Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hot Time in the City

It's 96 F outside. Very hot... luckily, I've found a spot to park the truck where the shade of the old Scottish Bank (two floors) offers comfort from the heat. I'm waiting for someone to figure it out and steal my spot in the mornings before I get to work.

I had a great weekend. Al and I cooked some delicious food and we watched a really good movie "The Last Castle" with Robert Redford. He's one of my favorite actors...and Al's too. Another thing in common.

On my way in from Fayetteville yesterday, I stopped at a bookstore and got some groovy books. A Chinese Brush Painting book, a Massage book and a Bruce Springsteen book...all were 99 cents each. How can you beat that? You can't.

Bad new when I got home...some thief or thieves cut the lock on my storage barn door and stole my $1000 riding lawn mower. They left the two push mowers, the nephews' bikes and other important stuff...so I guess I got off lucky. I found out yesterday that the land behind the house has been sold in 'lots'...which means mobile homes are going to be place there. One of my neighbors has to move a wooden fence, which sits on one of the lots. It was offered to her for a $1000 and she declined. The owners of the land sold it to someone for $5000. I think she's a dummy for letting it slip through her fingers... but what do I know?

I have some other stuff to blog about...guess I'll get around to it later.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Another Wednesday...

I'm checking out the calendar and am realizng that another month is almost over. And I haven't begun on the June issue...oh well, it ususally takes care of itself.

Had a family reunion this past Sunday. Fun fun..fun... I didn't have to babysit the kids outside, either. They're getting old enough to play organized games like tag and hide-seek. I got a chance to spend more time talking to relatives I like who live out of town... and got a few photos of my great-grand parents. I'm sure I'll plaster them here once I get them copied.

Didn't get to see Al much... only Sunday afternoon and evening, but we made the most of it. (wink wink)

Was suppose to go on a beach trip with Ben's class yesterday. But I ended up keeping William who's been sick with a stomach bug. Watched Disney shows and some Nick Jr stuff. I learned my ABC's. So that's another thing off my New Year's Resolution list.

Today..it's mild out. But tomorrow...summer's hitting us at full strength.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

What? I can blog today??

Finally a moment to breathe...Dad's gone to do a shoot of some softball teams and I'm here goofing off between customers.

Last night Al called... 3 times and I hung up on him. Why? Because when I said, "Hello." He said, "Hold it..Hold it." In a really weird voice. I thought he was the obscene phone caller that's called several times in the last few weeks.

I decided to do the call return thing (*69) and see if the phone number was given, thinking if it was, I would turn him in to the phone authorities...it gave me Al's number.

So I called it. He said, "You hung up on me..3 times."

I said, "Well, you sounded like the obscene phonecall guy. He says, 'Oh, baby...hold it...hold it... hold it... oh yea, you're on it now."

Al said, "I didn't know that."

I said, "Why were you acting goofy?"

He said, "Because I was holding my breath."

I said, "Ahhhhhhh.... you were in the bathroom."

He said, "Yeah..."


This morning, like every morning while I'm doing my morning stuff, I wear those little velcro rollers in my hair until it's time for work...and on occasion, I do drive to work wearing them. This morning I could have sworn I had all of them out. I stopped at the office supply store a few blocks away before hitting work. A guy in truck pulled up at the same time, parked beside me but I was out of my truck quicker. He smiled at me and as I walked ahead, I heard him say, "Excuse me."

I turned to him, wondering what he needed, and he said, "Hmmm, did you know you had a curler in your hair? I know some women wear them out in public but you don't look like the type."

I didn't and was mortified to feel one hiding at the back of my head. I said, "Oh man! Thanks." He smiled and said, "Not a problem."

While I was in the store, he kept smiling at me. I hurried and got my stuff and while I waited at the check-out for one of the associates to ring me up, I noticed a really handsome man standing close by. He must have been waiting for something, because he stood off to the side. I'm talking GQ handsome--expertly cut suit and tie, expensive shoes and manicured fingernails--probably a salesman. He kept smiling at me and I smiled back a few times and then tried to ignore him while thinking, "Stop undressing him in my mind, Sherrie."

