Thursday, October 27, 2005

4 x 3

A customer brought in a copy order last Friday. She wanted a photo of dearly departed mom sized down to fit some pewter frame Christmas ornaments. She forgot the size. I told her to call it in later. She did... mind you the photo was a wallet size 2 &hal by 3 & half or so. She said the frames were 4 x 3 inches. I didn't question it. Many people say things in the wrong order... I assumed she meant sized up.

She didn't.

She brought the frame today when she came to pick up the order. I opened the box and saw a small round frame with a ribbon for hanging. Immediately, I knew the size I had was too large and also knew I had written down exactly what she said. According to her, she went by "what the book said."

She left the frame with me so I could get the exact measurements. As I worked on her order, I saw kept looking at the box that the little ornament was in.... it was the exact size as the prints I made the first time. I believe she measured the box instead of the inside of the frame.

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