Tuesday, March 28, 2006

***I am 96% Happy and Happy about it***

It's unlikely that you know anyone happier than you.
You know how to be happy, no matter what life throws at you.

How Happy Are You?

Still am Artist

Earlier this morning, the Alzheimer's Care Director at the nursing home I worked at from 81-82 came by to see if I would donate some of my original art--framed of course--to a silent auction benefit for the Alzheimer's Care Unit. It's to raise money for research. I said yes. I have many pieces that just need a good frame.

I asked the lady how did she hear about me. She said that one of the nurses that several of the nurses and a few of the children of some of the patients told her about me. I'm used to being known as a photographic restoration artist, but the "painter lady" side of me isn't very well known. Or so I thought. I guess because I haven't been active in the painting world since the early 00's, I thought people who were familiar with me back then would have forgotten the fact that I do paint and sketch.

Now that Granny has Alzheimers, it will be added to small list of charities that I support: Cerebral Palsy, Austism and now, Alzheimers.

Monday, March 27, 2006


The weekend was pretty decent. Was suppose to see Male Strippers on Friday, but one of the 'hens' couldn't make it--the Designated Driver. I had agreed to go but only if I could drive separately from them. Since Al lives a mile for the club, I had made up my mind to go and jump his bone after the show... and in doing so, the hens would have to see themselves home. Since Cricket couldn't go, they cancelled the trip. I didn't mind. It's always nice to see oiled toned young men in thongs, but the idea of not being able to sample the goods...and having to stuff money down their 'panties' to get a dry hump from them..sort of kills the romance of it all. Al was sort of disappointed though...he wanted me to rock his world. I reminded him Saturday night that I don't need unfullfilled fantasies of male strippers to rock his world.

So... I stayed home Friday night. Worked for a while Sat and went to Al's around 3pm. We hung around and did different things around the house. Went to the grocery store. Al was supposed to work Sunday, so we hit the bed early. Fell asleep two hours later. ;)

Al thinks that I should get up if he's up. So at 6 am Sunday, he pulls the covers off me and tells me something. With one eye open, I stumble to the kitchen and stand there for about five minutes. He's in the shower, so I stumble to the bathroom and say, "What did you tell me to do?" He laughs and tells me again. I stumble back to the kitchen with one eye open and still can't remember.

After 3 turns of this back and forth, it finally soaked into my brain...Al wants BREAKFAST. BLT sandwich! He had started the bacon, so I didn't have to worry about that part. But it took me forever to get it together. He kept coming into the kitchen to laugh at my hair, which had a mind of its own and was standing straight up. I reminded him that "he" helped create the bedroom hair look.

After he hustled out the door, I went back to bed thinking that I had 6 hours to do whatever I wanted. Since I was partly awake, I knew I needed to relax, so I got out my little vibrating egg and set to work...'relaxing'. When I get in the 'relaxing' mood, I tend to drag it out. No immediate need to climax. Just enjoy the feel good that only a vibrating egg to the clit can produce. I mapped out my plans for the morning.

1-vibe with my egg
2-nap for a few hours
3-make eggs, bacon and toast with almond swiss chocolate coffee.
4-do some laundry
5-watch a movie, while working on the class reunion contact list.
6-sweep the floor
7-make lunch for when Al gets home

I was almost almost asleep, when I heard a noise. It was Al, standing at the foot of the bed with a pair of my panties on his head. He was laughing at me, because I was vibing. "Didn't you get enough last night???"

"Define enough!"

He laughed and said, "Get a shower, we're going to Wrightsville Beach." I looked at the clock and it was just 7:50 am.

It seems that the night time cleaning crew had spilled a bunch of chemicals in the are Al was working in and fumes were too strong, so they sent everyone in that department home.

