Monday, June 30, 2008

Another June is about to bite the Dust

Wow... 2008 is half over! So far it's been an ok year. No major complaints this way.

Granny was able to go home Saturday. Mom stayed until yesterday evening and she said Granny was getting along ok. I called and talked to Mom around 5 pm Saturday. She said Granny was piddling around and dealing really good with the aftermath of the surgery. She was sore but not in any majore discomfort. Mom said, "Sherrie, talk to her for a few minutes. You're the only one who can make her laugh."

So I did and Granny laughed a few times at some of my comments. I was afraid she didn't know who I was so I kept reminding her. When we said goodbye she said, "You're such a sweetie and I love you so much."

I was so afraid I wouldn't hear that again...thank God things worked out so easily.

Met Gail, a new friend at Ruby Tuesday in Fayetteville for Lunch Saturday at around 2ish. I didn't tell Al about it...not because it was a secret but because when we talked the night before, all he could do was complain about things. I just never mentioned it. So he calls me when we're getting ready to pay the bill...asked why wasn't I at work, where was I, etc....

Threw him off a bit when I said I was at Ruby Tues having lunch with Gail. He hadn't heard of Gail and I think he wondered if I was up to something...but I volunteered to drop by his work with her...I think that soothed his doubts...

She had to work and we parted soon after Al's call. I did some shopping and then drove to Al's Hadn't been home long...when he called and said he was getting off early and we were going out!!!! He was home by 7 and we went to dinner and a movie! I guess it occurred to him that I really am serious about making new friends in Fayetteville and not sitting around while he works. I'm not looking to replace Al...I only want to spread my wings a bit and do things besides his housework and cooking.

Today has been an average Mundane..I mean Monday... hope everyone's groovin'.

Friday, June 27, 2008

And Granny kicks Ass

Granny's surgery was a total success. The tumor hadn't embedded itself into the surrounding tissue and popped right out --whole and complete. She's doing terrific. Mom called a while ago and said Granny was eating lunch and driving the nurses crazy by pulling out her IV's. She's getting some respiratory therapy so that pnemonia won't set in her lungs once she's home, which might be as early as Sunday.

Thank all who sent well wishes and prayers. My heart is happy.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

This is rather ironic! I truly prefer a round diamond!

Your Dream Engagement Ring Has a Round Diamond!

A round diamond is classic and timeless, just like your style

Your diamond will always look with the times - and goes with everything

Of all diamonds, round diamonds show the most sparkle

They are often chosen by sweet, dependable women who make marriage their #1 priority.

You Are 40% Yankee, 60% Dixie

You're a pretty even split of Yankee and Dixie. You've probably traveled around a lot in your life.

Thirsty Thursday

I'm very thirsty today. So far I've had a mug of coffee, two glasses of milk and... am on my third glass of water. Heaven help me if the flood gates open and I can't find relief.

Will and I are getting into our Tues and Thurs morning routine. He's up at 8 am, tapping on my door. For some reason he won't log on the computer without my grace. Then I lay down for another twenty mins to let my mind wake up. Up at 8:25 am. Get some coffee and hang out with him for thirty mins. Get a shower at 9 am. Then dressed and stuff.. at 9:30 am I start breakfast and he's eating by 10 while watching TV. At 10;30 he dresses himself and we brush our teeth. I've learned that he does a better job if we do synchronized brushing. Then I rush to work and hope for the best for him and my brother (who sleeps in until 11 or noon).

Last night William told me his day went better if he had a schedule to follow. I humorously said that so did mine. He grabbed a piece of paper & pen and asked me to make his schedule. But really what he meant was "I'll make it, you write it down." And he did. He told me exactly what he wanted to do today and I wrote it down along with the time he would spend on each task. We stuck it to the fridge and this morning as the morning went along, he marked off each task he completed.

I wonder if I'm creating a Bush Zoombie Brain. (inside joke..sorry)

Lisa called at around 10:15 and asked if Ben could spend a few hours at the studio with me. I said it would be fine. So he'll be here at 2 and stay til 4. He can play on the old PC and talk to Dad if Dad's around. Or I'll give him some small tasks to do. He's a good little worker bee.

Feeling alot better now that my feminine thing has started. It's amazing how the stress and depression flows away (pun intended).

My brother is treating me to dinner tonight at Ruby Tuesday. There's a new one off exit 17 and it doesnt' get as crowded as the one off exit 22.

I'll start working on my little table this weekend, sanding off the rough spots and paint so the new coats. Probably do some bamboo sketches and think on how much bamboo I want on the table and where. Then I'll start on the 40 x 30 canvas. I think I'll paing bamboo on it or...maybe some Asian letters that mean something wise. After that I'll work on the huge book case I inherited. My dream is to eventually create a bamboo room (a library/art room)...course this room will have to be in a future home...hopefully my own place or Al's (if he ever gets his act together so we can get married).

My dreams have always been simple and pleasurable. I don't need anything complicated to make me happy...just love.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hump de hump day

What's up with Shaq getting his tin badge revoked? Didn't he learn anything from the Andy Griffth Show? Barney could teach him the 411 on deputy-ing.

From 11 am until 1 pm, I have been so stressed that I thought my ears were gonna blow off. Why? One word: Dad. One would think that after 19 years of dealing with poverty stricken Robesonians he would realize that they don't understand that a working week has five days. And if he tells customers that photos will be ready in ten days, that means ten working days. They start counting the second they leave an order...and Dad should know this and tell them exactly what DATE the order will be ready.

So...Shere has been taking calls and dealing with walk-ins..all expecting orders to be ready TODAY...when it will probably be Monday before the orders are in.

And where is Dad... why isn't he dealing with his customers so I can get my work done for my customers? I have no idea.

