Saturday, December 29, 2007

May 2008 Be Bright!

I won't be around for a few days. Going to Al's for the New Year. Be Safe and Sound. Don't forget to eat some Black-eyed Peas and Collards or Turnips. Everyone needs Luck and Bucks for the new year.

Friday, December 28, 2007

and more....

Shorty investigating my camera

It's not a partridge's Ben in the pear tree

And William

Lisa, Mom and Ben chatting with Shorty

Ben on his motor thingie... not quite ready for a Harley

more Christmas day

Randy opening a present

Mom's John opening one

John and Ben feeding peanuts to the horse, now known as Shorty. He's really grown since April.

a one-eyed black cat that kept following me around...she's so old she can't meow. She sorta hisses instead. Freaked me out! When she wasn't following me, she was sitting on this post, staring at me.

The pond water is really low. We walked around it a few times and found lots of deer tracks. Which was very cool.

Christmas Day

Mom shows off her liquor

William loves his Harry Potter Gryffindor coat

Ben got Superman PJs

Granny enjoying the day

My Sis opening something cool ..what? I don't know, folks

Lisa's Christmas Eve Par-tay

Mom and William

Al meets Champ, the wonder dawg

Part of my Brother playing with champ, Randy my bro-inlaw, Granny and Ben

My Sister Lisa and my Aunt Shirley whom I get my artistic talents from

Ben trying on my new bedroom slippers!

My Christmas Tree

The Recipe For sherrie rose

3 parts Recklessness
2 parts Class
1 part Mania

Splash of Vigor

Limit yourself to one serving. This cocktail is strong!

Hey Santa

Where's Vin Disel and my billion dollars?

Just kidding! I had a nice holiday. Got lots of sweaters, yummy sweet smelling things from Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works. Al gave me a watch and some perfume. The nephews racked up too.

I have some photos and will post them later tonight. Forgot to burn them to a CD and bring to work.

Got Granny home ok by lunch time. She was getting restless and getting into things at home. I bet she unpacked and packed her Xmas presents at least 50 times yesterday. This morning it took ages to get her stuff together because she kept taking things out of her suitcase and asking who's stuff it was. She's not able to do much like the dishes or even lock the back door. We helped her pick out clothes and turn on the shower. I swear Alzheimer's is a wicked evil disease.

Work's been a bit slow but I knew it would be. Once 2008 has arrived we'll get busier. Sam's Club in Lumberton has asked me to send some business cards. They're gonna refer restoration work to me. I'm a bit surprised but also pleased. I had them to print up some 11 x 14's that the lab didn't have time to do and they were impressed with the work (it was collages). I've got a plan working .... yes, to go out on my own and it will take a few months to get there but it's in the works. Wish me luck.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Full Circle, A Christmas Story by Me

Christmas was just another miserable day to Sara, full of hopelessness. Her grandmother always told her that God doesn't give you any more hardship than your shoulders can handle. She never believed it though, because it seemed during her whole 40 years of life she had been fighting demon upon demon and alcohol had been her only refuge from them. Sara moved often, sometimes leaving all her belongings behind, because when those demons took control she had to run. This time she ended up at a small fishing village off the coast.

She earned money working in housekeeping at one of the motels. Her needs were simple; liquor and sometimes food. Sara kept to herself, shunning anyone who tried to befriend her. As she drank, she would revisit memories of her failed marriage, her failed career and the child she lost. It wasn't long before the demons took control again.

Standing on the edge of an overlook, staring down at the sea with the bitter cold wind whipping at her, she contemplated tossing herself into the murky midst. Grandmother told her a few years ago that when Sara reached that full point; that "I've finally had enough" feeling, she would be able to throw away the liquor bottles. Last night was the breaking point, she knew that her demons would be with her regardless of how much she drank.

When a pizza delivery kid, called her "Grandma," she faced the fact that drinking had turned her into a bitter old woman at the young age of forty. She had to do something or she would die soon. A minuscule part of her thirst to live.

