Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Scary Sherrie Stories

Dena called this morning with another "Scary Shere Story" from Saturday night.

That's what she and Cricket are calling them. "Scary Shere Stories."

I remember more than they give me credit for (at least of the male stripper show...it's the details afterwards that I am fuzzy on) .....and the person in the the story she told me this morning wasn't ME... it was one of the other girls. I told them that some of the guys stuff their thongs with tissue. After 4 'tongues in her panty' shots, she decided to go fishing to see if it was true. She was the one with the balls...not me! She didn't find any stuffing. When Dena told me I went tissue searching, I lied and said, "Oh I remember that.. I pulled the tissue out and stuffed my bra with it."

Dena said, "yea you did. I forgot about that."

In actuality I was the calm cool one during the show. But I'll take credit for the tissue search though... because tall tales are the stuff legends are made of...I'm becoming a legend among the Hens.

"Scary Shere"

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