He said, "Excuse Miss "Cherry." (I'm wearing a black T-shirt that has two cherries on it and some white shorts with sandals).

I looked at him, sort of smiling and wondering, "What can he want?"

He asked, "Do you know of a place around here that's cozy and intimate but serves delicous food? I'm starving."

I said, "Sure...the B W Grille on 3rd street. It's sort of pricey but worth it."

He said, "Great. When shall I pick you up and where?"

Oh I laughed at that. I declined...mainly due to the wedding ring I saw. Can't have some wild woman going "Jerry Springer" on me at the Grille.


Earlier this afternoon, I gave a future Bride a lecture on men and football time. I'm not talking game. More like how some men figure time. Like Al... Sunday, he told me that we would be through with an errand in 20 minutes--it took 2 hours. Later, he said he would be home in 5 mins--it took 45 minutes. My dad's the same way...when he says he'll be back in a minute--I figure it will be 2 hours. But like I told the bride--it's a great loop hole. Like, when I'm getting dressed and beautified and Al is impatient, dressed and ready to go...I hold my hand up when he complains and I say, "Football time...you guys invented it so that 2 minutes equals 30 or more. Now go watch TV until I'm ready." And I usually call out that I'm ready a few minutes before I am, because I know he's on football time and will need a few minutes before we rush out the door.


My friend Jeff--a dj in Greenville wrote that a Chiropractor from Lumberton was at his station doing spots for advertisements of his new practice. It was weird because I knew some of his family. Funny how small the world can be.

The courthouse was closed and blocked off for a few hours today due to a bomb threat. Someone found a box on the stairs in the back and they called the police, who called the bomb squad. Now that's a really bad idea...using a fake bomb threat as a way to get out of going to traffic court. Hey... remember this...they reschedule these things!

Tonight, I have to keep William for a few hours, while Lisa and Mom's work has their art show. I guess we'll play computer games or watch a movie--depends on what he wants to do. Afterwards is the CSI finale. Can't miss that one.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

a Retouch order I completed

A local African American Church asked that I change a painting of a 'white' Jesus into a 'black' Jesus. I did...and asked myself, "Does this mean I'm a Deity?"

If so... Next Week, I'm parting the Lumber River and turning it into wine.

Tuesday Update...


I'm covered in work... it seems this isn't going to end until after June 13...or when schools out, what ever date that is.

Our digital system has made it easier on our pocketbook strings while it's put extra work on me. Not only am I restoring and printing old photos and copy orders, I'm having to deal with correcting dad's digital errors. Talk about a pain in the ass. It would be a lot easier on me if he took creative critism well. He thinks I'm attacking his photo skills when I tell him that he's framing too tightly or that he's getting flashbacks on his copies... it's like dealing with an ego bigger than the state of Texas. I don't have time to treat him with kid gloves (handle him delicately).

Sat night we took Prom photos at the studio until almost 10. I was worn out. Teens today aren't like the teens of my era...some of these teens today have little respect for adults. One girl's name was Kevita. But when she said it, I thought she said "Aviva." That's how I spelled it...and she went off on me. By this time, I had been at it for 9 hours and I said, "honey, If you would speak clearly and without gum in your mouth and put down that cell phone, maybe I would have gotten it right the first time." Her mom was standing behind her and said, "You heard the lady. Get off that cell phone and act like you've got sense."

I would prefer if she acted like she had 'cents.' lol

Got to Al's at 11:30 pm Sat night...about the same time he got in from work. He looked so exhausted. His pressure washing and cleaning business is taking off. Before work and on his days off, he's been extremely busy, putting in as much as 16 to 18 hours a day of working at both. When we went in the house, I told him to strip to his underwear and to lie down--that I would give him a massage...it lasted 3 hours! I covered his whole body--even though I was exhausted, I knew he would rest better once the kinks were out of his muscles...and it worked. He took a shower and got his second wind... though I was tired, I found the energy for an hour and half of smothering sex. Yes, that massage was well worth it.

