Thursday, May 26, 2005


a crazy day so far.

First couldn't get into any mail acct at home due to cookie restrictions. Had to reset all my Internet Options. Don't know how they got out of wack.

Got to work to chaos. Mainly something Dad didn't do and also something he forgot to do.

Then found out the Eye Candy is really a career criminal (blog post to follow)

and then I spent 2 hours trying to get rid of malware that not only closed out my browser every time I clicked to get online but also closed out my photo programs and any non-internet file I clicked on. It took 4 scans from Ad-adware and 2 scans from Spybot plus I had to reboot 3 times before I got rid of it all.

I feel as if I won't get anything productive done today. On top of it all, I thought it was Friday! Even wrote out some receipts with tomorrow's date on them. One of my cheery elderly customers corrected me. I said, "You mean I have to do this again tomorrow??? Well, Sir...Thanks for making my Friday longer. " (Luckily he has a sense of humor)...

So that is how my Thursday's going. This afternoon we have the Alive at Five on the plaza. I hope to take a few photos. When I get home, I promised my brother we would go to San Jose...not the city but the Mexican Restaurant in town.

Maybe... by then it will feel like Thursday and not Turdsday.

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