Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I am continuously amazed at the things my nephews think I can accomplish.
Yesterday afternoon, William and Ben came over for a while. Ben was playing with his toy cars
and William was in a different room. I was watching Sponge Bob Squarepants. He thought his boss Mr. Krabs was a robot, after watching a show on tv the night before about robots. I was laughing at it because it was so predictable, but still funny.

William sat beside me on the couch and handed me the mini etch-a-sketch. "Here Aunt Sherrie. I need you to draw a race car like the little rascals. Draw Spanky driving it and Alfafa on the hood hanging on. Don't forget the trophy. A big one. Make it big."

He sat there, looking at me. I looked at the etch-a-sketch and then back at him. I guess he thought I couldn't understand his "need", so he repeated it.

I said, "Silly, I can't draw all that on here. Get me a pencil and some paper."

He started nodding his head, "yes you can. Do it."

Well, I've never tried to actually draw something on one of them before. I gave it my best shot while he gave directions. "Don't make the wheels square. They're ROUND."

After I turned the knobs a million times in every direction possible. I handed the etch-a-sketch back to William. He said, "WOW...Thanks" and ran off. I heard him calling to my brother, "Uncle John, Uncle John...look what Aunt Sherrie drew... the little rascals."

Maybe I can accomplish anything when the expectations aren't for perfection. And the requesting party is an expert at the art of imagination.

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