Except he had me up at 8 am... I thought I wouldn't be able to make it up...after only 3 hours of sleep. We went to one of his job sites to remove some trash out of a storage building. Took a few hours to do, because there was more than what the owner told Al. After dropping the stuff off at the dump, I went to the grocery store that Al works at and prompty got lost going back to his place. It was raining and I took the wrong turn. Found my way back after an hour--he's only 15 mins from his work place.

We had some friends over for dinner. It was fun but I was so tired. Both Al and I went to bed really early.

Yesterday at work, I was almost overwhelmed by the amount of work I had sitting on my desk. Dad had piled some orders that needed cropping and color balancing. They are rush jobs and I spent all day messing with them.

I haven't had time to email a few of my daily email pals. I should... but I knew if I did, I wouldn't be getting around to blogging. There's always cut and paste for those that don't read here or even know about this place... it's not that I have secrets...there are times I want to post my private thoughts without worrying about what those close to me think. We all need a dumping ground and I would be horrified and embarrassed if a few of my close online friends read here.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


I can't believe I have a moment to blog. Been covered in work for the last few weeks and I'm stressed over it. Looks like we won't be slowing down until June.

Things are going ok. I have to say thank you to that special person who makes me smile when I don't think I can...and who also makes me feel like the most desired woman on the planet... ;)... you know who you are.

I miss my friend Jo. We dont' get to chat much because neither of us are on Messenger. She brightens my life and I thank God daily for her friendship.

This weekend, Al gave me the royal 'romance' treatment. He can amaze me sometimes because he really takes time to make sure I know he loves me. He said "I might not say it with every breath but I feel it in every breath." Now, how romantic is that?

Even though I love him and we have a great time together ...there are still moments when I want to jump the UPS guy and make him show me 'what brown can do for me?'

Ah lust... it can brighten a day.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Love Quote of the Day

"We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love."

Tom Robbins

May's Issue is up

...................and running


Monday, May 08, 2006

Your Deadly Sins
Lust: 80%
Envy: 20%
Greed: 20%
Pride: 20%
Wrath: 20%
Gluttony: 0%
Sloth: 0%
Chance Sherrie will Go to Hell: 23%
Sherrie will die while in the throws of passion - the best way to go.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Here I am...

..........finally blogging.

I'm sorry I haven't been here. I must confess, I've missed blogging. Feel as if a part of me has been lost..and I know it's the part that pours everything out here.

Easter weekend was fun. I've got some Easter pictures of the nephews. I'll have to post them when I pull them off the camera.

Work has been so stressful. I keep thinking I just might run away but I know if I did someone would find me...and drag me back kicking and screaming. If it were due to an excess amount of work, I wouldn't mind the stress...it would be productive. But this isn't. I'm having to deal with Dad who has a digital learning curve...and he believes nothing I say. And keeps doing the same mistakes over. I finally called one of his photographer friends today...asked if he could come by tomorrow while it's quiet and talk to dad about his digital problems. I explained them in advance, because I know how Dad is...he'll pretend he has none. Maybe hearing things froma colleage will help him understand. I'm at my wit's end and if something doesn't improve, I'm running away to an exotic island somewhere.

Things with Al are mostly ok. There's a situation that really has been bothering me. It's to complex to go on about in this blog...but we're working on the situation. Hopefully it will be resolved. I do know this...I love him deeply. And will admit...the love has never died. He drives me nuts sometimes...but mostly, he makes me laugh. I'm happier than I've been in a long time...even if minor problems crop up. I know that I'm mature...he's mature and somewhere in the midst of the problems, we'll find a happy medium...one where we both can meet with arms open.

Damn...I got poetic.

I kept the nephews Monday night...we played on the computer doing games on yahoo. Ben sat in my lap and had the worse case of gas..I'm talking the invisible deadly type. I said, "BEN...where did you get that gas? It smells horrible!?

He said, "DOD...DOD gave it to me."

I echoed, "Dod? Dod?...oh you mean GOD." (He's still got a bit of a speech problem on some sounds)

He said, "Yes...Aunt Sherrie...Dod gave it to me."

I said, "Let's pray to God and ask him to take it back."

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Body shot?...anyone?