Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I'm Nuts today

And not the good kind.

My dad is driving me crazy today at the studio.

The PC was covered in spyware and hijackers, when I logged on today, because he decided to browse the internet last night without pulling up the browser guard or the popup window zapper.
It's taken half the day to get the system stable so it doesn't crash and I lose my work.

He's on the couch, sitting there obsessing over a map that charts out the way to High Point NC.
Asking every person who walks in the door "What's the best route to High Point?"

When no one's here, he won't answer the stupid phone, so I have to stop working and answer it.

The calls are for him.

I say "Dad, telephone."

He says, "For me? The call's for me? They want to talk to me? Did they ask for me?"

I punctuate each word: "Pick ...up ...the"

What gets my goat is that it doesn't matter who the person asks for...if I say get the phone, get it. How hard is that?

My job is very tedious but it demands my attention, especially when the photo is severely damaged on the flesh. Today hasn't been a good day for concentration. System freezes and I lose my work...there is no auto recovery in my digital imaging program... so that means I have to start over.

So between the PC freezing, popup windows popping, the phone ringing, dad asking me over and over which route he should take --doesn't matter if I give the same answer--my day has been the day to hell. Yes I'm headed there right now.

If you're on your way there and standing on the road, as I drive by...stick your thumb out. I pickup hitchhikers.

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Tim said...

Lady, your blog has an overload of humor. HOW do YOU do IT?