Friday, September 30, 2005


It just dawned on me that I haven't mentioned them lately.
They are doing great.
Ben won't give me kisses anymore. Since he became 4 a few weeks ago, he's shunned kissing me hello or goodbye. But I tricked him the other day... I said, "Oh no, there's a bug in your hair." He leaned over and I kissed his head. He ran away, trying to rub it off but I said, "Hey, you're rubbing it in..not off."

He went on a class trip to a farm last week. Most of the kids were afraid to ride the pony. Not Ben. His teacher said he had 17 turns and they had to pry him off when they were leaving.

William... he's doing good in school. I help him with his spelling words. Wednesday, he could spell "school," and "Balance" but kept screwing up "Bus." He spelled it "Bhashus." We worked on it so much that he lost his temper and called me a 'Hyphen.' I don't mind being called punctuations, but please... at least call me an exclamation point.

We'll see if he passes his test today.

I rented the Pacifier movie. It's cute. Vin ... what a hottie. Granny watched it with us one night this week. Afterwards, William gave her a test. I tried to help her with the answers and he said, "No Aunt Sherrie. It's not your turn." She flunked.

John Mayer

Seth called last night, to discuss the weekend. A smart guy..that one...

He said, "I have a suspicion that you aren't a big fan of major surprises."

"Surpises like flowers are nice...but you're right, I like a plan not a surprise."

"I've got tickets to the John Mayer concert Sat night at the HoB."

I thought .."OmG... all these months of seranading me over the radio and via CD... all those dreams he stole into while I slept peacefully... John Mayer is finally getting his wish.... to sing to me!" Nevermind the sold out concert.

To Seth, I said "Wow. That's cool. I always wanted to see John Mayer."

Hmmm I hope John Mayer likes Fishnets, too.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

let's seeeeeeeeeee


What was I going to write.... think shere...think... oh yea...


oh man.. that's not too good is forget I was going to write about a studmuffin.

Where's the clarity today?

Ok, seriously here... our schedules this week have clashed but we've talked on the phone every evening. Then yesterday afternoon I got a voice mail message from him, saying he was shipping out for 'somewhere' in South America and would leave mid Oct, be gone for a few months. Bummer, but that's the way Military Life is... at least he let me know ahead of time. Robert, my old soldier would disappear for months on end without word.

I told J about it... and said that I wasn't going to worry or fret over it...that I'm a butterfly, flitting from bloom to bloom, not worrying about a thing, except maybe birds...and nets..

but not fishnet stockings! ;)

Last night, Seth asked me if I would like to go to Myrtle Beach Saturday afternoon and stay overnight. I pretended to think about it, while my heart and nether regions pulsed flames... and finally said, "Yes. That would be lovely."

Hope he likes Fishnet Stockings!

"Arrows...What Arrows???"

I didn't see the Indians!


Yesterday, my brother and my Granny went to Shoney’s for lunch. She likes their senior citizen prices. I was worried that she would get lost, because lately she’s been getting lost when she comes to visit. When I got home last night, I privately asked my brother if they found Shoney’s. He said, “Yep. We had no problem. The food wasn’t too bad this time.”

I said, “Good. I was worried.”

As I was turning to leave he said in a very low voice, “But we did drive down a one-way street the wrong way going to Mom’s work.”


“Mom asked Granny to stop by the work on the way home from lunch. We came to a traffic light. Granny said, ‘I don’t see any cars.’ I thought she that she was confusing the light with a stop sign, so I said, ‘Granny, this is a traffic light. NOT a stop sign.’”

“Was she confused?”

“No, she said, ‘No cars are coming. I’m going.’ And drove through it. Right into the one-way street.”

“Didn’t she see the sign? She was on Chestnut. How did she get on Chestnut?”

“I don’t know. I said, ‘Granny, that sign said “Do Not Enter.’ She said, ‘They mean someone else. They aren’t talking about us.’”

“OMG. Did you tell her to get off the street or to turn around?”

“No, I was paralyzed. When we passed another ‘Don Not Enter’ Sign, she said, ‘I must be going the wrong way. Oh well, those cars are moving over. We’re ok.’ She kept driving. All the cars we met moved over.”

“You’re lucky you were on Chestnut. It has double lanes. Elm doesn’t.”

“Sher-Bare, what killed me was when she said, ‘I don’t know why people are looking at me like I’m crazy.”

Oh man, I tried not to laugh and he was trying not to laugh. Then he said, “When we got to mom’s work, Granny parked and said, ‘That wasn’t so bad. We made it.’”

I know this isn’t funny because she could get in an accident or worse…end up lost in Florida. But hearing my brother tell the story… it was funny. I told Mom and she said “Why didn’t Mother tell me?”

“Mom, Granny’s not going to admit she’s not driving well. She won’t accept that her body’s wearing out. She’s afraid that she’s getting old.”

“She’s 80, Sherrie.”


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tie-Dyed and Fried

Wow.. a stoner was here, smelling of weed and wearing a Grateful Dead tie-dyed t-shirt. He asked Dad if he could put his head on the body of the drummer of the band in one of their concert photos, because he dreamt he would get to play with the band in the afterlife. So he wanted to see what they would look like together.

I've heard it all.

Dad spent 20 minutes on the phone arguing with a telemarketer. When he hung up he said, "Sherrie, I've become a slayer of telemarketers." I said (the influence of the dead head still clinging to me ...or maybe it's the second hand weed smoke) "Dude, you invest too much energy into arguing with them. Just say 'No thanks... Peace out' and hang up the phone."

He didn't say anything for a moment. Stared at me and then said, "It's Bush's fault." Then walked off.

I'm figuring the second hand weed smoke got to Dad's brain, too.


Got online after nip/tuck last night to email Jeff about the show. There was a few emails for Lorraine, my BS (blood sister). I clicked on the one that said "Academy Award Winner." Figured it was a spoof image of a movie... lo and below.. it was...

A movie about Lorraine and Me... she created a movie poster of Us... "Sherraine" ... beware if we hit your town.. Goth music and all... we might just scare the crap out of you!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I'm still running on clarity today.

