Friday, December 22, 2006

While the Printer Runs...

Busy bee me... but by tomorrow I'll be caught up.
Knew I would get a bunch of last minute orders today.

I realized that I haven't been keeping in close contact with some of my online friends. I feel bad about that in ways. But real life keeps me from the PC and to be honest, I don't log on messenger at home. I prefer to get online, do my stuff and get off so I can do other stuff.

Talked to my friend B from Cali for the first time in ages. I think we went two months without talking until last Thursday or maybe the Thursday before. We talked for over 45 minutes yesterday...and I realized that I'll always love him as a friend, that we've become a bit distant. Maybe because I've changed a lot. And he has in some ways but in others he hasn't. I love him... and I know he loves me. Cuz he says so and when he heard my voice, his own lit up. But...maybe after the holidays I'll have more time to post in PiB and more time to email him.

Same goes with some of my other friends. I try to email SB a few times a week and think of doing it more often. He's always been there and I love his emails about his life. They take me away from mine.

Well, J and I chat almost every he's excluded from this list.

But Jo... I do miss her. She offers insight to my life that I can't see because I'm looking too hard. I love her emails about her kids and life in the UK.

And Kenzity... I am behind on her blog and hope that all is well in Bahrain.

There are other friends but I won't go into all of the details... at one time I felt as if I needed the internet to be a part of my social life. Maybe because I was sorting out my life after Al. And the attempts at finding love... only to return to that one true love. Funny how life is... it tries so hard to keep you on track if you let it.

Well, this has been a boring post. I'll mention the Best Mayor in the World because he'll read this and I sure don't want him to feel left out...

And Sarah HB... Keep that pretty head up. You are a special one.

So I'm back to work... now that the printer's stopped. Hope all have a great eve.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

I've been swamped and haven't had time to blog.
But I decided to take a moment and send out a shout.
May all my readers enjoy the Holidays and I wish for all...
the best of 2007.

In the more fruitcake...

Friday, December 15, 2006

All these things...

should make me

(Still singing the Nip Tuck finale song)

Well... Got a moment and I decided to drop by and write. Instead of answering email that I've neglected all week.

The thumb is better... though at night it aches. I'm probably doing to much. Yesterday and today I've battled a migraine. I wonder if it's not a combination of stress and sinus pressure. And Dad's excessive cigarette smoking. He's been told by 3 doctors to quit and won't. I don't understand that. And when I say his smoking bothers me, he gets pissed and says it's in my mind. I's in my LUNGS.

We've had crazy weather. In the upper 70's and low 80's during the day and freezing at night. Today some guy made fun of the weather by wearing a white tee and yellow shorts. It's warm but there's still a chill in the shadows....

Got most of my shopping done. Have to pick up a few more things but I know what I want to get...I think that's the hardest part, trying to figure out what to get people. Plus I have to do my dad and brother's shopping, too.

The nephews are enjoying the season. I told both of them that if they don't behave for me or Nana, I'm taking away a present and replacing it with goat cheese. So far they're behaving...though William said, "Goat cheese sounds interesting." So I may have to come up with a backup plan.

Ben straightened out my confusion over Jack Frost and Santa (re the Santa Clause 3 movie). It seems Santa only comes to visit one night...Jack Frost comes every night it freezes. Thanks Ben for the clarification.

And Sarah Hb... you mentioned in a comment on the Resoluiton post that anything and alcohol = breakable.. I have to agree...even hearts.

I've been thinking how lucky I've been this year. Surrounded by love, family and good friends--online and in real life. That's got to account for something.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Nip Tuck Finale Song

The season 4 finale was on last night. The cast did a great job of lip synching to this song. I'm definately downloading it.

Brighter Discontent
Artist or band: The Submarines
Got a brand new roof above my head
All the empty boxes thrown away
I rearranged the place
A hundred times today
But the ordering of objects
Couldn't hide what's missing

All these things should make me happy
Make me happy to be home again
All these things should make me happy
Make me happy to be alone again

Got myself a bottle of red wine
Got a night of nothing else to do
I think I might know
What I really want
But is a brighter discontent
The best that I could hope to find?

Got a big black television set
Now I can watch just what I want
But I'm here staring up
At pictures on the wall
And where are you,
You're still stuck inside them all

All these things should make me happy
Make me happy to be home again
All these things should make me happy
Make me happy to be alone again

But love is not these belongings
That surround me
Though there's meaning
In the memories they hold
A breaking heart in an empty apartment
Was the loudest sound I never heard

Got a desk I'll write myself a note
Pretending that it came from you
On hotel stationary
From the time we first met
Whatever I can do cause
I won't throw my hands up yet

All these things should make me happy
Make me happy to be home again
All these things should make me happy
Make me happy to be alone again

But love is not these belongings
That surround you
Though there's meaning
In the memories they hold
A breaking heart in an empty apartment
Was the loudest sound I never heard

Well I'll be find if
I dont look around me now
Too much for what's gone
If only I can wait here just a little while
And let time pass in my room

Monday, December 11, 2006

Kids say the...

Thurs night, I cut my left thumb... a nasty cut. With a knife, while cooking. I'll spare the details. Ended up with butterfly stitches and a tentus shot. The later hurt worse.

It's a nasty cut...almost goes around the whole thumb. So I'm favoring it a bit.

Friday night, William stayed with me. I was in my room, reading when he came in and sat on the edge of my bed. He said, "We need to talk, Sherrie."

He drops the "Aunt" title when he feels we're on the same level.

I lowered my book. "About what?" I asked.

He solemnly stared at me for a moment, and then said, "Knives."

"Oh? What about them?"

"They're sharp," he said.

"I know," I said, lifting my bandaged thumb.

"They aren't toys. So don't play with them," he advised.

I said, "I wasn't playing with a knife. I was trying to cook."

He said, "Don't. Let Nana cook. You find a good book to read."

(I tell him to find a good book to read when he gets in my way in the kitchen--funny how the things you say to kids can come back to haunt you.)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hi to...

Jo... I'll post some more of the novel tomorrow. I need to edit some of it. xxoo

Sarah HB... I've missed you too, sweetie. Just remember you're a shining star and many people love you.

John... I don't have a tramp stamp nor any other marks that weren't put there by accident. But I've had a few hickeys in my time.

To The Greatest Mayor... hope you aren't too frosty and are able to make those PR appearances that this time of the year calls for.

And to my other silent readers...thanks for stopping by...

I hope to post more once the holidays are over.

A Sample

of what keeps me so busy!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Resolutions for 2007

Anyone have a resolution for next year?

I'm gonna recycle the one from 2005 --learn to speak Spanish.

Leave a comment and if it's not X-rated, I may put it in the Winter issue of my magazine


The new beta version has a label option.

should I label myself?

Blogger Beta

Here I go ... using the new beta version.

I'll give a review later. Haven't really looked over the features.

I have a gmail acct and thought...what the hell..give it a shot.


Q: What looks like half a cat?A:
The other half!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Monday, November 20, 2006

You Are The Stuffing

You're complicated and complex, yet all your pieces fit together.
People miss you if you're gone - but they're not sure why.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Great music... but not the subject of this blog post.

I'm on myspace...joined because my friend Sam kept asking. He posts his poetry on there and suggested it was a good venue to promote my poetry books. He was right. I actually sell my books on occasion and have re-connected with old friends.

And a place to make new friends.

Such a PR. PR is a real estate developer in the area and I'm guessing he did a search and found my profile. He emailed and asked what kind of fun could be found in town. I sent a few suggestions. He replied with a flirt and I wondered if he knew I was in a relationship. I know it says so on my profile but that doesn't mean he saw it. He said he did and it was a shame because I was sexy and he digged older women.

I confess. I like to flirt with sexy intelligent men. Plus he confessed that he had a live-in girl friend. To me this was a safety that I thought would break any fall. So began our daily flirting. It peaked during the time of Al's prostate illness, when all sex stopped for a long time. I confess, I was tempted by PR to cheat. He even stopped by to say hi and seeing him...knowing that he desired me (it was obvious--his pants held a nice 'tent'), made me realize just how much I loved Al...even if things were rocky due to his illness.

PR and I talked about meeting for a few weeks. I asked a lot of questions, mainly about his girl friend. According to him, they had a 'don't ask/don't tell' relationship. With his traveling, it was easy 'not to tell.' I asked if he cheated often and how many women did he have in different towns. According to him, he was just beginning to do this and hadn't gone through with much, other than dinner and light petting.

Yet, he had 'motel' plans mapped out for us...excuses for us to use and even had an idea of how long it would take us to f*ck. What we would do and how many condoms, he would need.

When the time came to met, I canceled. 3 times. And after the last time (in early Sept), I wrote him and told him that I loved Al. And couldn't go through with it. PR didn't email me until my birthday to give me a greeting. Then asked if I was mad. I said no. And kept the emails light...not frothy with flirting.

Today, he sent a message to me on myspace, asking what I had planned for Halloween and if I still wanted to 'f*ck sometime.' I said no... and he wrote back that he was going to Jacksonville, NC for a blowjob.

I realized he was a player then. Because I asked why go so far for sex when there's a woman at home? He wrote, "Because this chick gives good head and is worth the drive."

Ah... the truth comes out. He's done more than he let on. We had a few exchanges and he told me what he wished he had done that day he dropped by--very explicit things that I won't write here. And told me that if I need a 'break for the limp bf' or a 'stranger' f8ck, to let him know what motel and room # I'll be at and he'll be there with a hard-on.