So at 9 am, we were on the way to Wrightsville Beach. One of Al's friends (Darryl) lives there. He isn't one of my favorite people but I tolerate him. I was interested in meeting his new wife, because I wondered what kind of woman would marry him. She seemed nice enough--sort of dizzy but nice. Darryl is the kind of guy who is always telling you about all the people who are trying to undermind him or who's taking advantage of him, etc. He's the biggest crybaby I know. And heaven help it if a woman out fishes him...which I did.... when we went fishing yesterday. Caught 2 skates and some sort of puffy fish. I was the only person who caught something worth mentioning...lol.. what's up with fishermen when a woman catches more than they do? They called it luck when I caught a skate... but said it was skill when they got something as small as bait fish. I'm sure Jeff Foxworthy knows that anwser.

So I was pretty happy that I got to try out my new fishing rod. We left at 4:30 and got home around 7. Al's one of those people who have to make a lot of pitstops.

I really enjoyed the ride there and back. It was just Al and me. We talked some. Sang to the radio. Played some trivia pursuit (20 questions that were in the entertainment part of the newspaper). We told jokes and laughed a lot. Put my favorite part was how we could be silent together. During those times, one of us would look at the other and smile or touch. Comfortable silence. Those are the best kinds.

Man, I was exhausted from the drive when we finally got home. We had stopped at a Ma and Pa type deli for a sandwich on the way home and that helped with supper. All we wanted was a slice of cherry pie and some ice cream. We watched a movie that someone had given Al for Xmas.. "Evolution." It was ok. Had some funny parts in it. I finally couldn't keep my eyes open, so I went to bed around 10 pm. Al's diverticulitis acted up most of the night and he slept on the couch so he wouldn't disturb me, which made me feel guilty because I slept like a baby while he was in pain.

He felt better this morning and sent me home with a smile on my face. ;)

Friday, March 24, 2006

Psycho Test

This is not a trick question. It is as it reads.

A woman, while at the funeral of her own mother, met a man she didn't
know. She thought this guy was amazing, so much her dream guy, that she
believed him to be just that! She fell in love with him right there, but never
asked for his number and couldn't find him. A few days later she killed her

Question: What is her motive in killing her sister? (Give this some
thought before you answer).

click on the comment to see the answer...only after you've given this your best shot.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rainy Day

We've getting some nice rain. It wouldn't be so bad if it was a warm day. But with the chill in the air, you feel as if you're damp down to your bones.

Had a decent weekend. Worked Saturday until 4. Then drove up to see Al. We cooked some delicious fish dishes and watched the NCAA games. He was called into work Sunday morning at 7 am. We had a round of wild sex in the den before he left. I told him that the grin he had on his face was a dead giveaway that he just got laid. He laughed and said, "Go look in the mirror." Then he kissed me deeply and left for work.

I did...and saw I had the same goofy grin.

I drove back home that morning at 9 am and picked up my brother. We drove to meet the rest of the family at Holden Beach--that's where Granny lives. My uncle Jerry and his wife Ann, their daughther Lynn and her hubbie Mark were already there. Lisa and the nephews showed up a few mins after we did. The last to get there was Mom and her boyfriend John. Granny looked good. She seemed to be having a good day, but I could tell at times that she looked distressed. I'm sure with all the people in her small house that it seemed overwhelming. I did my best to keep the nephews occupied.

Jewel--granny's husband, let me drive his golf cart with the boys hanging out of it. I was careful until I got the hang of it. I used to be Al's driver when he played golf in Rock Hill, SC. So it wasn't hard to acclimate to driving a cart again. We had fun. I think I'm ready for a turn around a golf course now.

Walked out to the pier that lead to the intracostal waterway. There were a bunch of broken shells on it. Sea Gulls drop clams and mussels from the air ..when they land on hard spots, they break open and the birds eat the occupants. William, Ben and I had a shell tossing contest. I cut my finger on one...nothing serious..just a small scratch. After that I pretended to pick up shells and throw them. I'm thinking in another year or two, it will be tough to fool the boys.

We left at around 3:30. William rode back with me. I turned the radio to the groovy 70's and 80's station and we tried to sing along with the songs. He also read any billboard we passed. He's amazed me before but when he got some really hard words right (he sounds them out), I almost drove off the road.