Was sitting at the desk, logging in some orders when I heard a car door slam outside. It was the editor guy I dated a while back..the one who kept calling me by his ex-wife's name. I watched him suck in his gut, which isn't very large and adjust his waiste band. He came into the studio and I smiled at him. He had some photos he wanted restoring. I wrote down his order.

I silently laughed when he kept repeating my correct name. He said it in syllables: Sher..rie. As if it were a new word he found he liked. His cell phone rang and he said goodbye (I heard he's dating a woman who's got children his age and I'm happy for him).

Once outside, he relaxed his stomach and got in his car. Stroked my ego just a bit... at least I'm still 'stomach-suckable' in his eyes.


I woke up with a crystal clear head this morning... the kind of clarity that only having deep dreams or restful sleep can obtain.

Let's hope it stays that way.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Goodbye Belke

Joyce emailed me...she's my cosmic twin (we were born on the same day mere mins apart). And we roomed together one year at ECU. Anyway, her news was that the Belke store at the Carolina East mall was closing this weekend.

Talk about memories... her email mentioned one of our favorites... we used to go to the mall on Saturdays in the afternoon, before happy hour. There were a few girls who didn't have cars and would ask to set that went almost every trip with us was a tall blonde and a short blonde...we called them the bookends now.. neither Joyce nor I can remember their names. The tall blonde would hit the men's cologne counter at Belke and literally bathe in "Grey Flannel"...why? Because her boyfriend who went to NC State wore it and she said it was her way of being close to him. On the way back to the dorm, I would crack the window and complain. I remember doing that often... until Christmas came and those of us who rode to the mall with the bookends took up a collection and bought her a bottle (my idea...) and dared her to spray herself with that gunk again. To this day I hate that smell...

I had forgotten about that. Funny how you forget little things and someone reminds you of them and you die laughing for a long time.

We loved going to that mall, most of the time to get away from the dorm and do some window shopping. Joyce reminded me about a habit I the candy counter I would buy "Gummi Bears" and sit down on a bench and proceed to bite their legs off because I had a nightmare once that I bought some gummi bears at the mall and they climbed out of the bag and I chased them all over the mall but ... they got away.

You know.. I still do that..

Another time during a Christmas season, we ran into DJ JD... he was with a girl but stopped to chat a minute..and he said we should throw snowballs at Santa.

And the last memory that rings out is one that Amy used to rag me about... we were sitting on a bench and a guy came over and talked to me for a long time... I had no idea who he was. After he left I asked Amy if she knew who he was and she started laughing, "WW (one of my nicknames was Wicked Wanda), that was one of the Elbo Room bartenders... you didn't recognize him because he didn't have a beer in his hand, he wasn't standing under a black light and also he's two feet taller behind the bar."

Ah... yea... now that makes sense.

Throwing Paper

That's what I'm mentally doing as I work on this tedious pictures. It's an old polaroid of a baby. There are creases and spots all over it. So I'm dabbing at them with my clone tool. Soooo tedious and boring.

Saturday, I was dancing with William and hurt my ankle..not a good thing. I had on my flip-flops...not a good thing. But I'll say this... I was in perfect form. Spent most of the weekend, babying the ankle and it feels better today.

Yes, I have the blahs, but I'll blame that on the hormones or the curse as my granny called it. I call it a visit from my aunt in Red Springs (which is actually a town 20 mins from here)...I spent part of yesterday cursing womanhood and Eve. In another day or two it won't be so bad...if I go homicidal, I've got this blog as evidence that I'm a woman under duress.

Saturday while goofing off at work, I had a wonderful chance to chat with Lorraine. I think we're going to become Goth girls... black hair, red lips and bleeding hearts. I think we should form an angry woman band.

Sunday afternoon, I spent a while chatting with Sarah HB. Listen sweetie, lots of people love you. Remember that ok?

Seth called a few times over the weekend. He had to work. I'm suppose to meet his roommates soon. He wants them to put a face with his 'girlfriend's voice.' He's coming over Tues after work and we're going dinner in town. Found out he's a Curb Your Enthusiasm fan, too. It's strange but I haven't told him about my blogs or my website... or anything about my writing. Nor that I belly dance and read Tarot cards. Guess it will eventually come out or maybe not... I'm beginning to feel that I should keep parts of myself secret. At least until I feel the time is right. I really don't know this guy... I'm taking it slow and will do my best to see that he doesn't run a gauntlet.

ha ha my Libra side is strong... let's hope she can quell my Scorpio side.

Another Mundane

Monday..that should read Monday. If it doesn't...adjust your monitor.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Thursday Night at Shere's

All in all... a great night.

(sorry I wasn't online Sarah)

When I rushed home, Mom was there with the boys. I rushed inside, wondering what was going on. I didn't expect them to be there. Mom informed me that Lisa had to stay at work late due to a few workers being out and she wouldn't get the boys until 7. Mom couldn't keep them because she had a workshop at 6. There was no one else but me....

So Mom rushed out. Being a wise turltette, I had the spaghetti sauce simmering in the slow cooker all day, which the boys could smell and both said "I want spaghetti for supper." It was around 5:45 and I knew Seth wouldn't be there til 7, so I cooked some noodles and got the boys their supper. While they ate, I freshened up.

At 6:15, they finished their supper and I was surprised to see that they somehow missed their mouths and got spaghetti sauce all over themselves. Bath time. We were singing silly songs when the phone rang at 6:30... it was Seth and he was an hour early! He thought it would take longer to get to my house. Guess where he was calling from.. the driveway. He apologized. I told him it was ok and that I had the nephews for another 30 mins, if he didn't mind noisy boys, he could come on in.

My brother who knows me very well, could tell I was upset over how the evening was turning out. He volunteered to talk to Seth while I finished bathing the boys. Seth came in...holding a bouquet of cut flowers and a bottle of wine. My brother teased me later about how I blushed. I introduced them and left them to converse about...sports.

It never occurred to me that I should prepare the nephews for a new face. Most of the time I keep my dates from meeting my family. The boys were only familiar with Doug, who brought his daughter over often. So there's William, in the bathtub and he says, "Who is it Aunt Sherrie? Doug?"

