Sunday, August 31, 2008

You Are Spaghetti with Pesto

Compared to most people, you have complex tastes. You're a bit of a walking contradiction.

You like a little bit of everything, even if the things you like don't go together.

You aren't picky at all. You can find something to like about almost anything.

You don't judge on appearances alone. You like to experience something before you judge it.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

For Better or For Worse

For Better or For Worse, My 3rd favorite comic strip ended today--the storyline that is. The comic owner Lynn Johnson has health issues and is ready to semi-retire. She's told her story and is starting something totally new come Sept 1.... retelling the whole comic again with fresh drawings and new ideas. It will be 50/50 between old and new stuff. The characters I so love will never change or die... which is sad is many ways.

I realize that when you invest 29 years into a story that it becomes a part of you. Think of all the blood, sweat, tears and ink, she's put into this strip. I've followed it for many years...not always faithfully but for the last 8 years or so, I've given it my total all.

Ms. Johnson could have let other artists take over the comic or she could have retired it completely like Calvin & Hobbes (my all-time favorite comic, first to the Far Side.) but she's taking a different road. Some of the newspapers are dropping the comic after Sunday's issue (which is where the characters say goodbye). They believe that the stories been told, why continue it even if it's re-inked and embellished. I can see their point.

This comic strip moved me often. I watched the Patterson kids grow up. Michael always made me laugh, Liz sometimes aggravated me but I always related to her hard knocks in love and April...she was so full of mischief that you couldn't help but love her. There were many other characters that I liked that were friends and family. Ms. Johnson was never afraid of a story line, like the Lawrence coming out of the closet and how the Patterson's stood by him. Many papers chose not to run the strip while that storyline played out. And Farley, their first sheepdog who saved April from drowning and died afterwards. I think I cried for hours over that...and whenever a family member visited his 'tree.'

The last month of strips have been centered on Elizabeth marrying her high school sweetheart, Anthony. I am sort of disappointed. Each day has been full of sap and little wit. Their Grandpa (Ellie's dad Jim) has had bad health for the last few years. And he seemed to linger on the verge of death so much this summer that I wanted to say.. "Go ahead and die!"'s been horrible to watch, almost like a sufferring animal. So naturally he has a heart attack on the wedding day and after the vows, Liz and Anthony rush to the hospital so that he can see her in her grandmother's dress. There, Liz talks to Iris-Jim's second wife.

I will probably continue to read the strip but not with the anticipation I used to have. There were nights when I would stay up after midnight so I could go to the FBoFW website to read what happened next, especially when Liz found out that Paul was cheating on her...or when she was attacked by a co-worker and Anthony came to save her...

those days are over but I will stay faithful... and enjoy looking back through the years with an old friend.

Friday, August 29, 2008


John McCain... and an inexperienced female VP pick....things just got very interesting!


Oh yeah baby....just one more day of work and I'm off 2 days. (Yep I have to work tomorrow--dad's got a wedding to photograph).

One of my old customers dropped by today. I did some restorations for him in 1990. He had one of them with him. It still looks good. I remembered fixing it and adding color but to look at it, you wouldn't think that I had done it. The photo looked so natural. And I did it by hand back then. His uncle is in the hospital and he took some old photos to show him ( I guess he was trying to perk him up a bit. The uncle is 89 and sickly). But the customer dropped by to see me on the spur-of-the-moment. He told me I hadn't aged one bit in 18 years. I smiled and said that he had caught me on a good hair day. Then I said thanks. I feel older even if I don't look it.

But he made my day. I was happy to catch up on news and we discussed the new technology of photography.

Last night, I saw Brian--an old classmate and one of my few boyfriends in middle school and Jr. High. He has some names and addresses for me and told me to go by his bakery to get them sometime next week. I told him I would call first and make sure he wasn't busy so that we could sit down and talk. He also I thought I might see what he suggests--show him my menu.

Also finally caught up with Bon. I caught her up on what's been going on. Told her some decisions I had made (she didn't comment on them because they weren't dealing with the decorations) and went on from there. Since she hadn't procured the building, I plan to do that next week.

Granny's coming in tomorrow. Mom's going to get her. I'll come by the house after work and visit for a few hours before going to Al's later that night. I think on Sunday, a lot of visitors will be popping by. Granny doesn't deal well with a full house, plus her memory is worse than ever. Mom encouraged me to go on to Al's Sat night. I think my Uncle is driving Granny back home Monday early morning. I know Granny won't remember the time we spend together but I will. And plan to keep it in my heart.

