Monday, October 24, 2005

Yesterday and Today

My yesterday was really nice. Lisa, Ben and William took me out for lunch. We hit Ruby Tuesday. The boys did great. Afterwards, we went to a ‘Dollar” store. They had silly Halloween masks there. William insisted that I try them on. We goofed off until 4 pm. Then they dropped me off at home.

I chilled on the couch, got some calls from friends, etc. The hens called to discuss the evening.

I watched a really good movie. “Wilde” It’s about Oscar Wilde. If you aren’t homophobic, I recommend it. Awesome portrayals. Jude Law is in it. But be warned. There are sex scenes between guys.

Today’s been a good day. Gotten a lot done, even if it’s rainy. Granny’s down. I’ll have to hear what the doctor told her. She called a few mins ago and sounds better than she did last week.
Halloween is almost here. Trick or Treat?

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