Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thursday--The 13th

Gosh.. just think... 10 days and I'll be a lovely 43... such an odd that will be hard to remember. I couldn't remember my 41 year.. kept saying either 40 or skipping ahead to 42..

but I don't mind forgetting it...

I'm accepting presents from Oct 22-24... 10 am -4 pm.. if those times and dates aren't good let me know.. lol.. if you don't know what to get me, stop by the men store next to the studio, ask for Wes... there's a tuxedo I like but only if it comes with the guy who models it in the catalog..

Last night our instructor at b-dance brought her snake and half the class ran was sort of funny.. I stayed... away from the snake..

The Sun is back. Mostly sunny with a few peek-a-boo clouds. Cool.. almost cool enough for long sleeves. I wore my black "joe cool" t-shirt and jeans today. Hair is straight with a Mary Tyler Moore Flip at the end. Got my black clogs on and am styling in comfort.

Nothing set for tonight. Watch Survivor and CSI. Continue working on my character profiles and setting designs.

Seth called last night. He's excited about the weekend. Keeps asking if I'll be available when he gets back. What to day to that? I don't know. I waited for Robert and it got me hurt in the end. Have to keep reminding myself that they're two different people. But you know me, I told him I would do my best to be available. Guess I'll give him an email address, so he can keep in touch if he's got internet access where he's headed. That should reassure him a little. I haven't told him about my blog or website or any other online info. Feel the need to stay unknown, so that I don't have to watch what I write about and censor myself.

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