Wednesday, April 30, 2008


There are a few things I love with lime:

(ok...maybe not Burt...)

Bud Light isn't one of them!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bill Clinton in Lumberton Tomorrow

Let me pull out my black dress...

LUMBERTON — Bill Clinton will be stumping here Wednesday on behalf of his wife’s presidential campaign, but his stop in Lumberton won’t be in a big auditorium with plenty of space for large crowds — and city officials are concerned.

The event, to be held at 204 W. Eighth St. beginning at 3:30 p.m., will be on property next to the city’s old water plant.

According to Mabel Moses, a volunteer who oversees Hillary Clinton’s Lumberton campaign office, there will be room for about 1,000 people in the yard. The event is free and open to the general public.

“Anyone wanting to attend should arrive early,” Moses said. “It will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.”

The site selected by the Clinton campaign seems a little bit unusual, according to City Manager Wayne Horne. He said this morning that Clinton campaign officials have not yet contacted his office about the location and schedule for the event.

“I’ve got to make some calls. It seems an unusual location,” the manager said. “It is not a good place for getting traffic in and out. This could be a nightmare.”

Moses said the home, which is not inhabited, is owned by Baxter Miller. Moses said Lumberton High had been selected and approved for the visit, but the Clinton people wanted to have it in a yard in downtown Lumberton.

~ ~ ~ ~
I agree. The site they've chosen is in a horrible place, traffic wise... I guess it's about one block over and five blocks down. Guess I'll park in my 'getaway' spot so I won't get caught in traffic.

Wonder if Bill likes southern belles with full lush lips, reddish-brown shoulder length hair and flirty blue eyes.


Still Coughing

but alive!

Somehow I made it through yesterday. Got home and there were Mom and the boys. I almost stayed in my automobile for the night. But I mustered up some courage and went in.

As I went to my room to put my things up, I saw William and Ben quietly sitting on the spare bed in the computer room waiting for my brother to get off the PC.

I coughed and Ben said, "Are you still sick, Aunt Sherrie?" I nodded, still coughing. He said, "Then why didn't you stay home. Why did you go to work?"

Clearing my throat, I said, "I had to go to work. NO choice." Then I put my hands on my hips and surveyed them. To both I said, "SoooOoooo...who has homework?"

Ben raised his hand. William just stared at me then said, "I do. What are you going to do about it?"

My brother snorted. I was taken aback. And had no answer to it. Silence followed with both boys staring at me. I replied dryly, "Either cry or run away. I don't know which I'll do."

But what I did do was lie down for about 20 mins and then faced homework. And somehow got through the night.

I'm feeling a little better but not much. My sleep was very restless last night, as if I was overly tried. So I'm thinking that about 3 cups of coffee should get me back on cue.

Hope the day is a good one... I'm off to work.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Coffee or Coughy

Maybe coffee will help my coughy!

I'll say this much... I haven't been bedridden like this since the summer of 1998. I knew as I drove to work on Friday that I should be in bed but I still drove on. At around noon, I realized I was falling asleep at the computer and messing up a lot of work... I got home at around 1:30 and believe me, the drive was a long one even if it was only for 3 miles...and I fell into bed..slept until 6, ate something--have no idea what...fell back into bed slept until 10...talked to Al..I think...then fell asleep until 9 am...stayed up until 11 am and slept until 3 pm... and so went the cycle.

that was pretty much my weekend...

The body will let you push it only so far and then it makes you take care of yourself. I put the needs of others before my health and almost had to go to the hospital for that sacrifice.

I think it's time I learned to say No once in a while to everyone and be a little selfish, especially when it comes to my health.

But I do feel better today...running at about 75%...and I hope to be up to 80% tomorrow.


a lot better today...will be back to blog once I settle whatever mess Dad's created while I was out.

Thanks for all the get well wishes..

love ya

Trip Pictures

William panning for gold.

Ben at the aquarium

and Champ...well, he's just happy to be here.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sick Girl

That's my name for today...