"No, sweetie. It's my new friend. His name is Seth."

"Is he my friend too?"

"Umm, I hope so." I didn't know what to say.

He said, "I'm ready to get out." I dried him off, dressed him and before I could comb his wet hair, he bolted down the hall into the den saying, "Hi Sed, you're my friend. I have on Spiderman shorts. Look. Hey Uncle John, we have a new friend. This is Sed."

I heard Seth laugh and a conversation began. I lost most of it because at that moment, Ben got soapy water in both eyes and began to cry. It took a while to calm him and get the eyes unsoaped. He hurried out of the water and got dressed. Ben hung onto my hand. He is shy around strangers. When we walked into the kitchen, William had Seth's hand, pulling him to the fridge. He said, "I want to show you something." He noticed me and said, "Aunt Sherrie, it's Seth not Sed." I laughed at him.

Then he turned to Seth and said, "Look at the pictures of Sportacus that me and my friend Aunt Sherrie colored. We stayed inside the lines." (We had colored them a few nights ago and William had proudly stuck them to the fridge.) Not long after that the boys left with their Mom who was in a very foul mood for having to work late. She was polite to Seth and I know it killed her to smile, but she managed it.

After they left, my brother said to Seth. "You've just seen the difference between night and day." He was referring to my sister (night) and me (day). He went back to his room.

I felt disravled. Seth complimented me though. He helped me with the finishing touches on the meal and we ate at the table. I couldn't help but admire the flowers (I shoule take a photo of them). The wine was nice, a merlot. Dinner must have been great. Seth ate two plates of spaghetti.

While we watched Survivor and CSI, we talked a lot. I'm surprised we kept up with the shows. One thing he said that really cracked me up was about the first time he saw me.

"When Javie and I walked into the room, you surveyed me from head to toe and back to head. Raised your left eyebrow and dismissed me. You dismissed me. No woman, hell, no man for that matter has ever dismissed me. I thought "Who does this young chick think she is?" It was the reason I went in search of you at B &N. I knew you were a woman worth getting aquainted with."

I did dismiss him. I thought he was too young.

I'll say this about the rest of the evening. We felt right together. When he kissed, it was a kiss that caused shivers, a kiss that affected us both...a kiss that raised a large...and I mean large lump in his pants.

Over these last few years, I've learned to let things happen as they not worry about next week or next month or next not try to cage feelings or expectations but to enjoy them as they come along and appreciate the moments. Seth is a soldier and not just any soldier but a Fort Bragg soldier. I'll make sure we both enjoy the moments.

When he left he said, "I like your nephews. Cute boys. And your brother. He's cool even if he's a Redskin and Duke fan. That sister of yours... phew, she could bend metal with her eyes." He laughed.

I laughed and asked, "And me?"

His good night kiss said it all.

The New Yahoo messenger

...Sucks EGGS! Every time I log on, my pc freezes. I want the old version back!


Thursday, September 22, 2005

A title escapes me for the moment...

Last night, a lady at dance gave me some 'field peas.'... I spent the rest of the evening shelling them. My thumbs are sore today. Put me back to the old days on the farm. We grew acres and acres of them. I spent many summer days, picking them for the market. We would also put lots of them in the freezer or can them, so we ate them all year long. But there is nothing better than fresh ones. I think I have enough for 3 or 4 pints. I'll blanch them when I get home and let them cool for a few hours. Before I go to bed, I'll put them in freezer bags.


Seth is coming over at 7:30. He called last night. I told him I would make spaghetti for us. Probably not a good way to start for a man, but I don't think he'll abuse it. Now when Charles found out I could cook, he rarely wanted to eat out unless it was with his parents...which grew old fast. I'm excited and nervous. He knows about my situation with my brother and doesn't seem to mind. Like he said, "Hell, I live with 3 other military guys...I can't complain!"


My dad should be a politican. As much as he hates the way our President "bullshits us on Iraq" (dad's quote not mine), he sure can bullshit a client when he wants too. He's pissed at me because I won't agree with him regarding a 24 x 30 frame that has a damaged corner. In a lot of frames, especially those that are antiqued and have fancy smancy work in the corners, cracks are a part of the decor...but not corner separation and this frame has corner separation...which probably occurred when the client tried to transport it because it wasn't damaged when it left here... but the customer thinks it was and that we are responsible. The problem we are encountering is that with new digital photo sizes, many of the framing companies are changing the sizes they make so they fit the new photo demands. The company it came from would replace it but that style has been discontinued in that precise size. Anyway, Dad has managed to convince the lady the frame is ok and won't be noticed once it's on the wall (which is true, it probably won't be noticed but...and this is my concern...the corner could continue separating over time...then CRASH to the floor). He and I have different approaches to dealing with customer problems that deal with money, which causes him to stay pissed at me for the rest of the day... oh well, I continue to breathe


I think I'm a coffee Czar. Will there be a rebellion I wonder?

The Reversed L

Ok... today I didn't travel the J-shaped path to the Bakery. I walked a Reversed-L. Took me about 10 seconds longer but the sights were different and sort of inspiring, like the display of bikes in the window of the pawn shop and the long line at the Hot Dog truck ( instead of a stand a guy sells hotds from a truck).

On the return trip, I took my usual J path because I didn't see the guy anywhere. When I got to WC's store and was about to turn the corner onto our street, there he was...wearing the same clothes from yesterday. I startled him. He stumbled against the building and had to catch himself. He actually laughed out loud. I sort of smiled because I smugly thought, "Ha, got You this time!" Now he knows how it feels to be startled.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Been a while since I’ve been sniplety.

Summer ends tomorrow… bring on autumn. I’m ready.


Not every day, but some days…I don’t feel like my normal self. Today is not exception. I feel like a paper doll. Paper roses might make me feel better.


If all our possessions could fit on the head of a pin, it would make traveling less stressful.


Parmesan cheese. I’ve gotten this habit of eating single serving microwave popcorn and sprinkling Parmesan cheese over it. To top off the snack, I wash it all down with a glass of water and a twist of lime. Since I’m trying to be unpredictable, I’ll use a twist of lemon next time.