Don't know if I'll pop in here this weekend to write. Depends on how my weekend I'll say this. Have a safe Holiday.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sun shines Bright

No Rain or clouds far. I think my part of NC is free of Fay...

I took a few days off from the reunion planning. Only one letter came back, which I think is a good thing. I sent out about 10 more after getting addresses from other classmates. But there are still a bunch who no one knows how to get in contact with... I'm not worried. I'll be happy if 30 classmates (and dates) show up.

As I figured would happen but hoped not this soon, I haven't heard a word from Bon. She was supposed to get up with me over a week ago about seeing the beach house but I haven't heard from her. I've called and left 6 messages... I won't call again. This luau was her idea but planning it is all work for me..I'll give her credit on the idea but I won't on the work I'm doing.

Found a great array of recipes for the luau. I may post them later once I finalize the menu. I've found some great decorations on ebuy that have free shipping and have gotten a few things.

I've found a hula girl design for the invitations. I'm thinking of having door prizes and gift bags... something that they can take home and remember.

A few of the girls in my class have volunteered to help and I may take them up on it. I am proud of what's been planned so far. I hope it all turns out ok.

Next week, I'll procure the building and .... and practice my hula

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rain..gone away

It's nice and sunny now. But earlier this morning in Fayetteville...there was a huge rain storm that flooded Al's street. I couldn't leave until it stopped and the water receded. I had to drive up yesterday to get some stuff I left my cell phone charger and some mail(bills) I needed to address this week.

I was a little late for work but no biggie. I'm just glad the rains are over.

We've got a cool new Mailperson. Her name is Sherry and she's as fun and crazy as I am. We like to tell funny stories to each other. I found out that she's in a few online survey places like I am. We talk about that sort of stuff. When she brings the mail, she stays about 10 mins yakking with me. I told her we should start a "Sherry/i/ie" club... not allow any "Shari" spellings in it...cuz that's not really how you spell it. She if you know any ""Sher"" ... share the news with them.

Guess I best get to work...xxoo's to all of you

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rain... going away

The rain is slowly going away. I just saw Mr. Sunshine peeping out at me. I'm getting a little congestion, so I took a mega dose of Vit C and some sinus meds. Let's hope it will pass along with the rain.

William is making me proud of late. First, he has learned to do some minor chores around the house and doesn't yell when I tell him he should read something before bed. Second, he and Ben went to a water park in E-town and Will took a wild ride on the biggest waterslide in the park...all by his lonesome. I was shocked because he's so timid usually. Later he told me he conquered his fear. But I would have given anything to have seen that. He told me it went too fast and he tried to slow it down with his foot...which was cut and scraped badly. I told him never do that again; that he can't stop speeding bullets and that's what he was. Lisa said he screamed at the top of his lungs and people laughed at him but in a good natured way. One lady told Lisa that she was afraid to go down it and would scream even louder than William did...

I'm so proud of him. Oh and third, he actually walked to his classroom all by himself yesterday. He wouldn't allow Lisa to escort him. This year it's really been a blessing because we've worked so hard with him and he's grown so much. My heart overflows when I look at him.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rainy day

We've got scattered showers and cloudiness...the sun is trying to peek through the clouds but it gets a head-butt each time it tries.

I'm feeling 100% better today. I took a very long nap yesterday and when I woke, I knew that whatever had a hold of my head was gone.

Al and I had a nice dinner and then watched some movies on Showtime. The last one was Rocky--the recent movie. I actually enjoyed it--except when Rocky and the young boxer guy were killing each other with those punches.

After the movie was over, Al and I were watching something... I can't remember what but I suddenly remembered an article in the Fay O paper about a couple getting married at the Fayetteville drag strip. I mentioned it to him and then asked, "Do you ever think about what kind of wedding we'll have?"

It was innocent ..the question but on my mind in a heavy way. He took my right leg on put it over his left leg...rubbed up and down my leg and said, "Sure I think about it. But I'll leave it (the planning) up to you."

I didn't jump on his comment with all sorts of questions or comments, because I didn't want to scare him. So instead I said, "Oh'll be involved too. Besides it's not how we get married that a wedding is all's the marriage vows that really count. Because that day will be very special."