My respect for him dropped to nil.

Back in the day, I would have went after any man I wanted regardless of whether he was single or attached. Or even if I was didn't matter. I took what I wanted. With little regrets. But now...

I can't--not with a guy I don't respect. A man who lives a double life with the woman, he allegedly loves. I love Al. He's my heart and though we're going through difficult times, I'm not going to cheat on him with some hard dick who might be handsome and rich, but has little respect for what a relationship really means.

Happy Halloween

My kinda pumpkin!

Monday, October 30, 2006

PS... re: Oldies 107.9 online

If... you listen to Jeff Diamond online, email him and let him know. Tell him where you found him at. (A cabbage patch isn't the correct answer, either).

The link to the staion is on the right below the clock... his email address there is

While I've got a minute...

Thought I would update what's going on with me.

My birthday was ok. Sort of ...weird. Maybe it's because I'm now 44 and to me that seems like a strange number.

On my birthday morn, I got a call from one of my old college friends--Susie aka Banshee. She informed me that my old roomie, Amy's mom died over the weekend and she wanted me to go to the Wake that night. It was in Fayetteville. I knew where the funeral home was, so I said yes. Called mom and cancelled the birthday patry that night..or rather postponed it to Wed.

It was strange seeing Amy and Susie. Sort of awkward because so much time has gone by. I gave them my email addres. Both promised to write but it's been a week and no word.

My brother told me Jeri, one of my other roommates called while I was gone. I emailed her and she promised to call this weekend. Didn't hear a peep at all.

Wednesday evening was a blast. The boys were so excited that they bugged me to finish dinner. Mom fried spots and they were pretty good. Freshly caught at Holden Beach, NC by my brother-in-law. The cake my sister got me didn't have my name on it. Ben asked why. I told him it was there...only invisible. Which... caused him to say, "Oh now I see it." lol... damn I didn't.

And...the best present of all was William singing Happy Birthday to me... twice. He always runs away when we sing to anyone. I asked him why he sang to me, he answered, "Because you're sweet." I love my nephews.

I racked up on some Bath and Body Works products. My new official smell is "Japanese Cherry Blossom" is very me. Got some other goodies but for now...that's all I'm telling.

The rest of the week was a busy one. The weekend was nice. Went to a party dressed as a French Maid. When I was leaving, a person said, "Hey isn't the maid suppose to clean before she leaves?" Like that's gonna happen...

Yesterday I watched football on and off. Mostly priced stuff for a yard sale I'm having this Sat. I was sorting through closets, going to throw perfectly good stuff away until I remembered this saying "One woman's junk is another's treasure."

So I think I'll treasure a yard sale...and the money I rack up.

Oh yea.. Al's got several job offers. Which takes a load off all our minds. He has to figure out which to take and get his direction back.

Enough jibba jabba... time to get back to work.

Listen to Oldies 107.9 Online

My friend, Jeff Diamond--the unofficial greatest broadcaster in NC, dj's from 9 am to 2 pm EST M-F and now, dear readers, is available for your listening pleasure online.

Here are the instructions on how to listen via your media player:

How to Listen to 107.9 A Direct link is coming, until then






I've been listening on and off all morning (depending on how often the phone rings or a client pops in)...and the station sounds crystal clear.

Enjoy.. if you have a problem with the instructions, let me know.

Mystic Force Power Rangers

I love this show. A new episode comes on tonight...oh goody! The nephews and I will be there...or be square.

Carolina Panthers

broke my heart last night.
We're done. I'm breaking up with them.

and dating da Chicago Bears.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Today is

my birthday.

I forgot to leave an official statement as to where to send presents.
I'll be accepting them from noon until midnight. If you need an extension, just let me know.

And if you're a hot stud with a...special... package... you can drop by any or night.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

novel writing month...

is November and I'm doing the thingie again.
Have a novel mapped out. It's been living in my head for a month and I've decided to build it a new Microword.

The temp title is Blueberry Girl. It's a suspenseful/murder/romance story. There will be sex, eventually. If not in the novel, hopefully at my house.

but seriously, I've createda blog just for it and post when I update. Won't be starting the actual novel until Nov 1. So bear with me.

Thoughts to pepper my blog!

~I wonder if the new blog in beta is better than this format?

~Joke for today from Jeff Diamond:

What's a blondes favorite nursery rhyme?

hump me dump me

Thanks DJ JD. (Voted sexiest DJ in North Carolina for 22 consecutive years)

~My number one fan ( of my erotica) from Poland sent me early birthday greetings and photos of his Trip to Greece. I love virtual tours.

~There's a possibility I had sex in the late 80's with the monkey in a suit in the ads showing on TV.

~Mr. T, my hero is back...and I'm gonna watch him tonight on TVLand. As if you care!

~Of all the articles in the new issue, My Sip of Sherrie column was the favorite. See.... you guys at the SLA meeting tomorrow night at the Shriner's club (temp location until we can build).

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder

There's PMS and then there's PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder)...

and according to the symptoms listed, I think I have it.

For the last few years, my cycle has been wacky. I keep asking my gyno about it. But was told it was only PMS and my symptoms were normal in aging women. Even my mom would say, "Could be that you're going to get the 'change' soon."

The change? like Menopause... So I read up on it and didn't see one symptom of menopause that fit me.

So I've quietly sat in the corner, dealing with this.

According to the site, here are the symptoms. I X-ed the ones I suffer from.

X 1-Very depressed mood, feeling hopeless
X 2-Marked anxiety, tension, edginess
X 3-Sudden mood shifts (crying easily, extreme sensitivity)
X 4-Persistent, marked irritability, anger, increased conflicts
X 5-Loss of interest in usual activities work, school, socializing
6-Difficulty concentrating and staying focused
X 7-Fatigue, tiredness, loss of energy
8-Marked appetite change, overeating, food cravings
X 9-Insomnia (difficulty sleeping) or sleeping too much
X 10-Feeling out of control or overwhelmed
X 11-Physical symptoms such as weight gain, bloating, breast tenderness or swelling, headache, and muscle or joint aches and pains

These symtoms start 2 weeks befor my period and end the 3rd day of it. I'm talking suddenly everything's rosy again... my period is very heavy for the first 2 days and then it's light as air.

According to the site:

There is more to making the diagnosis of PMDD than just the symptoms. For example, the symptoms must be linked to the menstrual cycle -- appear in the premenstrual phase, improve or disappear when menses begins or shortly thereafter and be absent in the week following menses. Also, if the symptoms are relatively mild the diagnosis is not made. The premenstrual symptoms have to be severe enough to interfere markedly with relationships, work, school, or social activities.

Now I'm not sufferring enough for these symtpoms to interfere with work, but they do interfere with my relationship with Al. He told me last month during the two-week before my period that he thought I suffered from 'hormones,' which pissed me off. But now I think he's right.

Here's an approach to treatment, if I'm diagnosed

Here are the 3 approaches with some examples of each:

1-Medications - including antidepressants, antianxiety drugs, analgesics, hormones and diuretics.
2-Psychobehavioral - including exercise and psychotherapies (cognitive-behavioral, coping skills training, relaxation).
3-Nutritional - including diet modification, vitamins, minerals and herbal preparations.

Number 1 is out. I'm not loading up on zombie drugs.

My next visit to the gyno is in Nov and I am printing out the info on this site and taking it to her. Maybe between us, we can find a workable solution.

A quote for today

By Voltaire

I hate women because they always know where things are.

Damn, I wish that were totally true...can't find my winter handbag.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Just something about nothing

I'm at the end of my rope regarding the studio. I have so much work piled up that I want to scream. But it won't do any good and I'm afraid is will be misconceived as a mating call by undesirables.

Dad expects me to stop what I'm doing to either correct some digital photo error or print an order he needs or burn CD's, etc.... and so I do. Only to put my work behind. After I've done what he's asked, he lectures me about my work load and tells me what orders I should be working on (nevermind what order I took them in--he wants the fast $$ orders done first--meaning the ones I don't have to do much work on).

I keep telling him that he needs to practice with the photo programs and to learn how to burn CD's (I've shown him 7 times how to use the CD-W wizard--maybe he needs a fairy)... I keep saying..."What if something happened to me and I couldn't work? or What if I got married? and moved away!"... he makes a frowny face when I say these things. I got word from my brother that Dad thinks I'll be here forever.

Forever is a long time and I feel I've served the time.

I'll bee 44 in a few weeks. It's not that I dont' love my job. I do. And I will continue to do it...but I don't think it will be here. At the studio. Dad's been dangling the carrot of ownership before my eyes for the last 10 years. Every year, he say's..."Come this time next year, I'm turning the studio over to you." And he never does.

Our visions of the future are different. I think it's time we concentrate on restoration work. He thinks we can revive portrait settings--I disagrre. The digital era has introduced every Tom, Dick, Harry, Jane and Mary to digital cameras and the ease of them. They're doing their own photos...all except school photography and special occasion stuff like weddings, reunions, etc. They're creating their own Christmas/greeting cards, etc...

But not many can get a good quality copy of a photo--scanned or copied digitally. Nor can all of them understand photoshop or other editing programs. They bring their old photos to me...because I can do a better job.

But Dad's a dinosaur. He's not ready to leave the 'film' era, even as we're forced to do so. He's not ready to give up the throne and turn it over to his successor. I know this...

if he wasn't my father, I would have been gone 12 years ago. But he is...and mixed in this is a blood relation, that causes my decisions to be made with a heavy heart.