Once we were back at home, I put up the food we brought back with us. William played on the PC for a while and then I took him home. I was in bed really early. All that driving took a lot out of me

Al called last night. He got an approval letter for the condo. Now he has to come up with a down payment and it's his. He thinks he doesn't deserve all this good luck. It breaks my heart to hear him talk like that. Everyone makes mistakes...and we shouldn't have to pay for them for an eternity. I told Al that if he thinks he isn't worthy, then he won't have good things come his way. He needs to get over the idea that he's Karma's bitch. (yes John...I'm stealing from Earl).

Thursday, March 16, 2006

You've Been invited... to ...get LAID

get your attention? lmao.. love the subject lines of spam email... thought I would give catchy subject headers a try...

On the way to my brother's work place, we stopped at a small gas station for a soda for him to take with him inside work. I have never been inside that store, even though it's been there forever. And I was still in my jammies but with a coat over them. My hair wasn't too bad...sort of smoothed it down. Added some bright lipstick...figured that would be a great distraction. Focus on the lips and ignore the rest of me.... I procured his soda--a can of Orange Crush and marched to the front.

Couldn't figure out where the cash register was because they had everything under the sun on the counter... big jars of pickled eggs, pickles, some funky voodoo heads, it was weird... I asked the lady that was unpacking cigarettes "Where do I check out?"

She said, "That young man will help you," pointing at a guy I swear was *Fast Eddie's twin if it were the mid 80's and this was the Greenville area. But I couldn't get to his area because a black guy was unloading some boxes.

The lady said, "The ice cream man's in the way. Go around him."

I did and he said, "Come on up. I'll clear a spot off."

The FET (Fast Eddie Twin) said, "Honey, is this all?"

I said, "Yes." Then to the Ice Cream guy, "This is my first time inside."

He said, "You need to come more often. Are you from Lumberton?" (The store is off of I-95 at exit 19.

"Yes. Out in the country."

The EFT said, "Yes. Come by during the morning shift. That's when I'm here." (Ha...the lipstick trick was working)

The lady said, "Next time you come in and the ice cream guys in the way, make him move."

The ice cream guy and the FET laughed.

I said, "I'll bring my whipping stick. That always gets 'em out of the way."

(An elderly woman had come in and was standing behind me. She made a disgruntle sound, as if she disapproved.)

Everyone laughed and the lady said, "I don't know, honey. I think the guys around this area like that sort of thing."

I said, as I got my change back from FET and picked up the cold soda can, "Then I'll make sure to wear some leather."

I left amid the very loud grunt of disapproval from the woman behind me and the even louder laughter of the others.

*patent pending...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


89% Compatible

♥ Sherrie and Allen have been romantically-together for a long time. That alone demonstrates a degree of compatibility. The religious faith they share may help to form a bond. They both abstain from drinking, so that helps compatibility. The fact that Allen is a big sports fan could be divisive, in terms of how the couple spends their time. The two share similar political beliefs, though. Both are brainy, and that is a good thing. However, their astrological signs are not in harmony. Their common love of animals is good thing. And their views on children are similar. Overall, Sherrie and Allen are highly compatible. They are capable of having a beautiful relationship together. ♥

The Dating Compatibility Test by Dating Diversions

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Finally.... again

I apologize for not being around or making rounds to the blogs I read and whose owners read here...but.... (always a big but but luckily for me not a big butt)...Work's been hectic lately. I've taken in so much work--all referrals. I don't know if I can continue at this pace without hiring someone to answer the phone...wait...that's one way to get Dad to do more...threaten to hire a secretary. The only reason I'm blogging now is because I ran out of supplies for the printer. They're due in at noon tomorrow. So I thought I would take a moment to write.

The magazine issue is up and so far I've gotten good reviews from people who take the time to email me. My DJ friend Jeff wrote that even if it's late, it's always worth the wait. That made me feel better about not having it up sooner. Knowing he liked it...well that added a bonus to my day. I noticed on the hidden counters I have on the magazine that most guys are heading for the NCAA page...right John?