Little Willy, Willy won’t Go Home. Remember that song? I heard part of it this morning and for about 20 minutes tried to remember why he wouldn’t go home. I should pursue this matter, but some things should remain mysterious.


Eggs. William has abandoned his “I love Eggs. Eggs like me” Mantra. He’s moved on to Cotton Candy.


Toes. I have ten and they are polished a flashy pink. Except the little toes—they barely have nails to polish.


Yellow. I don’t own any item of clothing in yellow, which proves I am not made of sunlight.

It's How you Ask...

When the nephews are at my house, I try to teach them to use manners. Like if they burp, which they seem to find joy in, I give them a look over my glasses and they grin wickedly and say 'Excuse me."

William is a grand master of mimicry. He's watched the Amanda Show so much, he's learned how to sound exactly like the Courtney and Penelope characters--both have a slight infliction of rudeness in their voice. He commanded that I remove his supper tray the other night in the same tone as the Amanda show characters. A perfect impression!

I wouldn't and said, "What's the magic word?"

He said, "Abracadabra."



"No, that's not it either."

"Hmmmm, Sha sha sha BOOM." (In the Martin Short movie "A Simple Wish", he plays a Fairy GodMother..I mean Father... who says Shaboom, when he casts a spell.)

"No... my favorite magic word is 'PLEASE."

"Ohhhhhhhh... ok. Please."

Well, when I got home yesterday, Mom was there with the boys. Lisa had to work late and they were killing time. William demanded that I help him put on his Harry Potter cloak.

I said, "What's the magic word?"


I saw the beginning of a repeat performance from the other day ..."No...what's my favorite magic word?"

"Oooh, that one... Please."

The Strangeness of Breathing

There's a strange black guy who hangs around downtown. He’s quiet and won't talk to people. He breathes heavily....He’s here for a while and then gone for long periods. I think he lives down by the river, at the first intersection across the bridge going to my house. I’ve seen him walking towards town. In fact, I saw him this morning when I drove my brother to work.

Well, all this week and part of last, every time I go over to the bakery he's lurking close by... Today... I had to go to the bank first to make a deposit. He was standing outside it when I walked out. He turned suddenly and walked in front of me past the bank parking lot and stopped at the furniture store on the corner and watched as I walked by. I gave him a sidelong glance without turning my head and he was staring at my shoes (blue flip-flops with the rhinestones). I crossed the street to and went by the license plate agency, a dance store and into the bakery to get coffee and wasn't in there 5 minutes. I took my usual shortcut thru the plaza and he was suddenly there. I stopped cold in my tracks, pivoted on one foot and almost fled in the opposite direction. He startled me and I felt a flutter of fear in the pit of my stomach. So I stood there feeling conflicted...I didn’t want to look like a racist and made myself walk by him. I didn’t want to appear afraid of him... this time he stared at me. I finally said something like 'looks like rain today." He didn't say anything... its just weird. I’m not a racist. I don’t cower easily. In fact, I smile at everyone I pass and don’t fret if they ignore me. But this guy…well... it's just a gut feeling. I guess its good he's out in the open and not hiding, like that guy in Greenville, who lurked in a tree outside my apartment window and kept a journal on what I did in privacy.

I don’t think he'll do anything, its just uncomfortable and I don't like feeling that way...I am such a creature of habit. I always park in the same place and if it’s taken, I have same place #2. When I go to the grocery store, I take the same path. Maybe I’ll have to stop being so predictable and grow eyes in the back of my head.

last night

I watched TV. Lazy me...didn't even do laundry. It was such a long day yesterday My mind was soooo tired.

Flipped the channels around until 9...that's when Supernatural came on. That show has the elements of the X-files...only both actors believe in monsters and are brothers. Great show last night. Then... Nip Tuck and what a show... the deviant behavior works for them. I think that there will be no happy ending for anyone in the long run. This season promises to be a shocker. I had a long drawn out reveiw about nip/tuck but... my pc froze and I lost the post.

I had dreams last night. Crazy ones. Charlie, my ex-fiance was in one of them. It had to do with living in Greenville during my college years. He showed up with friends of mine and I was so pissed... I left for a Frat party and came home early. He was playing patty-cake with some dumb bimbo blonde and I yelled "GET A FREAKING ROOM, ASSHOLE." You know, I should feel better after venting like that, but I don't.

This week, I've been listening to the Audio book "And then there were none" by Agathie Christie. Oh it's great. I've read the book high school. It's nice to hear it read by a enticing voice.
I've forgotten most of the plot, so I'm rediscovering the story.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Another Hot Day

I've had a very busy bee morning and early afternoon. Had to come to work 2 hours early so I could get a package from UPS. Was waiting for acid-free mount board and some frames. Got my orders out and they've been picked up. So now, I'm working on a project due for Thurs.

My date was great. The best date I've been on in years! The best masculine company I've had in even more years and... that's all I'm saying for now.

It's silly but I want to keep this to myself for a while and not jinx it by over-talking. Once I'm past the 3rd date mark...well, I'll say more. ;)

Monday, September 19, 2005

Charlie and the Chocolate Factoryby Roald Dahl

The audio book ...

The lastest movie version follows the book faithfully, except for Mr. Depp's portrayal of Willie Wonka--Depp's WW doesn't like children and a history of life is added to the movie.

The audio book is wonderful...a total delight. It is read by Eric Idle .. yes, from the Monty Python fame. He did a fantastic job of bringing life to the characters. I laughed out loud a few times. It didn't put me to sleep at all and I was sad to hear it in. The audio book is unbridged and over 3 hours on 3 CD's. There is a sequel to it called Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. I think that will be my next venture into the world of Roald Dahl.

If you get a chance to listen to the audio book... please do. It is so worth it.

My Panthers

They Kicked Ass yesterday... Go Panthers!

Humidity Pie

Have a slice?

Man, it is so humid today. The air feels like it's sitting on my lungs. Gray skies and humid air. Stifling hot in lots of ways.