There comes a time, when you have to step away from your family--whether it's home life or business and say, "Now's the time for me... now is my time for happiness."

And that's what I plan to do.... my goals are to take small steps, as I plan them. And to make things as easy for all parties as I can.

Yes... I'm rambling but that's what a blog's handle the rambles along with the rants and the laughter.

I dare...

a quote
By Elbert Hubbard

A man is as good as he has to be, and a woman is as bad as she dares.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

French Mail... Moi!?

I've figured out how to get out of housework when I go visit Al.
Wear a French Maid outfit. I got one a few weeks ago and when I got to Al's house Saturday, he was there. He wasn't feeling all that great. His diverticulitis was acting up. I came in and said hi. Noticed the kitchen was a mess and the den a disarray of newspapers and other things. He said, "Sher-bears, will you make me some herbal tea?"

I said, "Sure, let me go change into something more comfortable."

So I went into the bedroom, put on my french maid outfit, complete with heels and fishnet stockings. When I walked into the den, I said, "Just so you know...not many men have it 'maid' like you do."

Needless to say... I didn't do any housework for a few hours.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Do you love a mystery?

a quote

By Diana Sturm

A man gives many question marks, however, a woman is a whole mystery.

Friday, October 06, 2006


The above is an oil pastel of the very first nude I sought to paint. I've never been that great with drawing the human body, much less painting it, so I decided to go the easy way and do a backside view. I personally was pleased with the results.

On an adult site, I like to play on (no I'm not listing the url...I sort of like the privacy I have there and it's not my space)... I posted this piece of art in the photo section of my profile so another member could view a sample of my erotic art. I didn't want to compromise my email address. Like I said...I like my privacy. In my photo section, I have other photos of myself, too. Like on most 'entertainment' sites, this one has photo commenting.

I received this comment from a guy from Canada:

HI Thanks for posting. It is a shame you are so far away. I like all your photos except for this one. Photography agrees with you. Not to be critical the art could use some improvement. its a nice picture but you fail to capture the emotion of what you were feeling at the time you painted it and is shows on the Canvass.

Thanks for posting and feel free to write if you would like to discuss the art

For some reason, this comment bothered me. And at first I was going to ignore it but felt I should reply.

Thanks for the comment. I've deleted the photo because I didn't mean for it to be up for long. A member wanted to see some erotic art and I posted the photo of the painting because I didn't want to breech my privacy by revealing my email address.

Actually, the painting was an experiement. I usually dabble in watercolors or pen and ink. I was very shy about painting a nude, which is why I painted only the backside of her--a relunctant subject, because that's how I was feeling--relunctant at attempting this form of art. To me, the painting does reflect my mood. I feel I captured the emotion I sought. But how can you say I didn't capture the mood I was attempting, when you don't know the mood I was attempting to capture?

Art is meant to be interpretion of the viewer as well as the artist. You comment was welcomed and is appreciated. But I really have no desire to improve upon something I thing is fine as it is. Thanks for offerring to discuss it.

Take care and have a great day.

Take care.

I can see where this guy's coming from. Every piece of art I look at I see something that needs improving. The same with photography. And poetry and writing..and well, a lot of things. But I never tell someone they didn't capture a mood. How do I know what mood they were in? I write gothic poetry when I'm as happy as can be. There are times when I post jokes or write something silly and I'm sad. But I would never tell someone... say another blogger that they didn't capture their mood, when they're writing about football or music or whatever.

Moods are moody...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Middle Names

Mine is Rose. I like my middle name, because it is part of my mother's name: Rosemary. But my sister hates her middle name. It's Renee. Lisa Renee. I've always thought it was nice but she would almost pull her hair out when relatives would call each of us by our first and middle names. And heaven forbid if somebody tried to give her a nickname like 'nee nee' or 'Lisa Re'... heck it's better than the one some relatives called me, "Sher-Rose."

There's an old friend of Dad's visiting today. He was at the hospital when Lisa was born and was given the honor of thinking up a middle name. He told me that his favorite girl name is Renee. I told him she hated her middle name and wished it was "Queen Elizabeth of North Carolina." He didn't bat an eye and said, "She should have spoken up."

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Quote

By Elizabeth Metcalf

The rarest thing in the world is a woman who is pleased with photographs of herself.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I am ash,
bitter blue
and frail.

Love binds me
to the dregs
of summer.

I want to
run on soft
brown sand,

fighting the
wind that blows
me away.

I am ash,
love's last

The soot
of desire
burned out.

Pregunta style Poem

A Pregunta is a Spanish poetry style that's a dialogue between two
voices. One asks a question, the other answers. Both lines end in
rhymes... Here's my first attempt:

Love of Autumn

Will you still love me now that summer's done?
Yes, I'll still love you with the cooling sun.

With fall's chill, will your kisses be like frost?
As season's change our love won't become lost.

But will you promise that your love won't chill?
So long as you give me that special thrill.

Can you love me forever amid change?
I'll love you as long as you don't get strange.

Autumn holds promise of love, don't you think?
The promise is there on your lips, so pink.

Will you dance with me under a harvest moon?
I'll dance with you from Hell to high noon.

Wiil you stop talking and kiss me my dove?
I'll kiss you forever, lost in our love.

(Man, this totally fell flat at the end... I'll have to keep

That's right...

a blog post from ME!

Your eyes aren't deceiving you at all.

You know, it's amazing how you can let life's hectic daily upheavals keep you away from doing things you love. It seems that's how it's been for me all of August, Sept...and now the first 3 days of October.

Something has to stop. I have to have my time to write, to rant, to share humorous stories and photos. And no one can make time but me.

Everyone at home is doing ok.

The nephews seem to think I'm the homework guru. Ben's no problem. His homework consists of coloring and drawing circles around things, practicing his letters and numbers, etc. I know all that stuff. It's William's that gets to me. His teacher sends home some crazy as hell stuff to do. It's simple math, but the way she wants him to process the problems is loony. He has to also read a story 3 times about twice a week. Last night's story involved Spanish words like Jose`... William argued with me, saying it was Josey. I told him it was a Spanish name and that J's in Spanish are pronounced as H. So we start reading the story, it's about cowboys.. Vaqueros. ...and when William read that Vaquero was Spanish for cowboy, He gave me an amazed, "Wow, she was right!" After that he pronounced Jose` as Jose`. What kills me, is that as soon as I get home and the nephews are there, they jump me. "Let's do my homework." They cry out..both fighting to be first. My brain is usually dead by 6 and all I want to do is make a nice cup of Raspberry tea and sit on the couch. But like Mom pointed out yesterday, "You're their favorite person and that makes you 'Homework Girl.'"

Granny isn't doing that great. She's been having mini-strokes--waking up in the morning, confused and not recognizing things around her. When I call her, it's hard to talk to her, because she doesn't remember much of her day. She's obsessed with medicines and doctor visits. It's so depressing. I dread calling. I miss my Granny--the one who could laugh and would tell me about the day I was born and how sunny it was. How her boss told her she was too young to be a Grandmother... the Granny that likes to sip tea and talk about the old days, when she was young.... the Granny who got my jokes and would laugh, saying "You're crazy. I dont' know where you get it from!" My heart aches... and there's not a thing I can do.

Dad's done with doctor visits for a while. None of the tests he went through showed signs of new blockage in his heart. In fact, his stress test and EKG show that his heart is strong. All along I've said that he's got angina--and that it's brought on by stress, smoking, not eating right and not exercising. All of which he won't do anything about. He seems to revel in complaining. My sister says it's all for attention. Maybe... but you know, when all you've got is your illness...and the attention and sympathy it brings, sometimes it's hard to let go of.

Speaking of health...I've got some sort of cyst or tumor on the top of my left foot. It's about the size of a huge jawbreaker ... almost as big as a golf ball but not quite as large. I think I caused it from the way I sit at the PC all day. I stretch out my legs, take off my flip flops and put my left heel on top of my right foot... which is exactly where the cyst thing is. It doesn't hurt though, by the end of the day, my foot sort of aches. But I know I should get it checked out. I called a few doctors and all of them want me to get a referral. I'm like...from where? One suggested I go to the Urgent Care. We're talking an extra $200 bucks or more. And my deductable is like $800. Let's say... "Rip-off." I know that some of the doctors around here have ties with each other or with clinics and will refer people back and forth. But when I explain that my insurance deductable is rather high and I don't want to spend a lot of extra money out of my pocket, they don't really care. Maybe if I've been going to a doctor all year (besides the gyno) and had spent money towards the deductable, I wouldn't be bitching. But I haven't... Al suggested I call some of the doctors in Fayetteville. I think I just might do that, though I prefer someone close to home, because knowing my family/friends, no one will be able to take time off to drive me to get the surgery done and drive me home again.

I've been watching Nip Tuck. It's gotten back to the darkness of the second season. I like this Nip Tuck better, though the Melissa Gilbert-dog story sort of pushed the envelope. If you're gonna touch a pet lover story, it shouldn't be done so vaguely. The writers seem to love to shock us on that show, I say give us a good jolt, not a tickle.

Also, I've begun working on the magazine again. With the pressures at work and home, I felt I needed a break from it. The fun of putting it together changed to the pressure of putting it together... after the sabbatical I've had, I'm energized and excited about it once again.