That morning she had grabbed a large trash bag off the housekeeping cart at the hole-in-the-wall motel she was staying at and put all the empty bottles of liquor in it. It took a long time to drag the bag to the overlook. Sara declined every offer of assistance. This was her demon and she had to fight it alone. One by one, she tossed the bottles into the foamy waters below, naming each one for a vice, a bad memory or experience. She didn't count them. They were too numerous.

It was dusk when Sara stumbled down the path, the weight of her sorrow so heavy she could barely walk. She came across a group of people, preparing for a play on the beach. They were dressed in robes and were assembling a make-sift barn. She stopped and asked them, "What's going on?"

A pimply-faced boy said, "We're performing the Nativity tonight. I'm Joseph." He pointed to a pretty girl and said, "She's Mary. This is our first year in the play. It's performed every Christmas Eve by people from the community. You should stay and watch." He smiled at her, before turning back to his work.

Sara didn't answer. She felt the uncontrollable urge to buy a bottle of rum and hum her night away. But before she could leave, a lady handed her several bags of coffee cups, saying "Put these on the table over there. Then come help me with the coffee maker." Sara followed the direction of her pointing finger and placed the cups on the table. The lady, whose name turned out to be Helen, continued to give Sara tasks to perform until the play was almost ready to start.

When Sara turned to leave, Helen took her arm and guided her to a seat. "You must stay and watch. We've got a younger generation performing tonight and they need all our support." She handed Sara a cup of coffee. Although it wasn't the warm liquid she craved, it soothed the coldness within her.

The play was performed with the usual mistakes and goof-ups of unsure first-time actors. Sara laughed with the crowd. But the heartfelt performance touched her troubled heart. She wanted to run away, but was frozen to the seat. After the play was over, each young person came forward and shared what Christmas meant for them. Their wistful earnest words caused Sara to weep. She once felt as hopeful as they did, but time tore the hope away.

A memory of her grandmother rushed in. She was on her death bed, holding Sara's hand. "My sweet granddaughter, you might give up on hope and faith but remember this always: Hope and Faith will never give up on you. Full circle. That's how it will be one day. They'll return."

Sara looked up at the stars above. She had forgotten how bright they could be on a clear winter's night. But the stars weren't as bright as the young faces, reflecting hope and faith. Sara fell to her knees with hands clasped. "Oh God," she prayed aloud, "forgive me for losing my faith. I need your help to fight these demons that tear my hope away. Please help me."

The crowd enclosed her within a circle, praying with her. Sara felt the weight of sorrow and regrets lift off her heart. Hope and faith had returned. She feverishly wished her grandmother was there to witness this night, to know that her prayers for Sara had been answered. A small cry broke the prayer circle. "Look at the water," a child said, pointing.

Along the surf where water met sand was a series of faint sparkling lights of different colors, fading into the distance. They resembled lights on a Christmas tree. Someone said,

"What is it?" Another person said, "I think it's starlight or moon light reflecting off some surface, maybe glass."

No one made a move to investigate. They stared in wonder at the vision. Sara thought "Bottles. The ones I tossed into the surf." High tide had washed them ashore. They went in as vices and had returned as hope and faith. She looked up at the Christmas sky in awe.

Maybe her grandmother did know that Sara arrived at her full circle.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone has a great Holiday and a wonderful New Year.


I was at the desk a few mins ago when I heard a huge boom. I looked at the display window and there was a red-tailed hawk on the ground in front of it. It must have been chasing a pigeon and crashed into the glass. It knocked itself silly--stunned and couldn't move for about 5 mins. I watched it. There was only about 6 inches between us. That's the closest I've ever been to one. It soon recovered and flew away.

Red-tailed Hawks remind me of my Grandfather Cox. I like to think that this one was sent to say hi and Merry Christmas. And that Granddaddy loves me and wanted to let me know.

I am Summons

to Jury Duty on Jan 28, 2008!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

And T. O. says...

