Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Eaters of The World ...Dine

My brother John and I went out for Mexican food when I got off yesterday. San Jose… not the town but the restaurant. It has two locations in our sunny little town. We had a cheery little conversation on the drive there.

“Are we going to the old one? I don’t like the new one. It tastes different.” John said.

“Tastes different? I don’t think they do. But yes, we’re going to the original one. It’s closest.” I replied with a slight frown.

“The new one isn’t as good as the old one. I can tell a difference, even if you can’t, Shere Bear.”

“Well, I usually order the same thing at both and if there is a difference, I should be able to tell.”

“It’s like pork chops. I think the ones with bones tastes better than those center cuts. Mom says there isn’t a difference but there is. Ricky doesn’t think so but his dad agrees.” (Ricky is John’s best-friend).

“I can’t tell a difference. Pork chops are pork chops.” I shrugged.

He looked at me. We were at a traffic light, waiting for green. “That’s because you’re just an Eater. I’m a Connoisseur of Food. Eaters don’t understand what I’m talking about. But people like Ricky’s Dad does. He’s a Connoisseur, too.”

“Eater???? I’m just an Eater? Oh brother!” I started laughing. He joined in with me. It was priceless. You had to be there I guess.

“You know Shere Bear. We’re pretty quick-witted, aren’t we? I’m glad that came to me while talking to you. It would have been sad if it were wasted on a boring person.”

I had to agree.


Jo said...

and what did you eat ?

sarah hb said...

I don't know about pork chops but with lamb chops they're often sweeter and juicier if kept on the bone because as it cooks the bone secretes a fluid (possibly bone marrow but i'm not sure) and it infuses with the meat giving it a better texture and flavour. I guess it's the same with all meats on the bone.....
I reckon I should start coming out with more random facts - entertain everyone (or possibly bore them.... depends on how you look at it :P hehe)

Painter Lady said...

To Jo:

I had chicken burritos with mexican rice. John had beef tacos. Very yummy. The worse thing about Mex food is that the scent gets into your clothes. We had to stop for gasoline and when I paid the lady, she said "San Jose?" lol.. I said "Only the best!"

To Sarah HB:

I find everything you say to be a pleasure. You are far from boring, my dear. :)

Jo said...

I dont eat pork ... but Sarah sure did make those lamb chops sound gooooood... i recommned rosemary and redcurrant when cooking lamb chops :)