William's little poem/essay seems to be popular. He cracked me up Friday night, because he wanted to stay up late and play. I told him that if he went to sleep I would meet him in his dreams and we would play baseball. He said, "No...in our dreams let's look at the Number 5 and then shave the hair off of some clowns' backs."

I said, "Shave the hair off of some clowns' backs???"

He said, "Ok, just one clown." lol

Where he got that from...I have no idea! Ok.. probably from me.

I don't know why I thought Granny's birthday was last Sunday. It's the 19...this coming Sunday. My Uncle and his family are going too. Mom wants to cook a lot of food and take it. I say let everyone take something. I know Mom...she'll put it all on me and I don't want to spend Sat night and early Sunday morning doing all the cooking. Granny will be surprised and I plan to take a lot of pictures.

Went to Al's this weekend. It was great as usual. Though he wasn't feeling great so we canceled a dinner party whe had planned. Instead we watched th ACC tourney. He was very upset that a 'Yankee' team (Boston college) beat UNC. And on Sunday's game ..Duke Vs Boston, he pulled for Duke ONLY because he didn't want a "Yankee" team to win the ACC championship. I laughed. Talk about Southern prejudice! So the Big Dance begins tonight and I guess I'll keep up with it, because I know he'll want to discuss the games he's watching.

I pampered him quite a bit. He kept calling me over to where he sat on the couch Saturday night, so I could give him little kisses. At times I am so afraid I'll wake up and this will have been a dream. I love him so much. It feels good to know that love's given back with the same intensity. How people settle for a lukewarm relationship...it amazes me. I guess when you don't know what you're missing... you don't miss it.

We caught a great show on the Discovery channel Sunday night--it was about Blackbeard. I guess we're both a bit obsessed about him, since he had a home in Bath and raided the Outerbank's water's during the early 1700's. The guy who played Mark Anthony on the HBO series Rome, played Blackbeard. He did a great job.

I'm going tonight to get my new first rate fishing pole. My plan is to fish this summer. Mainly at the beach...and in the surf. I don't care much for pier fishing. I believe aliens live there.

To those of you who are wondering why I haven't emailed or IMed...I promise to do so tonight or tomorrow morning.

I love you, guys...

March Issue


is ready... well mostly ready...

go see for yourself!

Thursday, March 09, 2006


I am back in business. This printer has slots for memory cards, ipods, camera usb's, etc.. it has a screen on top of the printer that guides you if you get lost... it's wonderful... I should have gotten a new one ages ago...so far, it's being 'sherrie friendly'... (knock on wood)... I can print straight from memory cards or the camera without going through the PC...I don't have to use the razor thin photo paper..I can use whatever I want...no images cropped off...oh baby...

Do you hear that sound? Listen... it's me...running barefoot through the clover field of happiness...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Devil, Flat Stanley and Diverticulitis

Phew...what a mouthful!

I knew I would said NEVER but well, hell's frozen over and I'm sleeping with the Devil again. Damn, I hope he calls the next morning...OH... In layman terms...I bought another HP printer ... it's temporary. Once we get the digital bugs ironed out, we'll invest in a more professional one.

Drove to Fayetteville to get it. I had planned to leave early but didn't get out of here until 6. Got the printer and decided to stay with Al for the evening. Much to his delight. Got here close to 8 and he had just got in from leaving a deposit on the condo. If his application is approved (he thinks there won't be a problem), he'll be the owner of a quaint condo.

He looked very pale when he got in. I knew something was wrong. His diverticulitis was acting up. He developed it a few years ago. I had him lie down and made him a light supper. In between bouts of pain, I rubbed his back. The pain would come in waves and stay away for as long as 30 mins, but when it returned it made him double over in pain. Poor guy. I fell asleep rubbing his back. He kept getting up all night. So I didn't sleep well. I hated to leave him this morning. He kept hugging me tight. Al's been on his own for so long...no one to show him love until I returned.

William's 1st grade class is doing a project called "Flat Stanley"...its a paper doll that they mail out of town to a friend or relative who mails it back with a story about Stanley's adventures. Will sent his to Al and it was there last night. Al and I had some fun with the camera, goofing off with Stanley. Most of them can't be used but I did get some for the project. I'll write up a story tonight and tomorrow print the photos that we can use and mail them back to William's first grade teacher. I'm sure once the project is done, it will appear in the magazine.