I had a busy early morning. Worked on an old frame for an elderly lady. If I think about it I'll bring my camera to work and take a photo of it.. she told me an interesting story to go along with the photo and frame.

Had a chance to chat with dear Jo... hey, woman get better soon.

Since my photo paper hasn't arrived, I'll take a moment to blog and reply to email I've neglected.

Seth called last night after Rome went off. I was very happy to hear from him. We talked about lots of things. He has a sense of humor much like mine and we 'got' each others jokes. I get a feeling that he's settled inside. No sense of hopeless complexity--though I am drawn to that sort of person, I am relieved he's not one of them. He brought up Iraq. I told him it was too soon to talk politics. He laughed. According to him when he's in his fatiques at a store or around town, strangers stop him and ask questions about Iraq. Most are supportive but a few are really nasty. I can only imagine. There's a time and place for discussing Iraq. Before our official first date isn't one.

I guess I'll get off early enough to rush home and change clothes. I'm meeting him at 7 at a local restaurant. It's a steakhouse and won't be too busy tonight. Quieter than The Outback or any restaurant chain.

Syndi called at two today. Seth told Javier that we had a date and naturally he exploded the news to Syndi. She said--this is a direct quote "Sherrie, we would have introduced you to Seth sooner but I didn't think he was your type. He's so much taller than you. Dale and I both agree that men your height compliment you best."

Oh man, I lost it... big time. Since when did men become an accessory item? I let it drop though. She wouldn't have understood and I realized one thing... it didn't matter. What matters is that I have a dinner date with a really nice guy.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

"Viagra for the Next Generation"

I was checking my email, when I came across a bit of spam in the bulk mail folder.."Viagra for the Next Generation."

Does this mean there's no hope for this generation? Have they said, "What the hell, these guys are hopeless...let's start to work on the upcoming we can cure woodless dicks once and for all!"

Had a nice day/evening yesterday. Worked until 3 and then headed to the grocery all the stuff I needed without a list...can't believe and am still marveling over it. Drove over to Syndi's house and visited for a few hours. We caught up on gossip. Her sister, Dale is a good friend and now lives in NY state. She doesn't visit that often. When she lived here, she was one of my dearest and closest friends. I was happy to hear that she and her family are well. As I was about to leave, Javier, Syndi's husband came home with a GI friend of his. I suceeded in not drolling in my shoes only by the sheer grace of self-control. A total hottie... 6 feet, olive skin, piercing gray eyes and a short crop of black hair. Seth ..that's his name...

He gave me a thorough once-over and I pretended not to notice, because both Syndi and Javier were watching me for a reaction. I shook his hand as we were introduced and then said my goodbyes.

I fucking ran! I stopped at the Barnes and Noble bookstore as planned. I was adamant about not trying to dissect why I didn't stay at Syndi's.

So I lost myself in a book about The Outer Banks of NC. I found a place to sit at the coffee shop, ordered an espresso and read for a while. That area holds mystery for me...sometimes I think that in another life, I must have lived there. The call is undeniable.

A voice said, "Sharon?, um...Sherrie?" I looked up, because it was directly in front of me. It was SETH... Syndi--that fink ratted me out--she must have told him my destination. BUT WHY??? He said he would return and asked if I wanted another coffee. I said no.

When he sat down in the chair opposite me, I closed my book. He saw the title and we began a conversation about the Outer Banks. He had been there numerous times too and loved it. I think we talked for about an hour on that topic. Then I noticed the time and knew I needed to get home soon.

Seth asked for my phone number. I hestitated...and he called me on it. "Are you married or involved with anyone? Syndi said you weren't." It wasn't that... he looked all of 25 and I don't want to get involved with a young man again. Looking into his piercing eyes, I realized he deserved an answer.

"No, I'm very single. It's just that...well, you're too young. I'm almost 43. Ancient."

He threw back his head and laughed for a long time. He smiled. Then said, "I'm 39. I'll be 40 in under a month. Now give me your number. Please?"

I did and he's already called. We're going to dinner tomorrow night. I'm nervous but wise enough to know that dinner doesn't mean the end of being single, it means that maybe the meal and conversation will be sparkling.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Summer Makes a Return

Now that the hurricane has passed, after wrecking the coast, we've got humid and hot weather. The breeze that blows on occassion is hot, too.

I've been quietly working on an old photo from WWII. It's a hand-tinted photo of two soldiers. The photographer used two different photos and put them together on a 9 x 14 print. The paper is decaying and there are 'rust' spots all over the print. I've gotten 99 % off and am working on the spots that are in tricky areas, like the hairline or the chin, etc.

The ghost in our building is active today. J jokingly said that Ophelia was getting to 'my buddy.' Don't know about that. Some days I don't notice things... probably because I've learned to ignore a lot of things. After all the building's been here since 1910 or so. But there are times when it is hard to ignore things, like today when the printer started up on its own while I was at least 20 feet or more away. I am not afraid, btw. He means no harm. Probably wants some acknowledgment for the day... so here it, quit bothering my printer.

I've decided to start Christmas shopping early this year. Making my list and will make a Santa list to post on the fridge and insist every immediate family member put at least 3 things on their list.

As for the weekend, I've got no big plans. Probbly go shopping in Fayetteville. Stop at the Barnes and Noble and chill for a while. Maybe drop by and see an old friend while I'm there... won't call too far in advance or she'll have several prospective 'dates' lined up.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Phew... I made it

Been unable to log online today. Some sort of glitch with my ISP but it's fixed. Called their tech department, thinking my payment might have been missed but that wasn't the problem... they were having difficulties with their servers.

I'm surprised I didn't get a call from my brother, accusing me of breaking the computer at home.

It's been an okay day..sunny but sort of hot and I've gotten an order done that I dreaded doing, but once I got involved with wasn't so hard after all... I like it when that happens.

My dad has been non-stop Bush bashing today. I think most of the people popping in have only fueled his ferver, by agreeing with him. One thing I've noticed about Dad is that he tests his subjects first to see how intelligent they are and if they're pure 100% pro-Bush... and if not, he'll bend their mind with his dribble. He contradicts himself and I keep hoping one of them will have the balls to call him on it.