I'm spending my weekend in recovery mode... hope everyone has a great weekend. Be safe.

love ya

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Snap, Crackle, Pop

...that's how my breathing sounds! Like a bowl of rice krispies. I am thankful that I don't have any big deadlines this week. Or I would be totally screwed without the benefit of a kiss.

Ben's on his field trip to Fort Fisher, NC and the NC Aquarium there. Lisa and her hubby went along. I took William to school this morning and have to retrieve him at 2:45. Guess I'll stop off at McD's for a snack for him and then bring him back to work for a little while. Hopefully, the field trip will be over before 5.

Guess I'll be lazy last night and the night before... watch Survivor (now wasn't Ozzy a big bonehead??? not playing the immunity idol??? I thought Eliza's eyes were gonna pop out of her head.) and CSI...then turn in early.

Feeling icky makes boring I'll post this and hide from the sunlight.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Quickie

William's field trip to the Reed Gold Mine was a blast. I went even though I should have stayed home and medicated myself. It wasn't so bad until we went into the mine and did a tour. It was really cold, damp and musky in there ...and naturally I started coughing ...

William had a lot of fun. He behaved and actually entertained a few of the other parents with his commentary comments while panning for gold. He seemed to get along with all the kids in his group and that was a relief. Autism affects his social skills and when he's with 'normal' kids you can tell he's different.

I lent my sister my camera to take on Ben's field trip I can't post a picture of William panning for gold. Only 4 out of the group found gold...and it was just a speck. But all of them were ok about it. I swear his whole class has the best manners of any group of kids I've seen in ages.

On the way back we watched "Alvin and the Chipmunks" on his portable DVD. It's a cute movie.

We got home around 4 and I wanted to fall on the couch. But had things to do. And believe me, when I was finished I fell on the couch so hard I bounced up ant touched the ceiling with my nose. I dosed until around 8, when I woke up to a very high fever...luckily I got it down within the hour.

So... if I were to be honest with myself I would say, "Girl, you need to stay home and rest." But I'm not... so it's off to work to see what kind of shape Dad's got the studio in.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Your Personality at 35,000 Says...

Deep down, you vastly prefer being with others to being alone. You love to engage people in conversation.

You are good with your place in the world. You are confident and comfortable with who you are.

Your gift is having a way with words. You know how to express yourself well.

You are inspired by what is possible. Real life is often too ordinary for you.

You are happy as long as you are given some personal space. It's important for you to have your own private life.

Shoot me and get it over with

My stance on smoking is if you do it, it's your life not mine. I don't smoke and yes, I've tried it in college, but once I got bronchial pneumonia, I stopped. I've dated smokers, putting up with the smell because I was in love.

But not fact I am very sensitive to smoke nowadays. One of Dad's minnows comes by every day and spends an hour or more chain smoking. Friday he smoked 6 cigarettes in 45 mins. It felt as if my mouth and nose were full of smoke. Since Dad's a closet smoker he doesn't tell the guy not to smoke and gets mad if I make a big deal about it. But on Friday, as soon as the building was covered in smoke, I started coughing, my sinuses closed up and I felt terrible.

Over the weekend, I slowly became worse. When the guy came in today, I told him that I had a respiratory bug and asked if he wouldn't you think he didn't. Hell no, he smoked up a storm and didn't acknowledge my coughing. But I'll tell you this much...he didn't like it when I sprayed him with air neutralizing spray.

Dad doesn't say anything...and believes I take it to far, when his friend is here. If he smoked only one or two during the course of his visit...the smoke wouldn't bother me as much, because I turn on my osculating fan and it diffuses most of it...but when you chain smoke enough to cause a person's mouth to taste as if they've Frenched an ashtray, then by golly...that's too much.

If his plan is to slowly kill me with second-hand smoke, I beg of him...just shoot me and get it over with.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Newsy stuff

Al is very proud of himself and so am I. He's in the top ten list for high sales last month at Harris Jewelry store nation-wide. I keep telling him that he's in his vein of work. He'll soar if he sticks with it and gets his mind off going to Kuwait to work.

