Friday, February 29, 2008

I just don't always understand...


Over the last couple of weeks, I've been getting friends' requests on my yahoo messenger for guys I knew in the yahoo groups a few years ago. Each one disappeared and how they've resurfaced and want to chat 'intimately' with me. One guy who was really big in the romantic decadence poetry group calls me 'sweetness personified'. Back in the day, he used to email me poetry and wanted me to reply with poetry. The problem I had was that he was a rhymer...and I couldn't get into his method, so I didn't reply. Now he's sending offlines with poems..or partial poems. I've ignored him so far. I've changed a lot...and don't need 'online validation.'

There have been a few others who just want to know if I'm still free to cyber. I don't remember ever cybering with them. I added them to my list so I would know when they were online and thus remain invisible. It pays to keep those that bother you in your eyes' pathway.

But the one that sorta makes me confused is a guy I knew way before Yahoo--probably in 2000...we met in a NC singles chatroom and ended up going out a few times. Both of us were Scorpios...born just a day apart. I think we were just too intense for each other. When he touched me... in innocent ways, I felt electricity or static energy between us. It was as if he was sucking my essence out of me, just by touch alone.. So we never made it beyond 2 dates.

I didn't hear much from him afterwards..other than the occasional "I just found my dream girl" email. Well, he kept sending me friend's requests last week.. I decline a few of them but finally excepted. Last night he caught me in chat and told me he had gotten married in Dec 07...and wasn't sure it would work because the girl is a Virgo. I told him to give it a chance... and to try and keep things fresh. As I said good-bye after making sure he knew I was 'almost engaged'...he suggested we exchange numbers soon and talk one weekend while he was at work....

I didn't reply...just pretended not to be there. I don't understand why he wants to talk. We haven't in 8 years...beyond the occasional email a few years ago..I can't even remember the last time we did email... I'm thinking about 4 to 5 years ago. We have nothing in common...and if he's newly wed and happy, why contact me??? I'm sure there are local people he can talk to who want to be his friend.

This just baffles me a bit... I'm sure it will fade away ... it always does.

Feb. 29, 2008

We won't see this day for another 4 years. I usually ask a guy to marry me on this day...on I know who will say no.

So I asked Jeff Diamond, the DJ ... I told him that I would wash his oldies shirts every night... cook him dinner wearing only thigh high stockings, heels, lacy black panties and an apron. That I would enhance and retouch his professional photos so that he always looks great in publications...and I would iron and starch his boxers so that he could stand at attention, even when he didn't feel like it.

A great bargain I think...

He said "Starch my boxers...ouch... ha... you can enhance my boxers."

Well..that's true...

It wasn't until later that I realized he never said no to my proposal...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Calls to Me

Today I noticed the first blade of green grass,
pushing up through autumn leaves
that find solace in winter’s arms.

Not far away was the first daffodil,
tender petals of buttery yellow
challenging the sun’s brilliance.

I should rejoice in these sights,
knowing spring is close at hand;
days of rebirth and second chances.

But I miss the sea; salt on my lips,
winds that whip my hair into submission,
alabaster sand under my bare feet.

My soul wants to bathe in the ocean,
baptized in foam and sunlight
that reflects in mermaid eyes.

The song of seagulls carried on the wind
whispers a tune in my heart;
the words a sigh that breathes salt.

My mind’s eye pictures the twisting surf,
clinging to me like a lover’s embrace
with every inch of me touched and caressed.

Cobalt blue skies at sunset; light pink dawns
and the mysteries of sorrow in every drop
of teary water calls to me, beckons me home.


There are a few places in town that I like to get gas at. My favorite one is on the edge of town and I use the back road to get home, which takes me through the swamp. I noticed the other day that there are a lot of dirt paths leading into the thick woods and I wondered where they lead. But I am not brave enough to follow least not by myself.

On the main road I live off of, there’s a pond with a couple of houses on it. Really nice. There’s a horse pasture and a grave yard! I can’t help but wonder how the grave yard affects those people living there... Looking at it across the pond. I can imagine how the horse pasture effects them.. Peeyou!