But it's calm now...and I took the moments of quiet and deep breathing...and feel my balance return. Whoever invented deep breathing should be crowned King or Queen of Air or something airomatic or maybe Buddhist Breathing...or ... (hell, I feel so unwitty at the moment...just insert the title you deem proper.)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You Are a Vanilla Shake

Vanilla, yes, but definitely not boring.

You are subtly complex and deeply sophisticated.

You're the type of person who has always been ahead of their time.

You don't fall for gimmicks or tricks. You are drawn to what's true.

Never Thought Being a Snake was a GOOD thing

You Are a Snake

You have extraordinarily sharp senses.

You sense what's going on almost before it happens.

You connect with the world. People instantly feel close to you.

You are a natural protector. You take good care of your friends.

You are an ambitious person. Your ambitious drives you.

But while you are ambitious, you are also humble. You are thankful for everything you have.

You say Pancakes...I say Pa...Yuk!!!

There are a lot of foods that I downright don't like but have learned to tolerate such as any type of BBQ sauce or sweet & sour pork/chicken/mystery meat. The foods I detest with passion are few. Pancakes and yams/sweet potatoes were the first on my list for years until I had some pickled ginger with sushi one day in 1997.

Talk about something that's nasty tasting!!! If you ever trick me into eating some, I suggest you run into the next zip code if you don't want it spewed all over you and keep running, don't stop because I will chase you down and kick your ass. Pray as you run that I'm not in Goddess mode and strike you down with bolts of lightning or hail the size of watermelons.

Pancakes have always felt like paper in my mouth once they get soggy with syrup. I have to concentrate on imaginary little fairies and butterflies just so I can get them down. That's why if you ever see me eat any, they're gone soon as the syrup makes its first splash. Gulp..they're gone. And I rarely take the time to make any...I mean YUK..who wants soggy pancakes.

But my nephew William loves them and I find it's about the only thing he'll eat at my house for breakfast. I keep a box of Hungry Jack on hand and make them for him. I never read the instructions and just add water until the batter looks right. He's with me Tues, Thurs and Sat mornings, so I have to make them more often that I like...and I guess he likes them, because he eats all that I cook. And sometimes ask for more.

This morning as I made coffee, it occurred to me that I should take more interest in cooking foods that I don't like--which is something I have a hard time doing. Now don't get me wrong, I am an excellent cook and excel in any food I love.

So I go the box out and read the directions and followed them to a T.... proudly arrange them on a plate which I place in from of my little man and paitently wait for the 'wow' factor to appear.

William takes one look at them and says,"I thought you were cooking pancakes. What is this stuff?"

Looks like I don't need any stinkin' instructions after all.

Monday, June 23, 2008

My Horrorscope for Today

June 23, 2008

Scorpio (10/23-11/21)

Good for you for always being there for your friends! But while you're so busy supporting them, who is supporting you? Today, start switching your focus back to your own problems. The one exception should be an older relative: If they need any attention from you, you should definitely give it to them. They miss the sound of your voice and your unique way of looking at things. Stop saving the world and start showing your loved ones that you value them in your life.

Mundane Monday

I'm having one of my 'funky' days and not in a good old fashion Funk way. Most months I can control the depression that comes with PMDD (Premenstrual Disphoric Disorder). Today at least is one of these days.

My weekend was ok. I had to bring some of my work to Al's with me. An old-fashioned hand tint of a lady from the 70's. It turned out rather nice. Another beneficial aspect of this is that I had to go through my oil paints and toss out the bad to get to the good. Now I'm more organized that I was.

I hadn't done an oil painting in ages. Now I want to pull out a canvas and create a masterpiece. But first...I want to refinish this little white table I have..paint it white and then paint bamboo on it. (Yes, I probably have mentioned this already. Not only is it Mundane's also Répétez Monday.)

Al wasn't in the best of moods this weekend. He's been having problems with a punk at work whom I believe it trying to instigate a fight with Al so Al will get fired. On top of that, Al's day off was yesterday and his golfing plans fell through. I know Al well enough to let him work out his 'steam' alone and to stay in the background, keep calm if he is short with me and to just be happy. SO I did. By 4 pm, he was in a better mood and we enjoyed an afternoon of cooking and dancing. I think part of the reason we work is that we know when to give the other person some space.

Been re-reading Jurassic Park the novel at Al's. Finished it last night and was reminded of the issue I have with the sequel Lost World. In the Jurassic Park epilogue, it states that Hammond and Malcolm's bodies weren't released for burial, yet Malcolm (Jeff Goldberg's character) is the main character of the Lost World sequel. I hate that there's no explanation and it's like an insult to my intelligence that I'm suppose to over look the epilogue and enjoy the sequel.

A weird effect from reading the novel last night: I dreamt of dinosaurs and...John "Cougar" Mellencamp. He was singing "Ain't even done with the night" to baby dinosaurs. I guess...trying to get them to sleep or something. Just real weird to dream that..and on top of it, I keep hearing the song in my head.

I see that George Carlin died. He was a funny guy and I enjoyed him up until the past 8 or so years, when it seemed that every time I saw him on HBO or in interviews, he was bashing God and the people who believe in God. When I first heard him do this, I thought it was just for the show, but later I found out that he was a practicing Atheist. If that's his cup of tea, it's his business. But what really offended me bad enough for me to destroy the comedy cassettes I owned of him was when he said that one of the Ten Commandments was "Keep thy religion to thyself."... yet he didn't. When he was a guest on Bill Mahr's HBO show...they joined forces together against God and that's not right... I prefer not to burn just from listening to that trash... so am I sorry he's dead. I am in a major way because he was a funny person but I also wonder...if he's happy burning in Hell.