Next month will be Novel Writing Month. I didnt' think I had a story in my head, but I believe I do. I started writing down notes and outlines--character developments... and I think I'll tackle the challenge again this year.

As for my love life, it's stalled out. I'm still hanging out with Allen but he's dealing with Prostate issues which involve Avodart, which decreases his sexual appetite, his ability to get erections and has totally killed his libido. Sex is not on his mind at all. We hang out and I'm there for him, because he's going through some difficult times now and needs a good friend. As for my needs, I have my toys and to be honest, I haven't been around anyone who's appeal to my sex-petite enough to want to 'do them like wild animals.' Sometimes even sexuality needs to sit in the shadows and re-charge.

Monday, August 28, 2006

My Insanity

is slowly going away.
I hope to return to full sanity within a few weeks.

The nephews are both in school...well, except for the little one. He starts Kindergarten Tues ..has a day off Wed (which I've decided to make an adventure day and am taking off) and starts back full swing Thurs.
The oldest is in 2nd grade and hasn't said a word about I have no idea if he's happy to be back or not.

Dad's health has been up and down...there were a few days when I thought he might end up at Duke University Hospital but he managed to get over the angina attacks. He's got a new Cardio specialist who's putting him through the paces, trying to find out what's going on with his angina attacks.

Granny's not doing all that great. She drove her car into the Marsh (her and Granddad Jewel live on the Intracostal waterway). Luckily it was low tide. How she managed to walk through razor sharp reeds and oyster beds without getting cut to shreds, I have no idea...all I know is that God's looking out for her. She spent a few days at my house and it was so hard to talk to her--she kept zoning out and was very obsessed with taking her meds. Mom says she'll come live with her, but I really believe she would be better at an Alzheimer's home--a place that deals with Alz victims exclusively. Say your prayers for her, if you pray. I appreciate it...if you do.

Al and I are still together... he's slowly recovering from his auto wreck. But the meds they have him on are really strong and I'm questioning the doctor's procedures--which Al doesn't like. I just want him well and to me if your meds make you feel sick afterwards--then they're the wrong meds. And my opinion is that Doctors are not Gods. They have opinions and ideas that are very human...and if their procedures don't work...then move on to another doctor.

As for me.. I'm doing ok. Not getting a chance to write much. Working too many hours at the studio, taking up dad's slack and trying to keep an eye on Granny and watch the nephews...

is there any Sher time? No...not much but I keep hoping that there will be soon.

Take care..all..

I miss my blog friends.
Love ya.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Things I've seen this summer

Allen goofing off on the Cherry Grove Pier at North Myrtle Beach

Ben picking our first cucumber of the summer

William peeping out through a tunnel slide at the park by Al's.

Caribbean Blue

I stand alone on alabaster sand,
the wind tossing my hair with rough hands.
The sea is a mirror of today,
a calming lullaby of night--twinkling like stars.

The sea and its winds haunt me,
a complexity of calmness and torment,
one that is a carbon copy of love;
the torture of eyes stripping away my reserve.

I try to hide my deepest longings,
the ones for you, man of sand and foam.
You are violent wind and soothing sea,
a stew of confliction that I consume with appetite.

Along the horizon of Caribbean blue,
I surrender to your stormy touch,
a siren with no voice for song
drowning within the shipwreck that some call love.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tides of Change

Along my shoreline, the tides of time rush towards me.
I cannot breathe in salt air that directs my soul to sing
a song of hope, a song of love...a cry of sorrow.
There is a heart somewhere, in the flight of pelicans,
drifting over the foamy caps of waves; the whisper of hope.
I lift a conch shell to my hear, praying that my muse will
sing to me the sky electric in hues of pink, blue and sonnets.
There is no sound but the white noise of lost words.
Within the waters of my veins, the salt and blood of me,
are wisps of phrases caught in the nets of yesterday.
To free them, I shall climb on the rocks of today,
letting my hair become a mass of seaweed and foam.
The songs of sirens will awaken the muse that longs to sing
within crashing waves the promise of tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Current mood: crazy

Last night I was writing in my black notebook. It's one of those composition type school books...but on the cover it says "I'm my evil twin." Suits me I think...anyway...

I was writing down ideas for a brochure I'm designing.... suddenly the first lines of a poem appeared:

"Along my shoreline, I see the tide of change rushing to me."

So I flipped over to a blank page to write it down...and on the way, I found a scribbled note in William's rough handwriting:

"Sherrie is a loser."

I laughed... lately when I make him "furious", he's taken to leaving notes that say "You are a loser." He did it the other week.

We were playing some game of his. He won the first time and shouted, 'you lost...loser Sherrie.".. I let it ride. Then I won the next game and jumped up shouting "William is a loser. I'm a winner. L..l...loser." I made a letter L with my hand/fingers and put it on his forehead... still started a 'loser' war.

He some paper and wrote "You are a loser." Told me to read it. I said, "You are a loser."

"No.. You're a loser," said William.

"That's what I said," I replied.

"I mean you are a loser," said William, getting confused.

"But that's what you wrote. That's what I said."

He scribbles a few words under the "You are a loser" line. "Read this."

I pretended I couldn't read the line. "I can't read it. What does it say?"

"I am a loser," read William.

"I know you are," said I.

"GGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR, stop tricking me," cried William.

Yes I won that battle...and finding the 'Sherrie is a loser" note made me realize...the war's far from over.

Monday, June 19, 2006

June 19

Another month is almost over and... I can't believe I haven't finished the magazine issue... guess it will be a June/July issue instead of just a June.

Had a great weekend. Dad enjoyed Sunday--we grilled steaks at my house. He and Ben had a Light Sabre fight. Was very funny to watch. I took a photo and will have to post it once I get some fresh batteries for the camera.

Al and I goofed off last night...watched "Signs" on cable. I find it funny how I have to explain things to most men I date when we're watching a movie. Did it with Charles...did it with loser Doug and do it now with Al...if I haven't it before hand, Al still asks questions. I think I'll start making up answers like I do when the boys ask me silly questions.

Had a girls' ...I mean Hens' night out this weekend...and you'll just have to guess at what we did because I can't break the code of silence or I'll be a dead chick.
But I will say this.. "no animals, children or male strippers were harmed."

Friday, June 16, 2006

Here I am...

free at blog.

It's been a busy month and there's still several weeks left. I really thought I would slow down with my work enough to have moments during the day to blog but that thought's been proven wrong.

There's a lot going on at work. A lot of things at home and especially with Al. Even if I'm so busy I have to stop once in a while and smile because I'm happy.

Is it possible to be so happy? Is it possible to stay this way?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I got married this weekend...


just kidding!

Al's cousing Dennis married his long-time love, Christine at one of the VFW's outside of F-ville this Sat.

Was a nice wedding...very small--and the funny thing about it was that the preacher was an hour late....while we waited, the DJ played 'cheatin' country songs.. I lost it a few times.

And Al... He's such a clown. Told the Bride's mom that he paid $100 for me for the evening. Then once took a sip of my soda and pretended to choke on it, saying "I thought you said you quit drinking." Everyone looked at me and my face went bright red. Luckily everyone knew him well enough to laugh.

Luck was on my side...Didn't catch the bouquet. ..I strategically placed myself behind a buxom woman... and never saw the bouquet coming , which was smart...she would have crushed me, I think.

When the garter belt was tossed, Al pushed a guy in front of him, so he wouldn't catch it.... but that didn't stop a few people from asking "So when are you two going to tie the knot?" Funny how people think if you date more than 3 months, you should rush into marriage. Al and I...we're content for go as we are going.

I wore a short strapless dress that had sequins and beads on the bust and around the hem... the DJ (a huge bald guy) played Tom Jones "She's a Lady" and decided the song to "The sparkle lady."

But yes...I survived another wedding.

Family Feud Laugh

Family Feud host Richard Karn: Name something you wouldn't want the police to find in the trunk of your car.

Contestant: Pickles

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


First thing Dad said to me today was "Today is 666." It's not. And so doesn't mean anything. At least not to me.

Things have been busy as usual. School ends June 9 but I'll still be a little busy until after Father's day. Hopefully I'll manage to stay ahead of work and have time to blog and email like I used too.

Funny how easy it is to get out of a habit. I don't think about blogging until I'm getting ready for bed and I think :"Oh Gee, I forgot to blog today."

Maybe June will be a new day in least for me.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hot Time in the City

It's 96 F outside. Very hot... luckily, I've found a spot to park the truck where the shade of the old Scottish Bank (two floors) offers comfort from the heat. I'm waiting for someone to figure it out and steal my spot in the mornings before I get to work.

I had a great weekend. Al and I cooked some delicious food and we watched a really good movie "The Last Castle" with Robert Redford. He's one of my favorite actors...and Al's too. Another thing in common.

On my way in from Fayetteville yesterday, I stopped at a bookstore and got some groovy books. A Chinese Brush Painting book, a Massage book and a Bruce Springsteen book...all were 99 cents each. How can you beat that? You can't.

Bad new when I got home...some thief or thieves cut the lock on my storage barn door and stole my $1000 riding lawn mower. They left the two push mowers, the nephews' bikes and other important I guess I got off lucky. I found out yesterday that the land behind the house has been sold in 'lots'...which means mobile homes are going to be place there. One of my neighbors has to move a wooden fence, which sits on one of the lots. It was offered to her for a $1000 and she declined. The owners of the land sold it to someone for $5000. I think she's a dummy for letting it slip through her fingers... but what do I know?

