Friday, February 27, 2009


Thank God I'm Freaky!

I haven't managed my time all that well this week. Bet I've signed in to blog at least 4 times and something would happen and I would have to exit. But I'm here now...taking time out of my day to post a few sweet nothings.

People are calling about the reunion. Many are excited. A few are unhappy about the cash bar. But it was either that or us getting kicked out of the motel for smuggled in liquor. With people having to spend money, it will keep down the drinking somewhat. Or rather the rowdiness of drunks.

Decided on the menu this week. Bryan helped me with it. He's so funny. I had forgotten how much fun we used to have in school. He's called a few times to talk about the reunion and each time we've talked over an hour...not about the reunion either. Mainly about being business owners and stuff like that... it's refreshing to talk to a fellow classmate who understands how hard it is to own a business.

I've been doing pretty good about Teez this week...until last night. I made the mistake of reading a few of his emails where he expressed his feelings for me and the hopes he had of our future. I miss him so damned much. I cried and cried last night... this man will stay with me for a long time and to be honest, I don't think I'll ever get over him not being here. He is/was a one-of-a-kind man and I doubt there is another out here like him.

Al hurt his foot this week. He's on crutches and I'm going up tonight to help him with things. He's in pain and has to soak the foot. I guess I'll be Miss Nurse. He's still gonna work this weekend, so I'll have down time. Maybe I'll get a chance to post those cell phone pix I have of the nephews. They're pretty funny.

Well...that's it for now. Life is ...well, life.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cold toes

My toes are very cold...I guess I should put on a pair of my fuzzy socks. But I'm too lazy to get up from the PC and if I do get up...I won't return to finish this

my toes will just have to deal!

Had a decent weekend with Al for a change. I cooked some great dinner both nights. We hung out and talked Sat. night... then turned in late. Sunday we slept in and I got up to make us sausage burritos. They are better than McDonalds. Al was impressed. WE cleaned the house and then hung out ...again...but I turned in early due to a horrible headache.

Al gave me a pair of the prettiest earrings. I'll have to try and photograph them. They are multiple colored crystals (in pastels) stuck together in the shape of a heart. Al said that when he saw them he told one of the guys he works with that "These remind me of Sherrie...colorful and sparkly."

That's me!

I'm feeling happy tonight. Lately I've been reconnecting with old friends --online and off. And I am glad that they've come back into my life. Friends...they make the road to nowhere brighter, don't they?

The Reunion invitations went out Saturday. I didn't wait for the last page (the bio questions and the questionaire for awards) to get approved by the others. I wanted them mailed out so that I could catch people getting tax refund money... hey, I'm not a dummy.

My cell phone has these crazy frames on the camera phone thingie. I took some funny ones of the nephews. I'll have to see if I can get them downloaded and posted here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shere News

Let's see...

Al got declined on his HELOC (home equity line of credit)due to not being on his job for 2 years (they told him he needed to be there for a year...I was there when he talked to them aka Wells Fargo). He was fit to be tied this past weekend and not in a fun way. Let's just say Shere got no Valentine present.

The reunion planning is almost done. All I have to do is write up the bio/awards questionairre and we'll mail out the invitations next week. I even have the envelopes addressed/stamped. Now I'm getting grief over the cash bar decision from the religious sector. It was that or drinkers were gonna sneak in booze. Any outside alcohol will shut down the party prompto.

Ben has a project on Dr. Ronald McNair due next Monday. He asked me to help him. I remember that day with vivid detail.

Lot of crime going on around here. I wanted to stop and help an elderly couple with their car today but they were parked by a heavily wooded area and I was afraid of an ambush! So I called 911 instead. Sad that I felt that way.

Told William and Ben a story about us being cabbages that rolled down a hill to steal a pot of gold. Ben asked if that had ever happened before? Hmm..good question.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bad Painter Lady...


All week I've meant to get in here and write about the party and other stuff. But I haven't felt like it. I've been stressed out this week over rush jobs at work and getting the reunion stuff straight.

The party was a lot of fun. Had a good blend of people. I will probably sit down later and write more on it. There was drama and action... and that was after the murder was solved. I tell you...sometimes 'people watching' can be an exciting sport.