I’ve been thinking about the paths and the grave yard for a few days now... Two short stories are forming in my head about women who can’t fight the urge to explore the paths and the grave yards to see what’s there, regardless of the consequences. I’ll call the series “Curiosity Killed the Cat.”

Few people know that “Satisfaction Brought it Back.”

Presidency = aging

Boy, George Bush sure looks old. I wonder if Hilary Clinton realizes that if she does become President, she's gonna look older and haggier (is that a word?) than she does right now...and believe me, she looks pretty frumpy now.

Gotta Love This one

The Snake by Al Wilson!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Today... tomorrow...or not

William is here tonight. We worked on homework and his oral project on Babe Ruth. He thought he should talk in a deep voice which came out sounding like a bad hillbilly movie, so I had him axe that idea. He asked me what I was going to do while he was sleeping. I said, "Read an unwritten story. "

Hopefully trying to figure that one out will get him to sleep quickly.

It was one of those days today that was strange. I had to run some errands this morning and they went ok. Then Al showed up at around 11:30 and we had an early lunch. I went with him to the courthouse to get his passport application sent off...and when I went through the metal detectors I sent them off... I had removed everything from my coat and my jeans' pocket. They kept scanning me with that handheld thingie and I kept sending off alarms. For a moment I thought the two guards--beefy black females were gonna do a cavity search, until I searched my coat pockets again I found a penny wedged in a corner of a pocket. Now how can a penny send the metal detectors in a turmoil? Al went through it with a pen in his coat pocket and the damn thing didn't go off.

I confess it was nice to see Al. I've missed him these last few weeks. Think I'll leave work early Friday and drive up to Fayetteville for the weekend. Maybe we can find some quality time together. Talk about our future...whether he wants to or not. This celibacy thing isn't working too well for me... I think he should know this, don't you?

Since I've been home on Sunday evenings these past 3 or so weeks, I've been watching supernatural shows on the Bio channel. Which have gotten me to think about how I've had so many this afternoon at work I wrote a very long essay on these thoughts... I wrote it in my word program. Then went online to paste it at myspace first...then here...and guess what? My computer crashed... I lost the article. Now I don't know if it will be recovered when I log back into MicroWord...should be interesting to see if it does. Do I read anything into this? No...just a ususal PC crash that happens nearly every working day.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cough... damn... Cough

I can't get rid of my cough. It keeps lingering on a smelly fart. (That's what William said about his math homework last

Tune In

While I'm getting ready this morning, I'm listening to Jeff Diamond ...his station WNCT is online. So if you like oldies..that rock... go listen. It's easy and you know you really really want too...

He played Ladies' Night by Kool & the Gang just a few mins ago and I danced around in my undies...

Now he's playing Ma Cherie Amour... Stevie Wonder. The mailman sings this to me every day he's on the route.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Survey says...

Since Al is working 2 jobs until March 8, I went over on Saturday to help do some housework and cook him some food so he wouldn't have to. I baked chicken thighs, fried some sage covered pork chops, made some chili and some black bean soup... did some laundry and swept his floors.

Of course half way through it all, I thought "What the HELL am I doing???" But I knew he appreciated it and that was my reward.

At around 6 pm, I was finishing up the dishes when the phone rang. I figured it was him but it wasn't. The caller was a guy from India.

"May I speak with Allen?" he asked.
I said, "Hmm... he's not available."

"May I speak with household member about survey of Office Depot?" he asked.
"Hm...hold on for a second," I said. I pulled the phone from my ear and held it towards the cat saying, "Here...kitty... here...kitty, do you want to talk to nice man?

I could dimly hear the man saying "Miss...Miss...who you calling for survey? Miss..MISSSSS?"

I put the phone back to my ear and said, "Hmmm she doesn't want to talk to you."

He said, "Was that cat you calling just now?" He didn't wait for an answer and rushed on with "Cat not person. I talk to household member only."

"But..But... the cat is a household member. She likes Office Depot. In fact we all do. So you don't have to survey us. Just check "great, we love them" to all your questions."

He cleared his throat, then sighed and said, "I call Allen later."

I said empathically, "No you won't. He works 3rd shift and if he's disturbed before it's time to wake up, his wrath is like the finger of God ... destroying all in his path."

The India guy didn't say anything for a moment and I really thought he had hung up on me. Then he said, "Ok Miss. We not survey your household. No call back. Ok?"

