Saturday, October 15, 2005

Saturday at work

We had a homecoming parade downtown yesterday--for the high school in town and since I had to go watch, I didn't get a chance to finish some stuff.

Seth will be at the house by 4:30 and my overnight bag's backed. So I'm set to go.

Actually have gotten a lot done today...

The parade was sort of funny... you could tell the homecoming contestents riding in the convertibles were uncomfortable. They barely tossed out a Barbie wave... watching them gave me an idea for an article for the Nov issue.

A cute little girl in the crowd kept asking when Santa was going to ride by. He never did. Didn't hear what her mother told her. I would have made up something fun, something to spur her imagination.

One of the civic clubs had a really cool float.. guess the Red Cross sponsored it. A few of the kids were on cots pretending to give blood and a really huge girl in a nurse's uniform yelled at us.."Give Blood." She scared me and the cute little girl. I was ready to run to the Red Cross center right then... but I rarely am able to give blood... always anemic.

Speaking of blood...I'm thirsty... guess I'll get some Black Cherry Flavored water and finish my stuff for today.

Have a great weekend...

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