Speaking of that...I'm sufferring from a horrible bout of writer's block. I'm struggling to write even the simplest of articles. Maybe my muse will grace me tonight.

And guess what I heard at the lumber yard???? Barry Bonds...and steroids?? Oh my!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

weekend update continues


Sunday morning, we juiced, something Al's recently introduced me to. Back when we were breaking up, he got into the 'juice' rage. Bought a Juiceman Jr and began juicing. I never did. Now that we're back, he's convinced me to try it and I find it's better than I thought. I've even purchased my own juiceman.

We use a bit of spinach or parsley (I like parsley best..it makes your breath smell so good), a stalk of celery, a bunch of carrots (carrot juice is sweet) and an apple. We put a glass under the spout to catch the juice that's squeezed from the various fruits and vegetables. I like to drink it fast. It's frothy and slightly sweet. So that's what we did Sunday for breakfast.

We did some various errands around town and came back home for a while. I decided to call Granny. She's on a new med and I wanted to see how it's affecting her. So I went outside to talk since it was a nice day. First thing she said was "It's about time you called." I knew she wouldnt' remember that I've been calling often. Then she said, "I'm not doing good at all." She sounded so tired. I really think old age has caught up with her. I once told Mom that when it does, she'll be hit hard by it. We talked for about 20 mins. It breaks my heart to talk to her. I try not to cry and I usually succeed but I didn't yesterday. I guess we all have great hopes that the medicines will help her and so far they aren't doing much to make her feel better. When we hung up, I noticed that Al was in the back yard, moving tree branches. I went inside and cried for a minute. Trying to get myself under control. I had done a great job of it until he came into the room. He said, "What's wrong with your eyes?" (I forget they turned really red when I cry). I put my hand out and tried to walk away, because tears were returning. He grabbed me and pulled me into a big hug and wouldn't let me go until I cried it out. Al kept stroking my hair, saying "It's ok. I'm here for you. Go ahead and cry." I did...and realized that it was what I needed. Someone's shoulder to cry on.

That's one thing I don't do often. Is let someone see me cry. I'm the one who lets others cry on my shoulder. I rarely cry on someone else's. Maybe this is why Al's been sent back to me...to be my rock to cling too. This is a side of Al that I've never known. And it warms my heart to know its there.

We went to look at some property that's for sale and found a really cool condo. It's a one bedroom, one bath ground floor condo, facing the pool. It's at a really nice area of town and the asking price is $48,000. I thought it would be all ratty inside but there was new carpet down and the rest of the place was in almost mint condition. I think Al really wants it. He's suppose to talk to the owner today.

Afer that we drove around the area, since both of us weren't use to it. And found a nice wildlife reserve. I'll write about it in the Magazine, most likely. I took some neat photos of the lake at dusk. They're really pretty.

After our lake venture, we hit Walmart. Got a few things he needed and suddendly he said, "Let's go have fun." He guided me to the sporting department. I said, "Fun? There's fun in Walmart."

I will say this...the next time a guy says something about women and shopping, I will say..."Oh yea...what about guys and shopping for sporting goods! You take longer to pick out a golf club or a fishing rod than we do to pick out a shade of nail polish!"

I know we spent about 30 minutes, looking at rods. Finally he settled on one. I pointed out that one fishing kit (meaning it has the pole, rigging, line and lures in it) and said, "That's for salt water." He was impressed that I knew the difference. I guess he's forgotten I'm a 'fisherwoman' at heart. I'll have to go fishing with him this summer and show him I can catch more fish.

We got home and had a light supper. Watched a bit of TV. Suddenly, he got up..and got out his fishing tackle box. Then we messed with the line on his new pole, etc. I thought he was sorting his tackle box so that he could fish sometime this week, but he wasn't. He called me over and said, "When you go visit your Grandmother this coming weekend, take my tackle box. I remember how much she loves to fish. Take her to the pier, take a chair and let her relax. The box is ready and I've got the lines fixed. You know how to salt water fish. Remember...if you don't catch a fish, it's ok. Just enjoy your time together." He took the tackle box out to my truck and when he came back inside, all I could do was hug him...and kiss him tenderly.