He leaned over and kissed me...then said. "yes it will."

After a few moments of silence, I said, "Plus I want a looOoooong engagement."

He smiled again and kissed me even more deeply.

There are days when I am biting at the bit, wanting to get married or engaged. But yesterday wasn't one of them. I know he is the one I want and the wait will be worth it

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I was on I-95 Wednesday morning. At exit 17, going north when I saw a man walking towards traffic on the shoulder of the road. I thought, "Wow, he should be on the South bound side, hitch-hiking." As I got closer, I thought he was a very old man because he was stooped a bit as he walked, sort of dragging himself along.

But he wasn't. He had on dirty clothes with a faded baseball cap on his head. Dark hair bushed out around the cap and his face was tanned deeply but smooth. The man wasn't past 40 if he was that old. But he walked like a man with a heavy burden and in no hurry to get to his destination.

On his back was a backpack and in his arms he carried something wrapped in a worn cloth and knotted at the top. Probably all his belongings. Tears welled in my eyes as I thought to myself, "This is truly a homeless man."

I didn't stop to help. I know I should have but I had no money on me...just an ATM card and my MasterCard. I had no food with me. No other form of relief.. so I did the only thing I could do, I said a prayer for him, asking God to relieve some of his burden, because it looked so heavy to carry.

Since then, I've said many prayers for this man whom I don't know and have no idea of who he is. But his image will stay with me for a long time... his face was so haunted and absent of anything except a weary that I hope I never experience.

Relaxing on a Sunday

I confess that it's nice that Al has Internet access finally. I haven't been on his PC much and even now it feels foreign...the keyboard, the chair...the mouse. But I'll manage.

Saw a gaggle of geese along a street going to the IGA yesterday. Al told me there's a creek close by and that the geese venture out when the grass is high along the streets. They live to eat grasshoppers that live there. Some were in the road and I had to stop for them to waddle back to the sidewalk and to the grass that grew there. I wondered if they wanted a ride somewhere...maybe tired of flying. I wish I had my camera to capture the moment. But no mind did just fine.

Spent a lot of yesterday and night with a horrible headache that was a mix of sinus and eye strain. I barely made it to Al's and when I got here I laid on the couch for a long time until one of the neighbors came to borrow a ladder. Somehow I made supper for Al and when he got home, I was putting on my modest nightgown. Told him my head ached and he kissed my forehead and told me to sleep.

I dozed but never fell into a deep sleep--not until he came to bed. He wrapped his arms around me and we slept without moving for hours. My dreams were pleasant and when I woke at 5 am... I was tired but not sleeping--in a limbo of sorts. In his sleep, Al said me name and he pulled me closer than before. I felt so safe in his arms, so loved and fell back to sleep.

This morning he informed me that he had to re-wash all the dishes...that it looked like I just put them in the drain. I don't remember washing them at all... I might have done just that.

When he got home from church, he came in with a box wrapped prettily with a nice bow on it. He said, "This is for you." I knew it wasn't an engagement ring. The box was too large. I said, "What have I done to deserve a present?" (I knew it wasn't my dish washing skills). He said, "For being you. For making my life better." I was touched and opened the box. It was a very dainty gold chain that sparkled when the light from the window hit it. I took off my old one and added the pendent (a stacked star with a diamond chip-sun-moon) I had on it to the new one...and it looks much better. Maybe I will replace the pendent with the cross I got for one of my birthdays when I was in my late teens. But anyways, the present moved me. I was glad it wasn't an engagement least for the moment...I want that presentation to be very romantic.

I should get a shower. I should sweep the floor and make-up the bed. I will eventually but for now I want to write and relax in a way I haven't been able to for the last few weeks.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I decided to take a few moments to catch the blog up a wee bit.

Last Saturday: Mailed the reunion letters. Then worked a while and then drove over to the beach house where we plan to have the reunion. It's very nice and I was surprised. In fact it's away from the main office and parking lot, so it's more private than I thought. I then drove to Fayetteville, where I stopped off for ingredients for spaghetti and took a chill. My friend Michele wanted to get together but she didn't give me plenty of notice, so we thought we would try for some shopping time Sunday. Al got home at around 10 and was exhausted. He had insomnia the night before and didn't sleep. I put him to bed at midnight and he snored so loudly I slept on the couch until 6 am.

