Thursday, October 20, 2005

In the Mood for Love...

..Simply because your naked ...funny but when you're naked... I'm in the Nude for love!

My friend Jeff is painting some rooms in his town house and I've been viewing paint swatches online, giving my opinions. Now I've been bitten by the re-paint my world bug. I'm in the paint. My bedroom has wallpaper..tiny flowers. It's cute, but I wouldn't mind changing the whole look. Only problem is the carpet is a pinky mauve...remember in the country colors of the 80's.... Mauve ...Williamsburg blue, Seafoam green, etc. I'll wait though... think on it first.

In the meantime I can polish my nails.

Don't have much to say. Got the cable straightened out. Work's going smoothly. Printer's acting civil. And it's felt like Thursday all day.

I'm pretty much A-OK.

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