Got the deposit paid for the reunion. Got the menu. We've got a month or so to decide on what to eat. Meeting with Shook'em up tonight to go over the invitation letter and pictures we've collected for the slide show. Plus we have to write bio questions for the program book. I hope that I don't have to beg people to send in their money. April 15 is the deadline. After that they have to pay more.

Teez has been on my mind all week. At odd times. And in my dreams. I've had sudden bursts of sadness so strong that I fear I am losing my mind. And strange things keep happening.... like yesterday's sunset. I watched a ball of fire (the sun) disappear completely, leaving a pink/pewter sky. And about thirty mins later when it should have been a darker pewter sky, there were long streaks of red/orange... right outside my kitchen window, facing North-East... there were none in the west where I saw the big orange ball drop. When I saw the sky, Teez popped in my head.

I want to go to his grave this weekend. Al works Sunday. I could go then...but I am not sure how I'll respond. I can't lose myself in grief, crying for him by his grave. If I do... I may not return.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

How am I doing? Why thanks for asking...

I'm doing okay this week. I haven't cried myself to sleep any this week. I get sad but it's not consuming me. Each day I have haiku yesterday driving home...I saw a series of baby blue clouds and immediately Teez popped into my head. Sometimes those drives home are so long and sad...we would talk every day on my drive home. I like to think that the baby blue clouds were Teez's way of being with me.

I am grateful for the time we had. He's essence will be a part of me always. I know as time goes by he won't be in my mind and heart as strongly as he is now, but he will always be there in some form. We had too much of a connection for him to suddenly fade from my soul, heart and mind.

When I am with my friends (those that knew him from high school), I try not to talk about him all the time...but I do occassionally slip. Now they aren't changing the subject like the once did. I think they realize I need to include him in our conversations. Hell, if he were alive today he would call while we were having dinner or whatever, just so he could be a part of it in whatever way he could be.

Maybe I am strong enough to pick up our novel and rewrite parts of it...edit it and let it be a legacy of our love, of the haiku moments we drifted in, savoring each and each other.

Meet The Spartans

If you haven't seen the 300, don't watch the movie "Meet the Spartans." It's a goof on the 300 and other movies, much like the Scary Movie and the Epic Movie. I never saw Scary Movie but I did watch Epic Movie (it goofed on The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe). It had a lot of fun moments but I think Meet The Spartans has to be the best goof movie I've seen in a while.

It followed the 300 movie almost to a tee. I laughed and laughed at some of the stuff they changed. My Brother watched it but didn't think it was funny. Then he heard me laughing a lot and said, "I guess I'll have to watch the 300 to see what's so funny about this one."

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Potent Poet

Summary of character for murder/mystery party:

The Potent Poet grew up under the strict rule of her poet mother and toxocologist father. During her early 20's she fell madly in love with a gorgeous playboy who wanted to marry her, but her parents forbade the union. In a rush of anger, she poisoned her mother and stabbed her father to death with a pen. After six months of marriage to her handsome playboy, she regretfully discovered that her parents were correct in their assessment of her husband. She disposed of him by stabbing him with a pen dipped in fast-acting poison. Now a forever widow and cynic, she is readily available for hire by other heart-broken women in need of revenge. Her poetry is as powerful as the poison she loves to toy with.

Snow and...Hats

Snow can be so beautiful, especially when it's a dusting on the ground and melts in one day! That's my kind of snow, baby. I didn't think we would get any last night, since the forecast called for only a 30% chance of snow. But I was wrong! (Yes, I can admit when I'm wrong). Right before dawn, I looked outside and saw the snow on the ground. It looked so peaceful out, serene and inviting. I took a mental picture of it, in hopes that when I'm old and have nothing but memories to think back on I will remember the vision of this morning.

I've been thinking about posting some of my short stories here. Not the dirty ones...heh heh although those will probably be read quicker than the non-erotic stufff. My friend Michele introduces me to people as "This is my friend Sherrie. She's a writer." Most people introduce me as a photographer, although I'm not--I'm a photographic restoration artist. And some introduce me as "This is Sherrie. She is a poet and has several poetry books published." Other's just say, "This is Sherrie. Run."

