rain could be hiding from me, like the sun seems to be doing.

Taken in a lot of new work this week. I'm unusually busy for October. Since the holidays are almost upon me, I'm trying to get ahead so I can deal with the holiday rush I know I'll get.

Had the most problems yesterday and today with pop-up windows when I logged online. I use yahoo's taskbar and it gets some but not all and I also use the POW pop-up blocker--it will get what yahoo misses, which is a lot. I ran all my spyware remover programs. None found any hidden malware. I updated the yahoo spyware tool and it found 2 things. I removed them and (knock on wood) the pc is stable. Funny how the yahoo spyware tool doesn't find things until you update it.

November is National Novel Writing Month. I have to make up my mind very soon about doing the project--which is to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days starting Nov 1 and ending at midnight on Nov 30. My question to myself is...'do I have a novel lurking within?'

I started one last year but haven't gotten back to it.. it was an intricate story that couldn't be rushed. So I didn't finish it. Hmmmm guess I'll make up my mind in the next week or so...

Seth leaves next Tues. He's driving to Virginia to visit his parents and will be back Friday. He wants to go to Myrtle Beach for the weekend. I gave a breathless "Yes," which made his day. I said, "Don't worry. I'll send you off in style." ;) and I will.

My brother's finally 100%. His only complaint is about playing cowboys and indians with Ben. John still has his little plastic figures from the old days of childhood and he and Ben play with them. John doesn't mind playing with Ben, what he minds is how they're in the middle of a battle and Ben insists that they stop and go to a make-believe Walmart to buy bullets, arrows and ice cream. Then on the way back to the battle, they stop at McDonald's for happy meals. John said, "That's not right, Sher's not right!"

Dad has lost a set of negatives. I think he's misfiled them under the wrong name...guess I'll go investigate... now if the ghost has them...they won't turn up until he askes for them.

Monday, October 10, 2005


I was told by a friend that I should have watched baseball yesterday instead of the National Geographic Channel.

Didn't occur to me. She said, "Our team went into overtime... 18 endings. The Astros won."

I asked, "Who is 'our' team?"

She gasped, "The Braves--the Atlanta Braves..."

wow... how long has Atlanta represented L'ton NC????

Personally I'm a Chicago Cubs fan--gypsy curse and all.

My brother swears our house is all for the Yankees!

And the point to this post??? There is none.

Photograph Rule # 82

# 82--Spraying Windex( or any cleaner) on a photograph will ruin it.

Dismal Day

I had a pleasant weekend. Didn't do anything Friday night. So the nephews spent the night and William wanted to dance to the Wiggles' Yummy Yummy VHS. SO we did. Ben played with his cars on the kitchen floor while William and I pointed our fingers and did the Twist. We also did some Pirate dancing with Captain Feathersword. It was fun. I made pancakes for breakfast and had them home by 8:30 am, Sat.

The workshop was cool. Made some new friends who have a troupe in Fayetteville. I have an open invitation to come to their practice sessions and dance with them. This group's taken the Belly Dancing a bit further than the people I dance with here in town. This group incorps an "I am a Goddess" theory into the dance, which is fine if you need constant reminding. I don't. I know I'm a Goddess.

After the workshop, I called Seth and we met at Applebee's for an early dinner. I wore a multi-brown colored sarong skirt and a brown tank with a brown fishnet top over it. Put my hair up and had on a lot of jingly jewelry. I completed the outfit with ankle tie brown sandals. Seth couldn't take his eyes off me.

Once dinner was over, I followed Seth to his place. There was a small crowd there... his roommates had some girls over and were grilling out. Seth introduced me and I was pleased to see that they were as friendly as he said they would be. I ended up in the house with the 'book-worm' looking roommate. His name is Donald. A nice guy and a reader of Stephen King, Koonz and some other authors I like. We talked about books and I mentioned poetry... he's read in that field and we discussed that as well. Seth overheard the conversation and mentioned I was a poet, which lead to a discussion on publishing, etc.

I might have appeared engross in the conversation but I kept an eye on Seth. Once he introduced me to everyone and got me settled in the house with a glass of wine, he mingled with the others. I noticed his focus was on a few youngish looking girls (I guess they were around 22 or so). Seth didn't ignore me, in fact he came over often to talk for a few moments. Donald finally noticed me looking at Seth and his antics that made the girls giggle. I guess he thought he should reassure me, so he said, "Don't mind them. Seth's getting validation. You know he was a fat kid once? He didn't buff up until he was in the army."

