Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A Scattered-Brain kinda Day

I had a fab yesterday. Evening was fab, too. Even was able to fall asleep without trouble. Woke up before the shrill voice of Sheri and Bob could startle me.

I lay in bed for a while, all cozy and not minding that the rooster was crowing his little heart out. Then I began to remember the dream I had before waking... it was about my upcoming Class reunion in 2006. We were having it at the old Carolina Civic Center. I kept calling one guy by the wrong name. He had a gold earring in his right lobe and it threw me off. This guy never wore earrings. He used to say that they were for 'fags.' Anyway, I was outside the CCC talking to someone when the building imploded and everyone I disliked in school were still inside. Wow... I stood there with my mouth open, thinking...that had to hurt.

So as I lay in bed, thinking about this...Bob and Sheri came on the radio. I cut off Sheri in mid-sentence. She's very domineering. Poor he's got a leash around his neck. Anyway... I got up, got a shower and instead of my usual cup of coffee I had a glass of milk. Read the paper while I drank it.

Granny had driven down yesterday afternoon to spend the night because she had a doc appt to get the stitches out from when she had some moles removed last week. Her appt was for 9 am. She got back while I was getting dressed. Told me 2 times what the doctor said. Had me examine the incisions which were very thin and healing nicely.

Suddenly, she stopped talking and said, "Curlers? Curlers. Yes those are curlers in your head." And started laughing. "You're sitting here with curlers in your head."

I got up to look at myself in the mirror, because Granny isn't one for spontaneous laughter. Now I'm all thrown off balance by her apparent amusement. But I didn't look silly--no more than any woman wearing them does. I walked back into the kitchen and retorted, "I'm trying to get a signal from Mars."

Went back into the bathroom and started taking them out (it was getting late and I needed to finish my hair and daytime face). Granny followed me. "You're taking them out?" She asked.

"'s not working." I was referring to the signal to Mars concept.

She said, "At least your hair's going in the right direction now."

Man...what was this... Comic Granny Day.

I put on one of my Bohemian skirts with a long tank top and a cool loopy belt. Buckled my sandals on my bare feet. Was gathering up my jewelry (my two pinky rings and my gold hoops), when Granny said, "You're going to freeze out there. It's cold. Feel my hands."

I did and they were cold. She said a few more comments and I thought. Man, I don't want to freeze at work. My nipples will break off. So I changed into a long sleeve blouse and a pair of jeans. Removed the sandals and grabbed my loafers. As I was walking out the door, Granny said, "Wear a light jacket." I listened and wore a denim jacket.

The walk to the truck was chilly. But the walk to work once I parked the truck wasn't. The oldies 96.5 DJ said it was 70 degrees out. In fact, I looked silly in a jacket. I've hung the coat up and know that I will forget it later. All day I've mused over how easily my dear 80-yr-old grandmother persuaded me to listen to her, when I know that just because she's cold doesn't mean that it's cold outside. Hell, she's cold when it's 99.

Maybe I have a low resistance level before 11 am. Maybe that's why her persuasion worked. Whatever the reason, today I've been a blonde in a non-blonde body. Wandering around with just one earring on...I've lost a hoop. I'm hoping it's at home. It's one of my favorites.


Jo said...

And maybe... just maybe it's because you didnt drink your usual coffee... and without caffeine your ability to deal with granny doesnt exist :)

Painter Lady said...

You're on to something...

I was caffeineless.