I watched the Dallas Cowboys lose last Sunday and was surprised to see Jessica Simpson there. And that Tony Romo was dating her. How special! Wonder if he spends all his moments with her explaining the game of football to her. I'm sure it makes for hot pillow talk.

Now she's not too hip with some Dallas fans because he obviously didn't have his mind of the game with her in the stands.

And T.O had a few things to say about it. And something to her:

"Oh, I got a message for her when we make the playoffs. Just stay tuned."

Shopping with Momster

Cha-ching! Mom and I had a rare moment of shopping tonight at J C Penneys. She bought some presents, I bought a sweater! A pretty pale pink one. I should wrap it and say it's from Santa but I've already done that with the Pirates of The C at World's End DVD.

I'm done with my shopping except for a vist to the ABC store for 2 gifts. Yay Me! (man, I've been watching too many of the Suite life of Zack and Cody episodes).

Yesterday wasn't that great of a day at work for me. I felt as if all the pressure I'm under was pushing me off a ledge. It was all I could do to get things done. But today was much better even if I'm still a mountain behind my work. I'll go in early tomorrow and get a lot of it done before we open the doors.

I left my little cookbook at Al's. It has my secret Truffles recipe. I guess I'll make them at his house this Sunday. Unless he punishes me by dragging me by my hair to the mall. He's been depressed this week. The holidays are tough for him since he's the black sheep of his family... and they act as if they don't want him around. My family consider him one of us, but it's not the same as flesh and blood. I'm so glad he doesn't drag me to visit them--it's uncomfortable being around them and their 'we'll overlook your evilness since it's the holiday' attitude they have towards Al.

Tomorrow night I'll tackle my chinese candy, my Swedish Heirloom cookies and my Spice Butterscotch cookies. It shouldn't be hard since my shows are either off or re-runs. Maybe I'll put on some Xmas music and dance around in my Santa hat and apron (only). Haven't made any cakes or pies this year. I'm sure a few peeps will be crying when they can't find the pecan pies.

Nip/Tuck was pretty goooood last night. I got a kick out of the carolers. And was happy to see that Matt is trying to get his life back together. And any episode that has manly hineys showing. I'm all for it.

If Red is the New Black...then

William ate mashed potatoes for supper last night. They are one of the few things he'll eat. Having a food texture disorder makes cooking difficult. I read the local paper while he ate and he said:

"Sherrie, what does it mean when something says 'Red is the new black?'"

I had to think for a moment about how to explain this concept. "Well, Black is a popular color that a lot of people wear."

He interrupted, "Like Professor Snape. He wears black all the time."

"Zackly so. But if he started wearing red, it would be the new black for him."

"So red isn't black, it's just a color people have instead of black?"

"Sort of...yeah."

"Can Mashed Potatoes be the new Tuna Salad?"

Tooth Fairy

Ben was eating an apple last night and lost one of his front teeth. Since he and William were spending the night, I got to play the tooth fairy game. It's amazing how hard children sleep. When I reached under his pillow for the tooth, I had to lift it a bit so I could get the teeny tiny tooth. In doing so, his head fell off the pillow. I held my breath but he never woke up.

First thing he did this morning was look under the pillow. He got $5.00. It was that or a $50.00. I think I made the right choice. He asked me how come he didn't wake up when the tooth fairy got the tooth from under his pillow. I told him she sprinkles fairy dust on his eyelashes so he stays asleep.

William piped in..'Hey I didn't know that!'

You learn something new every day, don't ya William?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hermit Me

I feel like I've become a hermit online, although not by fault. As slow as the studio photo sessions are, I'm not. As Christmas rapidly approaches, I get a mass rush of orders to copy, retouch and print. One of the public defenders brought in 70 prints to be copies and printed--5 sets of them! When he brought them in he said, "I've heard you're the lady to see."

The funny thing was that I thought he was an insurance salesman because he had the photos in an old suitcase. When he gave me his card, I laughed out loud (not on purpose but from surprise) and said, "I thought you were an insurance salesman."