"Great," I said, "Oh and we really do love Office Depot. Don't forget to write it down."

Donnie Osmond

I have a myspace page. A very very good friend of mine (whom I know offline) found it a few days ago and after reading the profile, he wrote a message that said:

"Where does Donnie Osmond fit in with the other musicians? That's Sherrie; no one knows the answer except the Reaper."

I laughed so hard when I read that message. He's right though... and I would never admit to him that he knows me way too well...for his own good.

"And after the spanking, the oral sex. "

The Lumberyard guy, John saw "Spamalot" this weekend. Reading his post reminded me of something...

A while back I was dating a guy who was 11 years younger than I. We got along fairly well even if the romance faded rapidly, we still went out to dinner or movies or shopping when he needed to buy something for his daughter or whoever. I never worried about a long-term relationship because I knew our age difference would catch up with us sooner or later. And since I'm young at heart, it took a long time for it to happen...and it happened it stages.

The first time it happened we were in F-ville at the mall. We dropped in Spencer's (a novelty shop that had 'head' stuff, adult stuff and goofy stuff) to look around. To my surprise there was a huge display of all thing's "Grail."

I said, "OMG, the Holy Grail. I love that movie."

He said, "What movie?"

I stared hard at him, wondering if he was joking. "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

He said, "Never heard of it."

My mouth dropped. "Wha...t? Monty Python is a comedy group out of England. Hell, they are England. Haven't you ever seen the show? It's on PBS quite often."

He yawned, "Nope. I have no idea who they are." And he walked away while I stared at his retreating back, thinking "We are truly doomed." And the first nail went into the coffin.

The next nail happened I asked if we could go see "KC & The Sunshine Band" at the HOB in Myrtle Beach. He said no after promising me if I went to a "Beach Boys" concert with him that he would take me to see whatever band I wanted to see. His excuse was "I don't 'get' the 70's."

I lOOoooOOooove the 70's. And aren't the Beach Boys a part of the 70's????

Then one night, he called and asked, "Sherrie, what are sea monkeys?"

My answer was drowned out by the hammer hitting the final nail and the heavy thump of dirt covering the coffin.

Friday, February 22, 2008


According the my dashboard, this is my 2000 post. A milestone in ways but really it's not that important. All milestones end and others begin, right?

So what do I say in this post? Something witty that will make the world smile? Something profound that will inspire poetry or music or art?

No, I think not.

I will just say this. I love this place. I can write what I want and not care what others think. I can get things off my chest. I can make you smile or laugh or even feel sad.

Words have so much power. If we could harvest their power, just think of what we could do with it. No more oil .... I believe that even solar power would dim under the power harvested from words.

Now that is quite the thought....

and I'm glad I have that fuel.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I keep forgetting...

Did I mention I am super happy today?


Thought you guys might like to know.. I'm very happy today... ever been like that and could barely contain it. I know you're happy for me... and can barely contain it too. lol..

I was helping William with a project on Babe Ruth the other night. He kept misspelling words like joon for June or.. Kankies for Yankees (Don't know where that one came from..).. so I pull up the google search engine...and type in Babe Rooth.

lol... that kid rubs off on ya.


I'm bubbling over with happiness today.

I got to Al's house at about 4:30. I let myself in and the house was real quiet. I knew he was probably sleeping because he worked the night before and had errands to do that morning. So I said hi to the cat, put my stuff on the table and slipped my shoes off before slipping into bed with him.

He woke up and promptly pulled me into a total body embrace. We stayed like that for a very long time, not speaking but kissing softly, then deeply, then softly..and so a vicious cycle was born. But neither of us minded. We were so happy to be together again. We finally broke apart long enough for me to give him a total body massage from the top of his head to the tip of his toes...ok..not a total body massage since his privates are still off limits, though I did get to massage his sexy ass.. How I managed not to ravish him...I guess I'll chalk it up to sheer will power.

We made a delicious dinner of blackened catfish fillets, steamed broccoli, baby lima beans and a salad. Then hung out until it was time for bed. We talked, we laughed and my heart is full of our love today. My happiness is too hard to contain... I'm glowing and everyone can see ... and as the mailman said, "Glowing is always a good thing."

