Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Random Thoughts by Sherrie

~* If you're a you have to bay like a goat? (Do goats bay? or is it baah?) Do you have to eat garbage and climb on things?

~*My breasts feel like aliens today. Like they aren't mine at all. Can body parts be possessed?

~*I'm losing my marbles. Be careful and don't step on them.

~*Been busy with some hard work this week. Several orders I'm working on are missing eyes and ears. If I get them corrected, I'm having a parade in my honor... I can see it now... Me walking down the street with balloons and other parade paraphernalia like one of those silly birthday party horns, blowing cars behind me blow their horns... and cops arrive to clear me off the street.

~*There's been a cavalcade of younger men interested in me lately. I'm thinkin' it's due to my breasts...or with May on its way, maybe they're in the mood for May-December affairs.

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