Friday, October 28, 2005


Weeks are flying away! Soon it will be another year.

I'm looking forward to the party tonight. Settled on the Zombie Hooker idea...
Stopped by the 'dollar' store yesterday and got a pair of cheap fishnet stockings to punch holes in them for that tattered look. Have an old velvet jacket I never wear. Got a can of spray-on spiderwebs and gave it a good coating...along with an old black skirt.

I'm very excited. Better be a blast or someone's head will roll and it won't be mine!

Decided to hit G-ville this weekend. It's homecoming at ECU. ..and Joyce is having a party afterwards. I'll leave fairly early Sunday.

Granny's gone back home for a few days. Her brother, my Great-Uncle Bill is in the vetern's hospital for a while. He's got a severe infection from some sores on his arm that he kept hidden from everyone, thinking he could heal them himself. He had surgery on them--that's how bad the infection he'll be there until next week. She'll be back once he gets home.

I better get to work... got lots to do before 5:30.

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Jo said...

Did heads roll... or was your wish granted ?