I love this man...with every fervored grain of my body...with each molecule of air I inhale. I feel recharged, ready to face life again...and in a few more weeks, his second job will end and we'll be back to spending more time with each other. This time apart ( 17 days) has proven to both of us how much we enjoy each other's presence, how much we need it to recharge and face whatever life has tossed at us. Like Al said last night, "We fit together."

And did I say I'm happy today?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ah... Smell..I can smell again...

Finally getting a little better. My head doesn't feel as if it's gonna explode at any moment and my cough is a quiet yelp instead of a deep bark. I'm just on my second tissue instead of the tenth. When I take a deep breath and exhale, my lungs don't whistle.

So yes.. I'm feeling pretty frisky.

On top of it all..I'll see my sweetie this afternoon and the world will be right again. Except for the pollution, the crime, the immorality and high inflation....

Man I swear just when I'm ready to give up on Nip Tuck, they knock my panties off and make me want more. Last night's finale was great! That's all I'm gonna say about it. Because unless you're a viewer...anything I write won't mean a thing.

Sunday evening I caught a great show that I knew about but couldn't see in the past. Dexter. It's orginally on Showtime and I don't get that channel. I'm an HBO whore. CBS is showing the first season--edited for primetime I'm sure. But it caught my attention from the first second. I'm an addict now. Can't wait to see the next episode and hope it continues to be as great.

I don't remember much about my Saturday night. I had a fever and kept falling asleep on the couch...and I spent a lot of daylight sleeping on Sunday. But I did caught some great flicks Sunday night. Like Pan's Labyrinth. It's subtitled but such a great movie. And the Lost Boys! I don't think I've seen that movie in over ten years. I had forgetten some of it and had a few laughs at Corey Haim's outfits. So gay looking, even for the 80's.

After Dexter went off, I was going to turn off the TV but channel surfed for a while and came across "Epic Movie"...a spoof movie that hits on Narnia, Snakes on a Plane, The Da Vincci Code, Pirates of the Carribean Deadman's Chest (Darrell Hammond of SNL does a killer Jack Sparrow impression), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Crispin Glover is a perverted Willie Wonka), Click, Cribbs, Nacho Libre, X-Men, Borat... the list goes on. I laughed my ass off. It was so damn senseless but so funny too. Probably due to my

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You Are Bare Feet

You are a true free spirit, and you can't be tied down.

Even wearing shoes can be a little too constraining for you at times!

You are very comfortable in your own skin.

You are one of the most real people around. You don't have anything to hide.

Open and accepting, you are willing to discuss or entertain almost any topic.

You are a very tolerant person. You are accepting and not judgmental.

You should live: Somewhere warm

You should work: At your own business, where you can set the rules

You Are Basil

You are quite popular and loved by post people.

You have a mild temperament, but your style is definitely distinctive.

You are sweet, attractive, and you often smell good.

Cough... cough...Sneeze..Where's that damn tissue?

Well, I caught William's cold and it's turned into a nasty respiratory bug. I feel like crap. It's as if someone is sitting on my chest and I can't get them off.

I think I've gone through 2 boxes of Puffs (they don't blow out like Kleenex does when you have to honk your nose.)

And tomorrow evening is when I go to Al's for that romantic dinner...and I feel horrible. That's my luck of late.

We had some bad storms Sunday night at 'dead time - 3 am'...they were so fierce that I thought the house was gonna be lifted up and I would end up somewhere over the rainbow. Now, don't get me wrong...I'm up for the adventure but I think those ruby shoes would be hell on the feet.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

as you can see...

my poetry muse visited me last night. I was about to turn out my light, when the small sherku popped in my head... so I quickly grabbed paper and pen. I knew if I waited that it would become lost in a dream...

then the other two followed on its tail.

I feel if I was asleep for ages. Maybe my muse will stay longer and get over the walking sleep she's been in.

At least I hope so.

Across Sand, Rushes Time

Across sands, rushes time,
like galloping horses on the surf.
Grains and foam freckle the horizon;
minute moments~forgotten youth.

I dare not whisper my desires
into the hollow ears of conch shells.
They cannot keep quiet secrets of sex;
those that flame loins and snare minds.

