Friday, October 21, 2005

Frantic Friday

Not quite. Just can't think of a title.

Working on a mundane photo. Little tiny spots are on it. I'm having to zap them off. Figured I needed a break.

For some reason, I got a little depressed yesterday. Wrote my dear friend Jo about it. When I got home, it still lingered. The depression...getting older and my Granny's failing health... realizing how fast life is and how age can suddenly creep up on a person. Went to bed and listened to the BackStreet Boys for a while... lol..they make me feel young.

This morning I had a lovely email from Jo, pointing out another aspect...that Seth left when things were beginning to be fun added a slight dark cloud to things as well. Reading it, I realized she knew me so well and I knew that she was right about how I enjoy life to the fullest no matter what I do. A burden lifted and I felt light-hearted again. It's good to have friends like Jo who care.

Hadn't been at work long when Wes from next-door called. "I've got a present for you. A lady left it with me, because you were closed."

I mused, "Wonder who left it? Wonder what it could be?"

He replied, "I'm not looking. It could be someone's pinky. With you, there's no telling!"

I laughed, "You make it sound like I'm the L'ton Maffia."

But it wasn't. It was a lapel pen --a heart with the USA Flag on it. One of my customers who's adopted me left it. She remembers me every year.

Then later at around 1, Mary (my best real-life friend) and I did a book exchange on the street. I had a book she hadn't read and she had a few to return. She called that she was on her way and I met her on the street. She paused her vehicle long enough for us to switch. I stepped back on the curve, waving goodbye as she shouted, "I love your hair!!!!" Stepped right into a policeman--a rookie from the looks of things. He gave me a strange look and eyed the books, making me feel like I really was in the Maffia. I held them out and said, "Um... they're just books."

Since then I've been working and stuff. Have a busy weekend planned. Work tomorrow...then grilling Chicken with the family. My cuz from Florida is visiting. Should be fun. He's prone to teasing and making jokes. Then afterwards, it's Stripper Night with the Hens. I'm not driving, so I'm sure there will be more Scary Sherrie stories added to the pile. On Sunday, Lisa and the nephews are taking me to lunch. After that I plan to wrap myself up in black and mourn the passing of another birthday... lol

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