Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Oh By Gosh, By Golly

I've got a novel idea.

Came to me last night, as I was letting my mind clear itself before sleep.
Do you do that? Let your mind wonder at will, over various thoughts, conversations and actions that happened that day, so that you can close your eyes and get a good night's sleep?

Well, I do!

I thought about the friend I had coffee with yesterday...and our conversation, which naturally turned to men. She said, "I hate being in love with a man who's not good for me. But how do you stop loving someone?"

I didn't answer her, because I could relate and knew it wouldn't do any good. I thought of a movie Jo mentioned in an email, "The League of Extraordinary Men." ... I thought of what makes a league... an alliance... which can be between two people... this lead me to think of the alliances of Survivor and how most of them shift. But what if two like souls, though the people who own them are complete opposites made an alliance. Two women who love men who are wrong for them... I envisioned a first meeting of the women... then fell asleep, before I could jot them down.

This morning, I couldn't get up at first. The sky is gray and the sun has abandoned us. But my novel idea hasn't. I thought of names for the two women, and gave them certain looks and life styles. Then thought of the men they loved... and assigned them personalities-- I dove into my own past experiences and came up with two guys I'll model parts of them after. So I got up, made coffee and while it perked, I took a shower.

In the shower, I thought of the women...and a twist appeared... and an ending. I had the beginning and the endin gof the novel. Something I rarely do.. I usually know the start and let the story take place. This time...I realized the story knows it's start and finish... I'll have to supply how to get there.

I am very excited. I can't start writing yet. Not until Nov 1, but I'm allowed plot outlines, character outlines, etc. SO I'm off to secretly think of names, character profile and other plotty stuff.

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