Naked, I stand on the sea shore,
a salty breeze my invisible cloak.
I taunt time to gallop by me in
a rush of sea foam and lust.

In the ocean of my mind,
there is a madness that has method.
I can't stop time nor rush desire;
grains on my breast~foam on my loins.

Sex Lust Scent

wrapped in satin
sex-lust scent
my perfume

kiss wicked desires
on my thighs
~decadent ones

shatter my softness
with stone edges
of you

rhythm of one
you and I
'til dawn comes

My heart

my heart
tossed up to heaven
~Star-shaped pieces

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Romance on Valentine's Day

I won't be getting any... Al has to work both jobs and also work the weekend. So I won't go over there. NO sense in driving 38 miles to watch him sleep and tip toe around.

He told me tht he wanted to make me a romantic dinner but he wouldn't have an evening free until next Wednesday. I really have little choice in the matter so I said yes.

I told him years ago...when we were first dating that a dozen red roses on Valentine's day or a box of candy or perfume or any other frilly feminine thing didn't mean as much as something that you put your heart and soul a romantic dinner or a love letter.

When I was engaged, Charles bought me dozens upon dozens of red roses, peach roses, pink roses, yellow roses, mixed flowers, gave me cards that said how much he loved me and all the while he cheated on me. Thus, canceling all of the above.

I know that many think that Valentine's day is a consumer spending day to steal your money on cheap paper cards, generic chocolate, roses and even jewelry. But that's their choice on how to view or use the day. Me... I like to express beyond the usual "I love you" how much my love means to much this love empowers me, lifts me to the stars to look down at heaven...

so yes, I can wait another week...after all Feb. 14 is just a's not a feat of love.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Quote of the Day

By Daphne du Maurier
Women want love to be a novel, men a short story.

Spamming Myself

One of the problems I had when I had my site was spoofers. Spammers who somehow spoof addresses from my site. For example:

It went beyond annoying because I would get 'spam reports' from websites and from yahoo about sending spam. Even deleteing all the email accounts except for the webmistress one didn't help.

I decided to end the website because I didn't have time to work it and I felt as if I were throwing money away.

And where does the spam go? Back to me. I'm getting email about viagra, loans, endowment of manly bits and other spam from (insertusernamehere) daily.

The ghost of my website is haunting me...via spam.

A Journal By William

About a year or so ago, William found one of my journals that I write poetry in. It's illustrated with pencil drawings or pen & ink, little doodles I add to brighten it up. He asked for a journal.

By chance I had an orange one with a green, purple and blue snail on it. I gave it to him. Last night I was looking through some of their school supplies and books for a kids' book that's got fractions and stuff in it. And I found the "Snail" journal.

On the front William had written "The Evil Thing" Book Two by W. T. Hardin. Ilistrated by William.

Inside are bits and pieces of sentences with drawings like:

"The evil roller coster goes round." ( and a drawing of cirlces and turns, with a stick person screaming.)

"Do not read out loud. The evil will come alive." (Red crayon scribles around the words)

"The evil thing is a grewsome beast." (A circle with fangs staring off the page)

And so go the little kid things he says...about "the grewsome beast and it's vicktims."

"Don't cri out loud. The evil thing is not real."

But at odd places he has written some funny things like "I see you like to read." and "Feel free to Browse."

It's as if he knows I'll sneak a peep at his words, blatantly disregarding the very first page: "Do not read or sufer the conseconsequences (marked out--then rewritten) consequenes."

I wish that kids his age could see the humor in him, the wit that he isn't even aware of. This type of humor is a gift and I'm so glad he's been blessed with it.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Crunchy Crumbs served Grunchy

Mom gave me a box of Nautre Valleey Crunchy Granola Bars (Peanut Butter flavor). Well I just ate one and don't like it. It crumbs very easily and I hate having crumbs all over my chest. The flavor is ok but damn...the crumbs kill me.

As I wiped them off my boobs, I thought, "Damn, these look like toaster scrapings."

I wish I had The Bundys address. They would love these things.

Another Cup of Coffee... Please

I hate Mondays, but not as much as Thursdays because sometimes I think Thursday is Friday and when I realize I'm mistaken, I get angry at Thursday for the deception.