Is it me...or does the TV Guide harp more on reality shows than on non-reality shows in their issues? Television as I knew it sure has changed. I do love one reality show--Survivor but I have yet to figure out what's so great about American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.

This week is gonna be a quiet one at work. I've got some work due out by Friday but none of it is very difficult, so I'll pace myself and smell some roses.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday morning ramble

I had a refreshing evening last night. No TV (except for 15 mins of Sweeney Todd--too much singing and the last half of Shrek 3--I love that movie.)..just silence in the house. I love a quiet house. My spirit regenerates during these silences.

So I grilled a small steak, baked a potato and steamed some broccoli. A nice meal..ended it with a peanut butter ice sandwich. Yum...

Did some laundry. Downloaded some audio books. Colored my hair--a very dark brown, although the box promised it would be medium brown. I'm glad I didn't leave it on the total time expected. It's not bad looking. In fact it's the same color it was when I was a young girl. The nephews won't like it. They got a kick out of the reddish 'braid' pattern I had in it. William asked if his hair had one.

Started the 3rd Narnia book--A Horse and His Boy. Some of the writing is too simple, yes I know it's written for kids but so were the Harry Potter series. I wonder if JK Rowling really understands the miracle of writing she created with that series.

Talked to Sam yesterday ...first time since his surgery. When he answered the phone and realized it was me he said, "About time! I was thinking about you yesterday. I thought 'I miss my girl. She better call soon or I'm gonna have to." He's doing much better. Still can't see out of his left eye but he's been told it will get better. He said that he's not wearing the patch anymore. He's such a knuckle head when it comes to taking care of himself. I hope he's following the Doc's orders. You don't play around with your sight.

Got the webcam up for the boys. Haven't tried it out yet. I'll let them goof off with it tonight. William is going to spend a few hours with me at work later today. He'll play games on the old PC and I hope that keeps him occupied for the whole time. I've got some work to do today that's due out tomorrow.

So... I'll send this along with wishes for a great day and a wonderful weeknd if I don't get back.

Maters and Figs

My Tomatoes are looking nice:

My fig tree is full of little figgies, but we'll see if they are harvestable later in the summer. Last year's drought drove all sorts of insects and birds to devour them.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Update on my Website

Found time to work on it tonight:

sips of ...ME

Have the art section up and running.

Rambling Rose ...Me

I spent a great part of my workday restoring photos and getting files ready for the lab, just so I could have a light day at work and goof off a bit. Dad has a shot scheduled from 2 til 7 at RCC. So I'll be here alone, minding the store and printing orders. Oh and goofing off online...almost forgot

Granny's surgery has been re-scheduled for next Friday due to a conflict in the surgical arena. Mom had to reschedule her day off work and we'll have to figure out how to shuffle the nephews around. I talked to Granny for a few mins last night. It's so heartbreaking to hear a woman who once had the gift of gab in abundance become a woman of little words.

William told me a secret yesterday: "You have to be over 13 years old to perform brain surgery." I was amazed... I thought you had to have a degree or something. He said in 3 and a half years he can legally perform brain surgery. Remind me to RUN FOR THE HILLS...when he turns 13. My brain doesn't need to be fiddled with.

My sister lent me her complete volume of Narina books--all rolled into one. I read the Magician's Nephew last week. It was quite funny in parts, especially when the animals weren't sure if Uncle Albert was a plant or an animal...and decided he was a plant and planted him up to his knees in dirt. I laughed at that. Now I'm reading the L-W-W and it's much like the movie so far. Written very simple, so it's easy to get through. I'll reserve judgement for now though.

While chatting just now with J about exercising, I was reminded of my unhealthy fear of treadmills and escalators. Wonder what the name of that phobia is? Hmmm... you'll never get me on a treadmill...I can see myself being thrown off it into the wall...but I do occasionally ride up and down escalators. I wish I could say I hold my fear well when on an escalator but I don't. I have had plenty of panic attacks. Once Mom and my sister had to get on each side of me and help me get off one. Now another story... He practically forces me to ride them and holds me tight until we reach the top or bottom. He laughs at me but I really don't care. It's as if his laughter will cure my phobia. NOT.. I just shrug my shoulders and say, "So..."

I know.. great comeback.

J suggests that a Chippendale guy be placed at the top and bottom of escalators... to keep me calm and focused. It might work but only if that thong is distractable. And it has to be a big distraction.

Earlier this morning, I was brushing my hair and watching myself in the mirror when I noticed these funny red stripes running in different patterns in my hair. It hit me... the sun always turns my hair a bright red if it can and I've been outside often with my hair braided!!! So the sun's left it's crazy red mark on me. That means I'll have to color my hair to get rid of this crazy pattern. No one notices it when my hair is in a long braid but it's very noticable when i wear it down. Oh bother! Guess I'll do it tomorrow evening...

My brother is going on a trip to Myrtle Beach until Sunday. So I'll have the house to myself tomorrow night. I plan to install the new web cam and now...color my hair so it's not a freak show attraction.

Jeez... I better stop rambling here and get some things done so I can come back and ramble later.

Job appreciated

Every holiday--mainly Mother's Day and Christmas, I always get requests to downsize photos for lockets. I've done so many that I have my technique down pat and can get it all done within an hour. My charge isn't much because I use scraps of photo paper. The worse part is cutting the photos to size, especially if the locket is small and heart shaped.

