Sunday, May 29, 2005

Shiny Objects

I'm easily distracted tonight by them! Where are my fuckin' blinders? Ah... here they are! I'm focused.

Friday was weird in a way... I felt calm. Nothing rattled me. Not even an irate customer who was the drama queen of the year. While she ranted at me...about something that was fixable, I didn't feel anything. I let her run on, jammering away at me until she finally stuttered to a stop. Then I handled the situation. Never once getting cross or letting my voice rise! How the hell did I do that???? This was a case where the customer actually is WRONG.

I was like that Friday night. My friend Doug and I went to dinner... San Jose's again. Though it was the other location. Conversation was mainly on movies--his taste runs towards teen movies or chick flicks... Or his daughter and his fear of putting her in a public school this fall. We ran out of things to talk about. Suddenly he asked for my opinion on Jeffrey McDonald...the man who killed his family in 69 or 70. Strange that he would ask that. I haven't thought much about that man in a few years. But I gave my opinion. Sometimes I think I scare him a little. Lately every time we get together, I feel our age difference more and more. 11 years isn't a lot to some people, but when the maturity levels don't bridge the ages... there is dissatisfaction.

Saturday I worked until 4. A family friend stopped in and we talked for 2 hours! Dad had to go to an out-of-town wedding, so I was alone there. Had to rush to the grocery store before getting home to get ready for the Strippers. What was weird ... hmm...using that word alot in this post... was I saw the same man I keep seeing at the Post Office... he's an ankle tanner....

An ankle tanner is a man whose feet and ankles are tan. You can spot them because they wear shorts or pants with sockless loafers. Even in the winter.

I almost ran him over with my shopping cart. The grocery store I stopped at isn't one I'm familiar with. Where things should be...well, they weren't! I went around that store with my head chopped off. The aisles were so narrow that only one cart at a time was allowed. It dawned on me that the grocery store was really a one-way store and I was going in the wrong direction.

When I realized it was the Ankle Tanner I almost squashed flat with my cart, I stopped and acknowledged him with my eyebrow salute. He stepped aside and I continued to fly. It wasn't until I was stuck behind a display of Red-White-and-Blue paper plates that it came to me that he was about to say something to me. But my raised eyebrows stopped him. They're shapely and arched. Hmmm...maybe he doesn't read eyebrows.

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