Sunday: Was a weird day. It rained...lots and I didn't get up until 11 am. I felt groggy from lack of sleep and was in a 'clutzy' mood. First I locked myself in Al's garage. I forgot to unlock the door that opens into it ...and promptly closed it behind me so the cat wouldn't get out. I put a load of towels in the wash and then tried to get back in the house... locked tight! Me in bare feet at that! The crazy thing is that Al had fixed the garage door but I forgot about it. All I had to do was uplock it and pull the rope to open it. But all I could think of was that I was stuck inside and no way to get out until Al returned home at 8 pm. (It was 1)...Then I remembered the side door that sticks. The only way to open it is to kick it at the bottom. And I'll say kills when you use bare feet. I searched the garage for something to bang at the door with...and found a pair of size 11 steel-toed boots...and it worked. I was free... so I went around to the front door, found the hidden key and let myself in. (I didn't tell Al about my adventure).

Later that day I drove to the grocery store to pick up some items. As I got back home Al called...we chatted as I got out. I took my bags inside after locking the door... about ten mins later I returned to get a small bag I left inside the truck when I truck keys sitting pretty on my seat. And the door locked semi-tight... it didn't close all the way but the lock caught. So I broke 3 wire clothes hangers and tried to get the lock open but it didn't work... I called Al at work so he would be prepared to help me get it open or drive me back to Lumberton to retrieve the spare set.... I got a big lecture on how he's told me 5 times to get a hide-a-key for the truck... we drove to Lumberton, I got the extra set of keys and he promptly drove to Walmart to buy me a hide-a-key.

But on the bright side, I did cook a supper meal later.

Monday: Work. Home. Slept.

Tuesday: Had William with me all day at work. My brother had to work at his job, so I said Will could come with me. He explored the upstairs and hung out with Dad some. That night I had to babysit both nephews while my sister and mom had open house at the daycare. We did art and after they left I worked on the reunion plans.

Worked. Then went home and we had Mom's birthday dinner a day early. Chicken and other stuff. It was good eats. I couldn't sleep and read until 3 am. I had taken a night-time sinus med but it didn't kick in until the moment I tried to wake up.

So today has been a sleepy day. Not got much done...just dozing at the computer. I haven't heard from any of my classmates. I've called a few and they all are excited. I guess I should take time next week to call the ones I sent letters too...maybe the personal touch is what they require. Tonight when I get home I plan to do laundry and go to bed extra early.

Tomorrows a new day.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

But I find time to ..QUIZ!

You Are 60% Kinky

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You See the World Through Blue Colored Glasses

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You judge all your interactions through the lens of hope. You try to get all the facts before forming your opinion.

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You are at your happiest when you are able to reflect and relax.

Gosh how time flies

I just realized it was Wednesday and that I haven't blogged since Friday. Just been plain ole busy! Had a busy weekend. Monday I was swamped with rush orders. Tuesday I had William with me at work all day and then had to keep both nephews until 8 pm while my sister had open house at work. Today I had an early eye appt which ran forever and now I'm at work rushing to get an order done by 5.

Things are ok... will try to catch up later today or at least by tomorrow..

hugs and xxx's

Friday, August 15, 2008


This week has been a bear... and not the kind of bare of I like.

Yesterday was my mom's BF's birthday. My brother treated him and mom and me to dinner at Ryan's steakhouse. It was very good, although my mom chose a terrible spot to sit...we were cramped against a wall and I kept hitting my left arm on the chair guard. I had the buffet... it was very good...lots of salad, veggies and yogurt.

For John F's birthday I got him another gnome for is patio. I figure after a few years of getting them...he'll have an army of gnomes and can invade Lumberton.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I am sooooOoooo thirsty. I forgot my jug of water. Guess I'll send Dad out in a while to fetch me something to drink.

You know there are some weeks when every day situations...I'm talking situations you deal with daily...are harder to get through. That's how it's been this week. Since I've taken on the class reunion full-throttle, I feel a rush to get the mailing list finished and the letters of intent since out before my online class starts next Wed. Bon Bon is a big help so far but she doesn't have the finesse for dealing with the 'people' part of this. I have to make some calls to a few of our classmates before mailing the letters, mainly to the ones who are on the reunion committee. I have a feeling they will all be relieved to know that they are off the hook in planning one. After all they've missed two reunions and I'm sure they're tired of people asking when the next one will be.