This Mother's day I only did one for a guy who was giving the locket to his daughter. The locket had two large slots and two very small ones. He sent the photos and locket via his wife. A little later he called with instructions on where to put which. Feeling comfortable with me, he told me the story behind the pictures. The first was of his daughter, her hubbie and their sick infant. They were sitting on a couch with Mom holding the baby and dad with his arms around Mom--both parents looking down at the sleeping child. The next photo was of the same baby in a coffin. It had died from crib death. The third and forth photos were of their new baby--a healthy girl who was around 7 months old. My customer wanted to include both children because they were equally loved. It touched my heart that the first child wasn't forgotten. SO I carefully worked on getting the pictures downsized, cut to shape and placed witin the locket.

I did the best I could and wasn't around when the locket was picked up. I asked Dad if they liked what I did. He said they were all every emotional. So I took that to mean I did a good job.

Friday, the guy called to tell me how much his daughter loved the locket and to thank me for doing it, because he had taken the photos to several places and no one could help him. It made my day that he wand his family were so pleased. Customers tell me all the time that they'll let me know if so and so likes the photos I repair, but very seldom do they call back.

About twenty mins later, a floral delivery arrived. It was from the man and his family thanking me for a 'wonderful job' and I confess...I cried a few quick tears. I was touched to the bone. Later I called the customer's cell phone and left a teary thank you on his voice mail.

The arrangement is small and has one of my favorite flowers in it. I took it to Al's and it's on the desk with his computer. Looks as if it was made to fit there.

Sometimes you feel as if what you do doesn't mean much until you get customers like this who remind you, just how much you can touch a life.

More Art...but not mine

Below are two framed art 'pieces' that the nephews' school did this spring for an art auction. I thought they were really cool. I framed them and Lisa gave them to Mom, whom I talked into putting them down my hallway. I'm soooOOooo persuasive at time.



Some Photos

The old church where we hold our family reunion every year...still has a lot of the original wood. My Great-great grandparents were one of the founding families.

This is a turtle that passed through the yard one morning while I was outside watering flower. Hi, Mr. Turtle.

Two of my orignial watercolors that hang in the breakfast knook. They were one of the first ones I did and I hated it... why 'it' and not them? Because these two were once one painting. I hated how the people turned out and thought I would just frame the 'ocean' part. When I showed it to my framer Mary--she's also my second Mom, she said loved it. Then I told her about not liking the other half. She asked me to bring it to her...and said she would frame both of them and if I liked them I could pay for the framing...if not she would display them for sale in her gallery.

She was right...they look so much better matted and framed. I had to have them for the breakfast knook.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Report

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and that all you Pops out there had a great Father's Day, even if you mighta been in dangerous situations hiding from Ligthning in porta potties.

We had a nice late lunch at the Cracker Barrel. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Ben and I played checkers there... I won the first game even though I tried to let him win... I still won..with a 4 man jump with a king! Or I should say a Queen, since I'm a girl. Then on the second game, he cheated so I called it a default and declared the game over. I had a delicious chicken salad on lettuce. First time I tried one of the salads and I highly recommend it.

After we got home, mom and her John came by. I had a small gift for him and a funny card. Every Father's day I get him a very unique wind chime for the patio and this year I added a fun gift... a hula girl in a grass skirt with swinging hips. He loved it.

I left for Al's at around 6 pm. He called right before I left and made me promise to drive safely. He was insistent about it... I got a little irritated with him because I am a very safe driver. I was about five miles from exit 46 on I-95, when I came up on a Semi-truck that wasn't going very fast. I looked in my mirrors to check the traffic behind...twice and only saw a gray car about ten car lenghts behind me. I put on the turn signal and was pulling into the passing lane when I heard a noise behind my rear view mirror I saw a guy on a motorcycle bearing down on me at excess speeds. I thought, "Where did HELL did you come from?" Then jerked the truck back into the right lane. I was so close to the Semi that I couldn't see his license tag. The motorcycle wizzed by in a blur and was gone... I bet he was going over 100 mph. I got back in the passing lane to go around the Semi and didn't see the cycle... only a faint image of him ...he was swerving in and out of lanes.

We were inches from a crash. I believe he would have been killed instantly, I would have been hurt badly and the Semi not hurt at all. I don't understand why these speedos on cycles or sports cars have to drive like bats out of hell. HE never once slowed down...and I'm not sure how he would have squeezed between me and a Semi.

Al's fears were justified. I didn't tell him about the almost accident. He worries enough.

We had a nice enough evening. Watched RV on TBS. That show sucked eggs... Robin Williams was rather subdued in it until the veral ramble at the end. We kept seeing that M&M ice commerical where the yellow one takes the red one's eyes and puts them on the ice cream. Now I'm craving some ...'s been mellow but busy. And I should amble back over to my photo program.


I ran into an old friend at the post office at around 1 pm.. no one was there hardly and we stood in the parking lot talking... a mexican guy was standing by a car a few spaces back was towards him ..suddenly my friend gasped and said, "That mexican guy just showed me his 'privacy' parts..." privacy parts.. gotta remember that one... so I turned around to look and sure enough, he pulls his shorts down and there it is.. his twig and berries...

I cleared my throat and said, "You should move to Texas...everything there looks BIGGER."

lol... you would think that if cold causes shrinkage...heat would cause enlargement...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pamper me

Don't really have a big weekend planned. Working Saturday. Staying home Saturday night since we've got Father's Day to deal with. No sense in driving to F'ville because Al has to do inventory tonight and won't get home til 1 am. Sunday, we're taking Dad to Cracker Barrell for a late Father's Day lunch and then going to Al's later in the day. He's working till 7 ...but that's ok... I can get to his house and surprise him with supper.

Getting back to Saturday night... it's gonna be "Pamper the Puss" night... my brother isn't going to be home, so I will have the house to myself. Maybe I'll cook some salmon or something that I love for dinner...drink some wine and so my nails and stuff like that... Every woman needs a "Pampering" evening alone ever once in a while.