~ ~ ~

My friend Sam aka Blue is no longer working at his night job. He's doing other things like selling comics and working at a comic bookstore. It's been difficult getting his body adjusted to the change of sleeping at night. I've been a little worried about it because he's a diabetic and hasn't been taking care of himself. It frustrates me when people I care about are so nonchalant about their dad's one of those people and so is Sam. I want to take a stake and pound it into their heads that they are important and I want them around a long time.

~ ~ ~

Got an article coming out in the PV magazine very soon.

~ ~ ~

Tuesday, I'm going on a field trip with William's 3rd grade class to pan for gold at Reed's Gold Mine outside of Charlotte NC. It's privately owned. If I strike it rich, I promise to remember the small people and to pay someone to ghost write for the blog.

~ ~ ~

Too Bad Chuck Norris can't be President. He would roundhouse kick this nation into shape in no time. Remember the Soviet Union? They decided to quit after watching a DeltaForce marathon on Satellite TV.

~ ~ ~

To anyone whom I haven't emailed in a week or so... promise to do that this coming week and I apologize for not having done so sooner.

~ ~ ~
and on a final note...enjoy the weekend. I plan to.

New Shoes

Got these new shoes Thursday at Walmart to wear when I have on shorts and a tee... when I got home, so very proud of them I asked my brother if he wanted to see my 'new' shoes. He said, "Sure." And when I proudly put them on and modeled them, he said in an incredulous voice, "Those are NEW."

I laughed.

So I'm wearing them today..and before I left for work, I asked the nephews (who are at my house until lunchtime) what they think of them

Ben: "Crazzy!"

William: "Very Cool!"

And I can see why William and I get along so

Friday, April 18, 2008

Quizzy Day

This week has been a bear and not the kind of bare I really love. Let me tick off the ways:

1) Monday night at 1 am, Dear sweet William has a 'puking' fit. Poor little guy, it's times like this that I realize how his autism affects him. He couldn't comprehend that he should bend over the toliet or trash can to vomit in. He would stand straight up and let it flow...everywhere. I had to force him to bend down and let it 'flow' where it's suppose to. I called Lisa and she brought over a suppository that the Doctor prescribed for Ben. It helped and he stopped vomiting within the hour. He told me that if we had a sick room, he could have went into it and stayed there a while...that when he left the room, his sickness would have stayed behind... if it were that simple.

2) I've been busy with restorations this week--several rush jobs for funerals and political campaigns.

3)Dad's spent most of the week, goofing off at the corner general store--which I call the "Corner Gossip Central." So I've had to run the place alone, answering the phone, dealing with telemarketers and customers all the while needing to get my rush jobs finished. I really believe that the main reason he hasn't retired it that the studio is his social life, which is rather sad.

4) Mental exhaustion... I've been so tired at night that I haven't felt like logging on at home and working on things like my webiste or blogs. Instead I strip to my undies and a t-shirt, grab either a book or an audio book and relax in my room.

5)And..lastly, I haven't had much to say. Nothing to 'bare' so to speak.

But, I'll say this.. I'm glad it's Spring and that blooms and green things surround me.

Front Door Friends

What Your Front Door Says

You are intriguing and charming.

People are naturally drawn to you, even if they don't know you.

You are calm and wise. You are a true leader.

You never feel isolated in a group. Somehow, you always belong.

Your Slogan Should Be

How Do You Handle a Hungry Man? Sherrie.

Day O

You Are Reggae Music

You're laid back, friendly, and even a bit of a bum at times.

For you, life is too short to spend your time angry at the world.

But while you don't take life too seriously, you're deeper than people realize.

You're very reflective, and a few key topics (like social justice and love) are very important to you.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dan Patrick... asshole of the week (reposted)

I was so appalled when I was writing this on Saturday that I had to save it to draft, or so I thought until I came on today to finish writing it...and saw that I had accidentally posted it Saturday...

I have an issue with The Dan Patrick Show . On April 9th, he and his cohost made rude comments and jokes about the baby in India who was born with one head and two complete faces. They said things like "Do both sets of eyes blink at the same time?" and "Wonder which mouth she eats with" and the one that really caused me to exhale a shocked breath--"Wonder how her plumbing works?"