Bon and I had a long discussion about stuff Tuesday night. We nixed the DJ plan and decided to go with CD's of luau type music. I think I'll take two boom boxes and have one outside on the deck and the other inside...for dancing, if anyone wants too. We'll save at least a hundred bucks on a DJ and can use the extra money on food. It will be expensive to feed a crowd with today's prices and I'm sure things won't be any cheaper next year.

We had some hard rain yesterday and the temps never got out of the 70's...strange weather for Dog Days August. It's sunny today and the temps are in the lower 80's. And it looks like it will be like that through the weekend.

I've decided to have another yard sale next Sat. Instead of hauling back the stuff at Al's... I think it's best to try and get rid of things there. What I don't get rid of is going to the side of the road with a "FREE" sign on it.

Got a new adult catalog in the mail this week--- lots of lingerie, stockings, lubes and toys. I guess it's good that I haven't had time to drool all over the pages .... or I would be in a foul sexually frustrated

well...enjoy your day folks

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Old Friends

An old college friend found me online this week. She did a search and there I was. It was great to hear from her and we are still sending emails back and forth, catching up on things.

Ever since I started going through my high school yearbooks writing down classmates' names, I began to think about the old friendships I had then and how only one or two have remained. Reading the inscriptions made by friends in my yearbooks made me smile and feel sat at the same time. "I'll never forget you" and "We'll be friends forever" were in almost every message and I realized this: We might not forget each other but we won't be friends forever.

Growing apart from those old days is a part of life...friendships grow and ebb like the tides. I believe each one imprints on who we are and I'm thankful for all the friends I've made in life and online.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Crime doesn't pay

I swear ....

you know that times are bad when family and friends become victims of crime.

First a distant cousin is murdered (those of you close to me know about it)

and now... this past Sat another 'relative' by marriage was robbed at a florist he works at. No one was hurt thank God...and a customer followed the crooks, whose get-a-way car didn't have license tags on it...and they were caught.

Johnny is married to a cousin on Mom's side. He and his wife run the country club and also own the Plantation Manor that my sister was married at. Mom worked with them at their catering company for a few years.

I'm starting to be a little paranoid when I'm out.

So begins... another week

I'm hoping this will be a better week for me time wise that is.... Mom was sick last week plus she had irritated her eye and couldn't see that great. Which meant I had to take care of both nephews more than usual. I don't mind but they are so demanding. I'm trying to teach them to be more independent.

One of my high school friends finally agreed to help me organize the reunion plans ...we decided that Nov was too soon and moved it back to next July or Aug. We went through our yearbook and got a list of names. I sat down with the phone book and found about half of them. She found a good spot to have it--it's a beach house on a lake right here in town. The cost is only $45 for the whole day. I told her I didn't mind paying for it. We're going to look at it this week. I created a myspace page for our class and sat down last night and wrote a letter explaining what our plans were and that I needed feedback for everyone.'s looking good. She's excited and I think that once people see that we are actually taking steps towards a reunion, more will be willing to help.

I decided to scrap the non-profit organization idea. The few artists I know locally didn't express interest. And I could use the time to devote to other projects I want to work on. Maybe in a few years I'll start one but for now I have other dreams that are more important. I am taking the publishing class starting Aug 20 and in Nov, I may take either a mystery writing class or a children's book writing class. My options are open.

As for Al and me... things are still at a stalemate relationship-wise. He told a friend of ours that he was thinking of getting me an engagement ring. She was so excited that she called me at work last week to tell me. But I heard what she said he said and I understood what it meant...thinking ... well that's one thing. Doing is another. I know what he'll give me for my birthday--a watch! I know him that well. He's started remodeling his house so that he can rent it and begin living 'his dream', which is flipping houses. He's been 'mobile home' shopping these last few weeks. His plan is to rent his house, and start his flipping business with mobile homes until he's got some money built up to move to buying houses. He'll continue to work at the jewelry store until he has enough rentals that are making profit. He spent 2 hours telling me all of his plans. I heard every word and not once in those 2 hours did he say "We or Us or Our"... he never asked me what I thought or wanted. He told me more with what he didn't say than what he did... after he fell silent. I said, "I noticed something during your discussion ... not once did you say "We"... and that tells me much. Now I know how things are and to make plans according to this."