Ahhh.... bells went off. No wonder he chased me down... I didn't validate him upon our first introduction. This didn't bother me, as much as it would have a few years ago. We all need validation, some people need it for life. I watched Seth in a scientific way, noting his body language, and the responses of the girls he charmed...if he got what he wanted, he moved on to another...and if he didn't he worked them harder, until they gave him what he needed. A few times he noticed me, watching and made an effort to make the girls laugh hard. I assume he thought I was jealous. I wasn't. But I let him make his own assumption, filling whatever need he had.

As I've said before, I'm keeping things at arms length but still enjoying what we have--which is hot sex and laughter. Believe me, he gets validation. Just as I get it from him.

Viewing Seth's need didn't make me lose respect for him nor did it send me tail-spinning into self-doubt city. I viewd it as a piece of the Seth puzzle, one I fit into place.

After a while, the girls found other guys to talk too and Donald wondered off. Seth and I went to his room for a while. He apologized for mingling for so long, saying 'the girls like to talk to me and I didn't want to hurt their feelings.' I smiled and said it was ok. And I meant it. I stayed for breakfast... I woke up with a hunger that didn't include pancakes. ;)

Got home early Sunday. Took a shower and a nap. Spent the day doing laundry, editing Sam's poetry for his first book for PA, spent some time chatting with Jo and... watched a couple of movies.

It was a really great weekend.

Friday, October 07, 2005


It's raining... not cats and dogs... mainly small animals like mice and frogs.

My brother's doing better today. (thanks for asking, Jo.) He slept a lot yesterday and when he woke up late afternnon, he said he felt better... stiff but not in pain. I checked his wounds this morning and they weren't red or inflamed.

Seth hung out last night...we fooled around during Survivor... good thing my brother was asleep in his room. When CSI came one, right away I said "The daughter did it. She killed her step-mother...not the husband...too obvious." ANd guess what... the daughter did do it. Seth stared at me... I laughed. Doesn't anyone use deductive reasoning anymore? Don't other people have lightning fast logical reasoning? Sometimes I think I'm a reincarnated 'sleuth.' An old friend whom I've lost contact with used to call me "Sherrielock Holmes."

I can't help but notice how Jeff Probst on Survivor looks as if he wishes he was elsewhere. Then I saw an article online that this may be his last season. It won't be the same without him, but like I've said in the past... I really think the show's jumped the shark.

Have had a lot of work this week. Since the PC at home is acting funky (when I log onto my side--the other user accts are fine), I'm behind in emailing some folks. Please forgive me, if you read here and you're one. I promise to get caught up this weekend sometime.

There's a belly dance workshop at a dance studio in F'ville Sat. Me and a couple of my belly dance pals from our class are going. I'm taking the day off. After it's over, I'm heading to Seth's. Nervous about meeting his roommates. He says they'll love my sense of humor. I hope it doesn't grow serious on me or too dark or too goofy. Not sure if I'll stay overnight. Depends on how comfortable I feel there. I'll confess that it's nice to have Seth's arms around me.

I promised John that I would grill steaks Sunday for lunch. about boring...that's me..boring today...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Shere Bits

... another dot dot dot day



... so Katie's preggers...she'll never be free... even if she becomes a rich divorced mommy... old Tom-bone will still be in her life ... there's no free lunch... but what scares me...terrifies me... is that Tom is procreating... someone...hold me.

...the pictures of the python who swallowed an alligator half its size and its gut burst is frightening... talk about fucking balls... I bet the gator ripped the stomach apart, trying to get out. People and their exotic pets that they don't want..tossing them into the unknown wilds isn't the answer to getting rid of them. Pets like pythons are not native to the US and will end up destroying the natural habitat and endanger the animals and plant life. Shame on you, irresponsible exotic pet-owners who didn't research or think beyond the purchase. A pox on you!

...anyone besides me watching Nip/Tuck? I think Dr. Costas is the Carver. He is weird and also bisexual... plus he does this head tilt that the Carver does before attacking a person, shooting them full of a paralyzing drug, whispering 'Beauty is a Curse', slashing their face and then raping them--both sexes are his victims. But with Christian Troy--he slashed his neck.. well, he did rape him. But only a person with medical knowledge would know where to cut so that he wouldn't kill, only scar. This season is just starting ... I could be wrong--he could be a red herring.

