Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mental Drain

Finally... the Cult of Wayne guy left.

He's a good salesman. Bonded with Dad. Went along with his conspiracy theories, etc. He had the deal in his palm until he called his supervisor to seal it. Who promptly clashed with Dad. (the guy was here trying to get us to switch companies --dealing with the credit/debit card machines).

So off went the Cult of Wayne guy... minus a new member.

You know..if I weren't afraid of the kool-aide/poison cocktail, I might have followed him.

Been printing like usual. And emailing my friend Jeff, my opinions on paint swatches. He's going to do some changes at home. In between those emails, I've been emailing the big pecker guy from yesterday. He is an airbrush artist working at the State fair this week. Found my profile on yahoo and emailed me. Bored, he has sent a gazillion emails asking to chat. I said he's been trying to play 20 questions.

I'll have to save them for my 'dating' blog. Once he's done asking, which might be soon. I'm refusing to anwswer intimate sexual questions. He has to impress me first...and that ..well he's not doing a great job of it.

Let's see... nothing scheduled for tonight. Haven't heard from Seth. I sort of miss him.

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