This is an innocent child. It's not her fault. How cruel and evil to do this... why do these radio hosts think they can say anything? I could understand if he was a crude shock jock who has no respect for humanity and uses any means to get his spot in the limelight. But his guy is a big time Sportscaster.

He should have more style than that. But arrogance can get in the way of good taste. And these comments were not in good taste. What if one of his devout listeners had a child with some sort of deformity? How would they feel if they heard this type of joking on his show? I'm sure they would be offended and even lose respect for him? After all, it's a sports show and not a lampoon everything in sight show. I know I lost a lot of respect for him.

I've told this to a few people and was even more shocked that they brushed it off...these same people were appalled at Mike Vick's dog-fighting scandal, yet show little concern over the cruel remarks about an innocent child. Is this what the world is coming too? If the comments made by Dan Patrick and his cohost had been racial, would the response be different?

There have been several times in my life when I've heard comments made by radio show hosts and jocks that have totally offended me, yet I did little at the time. Well, except one other incidence but that story is too long and has little to do with this post against Dan Patrick. I've decided to blog about this and to encourage others not to stand silent about this. Too often we see cruelty in our everyday life, yet walk on by and never stand-up against it. Cruelty begets cruelty, even if it's the verbal form...still it is cruelty.

Boycott his show. Boycott Dan Patrick. Pass along this blog post, if need be. Maybe if enough people stand, his show will be removed.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Prom... is...tonight

Kids are coming in soon for photos....


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blah today

I had some medical issues yesterday that have me feeling off color today. Maybe a cup of coffee will fix me up...or some coffee beans...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I took this photo of Al and FS Sunday along with others of Flat Stanley and the cat. I used natural lighting and no flash. No reflective surfaces either...but look to the left on the couch... see the fat orb? That's where I usually sit when Al and I hang out on the couch...

more times than I can count, I've felt what feels like a cold hand on my hand. I usually will it away and pretend it never happens...

strange...very very strange.. I have no explanation for the orb!

Koo ko

Oh yea...

I'm koo ko for coco pops today... Why is it that every now and then we have to test our boundries... I did today with the PC... I opened a photo editing program, microword, and three pages of websites, and chat ....and I knew, I would crash. I had too much going on at once.

And I did... when I rebooted, I realized I should finish my photo editing, then finish my writing the intro to one of my sips before logging back online to torture the web.

My website planning is coming along really well. I'm very excited about it and hope that I do a good job.

On top of all this I have to write Flat Stanley's story... remember the one William did a few years ago...about the boy who was flattened by a bulletin board and then was mailed to California? Will sent his to Al and I created some fun stuff for him to do... this year is Ben's turn. And it's up to me to make it as exciting... I'm having to fit it in between photos and web stuff...

say hi to Ben's Flat Stanley who almost had green hair and orange/purple eyes:

and man, what about that game last night. Kansas and Memphis sitting in a tree.... Kansas kicked two three...

It was a really tight game at times. I think the best two teams went and that the best one won, even if it wasn't my Tarheels... I'm still glad Kansas won the championship. But don't expect me to be wearing Bluejay colors.

Monday, April 07, 2008

An Official Soft drink

(Thanks DJ JD for sending this one)

I still love the Heels, even if they did choke Saturday eve.

The Heels... heel.

I don't know what team showed up for the Kansas/Tarheels game but it wasn't the Tarheels that were playing last weekend. Kansas outplayed them—they were quicker and made us work for what points we did get. I'm not one to make excuses for losses... the better team won. Maybe during the upcoming year, the Heels can use this game as a practice grounds for improving on their faults and turning the next NCCA tournament final four into a winner.

So... Kansas won and so did Memphis (I knew they would slaughter UCLA)...and they're playing for the championship. Should be an excellent game.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Rambles on a Friday

Ben's back in true form. He's proud of his 'shot' and doesn't hesitate to pull his pants down to show you the needle mark. I don't think one of my neighbor's knew what to think when he said, "I got a shot. But not with a gun. With a needle. See?" And promptly pulled his jeans down and showed her the faint mark. I was glad he had on a pair of underwear that weren't too big. He's got a little butt and the seat tends to be baggie. I just hope he doesn't do that to everyone he meets!