...Seth said the most witty thing about me last night when he called ....he said I was a "font of funny remarks." I like that. On that note, I need to get back to work so I can get home and refreshed. He's cumming over tonight. ;)

Another Hectic Day in the Kingdom of Shere

A busy week! And it's not over yet.

Spent a lot of time away from the PC yesterday and earlier today. Why? Beause my spotting brush (the fine pointed windsor/newton series #7) that I used to remove dust spots on photos with..disappeared. I think it was around 1:30 yesterday when I had a client drop by...I was spotting in my art room, put the brush down beside my palette of dyes and went up to the front. Dad wasn't in the studio--I was alone. The client stayed around for about 15 mins and left. I went back to my artist table and the brush was gone. This has happened before. In fact, when I used to retouch photos the old fashioned way, it happened almost daily.

I didn't finish my dust-spotting. Instead I moved over to my hand-tinting section and finished the prints I had to enhance. This morning I came in, hoping to see the brush where it should wasn't. I checked everywhere. Then it occurred to me that I didn't check the spraying room... and there it was... lying by a can of laquer. How got there? I don't know. I didn't go into that room yesterday. If my dad was a practical joker type of guy, I would blame him..but he's not... he doesn't have the imagination and too, if he did something like that it would interfer with my work and lord knows, he loves $$$ too much to do that.

So I'll chalk that one up to the other ghostly things that has happened in the 11 yrs we've been in this old building.

Had to leave early yesterday. Mom and Lisa took the nephews to the fair, so that meant I had to pick up my brother John from work. I was ok with that...after being frustrated with the disappearing brush, I was ready to jet. Picked up John and he said he would treat me to dinner. Belly dance didn't start until 6:45 (actually its suppose to start at 6:30 but the instructor runs late), so I had time. We ate at a mom and pop restaurant that has a great grilled chicken casear salad. That's what I had. John had a steak.

We got home at 6 and I parked under the shelter at the barn, because Mom was spending the night. I always let her park under the carport. As I've said before, my brother has Cerebral Palsy and gets around on crutches. He can't bend his legs much and they are very thin. We have a silly game, I pretend to race him. Doing silly stuff like the 'time warp' Mork style or running backwards, in other words being silly... I did it for a moment and realized it was starting to sprinkle rain, so I ran inside...

I turned all the lights on, checked the answering machine and went to the kitchen window to see how close John was, so I could open the door for him. I was shocked...he was sprawled face down on the concrete floor of the carport. I ran out. His crutch tip had caught on a tuff of grass and sent him off balance. His elbows were scraped badly. I looked around for something sturdy for him to pull up on. There wasn't much, so I ran inside and brought back a dinette chair. He tried to use it but couldn't get his legs up under him. It was terrible. He tried and tried, exhausting himself. I know how a mother bird feels when a baby bird falls out of the nest and she's powerless to lift it back up.

There were no neighbors around to help. I suggested calling 911, but he vetoed me. I can't blame him, the last time our neighbor across the street's alarm system when off, 5 deputies, 3 fire trucks and 50 off duty volunteer firemen showed up. Since John couldn't get up, he decided to roll acros the concrete floor to the little platform I had made to replace the narrow step. Instead of a step, the platform is easier for John to step up on and get into the house. He rolled and I helped him crawl into the house by holding up his feet, so they wouldn't get caught on stuff. But calling it crawling is an understatement... actually he was dragging his legs behind him as he used his arms and elbows to move forward.

When he got inside, he laid there on the kitchen floor for a few minutes. I stood close by, quiet, trying to remain calm so that he wouldn't get distressed. He had no strength. He couldn't get up. Somehow he found energy to start down the hall to his room. He said his elbows and knees were in agony. About that time, Mom drove up. She had William with her. He came in first and showed me his fair stuff and started telling me about his fair trip. He saw John in the hallway and said, "Why is Uncle John on the fllor?"

I didn't answer him, I ran out and got Mom. Told her what happened and we ran back inside. There was William, on the floor beside John trying to explain how to crawl properly. I got William out fo the way, so Mom could talk to John about his injuries and to figure out a way to get him up. But William wouldn't stay out of the way, he said, "We've got to help Uncle John."

