Friday, October 14, 2005


Don't know why I'm grumpy today. Could be due to sleeping Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sang out last night. My whole right arm would fall 'asleep' and the pins and needles sensation would wake me. Even with my wrist brace on!

Everything went well this morning. Until I got to work. A man followed me into the studio. I hate when customers do that. I usually lock the door until I get the alarm turned off and the cash box out of the secret safe, etc. But he was adamant about coming in. I recognized him as one of Dad's customers. SO I let him in with strict instructions to stay put until I was back at the front of the studio.

He came for a photo dad copied on film. It was too large for me to scan. Course Dad told him it would be ready Friday. He didn't specifiy a time. The man assumed he meant first thing Friday, but normally the lab doesn't deliver until late afternoon. I tried to explain this.. and he kept interrupting with 'the man told me Friday and it's Friday.'

Normally, I handle things better but today I'm not up to par. So I said, "Sir it's Friday all day. And the day's not over."

He went on about living out of town (he lives in 20 miles from L'ton), about the cost of gas and how unpleasant this 'adventure' was turning. NO matter what I said, what I suggested or anything, all he could do was try to take the opposite road and argue. I finally threw my hands up in the air and said, "Sir, I don't know of anything I can do to make you happy at this moment. All I can tell you is that 'the man' will be in by noon and I'll tell him you came by. He'll contact you when your order arrives."

He huffed out and I am irritated... but..feeling better now that I purged. Course I'll give Dad a little mini lecture about being more specific about delivery times, etc. It's amazing how differently he and I handle our customers. Mine always know that I'll call them when the orders ready. Drives me nuts!

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