He said, "Well... 'I' is just figurative speech. I mean us." I could tell by his voice that he realized he had made a big mistake. But I didn't fall into believing he meant us. I think he does in a way...and I said, "I'm not like the cat, who will go with you regardless of what she wants. I have thoughts and dreams too. And this isn't what I really want... " I paused and waited but he didn't say anything..then I said, "you know what my dream is. The fork is coming up pretty fast, Al. But at least I know what I'll probably have to do." He didn't say anything and I didn't elaborate.

I tried to sleep but I couldn't. My mind was racing plus my back ached I got up for a while. When I returned to bed, Al asked me not to take what he said the wrong way that he was doing this for both of us. I believe him. But you know...I have my own dreams and desires. If we can work to make both our dreams coincide then we'll be blessed. If not... when the fork arrives, we'll have to make a decision. I love him. He loves me. I decided this morning not to dwell on it too much and to let God direct us. When you fight against what He has planned for you, that's when you meet with crisis and disharmony. I don't like the bad karma that comes along with disharmony. So I'll continue as I've been... until I can't anymore.

Love doesn't always conquer all. But it does conquer much. I have faith in our love as much as I have faith in God.

Friday, August 08, 2008

You Are Sexually Powerful

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Moth Porn

Spiny Oakworm Moths! The one of top is the female. Hmmm..looks like it's possible to leave a guy hanging during sex, after all!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I hate Crocs!

I remember my first and only pair of jelly shoes....and how they couldn't stand the heat and would get soft and stretch, flopping off my heels every time I walked. I gave them away after a week. Never again would I buy a pair of shoes just because they were the current trend. Not even a pair of Ugg's.

Crocs! The first time I saw them I thought they were only for garden use. My mom got a pair to wear outside. Then I saw them everywhere. She kept telling me to get a pair. I even looked at a pair of them in Walmart one day. But the vile memory of those jelly shoes still clung to the recesses of my mind like a bad taste in my mouth.

But what really turned me off to them was seeing a really hot looking guy wearing a pair of orange crocs! Orange! His feet seemed to glow as he walked. I sang 'day-glo' to the tune of 'day-o.' For the rest of the day. What a sight!

Monday afternoon I needed to run outside to the truck to get some things I left and since my shoes were in my room I slipped my bare feet into mom's crocs. Those things are so uncomfortable. They don't give with your walk. I felt as if I were incrusted in a cement block. Later I was sitting in the den, watching Spongebob with William when I realized there was a funny odor in the room. I thought William was tooting out something funky but he claimed he wasn't full of gas. Eventually my nose led me to my feet... Darn those crocs... not only are they uncomfortable to wear, they make your feet stink.

I spent haft an hour scrubbing mine.

What do I think about crocs? Well... I saw we feed them to crocs!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Oh the joys of Monday

These past few days have flown by with all the stress and turmoil that August brings! There are a few things I want to blog about but that will take time and I want to 'right' everything 'write.'

Weekend was ok. Spent a lot of time doing chores, shopping for school stuff for the boys (I always contribute) and thinking about where I want to go next.

The road of life is never easy and sometimes there are so many paths to choose from that one doesn't move at all. That's how I've felt lately. And with Al... I don't know what's going to happen. But I do know him very well...and whatever plans he 'wants' for us, he won't tell me until he's gotten it down in him mind and ... for a while I thought it would be too late.

I've expressed many displeasures of late... about a lot of things... and his response is to either ignore things or hug me and tell me I'm wonderful. Well, I already know that!!!! So I decided not to worry about it anymore...and let God take care of things. That I should concentrate on me and what I want for now...

and that's to begin a career to supplement my restorations... so Aug 20, I'm going to take an online class about starting a publishing company. It's a 6-week class and I do it online. Highly interactive but with Al having roadrunner I will be able to work on it during the weekend.

The next thing I want to do is to take either a grant writing class or a class that tells you how to start a non-profit organization. I've been toying with the idea to start something in the humanities field, like an artist guild that focuses on mentoring upcoming artists or a writers association focusing on the local and surrounding areas here in L'ton. I guess I need to think about this more...and concentrate on getting through my first class.

But those are just ideas I'm tossing around. Another subject that caught my eye was learning Braille and then transferring written words to Braille for the Blind to read. Yes, I want to experience something unique and different from what the local job market has in stock for me.

We all need to dream and to explore the dreams we have... (except the Zombie dreams I keep having) and to at least see if they are obtainable enough to make the dream a reality.