He said, "Sorry to disappoint you."

I said, "No...actually I'm relieved ...I didn't have a prepared statement."

Thankfully most of the photos don't need any touching up. They just need to be reduced.

But I do have other orders before his... two collages and some restorations. I got here this morning very early and worked on a hand-tint of a bride. I swear I am so mad at the photographic field. They don't make my retouch sprays anymore...these sprays added 'tooth' to the prints for oils to grip. Now my tints just want to move around and not stay still. Which means I have to brush them on in thin layers, and yes, this takes longer to dry.

"Dang you...Digital Photography...dang you."

But getting back to the hermit feeling. I haven't been chatting, hardly ever emailing and not visiting my yahoo groups or my space. I do try to email a few people but I feel as if I'm in a rush and can't really write like I want to do. I miss J, I miss Jo, I miss Robert, I miss Nancy Lorraine, I miss Steve, I miss.... many others.

I had an email from who I thought was "Jo" but it turned out to be spam from someone with her name and a long ... all about having 9 more inches... now if I had 9 more...well, it would be more than I wanted. ... What really got me was how disappointed I was that it wasn't her. I felt like I do every Christmas when I look under the tree and there's no Vin Diesel there.... So...Saddddddddddd!

My hope for next year is that I'll have time to get back in touch with my old friends...and to write more. I miss writing. I believe it keeps me from imploding.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Tid Bits

My friend Gail who ran the downtown bakery died this weekend from an aneurysm. What a shock! No one called me. Her funeral was at 11 am. First Martha, now Gail. I'm very sad. Both were very good friends and I will miss them.

I was surprised my Panthers won. I didn't even watch the game! But I did catch the Cowboys and Eagles game. I was surprised that the Cowboys didn't win! The Eagles rocked though.

Survivor was pretty good this season. I knew Todd would win. But for a moment I thought Courtney might win. Amanda had no chance. She irritated me with her doey eyes and sad face when she had to backstab someone. It's part of the game, chick. Next season should be interesting. It's going to have old Survivor favorites against New Survivors. I hope they let James play. He has one fine bod.

Go Tarheels! #1 in the NCAAB ... they kicked Rutgers ass last night. Now if Duke can slowly climb up the ladder from #7. I will be a happy girl.

and speaking of happy, my ECU Pirates are playing against Boise in the Hawaii bowl Dec 23 at 8 pm on ESPN. "Hey, look so good to ME!" I hope they win it. I'll be there watching and wearing Purple and Gold.


I was right about Al and his shopping. We spent over 2 hours at Cross Creek Mall and all he bought was a present for one person.

As we were driving to the mall, Or rather as Al was driving and I was backseat driving, we hit heavy traffic. Al drives too fast sometimes and I was giving him my opinion of it all the way to the mall.

And he tuned me out. I know this. Hell, I tune out backseat drivers as well. But as we turned into the mall and drove around to the J C Penney's side, I told him to take the left lane because the right merged into the exit out of the mall onto Morganton Rd. Which takes us back into the heavy traffic. He followed my direction much to my surprise... and when he had to slow down for speed bumps and pedestrians, he complained, "Why did you tell me to go this way?"

I knew he wasn't listening to me talk about the new construction and re-direction of traffic at the mall.

It teed me off a bit, I know I can talk a lot but...

so I said, "Al, I don't always have diarrhea of the mouth. There is important stuff thrown into what I say. You should listen more often, instead of tuning me out."

He began to laugh really hard, "Diarrhea of the mouth? What a 'Sherrie-ism!'"

Naturally, I went into a lecture over the importance of listening to me, even when he doesn't want too...and yes, I was promptly tuned out.

That's the way it goes... I tune him out when he's telling me how to cook. I guess it's only fair that he tunes me out when I tell him how to drive.