Anna and the King

I watched Anna and the King (the one with Jodie Foster) last night on HBO. It had been years since I've seen it, which is good because I had forgotten a lot of it. Boy did I cry! I like the ending on this one...the last dance. It wasn't between school teacher and was between a man and a woman who loved each other very deeply, yet couldn't hold that love. I could cry right now thinking about it. (it's not a true story btw, but still a very well acted film).

I realized as the credits rolled that Al and I were so lucky. We loved for a while, then were apart--stilling loving each other and now we have that love again and it is stronger than before. I can't imagine loving someone so deeply, seeing them and knowing they love me too...only not to have that love. How miserable life must have been after she left the King...and how he must have longed for a woman who thought she was a King's equal.

Big sigh here... if you have love and can touch it and hold it... I hope that you know just how special it really is.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lobster Tails, June Bug and homemade Wine...

Al's birthday dinner was very nice. We were going to have sushi but the place we wanted to go was closed for some sort of repair, so we went to the 316 Oysterbar/Seafood house. It's nice...lots of neon lights and noise. They've got an expensive menu and we helped ourselves.

I ordered a cup of clam chowder, lobster alfredo with a lobster tail and grilled shrimp on pasta covered in a creamy lobster sauce with steamed tender green beans, corn-on-the-cob and a salad--which the waitress forgot to bring out--but it was ok, since there was so much food.. (yes I took 80 % of it home)... and I had a mixed drink called June was ok, not very strong with a lot of fruit juice and sweet&sour mix.

Al had oysters on the half-shell, a lobster combination platter with a lobster tail, grilled fan-tail shrimp, grouper and scallops. I forgot what sides he got.

At the end of the meal, we split a dessert--double chocolate chunk cake--it was a chocolate mouse with white chunks of cream cheese and white chocolate on a chocolate graham cracker crust moisted with sweet chocolate syrup. I took one bit and it was too rich and decadant for me. I like to save my decadence for times I can really enjoy it. ;)

Al soaked it all up--he didn't leave anything to take home. I was amazed at the bill... it came close to 100 bucks but the company was paying. I think what amazed me the most was the fact that the cake was as much as my mixed drink.

When we got home, Al gave me a glass of homemade wine that a guy that works with him made. I took one sip and in that sip was more alcohol than in the mixed drink I had at 316. I sipped it as we talked and watched a little TV...mostly talking.

A commerical for the "Dawn of the Dead" movie came on and I said in a quiet voice, sorta musing aloud "Zombies...I can do without them."

Al didn't say anything, kept watching the commerical...then I said, "Glad they're extinct."

He slowly turned his head to me, looked at me over his glasses, smirked and said, "I know someone who's got a buzz."

He was right!!! I didn't realize it until he said so...and once I realized it, I was self-conscious and tried to make intellectual conversation... something you shouldn't do when you've had two glasses of homemade wine. At one point, I said "Godfather Clause" instead of "Grandfather Clause", which Al was quick to point to cover my mistake I did a poor impression of the Godfather...and impressions are something I NEVER do... I fell silence after that...though I was very tipsy I could see that Al was stifling his laughter and that I would hear about it later.

After the second glass, I stopped because I was headed for a bad drunk and I didn't need the headache that follows the next morning. So I turned in dreamed of stomping on gremlins (yep like in the movie)... hate to have that one analyzed.

But over all, Al had a nice birthday. I was sorta sorry for him though...none of his family called nor sent cards and it drove home how much of the black sheep he is. I know if I hadn't of been there, he would have spent a very depressed evening.

He called a while ago and said that he was glad I was his girlfriend and thanked me for making his birthday fun. Then as he hung up, he said, "I'll talk to you tonight... Godfather."

I know him...he'll have me doing Godfather impressions to entertain his friends... guess I better start practicing...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tic Tac Toe...



Yesterday was a pretty pretty pretty good day!

I got some great news about Granny.(Mom drove over to see her doctors yesterday and spent the day at Granny's) I really shouldn't have gotten so upset until I heard the final diagnosis and I'm a little mad at myself because I know better--during the first exam they removed a lot of polyps that were pre-cancerous. The doctors think they got them all. And there's a rare tumor in her colon that can be removed by surgery. She'll have to take some chemo but there won't be any aggressive treatments. The doctors were very upbeat and personal. They all think the world of Granny. She's lucky it's such a small community, because I believe she deserves such personal treatment after all the years she's spent helping others.

~ ~ ~ ~
And I got a surprise vistor at work yesterday--Ben. School got out at 1 pm and my sister called to ask if he could stay with me for a few hours. He passed his grade and his report card marks were the highest you could get for the final term. We're so proud of him. He went from 2's to 4's. Thank God we found out he was ADHD or he would probably be repeating his grade. So, he spent the afternoon with me, helping me do some work and other things. Talked my head off but he's gonna be a chatty kid.

I took him down to the Johnny's Hot Dog truck to get a few hot dogs. Downtown we call them "johnny dogs." As we stood in line, Ben who can read some words, read "Johnny's Hot Dogs" to everyone that came up. He would say, "Hey Sir or Miss, this says "Johnny's Hot Dogs." One of the men in line told Ben that he should eat a pickled eggs. And that he would buy it for him. Ben couldn't quite grasp the 'pickled egg' concept and kept saying "You mean a pickle and an egg?" Everyone around us laughed.

Then when we were leaving, our downtown police officer was outside our door. Poingint at Ben Bug, he asked, "Miss Sherrie who's this little fellow?"

I said, "This is my youngest nephew Ben. He's 7 and just passed his grade. He'll be in the second this fall." To Ben I said, "Ben this is our policeman Office Scott. Say hi."

