Friday, April 29, 2005

Happy Birthday To JS

(A day early)

John's Smile

Some days seems to go on forever,
plowing rows of dillweed and sage;
the bitter dregs of tea tossed aside.

I stopped admiring the scenery
long ago,wind against my back.
Just a ride, another bland day...

Until June bugs arrived in style .
Haiku and smiles became the day,
as his laughter and wit charmed me.

Ups and downs are the path that
defines a friendship versed in poems;
The brilliance of sunlight and smiles.

Some legacies are hard to spot,
even with writings on the wall
carved by vines and ivy.

But his is written across green,
inside a pewter cloud's lining but
mainly inside hearts-friend to friend.

I never wonder about the future,
try not to harp on the past...
instead I live in the now and

mostly because John smiles.


Jo said...

What a wonderful birthday poem

:) Jo

John said...

I'll second that emotion, and Thank You Shere :)