Song of Winter

Winter chills my bones, its frost kissing my lips.
I strive to capture summer's glow, the sunkissed tease of August,
but it evades my grasp like dreams evaporating at dawn.
Where is the warmth of a lover's touch,
the silk of fingertips on my skin?

I cannot find you among the crystals of frost
that lingers on my eyelashes at midnight.
Nor do you hide amongst the waves of cold wind
that soar against my ears, like frigid birds on ice,
singing solemn songs of winter.

My only hope of survival amid the cold of December
is to find a summer dream, one that keeps me warm
with thoughts of a lover's embrace wrapped in sultry heat,
the taste of strawberry lust and satin.
Within this decedent dream, winter's song will fall silent.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday the 14th

I am having a much better day today. The pressure to get the large orders to the lab is off. Now I've only got 12 orders to fill before next Saturday... Monday I had 32 to retouch and print I think I'm doing extra great this year with keeping on top of my orders.

There was a disturbing article in the Robesonian newspaper the other day. It seems the crime at the local Walmart is out of hand. Between Jan and Oct of this year there has been over 600 incidents reported from robbery to assaults. There is little security on site. One lady was robbed at gunpoint some ten feet from the door in broad daylight. Wish the article was still on their online paper. According to it, the manager requested help with security months ago... he wanted to hire off-duty cops but have the city pay for their insurance.

Isn't that a crock of crap? As much money as Walmart pulls in daily, they can afford security for their shoppers. They can install better security cameras in the parking lots (from what the article said, the images of crimes in the parking lots aren't adequately recorded) and they can hire a security firm to post guards out there. The one in Fayetteville has security guards in the store and one in a security car in the parking lot at all times. I've decided to shop at the F-ville store from now on.

This might sound bad, but I think the unpleasant publicity has helped some of the other local stores. People are wary of Walmart and going to other places to shop. Down with Walmart, Up with local merchants.

I've gotten almost all of my shopping done. Have to stop at Walgreen's and the ABC store. Then I'm done. Of Course, there's Al's shopping to do. He'll drag me to the mall Saturday night and we'll spend 4 hours looking for 2 presents.

Made some of the best butter cookies last night. I'm afraid to give them to any male because once he eats one, he'll be on his knees begging me to marry him. Would be totally embarrassing if a wife comes after me. You know, instead of sex reviving a marriage, I bet my cookies could.

Al's been doing some side jobs with a guy who is married to an ex-stripper. The woman is jealous and suspicious of any person who contacts this guy. I don't see how he deals with it. Al says she's horrible. He told Al: "You can't turn a whore into a housewife."

I told Al that sounds like something you would find on a bumper sticker. It's a shame that someone like that has such bad self-esteem and issues ... she must be one miserable lady.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

"I don't date guys with gray pubs."

Well, Nip/Tuck was back on track last night. Sean and Eden, the hot young daughter of his ex-wife's lesbian lover finally had sex. He wanted to go out with her and she said "This was just a 'get-it-out-of-our-system f*ck. I don't date guys with gray pubs."

I had to laugh... I date guys with gray pubs. It's not the color of the pubic hair that matters.

What a flippin' day! As usual the mad rush for Christmas photos is on. So far I'm winning.

This morning as I was leaving for work, I found smashed pumpkins in my drive...and noticed that all my neighbors had smashed pumpkins in their drive. I mentioned this in an email to DJ Jeff D and he said that it was probably Billy Corgan who smashed the pumpkins. Tooo Funny!

Earlier as I was walking down the street to where my truck was parked. I had forgotten to bring in some frames I bought for a customer. The UPS guy stopped his truck beside me and said, "Hey 304, I got some packages for you." So I turned around and went back inside... and thought, 'No one's ever called me by our street number."

I told Wes about it...wondered if the UPS guy ever calls him 302. He said that it reminds him of a song by either the Little River Band or Steely Dan. I couldn't think of what song he meant...

then he said, "you know...Hey 69!"

Ah... I laughed and said, "No.. you mean Hey 19!"