As time goes by I'm relating more and more to the Donkey Benjamin in the Animal Farm Book.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Boredom + Bad Weather = Idiots

How's that for a new math formula?

I am amazed at the amount of people (4 so far) who have decided to bring in old photos (all 8x10's or larger) to get estimates for restoration. None have bothered to protect the photos from Ophelia's sideways rain that hate umbrellas. One man had a towel wrapped around himself but not his 60 yr-old-photo... What's up with that????

If I had the choice I would be home, reading or watching an old movie with a bowl of popcorn and a nice cold glass of black cherry-flavored water.

Today's Ben's birthday. He's officially ...this many (holding up 4 fingers). He's too young to appreciate the 'day you were born' I'll keep them to myself.

Well have a good evening, readers... I think I'll sneak out of here early...


I spent a while watching TV last night as I did laundry.
Watched Jimmy Neutron. The nephews have me hooked. It's a good show. Didn't watch SpongeBob ..instead caught part of an Old CSI rerun.

At 8, watched the new show called Bones. It was ok. I give it a B+ rating. It's about a "Bone" specialist teaming with an FBI guy (the guy from the Angel series) to solve cases. The lead girl could kick ass. And some of the supporting characters cracked me up. So it's worth another look.

Then at 9, I watched "Supernatural." That show rocked. It's about two brothers who fight supernatural stuff while trying to locate their dad, who's tracking ghosts and demons. The brothers act like brothers, sort of arguing but watching each other's backs. I watched it with the lights off and man it rocked. I give it an A++

Flipped channels after it went off... next Tues I'll be glued to the tube watching Nip/ you know Christian was attacked by the serial slasher. He'll survive of course but it will take a long time to get over the pyschological trauman. I'm here for you, baby...come to mama.

As for what else I've been watching...
Rome--the HBO series. It's pretty good. I haven't bonded with any of the characters yet. At times it's hard to keep up with, so I'm having to watch the re-broadcasts, which is a good thing HBO does. Luckily the episodes are worth watching twice. I'll rate it at a B+

Survivor starts this Thurs. I'm not all that keen on it this year. I really think they jumped the shark when they did the All-Stars show. Last season's shows were great but, I didn't care who won. I'll probably watch it as I wait for CSI which will come on directly after it.

Now...that's one show I looove. CSI... last season's finale (which is on again this Thurs) rocked. Was the best nail-biting show I've seen since the Grudge at the movies. I can't imagine what they'll toss at us this season. terrible I am. I just realized those are the only shows I watch faithfully. I rarely watch TV on Mon, Wed or Friday or the weekends. But come to think of it... its a pretty good thing..means I actually do have a life.


My feet aren't happy today. Since we've got sideways rain and wind, I knew the streets and sidewalks would have puddles of water, so I wore my brown loafers with the heels. I've been wearing my cute flipflops every day (no..not the same pair) and my feet don't like the enclosed feeling of this loafers. I want to kick my shoes off and run barefoot through the building. But I won't. I'll resist the temptation.

Luckily my feet aren't good at mind control.

Ophelia.. I feel ya

So far we've got rain and windy and blue/gray skies. Nothing like Granny's getting in Holden Beach. She decided to weather it out. Called while ago and I could hear the wind/rain pounding the window behind the couch where she sat talking on the phone to me. They're getting flooding which is normal during any heavy rain there. I hope every one who prays will remember those of us here in the hurricane as it rips every so slowly across our coast.

I feel for the Outer Banks later today and in the morning, because they're going to get the worse of it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A poem

Crushed Petals

Crushed petals of a dead rose
lie scattered over my soul
like potpourri of life, now brittle.
I fight to pen a poem in blood,
with the double-edge of love's sword.
Do not hate me, my love,
for I bear the weight of the world
and cannot abide the heaviness
of us any longer. Farewell.
Life is a fleeting dream,
as death is a lingering crush
of dead rose petals on a grave.

~ ~ ~
Practicing my gothic poety

Monday, September 12, 2005

Date with Roger Rabid

Rabid must be my word for today...

My date was mediocre. We went to dinner at a swank restaurant. All during the meal, he kept roger rabbitting on me (he ex's name is Jessica). No matter what topic I introduced, he brought her name up over and over. I finally asked him if we needed another plate setting at the table. He asked 'for who' and I said, 'Jessica.'... which didn't set well with him... but the funny part about it was that he berated me for not having baggage to toss out..said it wasn't normal to be so well-adjusted with my past. The thing is that I do have some baggage-- it's tied down to one make-up case full... it took me a while to get there and I'm not about to drag stuff out of the case just to relate to what he's going through. My God, he's been split with this chick for over 2 yrs. He should be tying up loose ends, not ripping out strips. But I don't think he's ready ...he still needs his 8-piece set... and as dinner ended, I realized I'm not in the mood to tangle a mental troubled 3-some...nor do I have the inclination to superglue him back together...

Do I enjoy his company? Yes I do, when he's not Rabidding. His humor is dry and he is a very straightforward type of nonsense. He balances out my silly jokes and seems to appreciate them.

I don't really want a heavy duty relationship. What I prefer is to have a special friend for activities, both sexual and non-sexual. Someone who enjoys things I do and is secure with all aspects of themself.

When the date was over, I didn't invite him in. He didn't press the issue. Said he would call sometime soon and left... I didn't fret over it. And have no plans too do so.

Then... Sunday while at Walmart-vegas, in my Scoob baseball cap (I did make sure to wear a pink top with denim shorts and pink flipflops), David appears. I wasn't paying attention to the people around me. I was looking at greeting cards and felt a hand on my arm. He was with his daughter and her fiance. We talked for a moment and he said, "Take care of yourself." I smiled and said something "Ok."

Later I was perusing the hairspray selection and I heard "Bye Sherrie." was him again. He was standing at the opposite end of the aisle. I said, "Goodbye." I barely looked up from the can I was reading the label of.

If he calls, I may go out again.. or I just may have to stay in and wash my hair or something. It will all depend on my mood of the moment... and where he wants to take me.



