Friday, December 22, 2006

While the Printer Runs...

Busy bee me... but by tomorrow I'll be caught up.
Knew I would get a bunch of last minute orders today.

I realized that I haven't been keeping in close contact with some of my online friends. I feel bad about that in ways. But real life keeps me from the PC and to be honest, I don't log on messenger at home. I prefer to get online, do my stuff and get off so I can do other stuff.

Talked to my friend B from Cali for the first time in ages. I think we went two months without talking until last Thursday or maybe the Thursday before. We talked for over 45 minutes yesterday...and I realized that I'll always love him as a friend, that we've become a bit distant. Maybe because I've changed a lot. And he has in some ways but in others he hasn't. I love him... and I know he loves me. Cuz he says so and when he heard my voice, his own lit up. But...maybe after the holidays I'll have more time to post in PiB and more time to email him.

Same goes with some of my other friends. I try to email SB a few times a week and think of doing it more often. He's always been there and I love his emails about his life. They take me away from mine.

Well, J and I chat almost every he's excluded from this list.

But Jo... I do miss her. She offers insight to my life that I can't see because I'm looking too hard. I love her emails about her kids and life in the UK.

And Kenzity... I am behind on her blog and hope that all is well in Bahrain.

There are other friends but I won't go into all of the details... at one time I felt as if I needed the internet to be a part of my social life. Maybe because I was sorting out my life after Al. And the attempts at finding love... only to return to that one true love. Funny how life is... it tries so hard to keep you on track if you let it.

Well, this has been a boring post. I'll mention the Best Mayor in the World because he'll read this and I sure don't want him to feel left out...

And Sarah HB... Keep that pretty head up. You are a special one.

So I'm back to work... now that the printer's stopped. Hope all have a great eve.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

I've been swamped and haven't had time to blog.
But I decided to take a moment and send out a shout.
May all my readers enjoy the Holidays and I wish for all...
the best of 2007.

In the more fruitcake...

Friday, December 15, 2006

All these things...

should make me

(Still singing the Nip Tuck finale song)

Well... Got a moment and I decided to drop by and write. Instead of answering email that I've neglected all week.

The thumb is better... though at night it aches. I'm probably doing to much. Yesterday and today I've battled a migraine. I wonder if it's not a combination of stress and sinus pressure. And Dad's excessive cigarette smoking. He's been told by 3 doctors to quit and won't. I don't understand that. And when I say his smoking bothers me, he gets pissed and says it's in my mind. I's in my LUNGS.

We've had crazy weather. In the upper 70's and low 80's during the day and freezing at night. Today some guy made fun of the weather by wearing a white tee and yellow shorts. It's warm but there's still a chill in the shadows....

Got most of my shopping done. Have to pick up a few more things but I know what I want to get...I think that's the hardest part, trying to figure out what to get people. Plus I have to do my dad and brother's shopping, too.

The nephews are enjoying the season. I told both of them that if they don't behave for me or Nana, I'm taking away a present and replacing it with goat cheese. So far they're behaving...though William said, "Goat cheese sounds interesting." So I may have to come up with a backup plan.

Ben straightened out my confusion over Jack Frost and Santa (re the Santa Clause 3 movie). It seems Santa only comes to visit one night...Jack Frost comes every night it freezes. Thanks Ben for the clarification.

And Sarah Hb... you mentioned in a comment on the Resoluiton post that anything and alcohol = breakable.. I have to agree...even hearts.

I've been thinking how lucky I've been this year. Surrounded by love, family and good friends--online and in real life. That's got to account for something.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Nip Tuck Finale Song

The season 4 finale was on last night. The cast did a great job of lip synching to this song. I'm definately downloading it.

Brighter Discontent
Artist or band: The Submarines
Got a brand new roof above my head
All the empty boxes thrown away
I rearranged the place
A hundred times today
But the ordering of objects
Couldn't hide what's missing

All these things should make me happy
Make me happy to be home again
All these things should make me happy
Make me happy to be alone again

Got myself a bottle of red wine
Got a night of nothing else to do
I think I might know
What I really want
But is a brighter discontent
The best that I could hope to find?

Got a big black television set
Now I can watch just what I want
But I'm here staring up
At pictures on the wall
And where are you,
You're still stuck inside them all

All these things should make me happy
Make me happy to be home again
All these things should make me happy
Make me happy to be alone again

But love is not these belongings
That surround me
Though there's meaning
In the memories they hold
A breaking heart in an empty apartment
Was the loudest sound I never heard

Got a desk I'll write myself a note
Pretending that it came from you
On hotel stationary
From the time we first met
Whatever I can do cause
I won't throw my hands up yet

All these things should make me happy
Make me happy to be home again
All these things should make me happy
Make me happy to be alone again

But love is not these belongings
That surround you
Though there's meaning
In the memories they hold
A breaking heart in an empty apartment
Was the loudest sound I never heard

Well I'll be find if
I dont look around me now
Too much for what's gone
If only I can wait here just a little while
And let time pass in my room

Monday, December 11, 2006

Kids say the...

Thurs night, I cut my left thumb... a nasty cut. With a knife, while cooking. I'll spare the details. Ended up with butterfly stitches and a tentus shot. The later hurt worse.

It's a nasty cut...almost goes around the whole thumb. So I'm favoring it a bit.

Friday night, William stayed with me. I was in my room, reading when he came in and sat on the edge of my bed. He said, "We need to talk, Sherrie."

He drops the "Aunt" title when he feels we're on the same level.

I lowered my book. "About what?" I asked.

He solemnly stared at me for a moment, and then said, "Knives."

"Oh? What about them?"

"They're sharp," he said.

"I know," I said, lifting my bandaged thumb.

"They aren't toys. So don't play with them," he advised.

I said, "I wasn't playing with a knife. I was trying to cook."

He said, "Don't. Let Nana cook. You find a good book to read."

(I tell him to find a good book to read when he gets in my way in the kitchen--funny how the things you say to kids can come back to haunt you.)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hi to...

Jo... I'll post some more of the novel tomorrow. I need to edit some of it. xxoo

Sarah HB... I've missed you too, sweetie. Just remember you're a shining star and many people love you.

John... I don't have a tramp stamp nor any other marks that weren't put there by accident. But I've had a few hickeys in my time.

To The Greatest Mayor... hope you aren't too frosty and are able to make those PR appearances that this time of the year calls for.

And to my other silent readers...thanks for stopping by...

I hope to post more once the holidays are over.

A Sample

of what keeps me so busy!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Resolutions for 2007

Anyone have a resolution for next year?

I'm gonna recycle the one from 2005 --learn to speak Spanish.

Leave a comment and if it's not X-rated, I may put it in the Winter issue of my magazine


The new beta version has a label option.

should I label myself?

Blogger Beta

Here I go ... using the new beta version.

I'll give a review later. Haven't really looked over the features.

I have a gmail acct and thought...what the hell..give it a shot.


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The other half!