He said, "It's just a numbers game... 304, 69, 19..."

But you know... I think he's wrong about one number... 69 is a sex game.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


A young guy hopping around on crutches was just in, asking about prices on family photos. So I gave him a price list. He stuffed it in his back pocket and hopped over to the door.

I said, "Let me help you with the door. Crutches are hard to work with. I had to use a pair when I was in college. Sprung my ankle several times. Sure was hard getting to class on them. But the hardest thing was getting rid of the nickname I got. My friends called me 'Gimpy' for years!"

He laughed, "Mine call me 'Hops.'"

Laughing at the appropriate nickname he had, I said, "Happy Holidays, Hops."

He said, "Same to you, Gimpy."

And he hopped away.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Carolina Panthers Suck EGGS

My hope for next season is that they get some quarterbacks and that Peppers can find his mojo. I watched the Jags whipped their butts Sunday and at around 3rd quarter, starting cheering for them instead of my Panthers. I wanted to spank everyone of the Panther guys! So naughty for losing!

So Santa baby...can you fix my Panthers by next season?

If not, can I at least spank you?

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Where did the day run to?

Last time I glanced at the time, it was 2:11 pm. Now it's almost 4 and I am ready to blow this joint. I've just finished retouching and printing 69 photos. Now I'll finish some other odds and ends, then hit the house.

My truck was in the shop yesterday and last night. It's back and I'm out $399.63 for different things done. More than I hoped to spend but that's how it goes when you drive an older model. If I keep having to spend so much at one time, I'll have to take another job or marrry an elderly wealthy man who doesn't mind me spending his money.

My brother and I are going to a local pizza place run by a Greek family. They have some of the best baked spaghetti and subs around. My mouth is watering now thinking of the yummilious food. Steady...girl, steady.

Went shopping with my sister last night and man, she had me out for hours. She told me she wanted to pick up one thing... that one thing turned into a shopping cart full of stuff. I was along for the ride. There are a few family members who will thank me later, though. I steered her to what I knew they wanted instead of what she thought they needed. She reminds me of Dad in many ways. Like... she doesn't believe in Ghosts and we lived in a haunted house! I kept asking her to explain things that happened to us all when we were together and she couldn't think of a logical excuse. I silently wondered if she hasn't convinced herself that it was in our minds and not really hauntings. Some people do that... won't let their minds open to possiblities.

Nip/Tuck sucked the other night. They were doing a 'reality show' and it was so hokey. I almost turned the channel. I wish they would stick to the story lines that work. And show Christian's ass at least once every episode... it's the only way my attention will stay focused. ;)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Taking a breather

Nice chilly day... yesterday it was terribly windy. It's been a busy last few days. I decided to take a break and blog so that my rabid fans won't overthrow blogger in their anger over my silence.

Let's see..what's going on.

Lisa's 'lump' turned out to be an area where some bone was removed that hasn't healed yet. So that's a big sigh of relief.

William passed his multiplication test (on the 2's). Next he faces the 10's and then the 5's. Which he already knows. I dread the odd numbered ones!

He asked me "are you allergic to anything?"
I said 'Work.' He laughed.
Then asked, "Am I allergic to anything?"
I said, "Math."
He agreed with a laugh.

The fridge is fixed. Some switch had burned out. Cost $100 ($70 of it was for the service call with no 'service.')

A crazy thing happened! A little brown rabbit got caught in my fence. The fence at the back of the yard has 4 x 5 squares. The rabbit's hips were caught in it. I saw it last Frdiay and went over to see if it was alive but it wasn't. It was hanging at least 10 inches off the ground. I had no idea how to get it out without tearing up the fence.

I stayed home this weekend due to feeling under-the-weather. The rabbit was still there Sunday at lunch. But that afternoon, I went outside to toss some potato peels onto the compose pile and saw that it was gone. Someone pried the fence and got it out. In broad daylight. None of my neighbors take the credit. All that's left of the rabbit is a bit of hair and bent fence.