Talked to Sam yesterday. He told me that Publish America and Amazon were arguing over Amazon bullying Publish America because Amazon wants them to turn over electronical files or something like that and that PA was going to concentrate on it's partnership with Barnes and Noble. Amazon is selling used books from other sellers and the option to buy directly from them is gone. I guess I shouldn't have deleted all those PA email that I kept getting over the last few months without reading them first.

He also told me he wasn't working nights anymore--that his job is done and he's going to concentrate on selling comics and other things. He's been working nights as long as I've known him and he seems to be excited about it. We talked about 'forced change' and how scary it can be. He said that's how it will be when I leave the studio...that I'll be forced to do so. I think he's partly right. I've been longing for a new environment--something to make me feel as if I'm not in a rut. We're going to work on a project together. I'm excited and so is he. Once we get it organized and begin to work on it, I'll probably blog about it.

I had a strange thing happen today that made me realize how much I've grown over the years. A guy asked to be added on messenger. His id looked familiar and I thought he was from the Lost in Pleasure group I gave up to Shelby and Phoebus a while back, so I added him. Today was the first time we both were on messenger and for a moment I accidentally went visible. He sent an IM and we began to chat...tentatively on my part. Many of these guys want to talk sex and I don't do that anymore.

But I was wrong...he had found me from the literotica stories I have posted. I was shocked, then remembered that one of my profiles is the name I use, so he probably did a search on the name and came up with the profile on yahoo. He asked what enflamed me and I immediately assumed he wanted to cyber...but I was wrong. He was curious about me and wondered why I wasn't posting anymore.

So began a long drawn out ambigous reply from me... he stopped me because I wasn't giving him the answer he wanted. I know why but how do I express it to a total stranger who doesn't know me... I don't need to be validated. I know who I am and now my erotic thoughts and desires aren't for the public. I don't need to write about big dicks or doing 69 in a garden to get attention. I know who I am and where my desires lead. There's more to sex than just the act and I don't think he understood that.

We chatted about other things, finding out we were both in NC and both went to college in the same area. His kids are the same age as my nephews and our jobs are both interesting. After a few mins of that type of topics, he asked which of my stories were true. To be honest, I don't remember what's published on literotica. He pulled a list up and I wasn't truthful about some of them... I told him all but 2 were fiction. And he was a bit disappointed and wanted to know where my inspiration came from, were my kinks varied and where did I keep them.

The last question cracked me I wrote that I kept them in an empty cigar box in my mental closet.

What really got me was that he kept denying that he wanted to cyber or get aroused by anything I shared regarding my erotic writings--that he was a fan who was curious about me, who thought I was talented enough to publish erotic books professionally and that I was a bright women--yet towards the end of our conversation he asked if he could send me a picture of his private part to show how much he liked my writings and how they affected his 'parts.'

In the end... it's all the same... you throw out sexual stuff and that's all that people like him want... even if they claim they want to know the person behind the erotica... it's all bullshit... they want the erotica behind the person.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

massages, dissection and certified email

I am a massage giver. According to Al, the best around. Since his days of high school and collage sports (wrestling, baseball and football), he's been pro-massage. He once confided that one of the reasons, he kept pursuing me during our break-up was because I gave the best massages he's ever had. And now I give him at least 3 massages a weekend, working out kinks in his neck, his shoulders, his hands and his feet. When I'm done, he's putty in my hands...but I don't take advantage of it...I know what you're thinking: "What's up with that??"

Now, I'm not talking about mamby pansy soft tickling rubs, I'm talking about deep muscular massaging--the kind that pops our kinks, knots and nitrates--anything that's hampering the muscles. My fingers are very strong and I know much about anatomy--about how the muscular and skeletal systems work.

How do I know? Well, when I first transferred to ECU my major was nursing. I took two anatomy classes and one dissection lab.

Yes... we dissected dead cats. So if you're a Peta Head... don't read any further, please.

