Thursday, May 26, 2005

My Last Post for Today

My earlobes are unhappy today.
No findee the lost earring, tho I lookee lots.

When I got home from dance, last night. I bet I combed my yard 3 on my hands and knees on the carpet at home and finger-combed it. No luck.

Mom was there with the boys, doing some chores for me. Ben and I looked but we didn't find it. William insisted I take some time to dance, so we put in a CD of the Wiggles and danced away.

Mom told me that Ben had told his daycare teacher that I was coming to get him and when I did I would pull her ears off. He didn't want to do whatever it was that she wanted him to do and I guess his way of threatening her was to sic me on her. I had to laugh at that. I tell both kids that if they don't do 'whatever' that I'll pull their ears off.

Anyway...of track some how..sorry... Lisa came and got the kids. Mom stayed a while and we did some laundry together, chatting and gossiping. While she was there I pulled out my jewelry boxes. I have one large one and 3 small ones. The large one is for notes, memoribilia, watches, etc. The others are for earrings, bracelets and gold chains. I try to keep them separate. 90% of the items are from old flames.

I found the earring box and looked through them. I have more than I need. None were what I wanted to wear today. But I chose a pair close to the style I lost. Mom suggested I take all the gold I don't want and have it melted and some charms made for a bracelet. A good idea!

I found my old engagement ring. I wore it from 90 to 93. A pretty ring with a 5-diamond cluster. On a whim, I put it on. It felt weird in a strangling my finger way. Looking at it on my finger seemed so foreign, like it wasn't my finger anymore.

There was no emotional response. I had no more ties to the ring. It meant as much to me as a toy ring from a cracker jack box. Dimly I can remember how much I loved that ring and what it represented to me once--it held so much promise...but now, the only thing it holds is a faint glint of sparkle caused by lighting, not by love.

It is time to do something with this ring. It's been 12 years since I took it off my finger. And it's the remaining item I have from the Charles G days. Maybe I will take it to the pawn shop. Maybe I will have the cluster turned into a pendent...or maybe I will sell it on Ebay. I don't know... I just know it's time to clear out the jewelry box.

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