I have some other stuff to blog about...guess I'll get around to it later.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Another Wednesday...

I'm checking out the calendar and am realizng that another month is almost over. And I haven't begun on the June issue...oh well, it ususally takes care of itself.

Had a family reunion this past Sunday. Fun I didn't have to babysit the kids outside, either. They're getting old enough to play organized games like tag and hide-seek. I got a chance to spend more time talking to relatives I like who live out of town... and got a few photos of my great-grand parents. I'm sure I'll plaster them here once I get them copied.

Didn't get to see Al much... only Sunday afternoon and evening, but we made the most of it. (wink wink)

Was suppose to go on a beach trip with Ben's class yesterday. But I ended up keeping William who's been sick with a stomach bug. Watched Disney shows and some Nick Jr stuff. I learned my ABC's. So that's another thing off my New Year's Resolution list.'s mild out. But tomorrow...summer's hitting us at full strength.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

What? I can blog today??

Finally a moment to breathe...Dad's gone to do a shoot of some softball teams and I'm here goofing off between customers.

Last night Al called... 3 times and I hung up on him. Why? Because when I said, "Hello." He said, "Hold it..Hold it." In a really weird voice. I thought he was the obscene phone caller that's called several times in the last few weeks.

I decided to do the call return thing (*69) and see if the phone number was given, thinking if it was, I would turn him in to the phone gave me Al's number.

So I called it. He said, "You hung up on me..3 times."

I said, "Well, you sounded like the obscene phonecall guy. He says, 'Oh, baby...hold it...hold it... hold it... oh yea, you're on it now."

Al said, "I didn't know that."

I said, "Why were you acting goofy?"

He said, "Because I was holding my breath."

I said, "Ahhhhhhh.... you were in the bathroom."

He said, "Yeah..."


This morning, like every morning while I'm doing my morning stuff, I wear those little velcro rollers in my hair until it's time for work...and on occasion, I do drive to work wearing them. This morning I could have sworn I had all of them out. I stopped at the office supply store a few blocks away before hitting work. A guy in truck pulled up at the same time, parked beside me but I was out of my truck quicker. He smiled at me and as I walked ahead, I heard him say, "Excuse me."

I turned to him, wondering what he needed, and he said, "Hmmm, did you know you had a curler in your hair? I know some women wear them out in public but you don't look like the type."

I didn't and was mortified to feel one hiding at the back of my head. I said, "Oh man! Thanks." He smiled and said, "Not a problem."

While I was in the store, he kept smiling at me. I hurried and got my stuff and while I waited at the check-out for one of the associates to ring me up, I noticed a really handsome man standing close by. He must have been waiting for something, because he stood off to the side. I'm talking GQ handsome--expertly cut suit and tie, expensive shoes and manicured fingernails--probably a salesman. He kept smiling at me and I smiled back a few times and then tried to ignore him while thinking, "Stop undressing him in my mind, Sherrie."

He said, "Excuse Miss "Cherry." (I'm wearing a black T-shirt that has two cherries on it and some white shorts with sandals).

I looked at him, sort of smiling and wondering, "What can he want?"

He asked, "Do you know of a place around here that's cozy and intimate but serves delicous food? I'm starving."

I said, "Sure...the B W Grille on 3rd street. It's sort of pricey but worth it."

He said, "Great. When shall I pick you up and where?"

Oh I laughed at that. I declined...mainly due to the wedding ring I saw. Can't have some wild woman going "Jerry Springer" on me at the Grille.


Earlier this afternoon, I gave a future Bride a lecture on men and football time. I'm not talking game. More like how some men figure time. Like Al... Sunday, he told me that we would be through with an errand in 20 minutes--it took 2 hours. Later, he said he would be home in 5 mins--it took 45 minutes. My dad's the same way...when he says he'll be back in a minute--I figure it will be 2 hours. But like I told the bride--it's a great loop hole. Like, when I'm getting dressed and beautified and Al is impatient, dressed and ready to go...I hold my hand up when he complains and I say, "Football guys invented it so that 2 minutes equals 30 or more. Now go watch TV until I'm ready." And I usually call out that I'm ready a few minutes before I am, because I know he's on football time and will need a few minutes before we rush out the door.


My friend Jeff--a dj in Greenville wrote that a Chiropractor from Lumberton was at his station doing spots for advertisements of his new practice. It was weird because I knew some of his family. Funny how small the world can be.

The courthouse was closed and blocked off for a few hours today due to a bomb threat. Someone found a box on the stairs in the back and they called the police, who called the bomb squad. Now that's a really bad idea...using a fake bomb threat as a way to get out of going to traffic court. Hey... remember this...they reschedule these things!

Tonight, I have to keep William for a few hours, while Lisa and Mom's work has their art show. I guess we'll play computer games or watch a movie--depends on what he wants to do. Afterwards is the CSI finale. Can't miss that one.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

a Retouch order I completed

A local African American Church asked that I change a painting of a 'white' Jesus into a 'black' Jesus. I did...and asked myself, "Does this mean I'm a Deity?"

If so... Next Week, I'm parting the Lumber River and turning it into wine.

Tuesday Update...


I'm covered in work... it seems this isn't going to end until after June 13...or when schools out, what ever date that is.

Our digital system has made it easier on our pocketbook strings while it's put extra work on me. Not only am I restoring and printing old photos and copy orders, I'm having to deal with correcting dad's digital errors. Talk about a pain in the ass. It would be a lot easier on me if he took creative critism well. He thinks I'm attacking his photo skills when I tell him that he's framing too tightly or that he's getting flashbacks on his copies... it's like dealing with an ego bigger than the state of Texas. I don't have time to treat him with kid gloves (handle him delicately).

Sat night we took Prom photos at the studio until almost 10. I was worn out. Teens today aren't like the teens of my era...some of these teens today have little respect for adults. One girl's name was Kevita. But when she said it, I thought she said "Aviva." That's how I spelled it...and she went off on me. By this time, I had been at it for 9 hours and I said, "honey, If you would speak clearly and without gum in your mouth and put down that cell phone, maybe I would have gotten it right the first time." Her mom was standing behind her and said, "You heard the lady. Get off that cell phone and act like you've got sense."

I would prefer if she acted like she had 'cents.' lol

Got to Al's at 11:30 pm Sat night...about the same time he got in from work. He looked so exhausted. His pressure washing and cleaning business is taking off. Before work and on his days off, he's been extremely busy, putting in as much as 16 to 18 hours a day of working at both. When we went in the house, I told him to strip to his underwear and to lie down--that I would give him a lasted 3 hours! I covered his whole body--even though I was exhausted, I knew he would rest better once the kinks were out of his muscles...and it worked. He took a shower and got his second wind... though I was tired, I found the energy for an hour and half of smothering sex. Yes, that massage was well worth it.

Except he had me up at 8 am... I thought I wouldn't be able to make it up...after only 3 hours of sleep. We went to one of his job sites to remove some trash out of a storage building. Took a few hours to do, because there was more than what the owner told Al. After dropping the stuff off at the dump, I went to the grocery store that Al works at and prompty got lost going back to his place. It was raining and I took the wrong turn. Found my way back after an hour--he's only 15 mins from his work place.

We had some friends over for dinner. It was fun but I was so tired. Both Al and I went to bed really early.

Yesterday at work, I was almost overwhelmed by the amount of work I had sitting on my desk. Dad had piled some orders that needed cropping and color balancing. They are rush jobs and I spent all day messing with them.

I haven't had time to email a few of my daily email pals. I should... but I knew if I did, I wouldn't be getting around to blogging. There's always cut and paste for those that don't read here or even know about this place... it's not that I have secrets...there are times I want to post my private thoughts without worrying about what those close to me think. We all need a dumping ground and I would be horrified and embarrassed if a few of my close online friends read here.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


I can't believe I have a moment to blog. Been covered in work for the last few weeks and I'm stressed over it. Looks like we won't be slowing down until June.

Things are going ok. I have to say thank you to that special person who makes me smile when I don't think I can...and who also makes me feel like the most desired woman on the planet... ;)... you know who you are.

I miss my friend Jo. We dont' get to chat much because neither of us are on Messenger. She brightens my life and I thank God daily for her friendship.

This weekend, Al gave me the royal 'romance' treatment. He can amaze me sometimes because he really takes time to make sure I know he loves me. He said "I might not say it with every breath but I feel it in every breath." Now, how romantic is that?

Even though I love him and we have a great time together ...there are still moments when I want to jump the UPS guy and make him show me 'what brown can do for me?'

Ah lust... it can brighten a day.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Love Quote of the Day

"We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love."

Tom Robbins

May's Issue is up

...................and running

Monday, May 08, 2006

Your Deadly Sins
Lust: 80%
Envy: 20%
Greed: 20%
Pride: 20%
Wrath: 20%
Gluttony: 0%
Sloth: 0%
Chance Sherrie will Go to Hell: 23%
Sherrie will die while in the throws of passion - the best way to go.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Here I am...

..........finally blogging.

I'm sorry I haven't been here. I must confess, I've missed blogging. Feel as if a part of me has been lost..and I know it's the part that pours everything out here.

Easter weekend was fun. I've got some Easter pictures of the nephews. I'll have to post them when I pull them off the camera.

