Monday, April 25, 2005

The weekend

Other than the accident, I had a great weekend. KC rocked. I shook my booty until it fell off. Guess I'll have to order a replacement from Fredricks of Hollywood--one of those underwear with the fake butts. Danced and danced. I went with 3 girls I know and 1 guy and none of them got up and danced. I actually went to a different area so I could dance. Our seats were in prime spots but hey, you can't just sit there and listen to Boogie music. So I had a few Killian's Red beers. I cracked up my friends because I had to order something that started with a K in honor of KC.

The next morning, Mom was at my house with the nephews. This was after Lisa's accident. She came over with them, so Lisa and Randy her hubbie, could get the stuff straightened out about the accident. While she was here she said she was going to mow my yard. I don't mind. lol... anyway, William saw my hair ....I hadn't been up more than 10 mins. He said, "WOW, AUNT SHERRIE....what happened to your hair? Let me fix it. Sit down." I sat on the couch. He climbed up beside me and started to blow my hair in place or rather tried too--it was pretty much a bird's nest. When it didn't work, he got his small basketball and stuffed it under his left arm. "Aunt Sherrie, let me try again. The ball will help me do it right. " lol... that kid!

Worked hard Sat. Was alone all day and had lots of kids in getting their prom orders placed. After I closed shop I went shopping and then D and I went to the Dogwood festival. Edwin McCain was great. Much better than the first time I heard him. His music has matured and there was a rather calming effect to his music. Such a big difference between KC's jammin' sound and his rather home-boy soft rock sound.

Sunday I kept the boys and we watched the Incredibles and Shrek. They love Shrek. All in all...a good weekend.

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