Friday, April 22, 2005

while away the hours with a flower...conversing with the rain... da dum da da dee

...if I only had a brain.

I dreamt about the scarecrow on Wizard of Oz... Does this mean he's my dream man?

Have a little time to write and then its back to work. Much to do this weekend. See KC & The Sunshine Band at the House of Blues tonight. Tomorrow I work, so I may visit my blog with a review. Then tomorrow night, its the Dogwood Festival in F-ville. Edward McCain is playing. Saw him in Charlotte at the Rocktober Fest in '96. He was great. I hope he's even better this time.

And Sunday will be Sherday. Relax and watch some on my upcoming magazine too. Once I get the pages linked together and all the tees crossed and the eyes dotted, I'll put the link here for a preview. Have to make sure I don't cross the eyes and dot the tees. haha... what a bad joke.

Watched Survivor last night...this season has rocked. I was about to toss it into the "Jumped The Shark" venue but there have been some wild twists and turns this time. I'm going with Stephanie. I hope she kicks some male ass. If the other girls are smart, they'll not listen to her though but I hope they do. She's been as strong as the guys....and with all the obstacles she's been through I think she has the spirit to win.

Poor Jeff Probst... I no longer want to live in one of his dimples and vacation in the other. will he go on????? Maybe there's a "Dumped By Sherrie" support group out there. lol

I'm full of it today.....

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