Work has been so stressful. I keep thinking I just might run away but I know if I did someone would find me...and drag me back kicking and screaming. If it were due to an excess amount of work, I wouldn't mind the would be productive. But this isn't. I'm having to deal with Dad who has a digital learning curve...and he believes nothing I say. And keeps doing the same mistakes over. I finally called one of his photographer friends today...asked if he could come by tomorrow while it's quiet and talk to dad about his digital problems. I explained them in advance, because I know how Dad is...he'll pretend he has none. Maybe hearing things froma colleage will help him understand. I'm at my wit's end and if something doesn't improve, I'm running away to an exotic island somewhere.

Things with Al are mostly ok. There's a situation that really has been bothering me. It's to complex to go on about in this blog...but we're working on the situation. Hopefully it will be resolved. I do know this...I love him deeply. And will admit...the love has never died. He drives me nuts sometimes...but mostly, he makes me laugh. I'm happier than I've been in a long time...even if minor problems crop up. I know that I'm mature...he's mature and somewhere in the midst of the problems, we'll find a happy where we both can meet with arms open.

Damn...I got poetic.

I kept the nephews Monday night...we played on the computer doing games on yahoo. Ben sat in my lap and had the worse case of gas..I'm talking the invisible deadly type. I said, "BEN...where did you get that gas? It smells horrible!?

He said, "DOD...DOD gave it to me."

I echoed, "Dod? Dod?...oh you mean GOD." (He's still got a bit of a speech problem on some sounds)

He said, "Yes...Aunt Sherrie...Dod gave it to me."

I said, "Let's pray to God and ask him to take it back."

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Body shot?...anyone?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

My apologies my readers...

life's been hectic at work, mainly. I believe aliens have taken over my father's digital camera and are sucking the life out of me.

My hope for today is that I'll find time to blog and catch up on news...and on reading blogs I've been neglecting, but love to read.

I miss that...the reading more so than the writing.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Understanding a Woman's language

"Fine" - This is the word we use at the end of any argument that we feel we are right about but need to shut you up. NEVER use fine to describe how a woman looks. This will cause you to have one of those arguments.

"Five minutes" - This is half an hour. It is equivalent to the five minutes that your football game is going to last before you take out the trash, so it's an even trade.

"Nothing" - This means something and you should be on your toes. "Nothing" is usually used to describe the feeling a woman has of wanting to turn you inside out, upside down, and backwards. "Nothing" usually signifies an argument that will last "Five Minutes" and end with the word "Fine".

"Go Ahead" (with raised eyebrows) - This is a dare. One that will result in a woman getting upset over "Nothing" and will end with the word "Fine".

"Go Ahead" (normal eyebrows) - This means "I give up" or "do what you want because I don't care". You will get a raised eyebrow "Go ahead" in just a few minutes, followed by "Nothing" and "Fine" and she will talk to you in about "Five Minutes" when she cools off.

Monday, April 10, 2006

From The Classifieds

FREE YORKSHIRE TERRIER: 8 years old. Hateful little dog. Bites.

FREE PUPPIES: 1/2 Cocker Spaniel, 1/2 sneaky neighbor's dog.

FREE PUPPIES: Mother, AKC German Shepherd. Father, Super Dog - able to leap tall fences in a single bound.

FOUND DIRTY WHITE DOG: Looks like a rat ... been out a while. Better be a reward.

COWS, CALVES: NEVER BRED: Also 1 gay bull for sale.

NORDIC TRACK: $300 Hardly used, call Chubby.

GEORGIA PEACHES: California grown - 89 cents lb.

JOINING NUDIST COLONY: Must sell washer and dryer $300.


FOR SALE BY OWNER: Complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica, 45 volumes. Excellent condition. $1,000 or best offer. No longer needed, got married last month. Wife knows everything.

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Things We Learn from Porn (thanks NLM)

1. Women wear high heels to bed.

2. Men are never impotent.

3. When going down on a woman 10 seconds is more than satisfactory.

4. If a woman gets busted masturbating by a strange man, she will not
scream with embarrassment, but rather insist he have sex with her.

5. Women smile appreciatively when men splat them in the face with sperm.

6. Women enjoy having sex with ugly middle-aged men.

7. Women moan uncontrollably when giving a blow job.

8. Women always orgasm when men do.

9. A blow job will always get a woman off a speeding ticket.

10. All women are noisy fucks.

11. People in the 70's couldn't fuck unless there was a wild guitar
solo in the background.

12. Those tits are real.

13. A common and enjoyable sexual practice for a man is to take his
half-erect penis and slap it repeatedly on a woman's butt.

14. Men always groan 'OH YEAH' when they cum.

15. If there is two of them they 'high five' each other. (and the
girl isn't disgusted!)

16. Double penetration makes women smile.

17. Asian men don't exist.

18. If you come across a guy and his girlfriend having sex in the
bushes the boyfriend won't bash seven shades of shit out of you if you shove
your cock in his girlfriend's mouth.

19. There's a plot.

20. When taking a woman from behind, a man can really excite a woman
by giving her a gentle slap on the ass.

21. Nurses suck patients cocks.

22. Men always pull out.

23. When your girlfriend busts you getting head from her best friend,
she'll only be momentarily pissed off before fucking both of you.

24. Women never have headaches.

25. When a woman is sucking a man's cock, it's important for him to
remind her to 'suck it'

26. Assholes are clean.

27. A man ejaculating on a woman's butt is a satisfying result for
all parties concerned.

28. Women always look pleasantly surprised when they open a man's
pants and find a cock there.

29. Men don't have to beg.

30. When standing during a blow job, a man will always place one hand
firmly on the back of the kneeling woman's head and the other proudly
on his hip.

31. Pigtails = handlebars

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Under a Dim Light

From under the dim light of a faltering moon,
I embrace the chill of a spring night;
its evening eyes hidden under new sprouts
of tender grass.

Winter past froze time in crystal tears,
each night an agony that tore my soul.
I do not regret its passing into the ides
of windy March.

Soon summer will play upon the oceans of us;
our passions a war of foam and sea,
churning up the sands of time and eternal lust
of things we can't have.

Like the faltering moon of spring's new birth,
we'll know the after taste of winter frost,
even as we frolic among the white-capped
waters of summer.

some cinquains

hi guys...thanks to all of you who are posting. My muse seems to be a butterfly and won't stay for long.

buds opening
flowers dancing on green
under my toes, blossoms tickle
my soul


upon my lips
your minty breath of spring
helps me to forget winter's cold


6 days into the month and I just realized that I haven't blogged in over a week.

I really thought I had and was surprised to see I haven't bored anyone lately!

Things around here have been ok. Just working hard and enjoying the nice weather when I get home at night. My yard is looking good. The azaleas and dogwoods are blooming. My pussywillow had fuzzies all over it.

The nephews are doing great. William made all 3's on his report card. Excellent for a kid with autism. I hope by the time he's in the 8th grade that he won't carry that label. We work hard every day so that he knows his homework. Last night we spelled all sorts of words. I'm very proud of him. Poor Ben...he's not the academic type at all. I've been working with him on his spelling and trying to coax him to play educational games on the computer but all he's interested in is...playing ball or power rangers. I'm afraid he's not going to be the 'geek' type like William is. As long as he passes his classes, I guess that's all that matters.

Spent a nice weekend at Al's. He had to work but we managed to find some time for adventures. One of my friends made a comment that heaven in a relationship doesn't last long. Maybe it doesn't. But I'm not striving for a perfect relationship--if it were that, then it would be boring I think. Al and I have our differences. We get angry but we talk it out and do what we can to compromise. Then we laugh about it later. I'll settle for pieces of heaven.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

***I am 96% Happy and Happy about it***

It's unlikely that you know anyone happier than you.
You know how to be happy, no matter what life throws at you.

How Happy Are You?

Still am Artist

Earlier this morning, the Alzheimer's Care Director at the nursing home I worked at from 81-82 came by to see if I would donate some of my original art--framed of course--to a silent auction benefit for the Alzheimer's Care Unit. It's to raise money for research. I said yes. I have many pieces that just need a good frame.

I asked the lady how did she hear about me. She said that one of the nurses that several of the nurses and a few of the children of some of the patients told her about me. I'm used to being known as a photographic restoration artist, but the "painter lady" side of me isn't very well known. Or so I thought. I guess because I haven't been active in the painting world since the early 00's, I thought people who were familiar with me back then would have forgotten the fact that I do paint and sketch.

Now that Granny has Alzheimers, it will be added to small list of charities that I support: Cerebral Palsy, Austism and now, Alzheimers.

Monday, March 27, 2006


The weekend was pretty decent. Was suppose to see Male Strippers on Friday, but one of the 'hens' couldn't make it--the Designated Driver. I had agreed to go but only if I could drive separately from them. Since Al lives a mile for the club, I had made up my mind to go and jump his bone after the show... and in doing so, the hens would have to see themselves home. Since Cricket couldn't go, they cancelled the trip. I didn't mind. It's always nice to see oiled toned young men in thongs, but the idea of not being able to sample the goods...and having to stuff money down their 'panties' to get a dry hump from them..sort of kills the romance of it all. Al was sort of disappointed though...he wanted me to rock his world. I reminded him Saturday night that I don't need unfullfilled fantasies of male strippers to rock his world.