The hats that we wear are many. Some few see, while other's only know just one and never bother to see what other hats lurk in the closet. I don't really have a favorite hat to wear. All of the ones I have are unique in their own way: Daughter, Aunt, Granddaughter, Friend, Business Woman, Artist, Writer, Poet, Scorpio, Power Girl, Goddess of Stockings, Kinky Sex Kitten and...the Free Spirited Gypsy. There are others that I refuse to claim and many more yet to be discovered.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


We may get snow tonight...chance of 30%..which is very slim. I'm getting new furniture tomorrow. The old is old and Al wants it. After I cleaned it last night, I realized it wasn't as bad as I thought but I am tired of it and got a good deal on the new furniture.

Super Bowl! What a game! Have to give it to the Steelers..that last play was awesome. The Cardinals didn't show up until the 4th quarter...I confess, those last few mins of the game were nail-biting. Both teams can walk away and say they played a good game...I really enjoyed it.

My food was pretty good. I made some blue cheese dip from scratch and it was superb. But after drinking 3 Smirnoff Ice w/pomegranate fusion, I forgot to check on the ribs and they were a bit overcooked. Not quite rib jerky but close.

My friend Michele and I goofed off from 10 am to around 2 pm Sunday. We ended up at Lowes and ...decided we would have a garden this spring. She's got a huge yard and has been wanting to do a garden for years. Since I am a garden girl expert, I said I would help. It should be a riot. I'm hoping we'll get enough veggies to host a veggie par-tay. Looks like we'll have to invest in bib over-alls and a straw hat. We're gonna plant 3 different types of tomatoes...maybe I'll make ketchup.

She told me about a swingers' club in Erwin (right outside of Fayetteville). It's called You Know Where (YKW)) and on private property. They have a website. I'm sorta fascinated by it... what sort of people go to these places these days...heck it's not the 60's or 70's or early 80's... We're not taking 3sums but full blown orgies. If I ever go through a mid-life crisis, maybe I'll go wild and go to you know where! (hahaha)..that or get a boy toy.

Almost forgot to mention how much I enjoyed Bruce Springsteen's half-time show. What a rocker! He promised to deliver and he did... I was amazed at how clean he looked. It seems that of late he's had a dirty boy air to him...but watching him do his crazy wild moves and sing his heart out...I realized I would do him if given the chance...

Gosh I need to get sex off my mind... jeepers how does a hot-blooded Scorpio accomplish such a feat as THAT!

25 Random Thingies about Moi.

1) I don't pick up pennies if they are tails up. I consider it to be potently bad luck to even touch the coin. If I came across a thousand pennies all tails up, I would leave them.

2) I love coffee but I truly adore the flavored creamers.

3) When I see a crescent moon, I believe that it is Thomas (Teez) smiling down at me from Heaven. He is my guardian angel.

4) I have a major crush on Sportacus from the kids' show Lazy Town.

5) Since 2003, I've participated in the national novel month writing challenge each November. So far I've written 6 novels--all in various stages of editing.

6) Every Friday night my nephews and I dance like robots for twenty minutes.

7) As a Scorpio, I don't believe in getting even--I get revenge.

8) Back in 1997, Dale Earnhardt Jr checked out my butt at a gas station in Monroe. I was heading to Al's house in York, SC. I didn't know who he was until I saw him getting into his Dale Earnhardt Jr racing truck.

9) I think Tom Jones will be hot even when he's 90.

10) Haiku moments during drives uplift my soul.

11) I believe in ghosts and the supernatural.

12) My compulsive buying fetishes are nail polish and lip stick.

13) I have over 100 audio books on CD.

14) When I was around 5, I thought baby alligators were really baby dinosaurs. And I thought that birds flew South Carolina in the winter. Also, I thought that North Carolina won the war between the state(s)... that the civial war was between NC and SC....

15) I want to learn how to read and speak Spanish so that I can read Pablo Neruda's poetry in his native tongue.

16) I hate pancakes, candied yams and cream of wheat.

17) I save Chinese Fortunes and use them as book marks.

18) My nicknames are "Sherbears," "Sherrie-cat," "Sher-Rose" and "P.H." will cost you $20 to find out what P.H. stands for.

19) In 2001, I went on over 25 blind dates and considered becoming a nun. (just kiddin' about the Nun part).

20) My favorite flower is a daisy, because daisies don't tell.

21) I am an excellent cook.

22) I used to read Tarot cards.

23) I believe in miracles and the power of prayer and the power of love.

24) My oldest nephew says that I am his best friend, there fore he refuses to call me Aunt.

25) Vultures fascinate me.