I enjoyed the lab the best. As a curious semi-scientific person, I enjoyed the first hand experience of dissection. And still have my dissection kit! We also had access to a cadaver--an old black man whom we had to point out muscles, bones, organs, etc on professor-to-student exams. No, we didn't dissect him...I think the medical doctor students had to do that--because he was dissected on one side of his body and whole on the other before we ever arrived.

Med students like to play gags with putting a lit cigerette in his non-dissected hand and sending the gurney down the hall. My lab class never did fact, my lab partner Kim and I were afraid of him when we stayed after hours to study the muscles of our cat. We would lock the door to the cadaver room and at the first strange sound, bolt like children out of the room, running all the way to our dorm.

And in daylight, laugh at ourselves for being fraidy cats. I got out of the nursing field because I knew my tender heart couldn't take viewing death.

But I did learn a lot about the working of the body...

but this I don't understand:

How can someone send me a certified email?

A piece of spam informed me that their email was certified and I should read it...

but..but...who certified it?

Not I!

Sips of Sherrie

coming soon to a PC near you...

my new website is called Sips of Sherrie.

It will feature my art, my writings/poetry and picture restorations.

I've got a temp homepage up and once I get the site like I want, I'll officially launch it--complete with a dancing bear, champagne and cake.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

ya know...

I love to take a quiz.

So far it's been a crazy week. We had lots of rain and cold weather over the weekend. The drive back home Monday morning was terrible. I usually make it back to Lumberton in 40 mins but this time it took almost an hour due to heavy rain. So I was late for work.

Naturally a customer dropped by and later called to complain that we weren't open at the usual time. Sorry but I am not going to risk death just so a person can pick up a wedding pricesheet.

Monday night was rather fun--NOT... Ben picked up a stomach virus and threw up from 1 am until sometime yesterday afternoon. After the first 3 or 4 times, it became dry heaves and if you've every had those, you know know violent it can be. Your whole body is wrecked. He had them so bad I had to support his body and hold his head while he threw up. There were a few bouts of calmness, when we thought he was clear but then he would be hit again..savagely. I even cried one time because of the toll ti took on it. He would shake after them so bad that he couldn't walk. My sister couldn't get him to his doctor until after lunch...but when she did, they took him right in and fixed him up. Gave him a shot and som suppositories. Today he is much better.

But I didn't get any sleep Monday night. Had to work yesterday until 2:30 pm, then rushed to the schoolhouse to get William. I took care of him until around 6 pm. We worked on his homework. And I made supper. When I dropped him off at his house, Ben was sleeping soundly on the couch. His little body shaking once in a while. I talked to Lisa a while ago and she said he's sore and can't understand why his neck and arms hurt...and his stomach is very sore. But he's over it and I am a happy aunt.

He's convinced I have eyes in the back of my head. But that's another blog post.

I turned in early last around 10:30 and slept until 9 this morning. I'm still a little tired but another early night should fix me right up.

The weather's turned around and feels more springish. Dogwood trees, pear trees and cherry blossoms are fluttering around. I love this time of the year, except the pollen. Time to pull out my flip flops and capris... and do the I love Spring dance.

Your Girl Parts Are Named:

The Cock Pit

What Your Little Black Dress Says About You

You are lively and outgoing. You are naturally friendly.

You enjoy meeting new people and making new connections.

Your style is whimsical and unique. You're good at putting together interesting outfits.

If you were a shoe, you would be: High heeled boots

Ok... but I'm not apologizing

J pointed out that yahoo was deleting adult pictures not profiles... I guess my eyes took what they wanted from the notice from yahoo (see post below) and my rage took over.

But they are targeting adult profiles. And photos are just the beginning. Soon it will be any link featured in the link section that they deem adult...or have a censor on words that one might use in the personal info occupation: C*cksucker... or hobbies: 69.

Mark my's like the attack on the old adult yahoo clubs, now groups. Once they were listed in the directory but not anymore. It's very hard to find them.
That's what yahoo wants. can have adult content on the 360 sites. How long before they are targeted?

Oh yea.. I almost forgot...soon they'll be something else... I don't know what but.. something.

And I'm at the point where I really don't care anymore.