So... I stayed home Friday night. Worked for a while Sat and went to Al's around 3pm. We hung around and did different things around the house. Went to the grocery store. Al was supposed to work Sunday, so we hit the bed early. Fell asleep two hours later. ;)

Al thinks that I should get up if he's up. So at 6 am Sunday, he pulls the covers off me and tells me something. With one eye open, I stumble to the kitchen and stand there for about five minutes. He's in the shower, so I stumble to the bathroom and say, "What did you tell me to do?" He laughs and tells me again. I stumble back to the kitchen with one eye open and still can't remember.

After 3 turns of this back and forth, it finally soaked into my brain...Al wants BREAKFAST. BLT sandwich! He had started the bacon, so I didn't have to worry about that part. But it took me forever to get it together. He kept coming into the kitchen to laugh at my hair, which had a mind of its own and was standing straight up. I reminded him that "he" helped create the bedroom hair look.

After he hustled out the door, I went back to bed thinking that I had 6 hours to do whatever I wanted. Since I was partly awake, I knew I needed to relax, so I got out my little vibrating egg and set to work...'relaxing'. When I get in the 'relaxing' mood, I tend to drag it out. No immediate need to climax. Just enjoy the feel good that only a vibrating egg to the clit can produce. I mapped out my plans for the morning.

1-vibe with my egg
2-nap for a few hours
3-make eggs, bacon and toast with almond swiss chocolate coffee.
4-do some laundry
5-watch a movie, while working on the class reunion contact list.
6-sweep the floor
7-make lunch for when Al gets home

I was almost almost asleep, when I heard a noise. It was Al, standing at the foot of the bed with a pair of my panties on his head. He was laughing at me, because I was vibing. "Didn't you get enough last night???"

"Define enough!"

He laughed and said, "Get a shower, we're going to Wrightsville Beach." I looked at the clock and it was just 7:50 am.

It seems that the night time cleaning crew had spilled a bunch of chemicals in the are Al was working in and fumes were too strong, so they sent everyone in that department home.

So at 9 am, we were on the way to Wrightsville Beach. One of Al's friends (Darryl) lives there. He isn't one of my favorite people but I tolerate him. I was interested in meeting his new wife, because I wondered what kind of woman would marry him. She seemed nice enough--sort of dizzy but nice. Darryl is the kind of guy who is always telling you about all the people who are trying to undermind him or who's taking advantage of him, etc. He's the biggest crybaby I know. And heaven help it if a woman out fishes him...which I did.... when we went fishing yesterday. Caught 2 skates and some sort of puffy fish. I was the only person who caught something worth what's up with fishermen when a woman catches more than they do? They called it luck when I caught a skate... but said it was skill when they got something as small as bait fish. I'm sure Jeff Foxworthy knows that anwser.

So I was pretty happy that I got to try out my new fishing rod. We left at 4:30 and got home around 7. Al's one of those people who have to make a lot of pitstops.

I really enjoyed the ride there and back. It was just Al and me. We talked some. Sang to the radio. Played some trivia pursuit (20 questions that were in the entertainment part of the newspaper). We told jokes and laughed a lot. Put my favorite part was how we could be silent together. During those times, one of us would look at the other and smile or touch. Comfortable silence. Those are the best kinds.

Man, I was exhausted from the drive when we finally got home. We had stopped at a Ma and Pa type deli for a sandwich on the way home and that helped with supper. All we wanted was a slice of cherry pie and some ice cream. We watched a movie that someone had given Al for Xmas.. "Evolution." It was ok. Had some funny parts in it. I finally couldn't keep my eyes open, so I went to bed around 10 pm. Al's diverticulitis acted up most of the night and he slept on the couch so he wouldn't disturb me, which made me feel guilty because I slept like a baby while he was in pain.

He felt better this morning and sent me home with a smile on my face. ;)

Friday, March 24, 2006

Psycho Test

This is not a trick question. It is as it reads.

A woman, while at the funeral of her own mother, met a man she didn't
know. She thought this guy was amazing, so much her dream guy, that she
believed him to be just that! She fell in love with him right there, but never
asked for his number and couldn't find him. A few days later she killed her

Question: What is her motive in killing her sister? (Give this some
thought before you answer).

click on the comment to see the answer...only after you've given this your best shot.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rainy Day

We've getting some nice rain. It wouldn't be so bad if it was a warm day. But with the chill in the air, you feel as if you're damp down to your bones.

Had a decent weekend. Worked Saturday until 4. Then drove up to see Al. We cooked some delicious fish dishes and watched the NCAA games. He was called into work Sunday morning at 7 am. We had a round of wild sex in the den before he left. I told him that the grin he had on his face was a dead giveaway that he just got laid. He laughed and said, "Go look in the mirror." Then he kissed me deeply and left for work.

I did...and saw I had the same goofy grin.

I drove back home that morning at 9 am and picked up my brother. We drove to meet the rest of the family at Holden Beach--that's where Granny lives. My uncle Jerry and his wife Ann, their daughther Lynn and her hubbie Mark were already there. Lisa and the nephews showed up a few mins after we did. The last to get there was Mom and her boyfriend John. Granny looked good. She seemed to be having a good day, but I could tell at times that she looked distressed. I'm sure with all the people in her small house that it seemed overwhelming. I did my best to keep the nephews occupied.

Jewel--granny's husband, let me drive his golf cart with the boys hanging out of it. I was careful until I got the hang of it. I used to be Al's driver when he played golf in Rock Hill, SC. So it wasn't hard to acclimate to driving a cart again. We had fun. I think I'm ready for a turn around a golf course now.

Walked out to the pier that lead to the intracostal waterway. There were a bunch of broken shells on it. Sea Gulls drop clams and mussels from the air ..when they land on hard spots, they break open and the birds eat the occupants. William, Ben and I had a shell tossing contest. I cut my finger on one...nothing serious..just a small scratch. After that I pretended to pick up shells and throw them. I'm thinking in another year or two, it will be tough to fool the boys.

We left at around 3:30. William rode back with me. I turned the radio to the groovy 70's and 80's station and we tried to sing along with the songs. He also read any billboard we passed. He's amazed me before but when he got some really hard words right (he sounds them out), I almost drove off the road.

Once we were back at home, I put up the food we brought back with us. William played on the PC for a while and then I took him home. I was in bed really early. All that driving took a lot out of me

Al called last night. He got an approval letter for the condo. Now he has to come up with a down payment and it's his. He thinks he doesn't deserve all this good luck. It breaks my heart to hear him talk like that. Everyone makes mistakes...and we shouldn't have to pay for them for an eternity. I told Al that if he thinks he isn't worthy, then he won't have good things come his way. He needs to get over the idea that he's Karma's bitch. (yes John...I'm stealing from Earl).

Thursday, March 16, 2006

You've Been invited... to ...get LAID

get your attention? lmao.. love the subject lines of spam email... thought I would give catchy subject headers a try...

On the way to my brother's work place, we stopped at a small gas station for a soda for him to take with him inside work. I have never been inside that store, even though it's been there forever. And I was still in my jammies but with a coat over them. My hair wasn't too bad...sort of smoothed it down. Added some bright lipstick...figured that would be a great distraction. Focus on the lips and ignore the rest of me.... I procured his soda--a can of Orange Crush and marched to the front.

Couldn't figure out where the cash register was because they had everything under the sun on the counter... big jars of pickled eggs, pickles, some funky voodoo heads, it was weird... I asked the lady that was unpacking cigarettes "Where do I check out?"

She said, "That young man will help you," pointing at a guy I swear was *Fast Eddie's twin if it were the mid 80's and this was the Greenville area. But I couldn't get to his area because a black guy was unloading some boxes.

The lady said, "The ice cream man's in the way. Go around him."

I did and he said, "Come on up. I'll clear a spot off."

The FET (Fast Eddie Twin) said, "Honey, is this all?"

I said, "Yes." Then to the Ice Cream guy, "This is my first time inside."

He said, "You need to come more often. Are you from Lumberton?" (The store is off of I-95 at exit 19.

"Yes. Out in the country."

The EFT said, "Yes. Come by during the morning shift. That's when I'm here." (Ha...the lipstick trick was working)

The lady said, "Next time you come in and the ice cream guys in the way, make him move."

The ice cream guy and the FET laughed.

I said, "I'll bring my whipping stick. That always gets 'em out of the way."

(An elderly woman had come in and was standing behind me. She made a disgruntle sound, as if she disapproved.)

Everyone laughed and the lady said, "I don't know, honey. I think the guys around this area like that sort of thing."

I said, as I got my change back from FET and picked up the cold soda can, "Then I'll make sure to wear some leather."

I left amid the very loud grunt of disapproval from the woman behind me and the even louder laughter of the others.

*patent pending...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


89% Compatible

♥ Sherrie and Allen have been romantically-together for a long time. That alone demonstrates a degree of compatibility. The religious faith they share may help to form a bond. They both abstain from drinking, so that helps compatibility. The fact that Allen is a big sports fan could be divisive, in terms of how the couple spends their time. The two share similar political beliefs, though. Both are brainy, and that is a good thing. However, their astrological signs are not in harmony. Their common love of animals is good thing. And their views on children are similar. Overall, Sherrie and Allen are highly compatible. They are capable of having a beautiful relationship together. ♥

The Dating Compatibility Test by Dating Diversions

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Finally.... again

I apologize for not being around or making rounds to the blogs I read and whose owners read here...but.... (always a big but but luckily for me not a big butt)...Work's been hectic lately. I've taken in so much work--all referrals. I don't know if I can continue at this pace without hiring someone to answer the phone...wait...that's one way to get Dad to do more...threaten to hire a secretary. The only reason I'm blogging now is because I ran out of supplies for the printer. They're due in at noon tomorrow. So I thought I would take a moment to write.

