Monday, October 31, 2005

Last day of October

Wow, time is flying. I say that often, don't I?

Tonight's Trick-or-Treating. I've got candy to give out and will probably go with the nephews (both are dressing as the Red Power Ranger) to a few of my neighbors' houses and do the t-or-t deal there. I usually dress-up but don't plan on it this year. I'll go as Aunt Sherrie, who's a Mistress of Disguises.

Today has been one of those days at work, where you feel as if you are walking in place all day. I've gotten some work done, but the phone's been ringing often and people visiting. I don't mind visits but what kills me is when they ask, "Are you busy?" and I say, "Yes I"m covered in work." And they sit down to stay awhile!!! Some are friends I can rudely dismiss but some are old customers who drop by when they're downtown and expect a prolonged visit. When Dad's here its no problem. He loves to entertain. But today I've mostly been alone, so I'm having to deal with them.

At the Halloween party...I forgot to mention...there were a few of the old Pecker's crowd from the Allen-era of my life. I hadn't seen a few of them in almost 5 years or more. It was nice seeing them. At first they didn't recognize me. Zombie Hooker image didn't rest well with them...they remember me as the smiling kind lady who drove them home when they were to drunk to drive. And too.. I've toned up...that makes a difference in an image.

I think I pissed off a customer that came to visit. He's for this Park referrendum... it will cost millions of dollars to build. Plus the people in charge have secured for them a $700 a month gas allowance!! It's like the local officials can't keep their fingers out of the pot. We don't manage the parks we have. This year property tax has gone up 60% in some cases. This happened a few years ago and the local newspaper got behind it, wrote a lot of bad articles and the taxes didn't increase as much as they planned. But this time, the county has gotten wiser. Instead of raising everyone's propery taxes at 60% or more, they increased a selected few's taxes at 27% .... people like the newspaper editor who would vocally protest via the newspaper. What a rip-off most politics are! So I'm voting Tues the 8th...and it won't be a big YES like the signs in a lot of people's yards insist I do.

My Uncle Bill came home from the hospital yesterday. He's doing pretty good. I stopped by when I got home yesterday. I suspect Granny will arrive tomorrow to check on him. My dear friend Steve, who's a folk singer in Florida...lost his father last night. Was really old and sickly. Born in 1913. Steve had been caring for him so he wouldn't be in a nursing home. His health rapidly declined from a fever and he died last night. So sad to see the elderly that you love drift away. Life is void without them around. I know I still miss my granddads and my other granny who have died.

What a melancholoy post! Sorry about that!

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