Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Random Thoughts

I'm working on a photo today that has a zillion white spots all over it. They're the size of pinheads and it's taking forever. I'm zapping them with my cloner. If I work for 20 mins straight, my right hand goes numb. Damn Carpal Tunnel Syndrome! So I stop for a few minutes and squeeze my squeezy ball or type an email or blog post. Guess what..that's what I'm doin' now.

~ ~ ~ ~

I feel for any lover I've had in my life. They either become a True Confessions story or a character in a fictional piece. Or both! You can just bet...if we've been intimate, you'll show up somewhere in my words.

~ ~ ~ ~

I'm thinking of getting my old aquarium back up and running. Had a small tank of pretty tiger barbs but I think my mom and William over-fed them in 2001. This time I'll get some angel fish. They are gentle and can be trained for finger feeding.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Deep Throat... when I first saw the article title on yahoo, I thought it was about the movie. But no, it's about the Nixon stuff. The guy's like 91...so I guess it's safe to reveal who he is. Like some Nixon fanatic is going to gun for an old geezer.

Back to the movie... If you haven't seen it...don't watch it after a Peter Horn or Nina Hartley or Jenna Jamison movie... it will be a major letdown...believe me.

~ ~ ~ ~

To clear up a controversy... I have reached inside male stripper thongs to place $$$ in them. Not to do any searching for tissue. Yes, my fingers lingered and if there was any hair there I could claim that my rings got tangled up in 'blue'.... Dammit, now I've broken Rule # 1... heads will roll, heads will...roll.

~ ~ ~ ~
It's almost 5 and tonight is Tuesday... and I'm off to shop after work... time to start zapping dots again.

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SugarMama said...

I admire your brain. I had fun reading here in your blog.