The magazine issue is up and so far I've gotten good reviews from people who take the time to email me. My DJ friend Jeff wrote that even if it's late, it's always worth the wait. That made me feel better about not having it up sooner. Knowing he liked it...well that added a bonus to my day. I noticed on the hidden counters I have on the magazine that most guys are heading for the NCAA page...right John?

William's little poem/essay seems to be popular. He cracked me up Friday night, because he wanted to stay up late and play. I told him that if he went to sleep I would meet him in his dreams and we would play baseball. He said, " our dreams let's look at the Number 5 and then shave the hair off of some clowns' backs."

I said, "Shave the hair off of some clowns' backs???"

He said, "Ok, just one clown." lol

Where he got that from...I have no idea! Ok.. probably from me.

I don't know why I thought Granny's birthday was last Sunday. It's the 19...this coming Sunday. My Uncle and his family are going too. Mom wants to cook a lot of food and take it. I say let everyone take something. I know Mom...she'll put it all on me and I don't want to spend Sat night and early Sunday morning doing all the cooking. Granny will be surprised and I plan to take a lot of pictures.

Went to Al's this weekend. It was great as usual. Though he wasn't feeling great so we canceled a dinner party whe had planned. Instead we watched th ACC tourney. He was very upset that a 'Yankee' team (Boston college) beat UNC. And on Sunday's game ..Duke Vs Boston, he pulled for Duke ONLY because he didn't want a "Yankee" team to win the ACC championship. I laughed. Talk about Southern prejudice! So the Big Dance begins tonight and I guess I'll keep up with it, because I know he'll want to discuss the games he's watching.

I pampered him quite a bit. He kept calling me over to where he sat on the couch Saturday night, so I could give him little kisses. At times I am so afraid I'll wake up and this will have been a dream. I love him so much. It feels good to know that love's given back with the same intensity. How people settle for a lukewarm amazes me. I guess when you don't know what you're missing... you don't miss it.

We caught a great show on the Discovery channel Sunday night--it was about Blackbeard. I guess we're both a bit obsessed about him, since he had a home in Bath and raided the Outerbank's water's during the early 1700's. The guy who played Mark Anthony on the HBO series Rome, played Blackbeard. He did a great job.

I'm going tonight to get my new first rate fishing pole. My plan is to fish this summer. Mainly at the beach...and in the surf. I don't care much for pier fishing. I believe aliens live there.

To those of you who are wondering why I haven't emailed or IMed...I promise to do so tonight or tomorrow morning.

I love you, guys...

March Issue


is ready... well mostly ready...

go see for yourself!

Thursday, March 09, 2006


I am back in business. This printer has slots for memory cards, ipods, camera usb's, etc.. it has a screen on top of the printer that guides you if you get lost... it's wonderful... I should have gotten a new one ages far, it's being 'sherrie friendly'... (knock on wood)... I can print straight from memory cards or the camera without going through the PC...I don't have to use the razor thin photo paper..I can use whatever I images cropped off...oh baby...

Do you hear that sound? Listen... it's me...running barefoot through the clover field of happiness...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Devil, Flat Stanley and Diverticulitis

Phew...what a mouthful!

I knew I would said NEVER but well, hell's frozen over and I'm sleeping with the Devil again. Damn, I hope he calls the next morning...OH... In layman terms...I bought another HP printer ... it's temporary. Once we get the digital bugs ironed out, we'll invest in a more professional one.

Drove to Fayetteville to get it. I had planned to leave early but didn't get out of here until 6. Got the printer and decided to stay with Al for the evening. Much to his delight. Got here close to 8 and he had just got in from leaving a deposit on the condo. If his application is approved (he thinks there won't be a problem), he'll be the owner of a quaint condo.

He looked very pale when he got in. I knew something was wrong. His diverticulitis was acting up. He developed it a few years ago. I had him lie down and made him a light supper. In between bouts of pain, I rubbed his back. The pain would come in waves and stay away for as long as 30 mins, but when it returned it made him double over in pain. Poor guy. I fell asleep rubbing his back. He kept getting up all night. So I didn't sleep well. I hated to leave him this morning. He kept hugging me tight. Al's been on his own for so one to show him love until I returned.

William's 1st grade class is doing a project called "Flat Stanley"...its a paper doll that they mail out of town to a friend or relative who mails it back with a story about Stanley's adventures. Will sent his to Al and it was there last night. Al and I had some fun with the camera, goofing off with Stanley. Most of them can't be used but I did get some for the project. I'll write up a story tonight and tomorrow print the photos that we can use and mail them back to William's first grade teacher. I'm sure once the project is done, it will appear in the magazine.

Speaking of that...I'm sufferring from a horrible bout of writer's block. I'm struggling to write even the simplest of articles. Maybe my muse will grace me tonight.

And guess what I heard at the lumber yard???? Barry Bonds...and steroids?? Oh my!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

weekend update continues


Sunday morning, we juiced, something Al's recently introduced me to. Back when we were breaking up, he got into the 'juice' rage. Bought a Juiceman Jr and began juicing. I never did. Now that we're back, he's convinced me to try it and I find it's better than I thought. I've even purchased my own juiceman.

We use a bit of spinach or parsley (I like parsley makes your breath smell so good), a stalk of celery, a bunch of carrots (carrot juice is sweet) and an apple. We put a glass under the spout to catch the juice that's squeezed from the various fruits and vegetables. I like to drink it fast. It's frothy and slightly sweet. So that's what we did Sunday for breakfast.

We did some various errands around town and came back home for a while. I decided to call Granny. She's on a new med and I wanted to see how it's affecting her. So I went outside to talk since it was a nice day. First thing she said was "It's about time you called." I knew she wouldnt' remember that I've been calling often. Then she said, "I'm not doing good at all." She sounded so tired. I really think old age has caught up with her. I once told Mom that when it does, she'll be hit hard by it. We talked for about 20 mins. It breaks my heart to talk to her. I try not to cry and I usually succeed but I didn't yesterday. I guess we all have great hopes that the medicines will help her and so far they aren't doing much to make her feel better. When we hung up, I noticed that Al was in the back yard, moving tree branches. I went inside and cried for a minute. Trying to get myself under control. I had done a great job of it until he came into the room. He said, "What's wrong with your eyes?" (I forget they turned really red when I cry). I put my hand out and tried to walk away, because tears were returning. He grabbed me and pulled me into a big hug and wouldn't let me go until I cried it out. Al kept stroking my hair, saying "It's ok. I'm here for you. Go ahead and cry." I did...and realized that it was what I needed. Someone's shoulder to cry on.

That's one thing I don't do often. Is let someone see me cry. I'm the one who lets others cry on my shoulder. I rarely cry on someone else's. Maybe this is why Al's been sent back to be my rock to cling too. This is a side of Al that I've never known. And it warms my heart to know its there.

We went to look at some property that's for sale and found a really cool condo. It's a one bedroom, one bath ground floor condo, facing the pool. It's at a really nice area of town and the asking price is $48,000. I thought it would be all ratty inside but there was new carpet down and the rest of the place was in almost mint condition. I think Al really wants it. He's suppose to talk to the owner today.

Afer that we drove around the area, since both of us weren't use to it. And found a nice wildlife reserve. I'll write about it in the Magazine, most likely. I took some neat photos of the lake at dusk. They're really pretty.

After our lake venture, we hit Walmart. Got a few things he needed and suddendly he said, "Let's go have fun." He guided me to the sporting department. I said, "Fun? There's fun in Walmart."

I will say this...the next time a guy says something about women and shopping, I will say..."Oh yea...what about guys and shopping for sporting goods! You take longer to pick out a golf club or a fishing rod than we do to pick out a shade of nail polish!"

I know we spent about 30 minutes, looking at rods. Finally he settled on one. I pointed out that one fishing kit (meaning it has the pole, rigging, line and lures in it) and said, "That's for salt water." He was impressed that I knew the difference. I guess he's forgotten I'm a 'fisherwoman' at heart. I'll have to go fishing with him this summer and show him I can catch more fish.

We got home and had a light supper. Watched a bit of TV. Suddenly, he got up..and got out his fishing tackle box. Then we messed with the line on his new pole, etc. I thought he was sorting his tackle box so that he could fish sometime this week, but he wasn't. He called me over and said, "When you go visit your Grandmother this coming weekend, take my tackle box. I remember how much she loves to fish. Take her to the pier, take a chair and let her relax. The box is ready and I've got the lines fixed. You know how to salt water fish. Remember...if you don't catch a fish, it's ok. Just enjoy your time together." He took the tackle box out to my truck and when he came back inside, all I could do was hug him...and kiss him tenderly.

That man has won back my heart...and there's no going back.

Monday, March 06, 2006

bad Sherrie

Just realized I forgot to post the rest of my weekend news.

Will try to do that tomorrow...its been a hectic day and night.

Off to have sweet dreams... hope you do the same.

My Al

Here's my Al. We found a wildlife reserve--Lake Rim-- that neither of us knew about. I took this photo in the parking lot. Course he had to be's funny but the way he posed reminded me of the nephews...they have to strike silly poses when I take their photos. We hit the reserve at dusk. I took some lovely photos of the sunset over the lake.

Al's hair is dirty the winter it's dark and in the summer, it turns a nice shade of blonde.