Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Boss and Bad Photography

On Yahoo's front page is a small photo of Bruce Springsteen with the caption underneath that states 'The Boss is Back.' His new CD is due out April 26. Yahoo is promoting his latest music video.

When I saw the photo I thought it was Bob Dylan! Whoever took that photo should be shot and Yahoo should be shot for posting it. There's a hot spot on his hair (a white glare) that tells me whoever took the photo had too much lighting on him. Every line on his face is exposed, making him look haggard. His photo on yahoo's launch site is so much better... anyway, seeing the photo made me comment to my pal JS in an IM... as follows:

Sherrie : bruce springsteen looks almost like a bad clone of bob dylan. He's not aging that well

j s: it's that california livin', but you're right, I saw him a little over a year ago. First concert I went ot in ages and it made me feel old

Sherrie : his pic is on yahoo's front page ..he's got a new cd comin' out april 26

j s: me and Mr. Sprinsteen started parting ways after Born to Run...Darkness on the Edge of Town was OK, and Born in the USA was pretty good, but just about everything else I listened to/bought I ended up disappointed in

j s: I still think his best work was on his first 3 ... personal opinion...Rosalita is the best thing Bruce ever did

Sherrie : I like "I'm on fire"

j s: most of the Born to Run album, Spirits in the Night, Growin' Up and Blinded by the Light from the first album...are right behind
j s: hard to beat Crazy Janey and her mission man, out in the alley tradin hands
j s: but most of the later stuff, I can take or leave

Sherrie : I had some of his albums..can't remember which now.. isn't that terrible? I can't remember most of my album collection
Sherrie : I do know I went thru a KC stage (going to see him Fri btw) and a Bruce Springfield stage... oh and a Bay City Rollers stage (don't tell anyone)
Sherrie : Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith and... Kiss pulled me out of the teeny bop sinkhole
j s: S A TUR DAY night
Sherrie : I only wanna be with you
Sherrie : I still know their names.. les, woody, eric, derek, and alan... now that's scary
j s: yes, shere, it is!
j s: that's bad scary

~ ~ ~ ~
After our conversation I started thinking about how when you're young music seems to speak to you more so than when you're older. At least in my case it did. When I think of songs that fit my life today, I go back to the era in my life where music was my soul and I chose songs from then.

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