That man has won back my heart...and there's no going back.

Monday, March 06, 2006

bad Sherrie

Just realized I forgot to post the rest of my weekend news.

Will try to do that tomorrow...its been a hectic day and night.

Off to have sweet dreams... hope you do the same.

My Al

Here's my Al. We found a wildlife reserve--Lake Rim-- that neither of us knew about. I took this photo in the parking lot. Course he had to be goofy...it's funny but the way he posed reminded me of the nephews...they have to strike silly poses when I take their photos. We hit the reserve at dusk. I took some lovely photos of the sunset over the lake.

Al's hair is dirty blonde...in the winter it's dark and in the summer, it turns a nice shade of blonde.

Rainy Days and Monday

..today they're both. Though the sun is trying to smile at me. It's in the upper 50's and not too bad out. Yesterday's weather was lovely.

Let's see...so much to write about.

Friday night, the nephews and I hung out. I taught Ben how to make his own ham sandwich. He was so proud of it. He didn't want to eat it. Said, "I want to show mommy." So we took a photo of it. After supper and baths, we played on the computer. William and I sat in a chair together while Ben played "Operation." Suddenly William said, "Will you miss your broken heart?" That question struck me funny... will I miss it? No... I don't think so.

Saturday morning, we made pancakes and drew pictures. I didn't want to go to work but... had too. The Rumba on the River was going on. The crowd was huge. I had to park 3 blocks away and walk, which is a rare. I watched the run and walked over to the Chilli/Beach music festival. The band was really good.

We were really busy Saturday at the studio. I didn't get out of here until after 4. But I was packed and ready to go. one of Al's friend's ...his name is Grant, lives close by and was supposed to go up with me. He broke his rotator cup in his right shoulder and hasn't been able to drive much. After flip-flopping on whether to go or to stay home, he finally said he wasn't going. I hate to say this, but a lot of Al's old friend's aren't true friends. They come around when they need something. I've gotten rid of friends I had who did the same thing to me. Al needs to clean house. I asked him "How do they contribute to your life?" and he couldn't give me an answer. If someone or something takes away from your life, it's time to cut it loose.

I got to Al's house at 5:45. Was in the kitchen, getting my marinate ready for the fish steaks when he called to say he would be home in 40 minutes. But actually got in earlier than that...and I was so glad to see him...because I can't get his stupid can opener to work. Those crazy can openers that actually go around by themselves do not like me. I have one at home that I cannot for the life of me get to work. Now Al's got one... is this a conspiracy?

Told Al to sit down and relax... he got a shower instead and by the time he was done, I had dinner ready. It was a success...especially the apron and panties.

We watched Carolina kick Duke's butt and Al was a happy guy. We retired early and ...celebrated in a special way. (wink)

We fell asleep not long after the celebrating. Al has this habit--something he's always done and that's using his legs to 'trap' me. I tend to sleep in one spot, usually on one of my sides. When I do move around, it's due to being restless or my right arm aching. Al throws one of his legs over mine and hooks me with it. Then he puts his arm around my hips and that's how we sleep. I don't mind that we sleep that way...what I mind is that somehow I end up on the edge of the bed and the only thing that's keeping me on it...is Al's 'hook.' I woke up before daybreak and I had a small triangle of the bed. I woke Al up and told him I was falling off. He removed his leg and I moved over. Not ten minutes into sleep, he woke me up when he hooked his legs around mine. I smiled and fell asleep. He apologized the next morning for 'trapping' me. I said, "If the Al-trap keeps me from falling off the bed, I'm all for it."

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Your Values Profile


You value loyalty highly.
You're completely devoted to your friends and family.
Even if they totally screw up, you're still there for them.
Just make sure they're equally loyal to you!