Officer S held out his hand and said, "Pleased to meet you, Ben." Ben took it ever so solemn and nodded. This one was time I wished I had a camera phone, so I could have captured the moment when Ben's little paw was engulfed in a massive hand and gently shook.

~ ~ ~ ~

Later when my sister picked up Ben, she showed me the boys report cards... William is on the A/B honor! An Honor student. I'm so proud and am taking part credit for it. We worked hard this year and to think that 8 years ago we thought he would never get beyond a 3 yr-old level due to Autism. I really and truthfully believe that love can conquer much if you believe it can.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

If they get a foot in the door.... RUN

abandon everything and run for the hills...or swamp...any F'ng where...

I was in the shower about 30 or more mins ago. So refreshing to be able to take a long luxurious shower in the morning, scrubbing every inch of your body. Ah how refreshing!

As I dried my wet body, I looked in the mirror at my tank top tan and cursed it. Now I can't wear spaghetti straps until I have a chance to even it out ...but the most curse-able part of it all is that I wasn't planning on getting a tan because of the aging factor and at my age aging is a factor.

I hear a little tap tap sound and stood stock still, ears perked up like a cute lovable floppy ear puppy detecting the sound of kibbles hitting his dinner bowl. Was that someone at the door? I threw on a tee shirt and shorts, grabbed a towel for my hair and my comb and then trotted down the hall to the backdoor.

My main fear was that my great-uncle had stopped by to chastise me for something he thought he told me to do. But there was no one at the door. I heard it again. "Tap Tap Tap"...

I went into the den and peeped out the venetian blinds...and saw a strange SUV in front of the house. I surveyed the outside and saw to my puzzlement a mingle of different races of people--African Americans, White Americans, Native American Americans and Hispanics, all toting Bibles, pamphlets and a determination that would deter Terrorism if our Government would employ it.

JEHOVAH WITNESSES! On a weekday....

Then I heard a voice that said, "I think I see someone inside."

I had been spotted by the 'tapper.' And I made my Mom proud by desperately looking around for a quick hiding place and plastered myself to the wall between the TV set and the arm chair. Luckily, I wore a white Tee and it blended perfectly with the white wall... I prayed that the rest of me would look like some sort of weird wall art.

They would not leave! They kept tapping and tapping...and tapping....and I thought "What the hell am I doing?" But I still didn't move.

It all comes back to conditioning!

When I was a little pony-tailed girl playing outside with a doll, they would drive up in station wagons. I would call to Mom or Granny "We got compy." They would look out and then in the voice they gave when I did stuff I shouldn't, "Come inside NOW." I would run in and the doors would be slammed shut and locked. The adults forbade me to make a sound.

That's how my family dealt with Jehovah Witness. Once when I was around nine or ten, we went to visit my step grandfather who had just gotten out of the hospital after having some sort of illness. The house was full of visitors and he was sitting in his favorite chair by the fireplace. My sister and I were quietly playing with dolls in the corner of the room.

Someone let in a horde of Bible carrying people. I didn't recognize any of them. And presumed they were from our Church or a neighboring church and I dismissed them by continuing to play games. Which lasted all of 3 seconds, when my step grandfather realized who they were, he began to shout and curse, telling them to get the HEll out of his house or he was going to get his shotgun.

It took ten people to keep him in his seat and even more to get the Jehovah Witnesses out of the house. At that moment I realized just how evil they were---because my step grandfather was the pillar of our community, church and world. He was the most Godliest man I knew at that time in my life and for him to use words I've never heard, then these people must be the Anti-Christ.

Then when I was in the fifth grade, a girl in my class told us that she couldn't say the pledge of allegiance anymore or celibrate Christmas or Easter, because her family had joined the Jehovah Witnesses. I was appalled! She was doomed to hell. So began the conflict within...if this religion was so bad why was she such a good person and why did such a good person join them?

As I grew older, I became more involved in our church--spitfire Baptists--and studied the Bible. I sang in the choir and directed the children's choir. Eventually I was given a Sunday School class (5 and 6 yr olds) and I felt strong in my faith.

All during my school years, I was known as the nicest, quietest smartest girl in my grade. I don't know if that was true...I think I just applied myself more than others. But getting back to the the 10th grade I took Geometry. We had an easy teacher who showed us how to do the equations Mon and Tues, then on Wed and Thurs we worked practice questions. Friday was the test day. About four people sat close to me and I would help them do their practice questions and we would be done by Wed and have Thursday to do nothing as long as it was done quietly.

One of the people was the girl who was a Jehovah Witness and I was determined to save her soul. The first debate was between she and I.... as the others watched. She had been schooled well in her faith as I was...for every thing I pointed out, she had an answer and vice versa. After a few weeks, some of the others joined in, allying themselves with me. We spent that whole year debating--neither side winning.

Then the following summer, a horde of Jehovah Witnesses showed up at our door. I was ready for them and very eager to take them on. Instead of running, I stepped outside and began to debate their 'new world' theory. My sister--the traitor told my Mom what was up and she demanded I come back inside. So I did. Boy was she livid with anger at me. I was suppose to HIDE not Confront them.

And over the years, I've taken a nicer approach to them. When they caught me unawares I would politely tell them I was a Baptist and close the door. Once when William was just a baby and was at my house. They came by. Mom was there. We had the sliding glass door (now gone) open so William could see the birds. When Mom saw them she yelled, "Hide." We hide in the breakfast knook.

Here we are, two very grown women hiding in the breakfast knook while little baby William was in his electric swing facing the sliding glass door and staring at the people tapping on the glass. I said in a horrified shocked voice, "We left William!!!" How could we abandon a baby to the horros of JW's! Why we were monsters, I say MONSTERS.