Let's hope and pray she stays a tropical storm. She's lurking off the coasts, slowly moving. Today it's very windy and very cloudy. I don't mind if we get some rain from the storm, because we need it... it hasn't rained in over 3 weeks.

What I do mind is the wind... may it blow seawards...not landwards.

Landwards... a Shere-ism for 'inland.'

For those that are wondering where in NC is moi... well I'm 14 miles from the SC border. 60 miles from Myrtle Beach SC and 65 miles from Wilmington NC...

Aunt Sherrie Gone Rabid

When I got home Friday, I was informed that Ben's birthday party was going ot be held at my house Sunday....I wasn't happy. Why? Because I end up doing all the work. But like a good aunt, I agreed, knowing it was out of my hands. Mom swore she would be here at 3 to cook and everyone would be gone by 5-6.

Saturday when I got home from work the kitchen table was lined up with gifts that needed wrapping--my mom's and my brother's... not including mine (I had only a couple of things). Yes, I was the selected wrapper. Mom's excuse: "You have that touch." She's right I do. My present wrapping is as inticing as what's inside. I spent an hour and a half doing all our presents.

After my date that night... I'll get back to it... as I took off my earrings, I realized I hadn't gotten a present for Dad to give... so... that meant a trip to Wal-Mart-village the next morning....

So I'm up at 9 am, do my thing at walmart, make sure the house is tidy, get a shower and as my hair sits in curlers, I blow up a billion balloons. At 2:45, my sister arrives with William, who promptly gets on the PC to play games. I go out to help my sister get in party stuff and find that it's limited to one bag... a bag of presents. Where's the food? There is none. Her reply: "I think Mom's bringing it."

Lisa starts putting streamers up everywhere and I began to get a very strange feeling that Mom thinks Lisa is bringing the is her party....even if it's at my house.

3 pm Mom...3:30 Mom... The rest of the guests were suppose to come by 4. Most arrive at 3:30. No food... in fact I have no idea what the menu is....

I go to the outside freezer to see what I have in there. I'm one who keeps a stock of stuff. That habit goes back to the farming days when we kept a freezer or two stocked with livestock grown for that purpose. I found some ground beef but not enough to feed 9 adults and a few kids. There in the back, under a bunch of frozen tomatoes, I found a huge bag of those frozen hamburger patties. I took them inside, took Lisa to get them ready for the grill. Then I went outside and lit it.

Around 4, Mom showed up... with only a head of lettuce. I was right...she thought Lisa was bringing food to cook. Since none of us are grazers, I was glad I had taken the task of foraging for food to cook.

I was so pissed, but I took charge and got the cooking done. During the whole process, Mom kept telling me how to do stuff or would question my way of doing it. I answered sharper than I meant to do a few times and she said, "Why are you grumpy today?" I let it ride.

Ben had a blast. He got a lot of fun toys and I took some photos, which may or may not show up here.

After the party was over. After everyone said how great the food much fun they had...after everyone left at around 7, except mom (who left a while later)... I sat down in the den and called her into the room. I told her that from now on, if a party is planned at my house that we are going to sit down and discuss the roles of all involved before the party starts, not during it nor after it.

~ ~ ~
I have to laugh... as I wrote this rant, Dad mentioned the party... he said, "You threw a great party yesterday."

Thanks Dad... I needed to hear that.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

September Issue

is up...

It's shorter than average... sorry bout that... October is going to be bigger.

Check it out.. I added a guest book

PS...sorry for not posting..been busy and... I would stay and write about but I'm wined and need to wind

Friday, September 09, 2005


I'm neglecting my blogs and I apologize. Working on the Sept issue of my online mag... yea it's really late but oh well..who cares...

Hope to have it up by the weekend.. have a great day.

It's Friday

...all day long.

I can't understand why some people who need hearing aids don't wear them!! There's a wanna-be photographer who never stops by unless he had a photographic problem he can't figure out. He has hearing aids but never has them on. I hate seeing him come in here. He's loud, he's obnoxious and has a horrible high pitched hyena laugh that he employs when he doesn't understand what you're saying...He wants service for us for hardly no cost...his reasoning "professional courtesy." Professional courtesy doesn't put beans on the dinner plate. He's here now, talking to dad..trying to figure out why a print came out with a fog over it. After 30 minutes of debate, I finally interrupted with "look at the negative." They did and still can't decide what the problem is. I don't care enough to do the Sherrie-lock Holmes bit.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hit and Run

Today has been hectic...working on a project that has to be finalized today at 5. Almost finished but needed to take a break for a moment. So instead of writing, I spent it looking at new belly dance attire...oh yea, it's that time of the year again.

I do enjoy it. The dancing... probably should join a troupe, but who has time...

speaking of time...I must depart, my adoring

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Decadent Poem, James O'Barr and well, just me

The poem below describes my mental state on romance...


I could walk miles across your heart,
if you would let me...
Skipping lightly, tiptoeing like whispers in your ear.
I would make sure I didn't mis-step
and cause you pain with my stiletto heels
though to some pain is pleasure, pleasure is pain.
Toenails polished a fuck me red
might incite a riot of blood rushing through veins.
I could walk miles across your heart,
if you would let me...
but I would rather run naked through your mind,
black high heels tapping out decadence.

~ ~ ~
James O'Barr--the creator of the Crow is a member of my friend Sam's private poetry group. I posted the poem there and here's his reply, which made me laugh because he's been dormant in it for so long..I woke him up with decadence.

" Oh,Dear God, you are such the seductress! "Fuck me red", that is just classic..half a second from needing to change pants after reading this one, Bad Bad Bad Fairy, don't ever stop. "--James OBarr (jamesobarr_thecrow)

(in case you're wondering, I post as Fairy_0f_fyre in the group, hence his calling me Fairy)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I'm sure I could fall in love with someone...there's always someone out there looking for love... but I don't want just fact I prefer pure decadence. Not a bug to squash, not a man to walk all over, not an obsessive breath-squeezing controlling man... I want a mental equal who has their baggage under control and knows that exotic sensuality is the key to a good relationship...all the other shit...well it falls in place eventually.