By this time, John had made it to the bedroom, but he had couldn't get up. About 40 mins had lapsed since his accident, so shock was setting in. I instructed William to stand in the doorway and tell us what to do (I did this too keep him out of the way--he demonstrated how John should do the "Peter Panda" dance like Vin Disel does in the Pacifier Movie--funny but at that time it wasn't. Will's thought it would work because there's a part where he lies on his back and then jumps up. He thought if John did that he could jump up). I grabbed John under one arm, Mom grabbed him under the other and we lifted until he could get his feet under him. When he did we helped him lie down and tended to his wounds.

This incident opened my eyes...I need to be better prepared for a house-hold accident, involving John. And get on his ass about exercising and making his arms stronger, losing some weight too... it takes time, and commitment to get in shape. I'm in the best shape I've been in years. But I'm not strong enough to lift a 200 lb man.

Anyway, John's sore today but he didn't sprain or break anything.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Taking a Break

Today has been hand tint day... adding transparent oil to sepia toned prints...
I've been in and out of the art room, dealing with clients and answering the phone.
Needless to say my concentration hasn't been all that great. I start jamming on a print and ...(insert an interruption)... go back to the task and find I forgot what I was doing on the print. But that's not the main problem... it reverts back to the new digital age and the principle of 'need and production.'

I need special transparent oils for my prints and my favorite are not being produced anymore. The two photo supply companies I order from have ceased carrying them. I tend to run out of veronia brown, perigrey, titanium white, ivory black and basic flesh. All of the tubes I have are barely squeezing out oil. I've found a supplier that has my second choice of oils that I use only when my other brand is out of stock... but they are 3 times the price of what I paid not even 6 months ago.

The digital age... is killing the old way of doing things and I'm mourning. The old photographic restortaion masters put out work that can last for 100 years if taken proper care of...I know this because I have customers who bring in old photos of 100 yrs and under that still have a crisp image, after all this time. The damage is mainly the paper decaying. I know that one day in the next few years, I'll not be able to get chemical prints for hand tinting, because almost all the labs I deal with are going to digital imaging. And my heart mourns the day.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Well, I can relax a bit, though I've got a few ideas for November's issue and am jotting them down. I'll start work on them next week. Need to rest my noodle.

My next project is to help my dearest friend, Sam (who writes under Blue and has Poetry in Blue ..a yahoo and myspace group). He's the guy who I featured in the Gothic poetry article in this month's magazine.

In fact, he's the guy who encouraged me years ago to keep writing poetry. His encouragment help produce two poetry books. "I trust him with my life."

Anyway, he's finally decided to do a few books through Publish America and has asked me to order the poems he's chosen. I got the manuscript last week and will now devote my time and energy to it...after all, he's dedicating it to me.

Good friends look after each other no matter what.

Some inside Info

..on the magazine...

Our sweet Sarah HB allowed me to post a poem she wrote. It's on the Poetry Corner page.

The short story "The Bust" was inspired by a guy I knew in College. He was an odd sort, played practical jokes on people. A roommate of mine dated his brother and one day I was over at their apartment with my roomy and the odd guy showed me a bust of a man made from white marble, it's head was bent oddly to the side. He told me that the statue wasn't like that when he got it...that he dreamt it chased him one night and fell off a cliff. When he woke up, the head was bent in an odd way. I think he thought the story would scare me into bed, but it had the opposite effect...I left in a hurry ...terrified.

The haunted house story is true. Maybe one day I'll write about this haunted building I work in now. Depends on whether the ghost grants permission.

As far as the other articles... I had fun writing them. And want to thank those who sent work in to be published.

I hope everyone who reads the ezine... enjoys it.


October Issue

is ready

Monday, October 03, 2005

The First Monday of October

October... is here.

Twenty days until my birthday... I think I'll go back a year instead of forward.

My weekend was great. Lots of things to write about. This may sound selfish, but I want to hold on to them a little while first.

Dad and I had a tiff... he wants me to put my thumb on the price scale when dealing with people he thinks has money or people he deals with like Danny the editor of the independent paper. I cut him a break and got chewed out because it seems they take things out in trade... pictures for advertisement, etc. Which irks me because, its my work and if any adverts are placed it should be for restorations and such.

I find putting my thumb on the price scale is going against my moral grain. I won't do it. Tough shit, Dad! He's gone for a while. I guess to cool off. It's funny how something like this can rain on your day.

While I mindlessly print orders, I'm going to work on the mag issue. Have to tie up loose ends before I can make it public.

I'll take my pouty lips and get to work now, so I can have it ready this aftenoon.