Tuesday, October 18, 2005

All-Merciful Sherrie

I completely adore Freudian Slips.... I personally wear them well.

I helped *JD (initials used to protect the [not-so]innocent), a friend of mine find a photo of Curley--from the Stooges. He plans to glue it to a pumpkin for Halloween. I did a few things to it, like make it a head only photo and turned it into black&white, etc... emailed it to him.

He wrote back: "i was kind of big..may be i can make it smaller to fit"

Oh my... Oh my my my... oh boy... I sat staring at the email, wondering if he knew he made a mistake and wrote "i" instead of "it." Course that wasn't my first thought... my first thought was "Honey, I could make it fit."

You know...what sweet jumps I could have with that slip! Oh the things I could say:

1) "Just cut out the head. It will fit then."

2) "If it's hard to fit, I'll lend a hand."

3) "Give me a few minutes, I'll shrink it for you."

4) "Sorry about the size I sent... I get confused with what's really 8 inches."

But... instead I said "you know... i could have some sweet fun with what you wrote...but i'll show mercy today."

I am all-merciful. Maybe I should email that if he can't get it down to the size he needs, to call me. (lmao)

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