Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloweenie

Yes, I'm corny... candy corn today. It is Halloween.

Had a fun-filled action packed weekend.

My zombie hooker outfit was a success at the Friday night party. I went around saying "Head for the Dead?" Got a lot of laughs and no one took me up on it.

One guy said, "No, you look hungry and not in a good way."

A girl dressed like a nurse, kept taking my pulse and declaring, "Yes, she's dead...a dead zombie girl. We need to bury her." I have a million other antidotes but I'll spare you. Though this one's worth telling: One of my guy pals went as Donald Trump. He had a wig like Trump's and xeroxed money sticking out of his pockets. He gave me a handful and told me to give it to a gay guy who was dressed as a pimp..and to say to him "Hey Pimp Daddy, here's my earnings". So I did...only to find out the guy wasn't a pimp..he was supposed to be Johnny Depp's version of "Willie Wonka." The gay guy is also 'pussy-phobic'... you would think I was giving him a STD or something..but it was funny...watching him sputter out.."I..I.. I'm not a PIMP...I..I..I'm Willie ...Willie Wonka!!!!!"

I think what kills me about Halloween parties is how so many people show up in mundane regular boring outfits. Devils, witches, vampires... sure they're part of Halloween but do it with a twist of lime if nothing else.

Greenville...arrived at noon, which gave us plenty of time to grab a bite to eat before the game. There was a crowd going, Joyce & Ron, her bro and his Candian Wife, me and 2 other couples I didn't know. I was the spare tire. But will confess I didn't mind. I think Joyce couldn't find an unattached guy to go with us. I was totally relieved there was No uncomfortable situation to sit through.

The ECU game ...we lost. Boo Hoo... the Pirates totally blew it. I was pissed. On top of it all, I sat between Miss "What Just Happened?" and Mr. "Let Me Explain it," which was sort of distracting. I couldn't change seats with anyone because the seats around us were all taken. The girl was with a guy who ignored her, and the guy was with his wife, who sat beside Joyce talking through the game. There I was...a divider of sorts, watching the game, cheering my Pirates and checking out the hot Frat guys sitting down a few rows and to my left. One of the questions that Miss "What Happened?" asked was 'Hmmm, soooo.... the first football guy to fall down gets first down?"

The party at Joyce's was usual she had procured me a man whom I didn't like. There was a discussion on a few foreign films I've seen that few of my friends have: "The Motorcycle Diaries, The Sea Inside and Maria Full of Grace." I was happy to finally talk to the two people in the whole state of NC, who have seen them. I have to say overall a very low-key evening.. I crashed early..exhausted from lack of sleep and all the driving I/we did. The hissy cat didn't bother me. I think it was hiding and afraid to come out. There was a very loud guy who spoke with an atomic boom. The whole house shook...all 2 stories.

I woke up early and found Joyce in the kitchen, making coffee. She made sure my mug wasn't larger than Alpha Male Ron's, who calls me the Coffee Czar. We talked for a while and I realized I wanted so much to be home. So I said my goodbyes and drove back to L'ton at full speed. I should have visited a few people but I wasn't in the mood-felt drained. Got in by 1 and made spaghetti for lunch. Then I crashed on the couch and watched movies, dozing in betwixt the boring parts.

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