Mom said, "He'll be ok. They will leave when they realize no one's home."

Huh? "Mom," I said, "they know someone's here. Come on, who's leaves a 4 month old baby alone! This is ridiculous--hiding from Jehovah Witnesses."

But eventually they left. And since then we haven't had that many until today. And there I was, reverting back to the days of hide and seek. As I stood plastered against the wall, I realized that just maybe old habits really are hard to break.

Monday, June 09, 2008


Got an email from him:

everything went as well as can be expected... still might lose the sight in my left eye, but like the guy in 300 said

god saw fit to gift me with two




In my heart

In my heart lives pieces of gold,
each a love that lingers
like spring rain on daisies.

The weight burdens my heart,
like memories of kisses
and promises not kept.

Should I throw them away,
their value worth more now
than when first shiny and new?

If only life was so simple,
if only love died long
after the dream of it did.

yard sales, tank top tans and walking coffee mugs

Well, the yard sale went well...even if there was a heatwave... I made more than I thought because the temp at 11 am was 99 F. Many people ask me how I did on the yard sale and I say "I got a tank top tan for free. How much better can it get?"

I think they want to know how much money I made but won't come out and ask...and I'm not telling... thought it was much better than anticipated.

Sold about half the stuff. I had all 6 tables full and the clothing racks full. And still couldn't get every thing on the table. When it was all over... I had 9 empty boxes and just 8 left that says a lot to me.

All morning I kept hearing people say, "Hey, here's a mug full of coffee." Yep, my cup ...I kept putting it down to go help people. I kept waiting for someone to ask me how much it was.

Over all..a productive sale even if I got too hot and spent most of Sunday recuperating. Al had to be at work by 1pm... and couldn't help me break things down and pack them back up. So I would spend 20 mins packing, then go inside and cool off for 20 mins, and so it took me from 1 pm until 7:30 pm to get everything put away. The neighbors took pity on me and came over to help me get the tables in the truck. I was so thankful...

Once I was done, I took a long cool shower and napped until 9 pm... then promptly let the cat out by mistake... talk about being mad. She hid in the bushes behind the house--there's poison ivy in them dar bushes...arrrrr... so I couldn't get her out of there in the dark. She stayed out until 11 pm...

Al was furious with me. I reminded him that he's let her out by mistake 3 to my 1 time. She finally came to the door on her own. I knew no amount of bribes would work and suggested that Al try to bribe her, because she'll connect running outside to getting treats. All day Sunday, she knew she was in trouble and hid from us.

Sunday was my lazy day...Al was off and we cooked and hung out. I kept taking 15 min naps and I'm glad I did or I wouldn't have made it to work today. Al said that the reason I was so tired was that I wasn't used to such strenous physical activity (packing and carrying boxes). I told him that it was the sun that zapped me. Hell, it was 105 F at 2 pm and I was in and out of the heat from 6 am until 7:30 pm)... and still I survived.

It's mighty early in the spring to be having a heatwave like we're having..this type of weather doesn't hit until July and August...I fear that it will be even worse during those months.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Horrible News

Yesterday while I was driving to Al's, I kept getting this nagging urge to call home. But I ignored it...

as soon as I walked inside the house today, my brother informed me that Granny has colon cancer. Jewel, her husband called yesterday afternoon and told mom about it.

We'll know more after extensive tests are performed.

First Alzheimer's this. We decided not to tell her yet...with her memory as bad as it is, she won't remember. I told Mom we would have to take it one day at a time...and pray that God take care of Granny and to give us strength to face this.

So if you pray, remember her in your prayers. It means a lot to me if you do.


I got another update from Darlene, Sam's wife. She said the doctor told Sam his eye looked great. He couldn't explain why he was having pain, and reminded Sam that he's not supposed to be doing anything at all. Course Sam isn't and I thought...yeah that explains it. He's stubborn to the tee. Maybe there will be no repercussions from not listening to the doctor--but somehow I doubt it.


We're in the middle of a ten day heatwave...and it's not pretty. Temps are at 98 F and it feels hotter. Bad air warnings out and I just chided a customer for riding his bike to see me in this temperature at this time of day. His comment was "I'm 88 and if I have to go in a heatwave, that's find with me."

I had no comment...well, I did but I bit my tongue.

And our AC is went our Monday and I heard Dad tell the guy that 'anytime' he can come by is fine... that's not what you tell repairmen...because they'll put the "I-need-someone-out-here-NOW" people ahead of the "whenever" people.

I may leave if it gets hotter... I like being a hotty but not quite like this!!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Fudging machines, cartoons and updates

I'm really diggin' my MP3 player. I downloaded some e-books and other miscellaneous music.

After I got home yesterday, I went through that stuff Uncle Bobby left and couldn't find a fudge machine in it. I would remember a fudge machine since it's pretty heavy and had 'fudge machine' written all over it. So I called and told him it must still be in the building. He told me not to worry about it but then he had started his happy hour and when he's like that he doesn't care one way or another. For a little while I fretted over it not being in the stuff in the building...but my brother said not to worry about it...that Lee and his wife had plenty of time to get things they wanted to keep and it's not our fault it's not out there. So I'm not worrying, I'm being happy.

And crazy Al... why don't men listen to women when they talk to them? He and I had a discussion on the yard sale last night over the phone...I spent at least 10 mins talking about all the things we had to do Friday night and that I hoped no one would show up before we had all the stuff out. And how I hoped it wouldn't be too hot Saturday...then I told him what I put in the yard sale ad and that it will run Friday and Saturday.

About 20 mins later (he unsolicitly lectured me on the best grade of gasoline I should be using), he asked, "When's the yard sale?"