I had a very calm and quiet weekend. Saturday night I watched Mystic River. A very good movie. I have the audio Book and the movie followings it pretty close. Then I made a mistake...I pulled some things out of a closet and disrupted the whole evening. I should have stayed out of the closet because I was putting stuff back in it until 2 am.

Sunday Mom and I drove over to Holden Beach to see Granny. It was a pleasant drive, although my Mom scares me. She tends to drive with her elbows while doing crazy stuff, like putting on hand lotion. To keep from snatching the wheel, I stare at the passing tree lines... a blur that doesn't require much thought and try to think of safe things like...teddy bears or chocolate.

Granny was in a pretty good mood. We did some stuff around the house to help her out, like dusting the furniture, taking down her Christmas tree and hiding the bleach. Granny thinks every item of clothing needs bleach in the wash--not just a drop but at least half the bottle. I think almost every dark item of clothing she owns is now a lighter shade of pale.

We got home at a reasonable hour--around 5 ish. My youngest nephew is sick with a flu like bug, so we dropped in to see how he was doing. I call him my baby bird and I hate it when he's not chirping.

When Mom dropped me off at the house, my brother was home from spending the weekend at my Uncle Bobby's. His friend Ricky came over and they got the DSL running--so now the PC is back up. A word of advice...if your copy of Windows does not validate and you get a warning from Microsoft to validate it. Do so...and if it fails validation, all you have to do is tell them you bought your copy from someone and didn't know it wasn't a real one (I did.. I bought mine from an ebay store last July and the store is no longer in business), they will give you a free product key to use to reinstall Windows)...if you don't.. they will cut your ass off and you won't be able to log on to the internet...

I watched two movies last night... Gaslight..the old black and white film ( from free on demand movies)-such a fantastic movie and American Psycho which was on HBO. Can someone please tell me what the hell happened at the end? I believe I blinked or had a mind fart or something... but that movie sucked eggs. I lost it when the villian chased the hooker... he had a chainsaw and was wearing nothing but blood and sneakers. Why sneakers? I guess it's an 80's inside joke or something. Maybe I'll go to the wikipedia site and see if it's there... to get some insight on what the hell happened. I like's a status I employ but I don't like it in films--at least not to that extreme.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Life & lemons & tigers & bears..Oh My

What a flippin' week! It's been a wild ride but I managed to stay on without having to eat dirt.

First the PC at home wouldn't connect to the internet because the copy of Windows XP I bought last July was pirated. But sweet ole Microsoft gave me a new product number--aren't they just the cuddliest thing around--and I had to reformat the PC...alls I have to do now is download a network driver and I'm all set.

Then my truck died in traffice Wed terribly inconvenient. I was at one of the worse intersections in the city. Luckily people who knew me came by and helped get me off the road... my Uncle Jerry came and we got it going, but it stopped again (the fuel pump kept sticking). He towed me to his auto mechanic and they're working on it right now. Let's hope it gets fixed right this time.

I had plans to go see Lady BJ (an online friend I know off line) but I guess I'll stick around the house and test drive the truck before I get on open roads.

Al's working two jobs this weekend. He started working at Harris Jewelry in the Mall and the pay is much better than at Food Lion Distribution, plus he doesn't have to do all that driving and work 3rd shift. I am glad he's taking the jewelry job. We haven't talked hardly at all this week. Feels like it's a dream. He gets home from Food Lion at 8:15 am, goes to bed and sleeps til 2:45, works at Harris till 9:30 pm, rushes home and changes then drives 40 some mins to Dunn to work 3rd shift. I think he has a few days left. I caught him this morning for a min and he sounds so exhausted. I told him to hang in there... it would be over in a few days.

I know he wishes I would go up there. But I don't see the point and too...the truck needs to be tested around town before I get on I-95.

So I guess I'll do some stuff around the clean out my bedroom closet and make room for new spring clothes..

oh yea..that's the ticket!

This Morning (A *Sherku)

This morning...
a sunset and mourning dove
cooed to me

~ ~ ~ ~
*Sherku are my form of haiku. Not set to any syllable except a breath.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Say.. "Cheese"

Yesterday I was working away at the front desk, logging in orders when Harry a friend of Dad's came by with his 4-yr-old grandson, Cole.

