Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ghosts, Horses and Romance

Didn't see any ghosts but I did hear some great ghost stories and saw some incredible sites of old NC history.

Left work at 3:30 and rushed home to freshen up. Seth was early but I was ready so we left. Got to Wilmington at around 5:30. I know he thought I was a nut...on the way there, I kept pointing out Turkey Vultures that were riding wind currents. We had to drive through swamp and forest areas and they were abundant.

We checked in the hotel and grabbed some dinner before the ghost walk. It was a perfect October night--cool but not freezing and the other ghost walkers were comfortable to be around. There was an African-American couple who were a little older than us and they were really funny. Kenneth, the husband was a goof and Louise, his wife kept trying to call him down. Once Seth said, "OMG, what's that?" while pointing at a dark shadow at one of the stops on the ghost walk. I swear Kenneth ran so fast, he could have won a race.

Seth wanted to take a horse-drawn carriage ride around downtown Wilmington. While we stood debating about it, one of the carriages arrived with passengers. Seth went over to the driver to inquire about the route he takes and for how long. I stood beside the horse, wanting to pet it but wasn't sure if it were allowed. Suddenly, I caught wind of a horrible odor... gas... the horse was letting out farts left and right. I moved away. Before Seth could give his report, I told him about the gas attack and that sealed our decision--No carriage ride.

We went back to the hotel and... well, that part's private.

I'll say this... he is King of Romance. His tenderness catches me off-guard often. We slept on and off during the night... when we finally fell into an exhausted sleep at 5 am, I don't know if I dreamt or not. But when I woke up, I felt refreshed. Seth pointed our how well we sleep together and I don't mean in the coitius sense, I'm talking actually sleep. He's right. I don't ususally sleep well entwined with another person, but with Seth... well, it's like home....

and that worries me a bit. Course I didn't tell him that.

We had breakfast at a Ma and Pa place I know that has the best omelettes. Then we drove back with me pointing out Turkey Vultures along the way.

Seth leaves at 6 am Tuesday. He said he would call tonight and tomorrow night. Before he left today, he gave me a 'Just Encase List' of phone numbers-- his roommates cell phones, his parents' number, etc. He said that if a long time goes by and I don't hear from him, that I can call those numbers--someone should know something. He said he told his parents and his roommates that if I call, to inform me of whatever news they have. I was blown away by this. During the time Robert and I were together and he went off on his special forces missions, he never did this. I spent most of our time together wondering if he were alive. And here is Seth...the epitome of thoughtfulness. I was too wordless to reply. But I'll say this here... that list means more to me than all the romance of the night.

That's about it for now... off to do something constructive on the Nov issue fo the mag.


Sandra said...

It always feel like home for me whenever Mike is around. I love to be with him and he would do absolutely everything thoughtful for me. He's just the nicest guy I've been out with (the list is long, trust me).

But VERY deep down, I know it's not love. Even though lots of my friends told me that "To be loved so much by someone is the nicest thing that could ever happen to you.. Don't throw it away." - I still want to find Love.

I might never find it, but I won't be able to live my life knowing that I stop trying.

Painter Lady said...

You know Sandra, I believe there are many types of loves to fit our many needs. And I also believe that very few find that one soul mate for life... that along the journey we encounter many soul mates. I don't plan to ever stop looking either.

Thanks for the wonderful comment... I believe you'll find it one day.