Help for Katrina Victims

If for some reason you don't know where to turn too for giving donations or prefer not to do it online, check with your local radio stations. Most are sponsoring aid funds and donation programs. For example:

If you don't know the website of local radio or TV stations, give them a call and they'll gladly give you the info.

Or you can check with the local churches or the local charities or Red Cross office. There's plenty of ways to help without doing it online.

Cherry Wood...a poem

Your are crystal, the eyes of stars at twilight.
I am willow, the dance of wind in September.
We dare not breathe words that will mock poetry,
the tale of moonlight passing in the elbow night.
The sharp smile of the horizon etches the epic of us
into cherry wood, a story few will understand.
~ ~ ~

I think the fourth line is sheer genius...thank you Muse for whispering it to me.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Everyone's Favorite "Little Buddy"

is gone.....died from cancer at age 70.

Rest in Peace Bob Denver.

I loved Gilligan's Island when I was a youngster and still do today... corny, yea... but we all need that once in a while.

Restored to Color

My project for today. The photo is about 50 years old. The customer supplied the colors. A minor restoration job but a fun one. (still have to tweak it a bit )

Labor Day...I thus Labored

Dad's tests came back and his heart is fine. I think stress causes him to have panic attacks. His doc gave him some new meds. I hope they work. We'll see if he does better. I still think he needs to get his digestive system checked. He has a lot of gas and his stomach is bloated. But getting him to pursue it will be the trick. I noticed he's back to smoking more.

I've decided David's a strange bird. Not always a bad thing, I guess. He called Friday night for a moment. I really thought we would go out this weekend but he said he was grilling at someone's house Saturday. He gave me explicit directions on how to get there but never came out and said, "Do you want to come over?" I'm not going to drop in at another person's house on speculation. So I didn't and haven't heard from him since Friday. Knowing me, I'll keep him at arm's length for now and not count on big romance. Little sparks are fine.

Had a nice Sunday. Lisa and the boys came over. I cooked lime roasted chicken and potatoes in lemon sauce. The boys had a great time playing. They refused to try my chicken. She and I went through some boxes of vintage avon that belonged to our Grandmother Leggette.. Fun to look at the old stuff. Ben tested me by doing stuff he knows he's not supposed to do and ignoring me when I corrected him. Lisa didn't say anything to him. I finally said within her hearing, "Ben, just because mommy's here doesn't mean you don't listen to me. This is Aunt Sherrie's house and you still have to mind me." After I said that she got on him about things. And William...he decided to make a mess with some play-doh he found in a closet. Then he wanted to give me a haircut with rubber scissors... thank you, Goddess of Tresses for watching over me. I would have been a gonna of hair if the scissors had been real.

I've been cleaning out cabinets, closets and finding things I couldn't find before ... things my granny or mom had moved to the wrong places. Found my old beat-up tennis shoes. I thought Mom had thrown them out...they were in the laundry room under some outdoor extension cord.
Wonder if my muse is hiding in there too? If I don't find her, maybe I'll find Davey Jones's locker or the riches Geraldo didn't find in Al Capone's Vault.

My brother went to Georgia Sat morn. He had a blast but came home tired. I'm glad he's back. I didn't sleep all that well in a quiet house. Keep hearing chains and moans.... worried I was about to have my own version of "A Sherrie Carol."

This morning, DJ JD's station came thru when I drove my brother to work... the station we were listening too was playing a block of Earth, Wind & Fire. It was around 9 or so. His station id-ed itself and then "My Maria" broke through... interrupted my brother singing "You're a shining Star." I'll send the station a thank you note later today.

Today is lovely...wonderfully lovely with partly cloudy skies and a nice cool breeze.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Happy Labor Day Weekend

I don't know if I'll be online much for the next few days, so I wanted to take a moment to tell everyone who celebrates it to have a safe weekend.

Friday...insane but alive

Dad's doomsday sermons are driving me insane. He's taking a poll: "Do you think Bush will be impeached?"

No one directly answers his question. A Poll with no Results... lol

The panic over gas seems to be over, though now most stations are out of regular gas. Here's a story about it: Gas

I didn't rush to the station yesterday, but while I out on a luncheon date, I decided to top off my tank (the gauge said I had over half a tank). There was no waiting but all the tanks had a sign that said "out of regular gas." I spent $20 and got 5.58 gallons of gas!

One thing I noticed was that the roads were full of holiday travelers: cars with surfboards on them, campers, out-of-state license plates... and when I crossed over I-95 it was beaming with cars heading in both directions.

My luncheon date was ok. It was with David. In my old age, I've learned to hear as well as listen. We laughed a lot. I stayed alert though, even if he charmed me. One thing he said while discussing a mutual friend who stalked an ex-boyfriend..."I get psychotic over a woman but not that bad." I noticed a tightening of his brow.

He said a few things about his ex-girlfriend, whom he lived with for 8 years. Most were asides, but I counted the number of times he brought her or the relationship up: 6 times in a span of 45 mins. Issues... he has a few.

I kept my side of the conversation light, never mentioned any past relationships. I mentioned Al once, but it was in answer to a question David asked about the sports bar we all hung out at in 96. It's good to discuss past relationships but not on the first 'date.' (I'll cover more on this in my single and 40 blog later today).

As for what may happen... I'm not even thinking about it. If we go out some, I'll keep it light and won't get entangled with his issues. He has to sort them, not me. I'm not a Knight-ette in Shining Breast Armour. I'm a Goddess of Love, baby.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

And... now a word from Our Sponsor

Today I have little to say. Honestly, I'm overwhelmed with the chaos left by Katrina and the local effect it has on my little part of the world. All the gas stations have closed from 2 to 6 pm and some are rationing gas. People are filling up the tanks of their vehicles and other containers. The doomsday criers and the conspiracy theoreticians are on their soap boxes. And I fight to stay my optimistic self.

And here you are, blog reader, looking for some witty shere-ism and I have none to give.

Only this and I've borrowed it from Freya Stark;

"There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do."