I was blown away... I had to recount my previous conversation and when I had about one sentence left, he interrupted me with "Oh yeah...I remember."

He promised he would help me. I'm going to hold him to it ...and if he makes other plans, he'll get pork and beans for supper that night.

Watched Shrek 3 on HBO last night. Tossed up a coin between 300 and Shrek... Shrek won by a mudslide ...

Got a reply from Sam's wife about his condition:

Hi Sherry,

Thank you for writing me..Sam is doing ok. Recovering slowly. Still has a bit of pain in the eye and that has started him waking up in the middle of the night which had us both concerned. He had called an left a voicemail lastnight with his doctor about it, but not sure the outcome of that is. He is out and about right now as a friend came and picked him up to take care of somethings. I am hoping one of them being seen by his Doctor. Anyhow, I will let him know that you send you love and well wishes.


I'm relieved but concerned about the pain. Sam tends to ignore things like that. I hope she's on his ass about seeing his doctor.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tuesday ...

very hot today... around 90 but the humidity is 100%, giving moi a sticky feeling when I go out side.

The Corner Gossip store officially closed down last week. So Dad's actually working during the day instead of gossiping...and getting things done. I've been cleaning out some of the back rooms that have stuff stored from our move in 94. I'm waiting for a merchant on our block to complain about all the boxes I stuff in the dumpster...

My Uncle dropped more stuff off at my house. I'm rather tired of it all. Then he called to tell me not to sell some of the candy equipment (some of it's worth at least a thousand--like the industrial scales and the industrial fudge machine). I didn't tell him that I hadn't planned on it... those things won't sell for what they're worth on a yard sale...I had planned to place ads for them. But will gladly hand them back a way I don't feel right about selling all this stuff in the first place... and part of me resents having to sort out the trash from the good and dump it for them.

But it will all be over June 7 after 2 pm...and then I'm gonna take a long shower, count my quarters, dollars and other cents...and make a big picture of Sunrise Sangria.

Al has to be at work by 3 pm...and I'll be relaxing.

He's off Sunday. Maybe we'll go to a movie or something.

His birthday is June 11. I've gotten some of his birthay presents but not all. So far a phone (he breaks them often) and a Hotel California Tee...which I wish I had gotten me one of now. Both items were on sale!!

Haven't heard from Sam... so I sent his wife an email. She's on myspace and is a pretty nice lady. I hope I hear something soon.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Curls, Tanks and Shrimp

I had an ok weekend. Spent most of it working on the yard sale stuff. Satuday evening and part of Sunday, Al and I had a major 'different views' issue regarding one of his friends. He couldn't relate to my view and I couldn't understand his...

He went off to work and called me about an hour before he was scheduled to get off work...and of course the issue was brought up by him and we began a heated dispute... after about 2 mins of the same conversation we had the night before and that morning, I knew we wouldn't see eye2eye ever so I suddenly said in a voice so sweet I could give people diabetes, "Well, honey I know you need to work, so I'll let you go and talk to you when you get home."

Total silence on his end...then I said goodbye before he could gather his thoughts.

He and I have our own visions and perceptions on life. There are going to be moments when they collide. It's how we handle these moments that will either make us or break us...I'm determined they shall not break us.

After I hung up, I got a shower, dried my hair, curled it so that soft curls fell around my face, made dinner--shrimp alfredo and garlic bread--then changed into short shorts, a form-fitting green tank top (no bra--yeah I play dirty)and bare feet.

When he got home, I could tell my his expression that we were on the same page--let it drop--it's not important. We had a nice dinner, some laughs, lots of cuddles and kisses and I felt like teh sexiest woman in the world.

Then when I was getting dessert (chocolate pie, Al said "Sher Bears, your top is inside out."


He stood up and pulled the side out so I could see in the seam...which should have been on the inside. Damn, I did that happen?

So I faked it..and said, "That's how you wear this tank top...inside out."

He laughed..."OooOOooookaaaaay!" And pulled me to him...smelling my hair.

I was glad he didn't pick on me like he usually does... maybe it was the fragrance of my soft curls that did it...or the fact that like me...he was happy to be smiling.

Horton Hears a Who

Well, we ended up seeing Horton hears a Who instead of Nim's Island. I'm glad we did.

Early Friday evening, I called my sister to discuss which Saturday's movie choices. I read off to her all the kids' movies that were playing at the Omni. She said, "Let the boys pick which one. Then call me back."

So I took the newspaper into the computer room where they were playing games and said, "Ok guys... pick which one of these movies you want to see Saturday afternoon.

1- Nim's Island
2- Spiderwick Chronicles
3) Morton Smells a Poo (I wanted to see if they were listening)."

They were. And took a good 15 mins to correct me. I had a phone call and laid the paper down on the ironing board. When I returned, the guys were pouring over the movie guide and marking X's through all the movies they didn't want to see all the theaters listed.

The only one circled was Horton Hears a Who. I was sorta shocked because they usually perfer real acton movies over animation.

But now I'm glad they did. I really thought the movie would be more of "Horton Smells Like Poo," than a really cute and funny family movie. I laughed out loud more than the boys did. Jim Carrey wasn't over the top like he can be in these kind of movies...the animation was clever and the humor was sly and swift oft times.

Horton's influence on the "kids" made me think of how I influence my nephews. After finding the 'speck' and helping it land on a 'clover', he told the kids about it and they were seen a few moments later, all carrying clovers and telling Horton what type of world their specks were. One fuzzy little round thingie said, "My world has ponies on it and they eat rainbows and poop butterflies."

Oh man I lost it...I wanna live in a world like that!

The movie was really cute and I will probably watch it again if it ever shows up on HBO or Encore. My score A-.