Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Familiar Ground

Once again we are on familiar ground;
the taste of butterscotch and rum now stale...
the afterglow lost in a battleground.

In silence that shouts volumes, I exhale.
My breath echoes across your vacant face.
No room for emotional blackmail.

Do you remember my dress of white lace?
And the day we both promised forever?
If we admit defeat is it disgrace?

We lie to ourselves, aren't we so clever?
Time has changed us but we refuse to see
that we should end this loveless endeavor.

You and I, we so love our bitter sea.
We'll drown and ignore the chance to be free.

A writing exercise and nothing more. But there are times when I think about how life would have been if I had stuck with Allen and ended up married to him. I believe that we both would have drowned in a bitter sea.

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