You value honesty highly.
You're unflinchingly honest, even when it's not easy.
For you, integrity is very important - in yourself and others.
People may not always like what you say, but they know they can trust it.


You value generosity a fair amount.
You are all about giving, as long as there's some give and take.
Supportive and kind, you don't mind helping out a friend in need.
But you know when you've given too much. You have no problem saying "no"!


You value humility highly.
You have the self-confidence to be happy with who you are.
And you don't need to seek praise to make yourself feel better.
You're very modest, and you're keep the drama factor low.


You value tolerance highly.
Not only do you enjoy the company of those very different from you...
You do all that you can to seek it out interesting and unique friends.
You think there are many truths in life, and you're open to many of them.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Seattle Seahawks...Sean Locklear

Super Bowl stardom?
zackly.... and from Lumberton, too.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

You Are 60% Open Minded

You are a very open minded person, but you're also well grounded.
Tolerant and flexible, you appreciate most lifestyles and viewpoints.
But you also know where you stand firm, and you can draw that line.
You're open to considering every possibility - but in the end, you stand true to yourself.

Guys named Bruce, Fair-Weather Friends and.... Salmon

For it to be such a pretty day, I'm totally stressed. Where are those slave boys? I need a massage ...NOW!

I slept pretty good last night. But had a crazy dream about a guy named Bruce. I never saw him. I was doing stuff ...can't remember what kind of stuff, but where ever I went, I left Bruce notes...with lipstick prints on them. I wonder who he is...this Bruce. Could it be Bruce Springsteen? OR Bruce Willis? Bruce...if you're out there and you know it's you... email me or comment. This is really on my mind today!

Since it's the first of the month, the One-week-a-month drivers are out. While trying to Parallel park, an old guy hit the back of my truck yesterday. Just a bump. He backed up and almost hit it again. I opened the studio door and said, "Mister, hit it again and you'll be buying me another one." He drove off and parked around the corner. I thought all old folks could parallel park! But I've been fooled all these years. So if you're out and you see a car driving at 35 mph in a 55 mph zone, be patient...this could be YOU one day.

My fair-weather friend called today to whine about the whether our High School class of 81 is having a class reunion this year. It's our 25th. We missed the 20th due to poor planning and I have a feeling we will miss this one if someone...like me, doesn't jump on board. The people chosen to be on the committee weren't good choices at all. Bon wants me to help her plan one and we'll get in touch with people...but I know what that really means...It means "Sherrie" will plan it and get in touch with everyone. I gave her some names of a few people who are stay-at-home moms and who would love to plan something like that. She hasnt' called back and I'm sort of relieved to be off the list of 'planners.' I get frustrated with people from around here, because they don't have their act together when it comes to planning things as important as reunions. The one in '96 was tossed together. I don't even want to go into it... or I'll be fuming made. Flames will pour from my ears and lasers will shoot out of my eyes.

Bon told me that she ran into an old high school flame of mine who was now divorced and asking about me. She thinks he wants my body. I think he probably asked about other people too but she's chosen to center on me. Bon said, "Wait til he sees you know. He'll really flip out." (She's referring to my toned lean look due to belly dance class). I broke the news that Al and I were back together and she went off on me. I wish this didn't happen during a phone conversation...because the flames shooting out of my ears has damaged my phone. I let her say her piece. And made my excuses to hang up. I could have spent an hour, pointing out her past and present mistakes, but I chose not too. Life's too short to play with 'little' minds. I know how things are now with Al...and it's not her business. She probably won't call for a while. That is...unless she needs my help with the class reunion.

It's really nice out today. Close to 80 degrees. Yesterday I went home and did some yard work. I have splinters in my fingers. I should get a needle and get them out.

Al has his mortgage lending class Sat. I'm going up after work and wait for him to get home. It's in Raleigh and lasts all day. My plan is to surprise him with supper... broiled salmon with sage, lemon and garlic. Roasted Brussel sprouts with garlic, and some other stuff (still planning the meal) and for dessert...a home-baked key lime pie.... An apron and a pair of silk panties is all I'm going to wear I think. (wink)