Cole always wants to help me do stuff, so I sent him over to the kids' corner, where I have books and some kids chairs and a table and had him "straighten" it up for me.

Harry and Dad settled down for a long talk... Harry who just had a Colonoscopy was telling Dad about it. I tried to block it out until Cole's little head popped up from the Mickey Mouse book he was looking at and he asked, "What's that Grandpa? Whats a coinopsopy?"

Harry looked uncomfortable. Dad looked amused and I was ever watchful, wondering how he was going to answer this one. Harry looked at me for help and I quickly looked down at my log sheet.

Ole King Cole wasn't going to let it go. "You're not telling meeeeee." He sorta sang it.

", let's see...the doctor takes a light and a small camera and looks at my colon to see if it's ok."

Cole said, "Where?" He was confused. I think he thought Harry meant a coin. Because he came over and tried to put his little hand in Harry's pocket.

Harry turned 3 shades of red. I think he realized the kid wasn't going to let it drop so he said, "Colon. The Doctor went up my butt hole with a camera and a light and took some pictures."

Cole stood there silent, taking it all in and then said, "Did you smile?"


Saturday afternoon I made my grocery list. I already had 85% of the items I needed for my Superbowlful of Feastly Foods.

What I lacked was:

1- Blue Cheese
2- Velveta Cheese (for the sausage dip)
3- celery
4- sour cream
5- OJ (for my lemon chicken)
6- Beer, preferably Killen's Red. (for my drunken beans and my beer bread.)

So off I went and naturally a few other items found their way into my shopping cart. And dang it...they had no Killen's. I had to settle for Michelob Amber Bock. I love rich dark sweet beers. They are great tasting and the best to use in recipes.

The two checkout lines weren't that long. In fact I rarely mind waiting as long, as I can stand by the gossip tabloid papers and read the headlines. Of the two lines, I picked the lesser of two dweebles--the smart checkout girl and the clumsy bag boy over the dingy checkout girl and the lazy bag boy.

My checkout girl wizzed through my items and kept giving the clumsy boy dagger eyes because he was so damn slow. I smiled at her apologically and she rolled her eyes at him. He had two items to beer and my OJ. I watched his awkward bagging and prayed he wouldn't crush anything...when the bag that had the beer in it broke. Instead of taking the six-pack of bottles out of the bag and putting it in another, he tried to put it in another bag by turning the six-pack sideways...

Crash! Two beers fell out. He looked at me as if it were my fault. The check-out girl didn't bother to hide her disgust. He said, "Oh man. I've got to go get another beer." He promptly walked the opposite direction of the beer case. The girl had to go get another six-pack.

Behind me were several old women...race unimportant...they were old and prudish. One said to the other, "That beer bursting is a sign from God that she shouldn't drink."

I wasn't going to say anything, but they stared at me down their judgmental noses, which pissed me off.

So I said, "Ladies, if God was giving out signs, yours would say "Don't Judge, Least ye be Judged."

Then I took my beer and I left.

Monday, February 04, 2008


What a game! I was happy the Giants won. And totally impressed with Eli Manning. I wonder if he'll be giving pep talks next year too!

My wings were delicious. My blue cheese dip was a big hit sausage cheese dip was too die for. One of my guests told me that he thought the Superbowl commericals were lame but he didn't care because the food made up for it. Now that, my friend is a top-knotch compliment on my cooking.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Finally a Breath

Today wasn't so bad! I finished some hand-coloring and printed some order forms and price lists.

A friend of mine also asked me to format an 11-page business proposal for him. Seems his Vista keeps screwing up the text and headings in his word program.

I've decided to post my blah writings in my yahoo starry journal, so that I won't bore everyone. Sometimes it's best to keep private thoughts just that.

Talked to Sam yesterday... he gave me an idea of what to write for my friend Steve's upcoming e-zine. So I'm working on that this weekend while Al works.

William got great marks on his report card. His teacher wrote a note "Great job. I'm proud of William." ...well, teach so am I. We work hard at his homework and math. I had to help with fractions last night... mixed numbers, etc. He said, "I think you're a Mathmatologist." William speak for "Fraction Genius."